Are the Chicago cops out to get this ...

Are the Chicago cops out to get this guy?

There are 506 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Feb 23, 2009, titled Are the Chicago cops out to get this guy?. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Over the last 16 months, Mark Geinosky has received 24 parking tickets. All but one have been dismissed.

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Chicago, IL

#29 Feb 23, 2009
Your comment saddens me, you must have been picked on by officers to have so much distrust in them, but, the day when you really need an officer to help, I wonder if you will be praying one shows up to your rescue? Save your ignorant comments to yourself loser!!!
liberal guy

Chicago, IL

#31 Feb 23, 2009
ihateliberals wrote:
powerpack.. a news flash for you. Law enforcement officers don't need to "earn" your respect. They enforce the law, whether you respect that or not. And you're absolutely does go all the way up. The superintendent has never been a cop and crime is up to staggering numbers. Must be a coincidence. And I hope they release all the criminals in County just for you. Post your address and they can all come to your house to discuss how they were wrongly convicted.
You know, I get sick of hearing about all of the teachers and priests that are molesting kids. I think I'll pull my kids out of school and church. It can't just be "a few bad apples", it must be ALL of them. I'm tired of all of our politicians being indicted so I'm NEVER going to vote again.
Isn't it funny that every side has two stories, EXCEPT when the police are involved?
Typical liberal
what does this have to do about being 'liberal' or 'conservative'?

i'm a liberal with CPD friends. Overall they do have a thankless job and it sucks when someone abuses their power and gives the rest of them a bad name. i hate crooked cops as well as crooked politicians, teachers, etc etc but i don't go flying off the handle.

please tell me how these reactions are considered 'liberal'.

Hickory Hills, IL

#32 Feb 23, 2009
Maybe the guy should park legally.

Chicago, IL

#33 Feb 23, 2009
Sounds to me like he got into a pissing contest. And lost.

Hammond, IN

#34 Feb 23, 2009
"The Independent Police Review Authority closed the case without any investigation"...sounds like business as usual. And don't believe it's "Independent." What's her name reports directly to Daley.

And the name cover-up? Aren't there 600 plus names of police officers with ten plus more complaints against them the city covered up too?

At least the public exposure in this case will likely stop the tickets and the harrassment in this one case.
watcher 4 future

Belconnen, Australia

#38 Feb 24, 2009
The comments by 'I hate liberals' are way out of line.
There are no excuses for a police officer for abusing his position.
The bit about 'spend a day in the ghetto' really says it all, that is their licence to behave badly.
I think that these comments will infuriate the public more than it already is.
To all officers - get real. Do your job and gain the respect of the community.
Rod Serling

United States

#39 Feb 24, 2009
Welcome to "The Twilight Zone"
irespectihatelib erals

Chicago, IL

#40 Feb 24, 2009
Ditto what ihateliberals said above.
Cleary the liberals are at fault here.

Naperville, IL

#41 Feb 24, 2009
Not publishing the police officer's name is a cop out (pardon the pun). Many times a police officer's name in mentioned without bein charged (albeit for more serios incidents such as shootings o possible abuse. Common sense indicates, some criminal activity since the license plate doesn;t exist and he doesnt own the vehicle, along with the number of tickets. Add to that, the fact that the Chicago PD is dragging its feet on this one. I too support the police. However, if the Chicago PD and its feloow members don;t want to take action action this cop, then they all look bad, and deservatively so.
cub fan 435732129

Northbrook, IL

#42 Feb 24, 2009
are they any good cops left in chicago, every day its something new with the CPD , cops writing phony tickets, cops writing up phony DUI's, cops beating up people on the CTA where does it end ???????

Griffith, IN

#43 Feb 24, 2009
A cop who abuses a system that can't be bothered to investigate itself for any wrongdoing without a newspaper shining the burning light of attention on it. This, along with 10.5% sales tax and useless politicians who stay in power through patronage armies. I wonder why I continue to live here.

Chicago, IL

#44 Feb 24, 2009
Not Fooled wrote:
<quoted text> The word "Badge" is not used. You were NEVER the Police.
..Okay "Not Fooled'..your out in Romeoville, IL...I take it you are not with CPD ...however, if you were probably one of those moron coppers giving rest a bad name...and furthermore nitwit...the general public knows what a badge is...and copper use the word "button" moron..

Oakland, CA

#45 Feb 24, 2009
ihateliberals wrote:
The rate of criminal behavior among the CPD is less than 1%.
Does the 1% figure you cite reflect the actual percentage of criminal behavior that is reported to you by an omnipresent God, or does that figure represent the number of reported cases of misconduct? Or maybe that's just a number you pulled out of thin air?

My question here is not meant to impugn the CPD. I, too, believe that an overwhelming majority of police officers conduct themselves with respect for the law. I just think that any cited stat on police misconduct can ONLY reflect what is reported and not swept under the rug, as IAD initially tried to do with this case until the press caught wind of it.(Stupid liberal press with their liberal hippie anarchist bias, right? They just want to let all the criminals out give them counseling, right? Namby-pamby limp-wristed over-educated ivory tower elitist obama-loving...***yawn***)

Funny aside: I don't think this case involves a "bad seed" in the CPD. The fact that there are 13 tickets with simultaneous numbers from the same book of tickets makes me think that someone illegally obtained that book of tickets for the express purpose of harassing him, such as his ex-girlfriend. But who knows... that's why there should be an investigation. Too bad it took a media expose to embarrass the department enough to re-open the investigation.

Chicago, IL

#46 Feb 24, 2009
Chicago wrote:
Something tells me you're NOT a former CPD Officer. If you were, what D.O.G. were you in? Just answer that one question cause I think you're a liar!
<quoted text>
and something tells me your new to the job..because if you had any time on the job you would know some P.O.'s are bad...just like "P.O. ABATE" who beat that small female bartender he gives good P.O's a bad rap...if you pretend to think otherwise, write me back when you have at least 5 years on the job! my D.O.G. was 6

Oakland, CA

#47 Feb 24, 2009
Not Fooled wrote:
How about this.... PARK YOUR CAR LEGALLY ****!
Really? Dude, come on. I mean, yeah, people should park their car legally. Duh, of course. But, if you read the article thoroughly, it says that ALL of the cases (except one still pending) were dismissed because it was obvious that he DID NOT park illegally, as HE NO LONGER OWNS THE VEHICLE BEING CITED. But nope. You say: "how about this... PARK YOUR CAR LEGALLY". Good thing you aren't running the court system.
Aunt Bea

Wheaton, IL

#48 Feb 24, 2009
If you're sick of getting tickets for breaking the law, then quit breaking the law. You'd think after 20 tickets he'd learn his lesson, but he continued to park illegally. Just because he parks by boarded-up buildings doesn't give him the right to park in front of a fire hydrant, or make him more special than anyone else in the city.
Get a clue.

Oakland, CA

#49 Feb 24, 2009
You know what? I've had an epiphany. "ihateliberals" and "Not Fooled" have shown me the light. If a ticket shows up on the docket, there is no way, no how it could mean anything other than the person cited is guilty. Period. Wearing a badge automatically and without exception means that the person wearing it is of super-human moral fiber and beyond impugnity. And besides, even if they aren't, it's just not right to question authority. Ever. So shut up all you stupid anarchist tree-hugging gay-marrying liberals. OK, I'm done now.
typcal chicago cops

Schaumburg, IL

#50 Feb 24, 2009
At best, they're trying to reach their supposedly non-existent quota.

At worst, they're out to get this guy.
Brad Dashele

Evergreen Park, IL

#51 Feb 24, 2009
Yet another reason why Mayor Daley needs to resign.
He is a liar

Naperville, IL

#52 Feb 24, 2009
He knows exactly why these tickets are
being written. Someone on the Department has a vendetta against him for some reason and he knows who the officer is. I am not justifying the officer(s)' behavior I am just saying this guy is lying when he plays ignorant. He could have done anything from insulting the police officer to hitting on his girlfriend, to parking too close to him in a parking lot. I don't know which it is but he knows. Bet on it!

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