MS-13 gang member gets life sentence ...

MS-13 gang member gets life sentence for murder

There are 120 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Nov 10, 2008, titled MS-13 gang member gets life sentence for murder. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

A Silver Spring man was sentenced today to life in prison after he was convicted of murder and racketeering charges, the Maryland U.S. Attorney's office said.

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Norfolk, VA

#25 Sep 15, 2009
winston wrote:
iam from atlanta we have
insane gangster disciples
almighty vice lords
almighty latin kings and queens
All those were originaly started in Chicago.
Police Victim

Royal Oak, MI

#27 Sep 22, 2009
A gang member kills someone and he gets life.

A steroid junkie cop kills someone and he gets a raise.

What's wrong with this picture?

Wake up people! Gangs are a problem, bad cops are much worse.

Baltimore, MD

#28 Sep 29, 2009
hagerstown is not shit homie you come to
washighton dc metro area of p.g county iam
from the dominicans dont play gang from
forest heights maryland can you did it hargerstown
girl town look homie come to the real hood
dum fuck we have almighty latin kings black and
gold 18th street mexican gang sets e.m.e
lots of ms13 gang sets surenos13 gang sets
diffrent bloods gang sets crip sets hargerstown
is a small white boy town with k.k.k hate gangs
hargerstown you do not have gangs man so
you need to run and stop talking a bout shit you
do not even know a bout you feel me white boy
we sale guns here we make big money and take
care of are people each gang here in the washighton dc area has money and run neighborhoods
and own homes man see hargerstown is k.k.k white
boys homie you never even have been to new york
areas of the bronx brooklyn or chicago man
or losangeles you do not know what the hell is
going on homie so stay up in that bitch ass
little town ok

Chevy Chase, MD

#29 Sep 29, 2009
Allen, do yourself a favor and stop making a fool of yourself on the internet. Everyone knows the real gangs died back in the 70s. Where people weren't puss azz followers like they are now. Where you fought one on one instead of being girls. Where you didn't rob and rape old ladies. Where you'd never disrespect your mama by acting like such an uneducated fool like you are. But keep thinking you're bad. Right along with the 1 million other idiots in prison and morgues.

Chevy Chase, MD

#30 Sep 29, 2009
Everyone knows people in gangs = welfare leeches.

Baltimore, MD

#31 Oct 9, 2009
yo iam owings mills fruit town piru gangsters
we are based in park heights but out here in
owings mills pikesville we ride that 5 star crown
all day blood we wear brown and black we do not
bang in owings mills just laylow make money and
play with girls blood other blood sets here in
the county bounty hunter tones 151 compton pirus
wear green and black denver lanes bloods with
pasadena lanes ghosttown gangster insane bloods
wear red and gray are blood sets are in randallestown woodlwan milford mill towson essex
dundalk rosedale and parkville maryland WE RIDE
THAT 5 star crown home boy we are do or die make
that killer money homie baltimore will never die
we got gangs that we hate like crips ms13 b.g.f

Riderwood, MD

#33 Oct 23, 2009
this o.g amos from ms13 gang here in one of
the hard areas of west baltimore it is by large
a african american neighborhood with lots of
us poor people and iam getting out of ms13 because
gangs are not shit when go to jail your homies do
not come and see you they talk all that shit
before you go and it is time to be a real man now
i have two sons and i would kill one of them if
they say that they wanted to be part of the ms13
gang look it is not right to hurt or kill over
a dam color are neighborhood that you do not even
own any thing my thing is this get your self right
go back to school so you do not have to be on the
streets be a man love your self and love god

Riderwood, MD

#35 Oct 24, 2009
thi chino from conservative vice lords gang
from chicago west side but here in baltimore cherry
hill area of baltimore we wear black and orange
colors look we chicago conservative lords have been
out here in bmore 3 years now we do not have white
boys in my vice lords set look we wear that 5 star
crown we have latino brothers iam african american
and my wife is porto rican look it is not just a
bout gang banggin it is a bout having a good time
and taking care of you families black white latino
what ever look baltimore is hard chicago is hard
baltimore gang problem is getting worse because
these city has gang members from chicago losangeles
atlanta texas washighton dc see drug people are
killing out of state people because they are trying
to take over blocks in west baltimore east baltimore south baltimore SEE BALTIMORE O.G GANGSTERS ARE NOT AS STRONG AS THEY ONCE WAS but
the ones that are still big are running the drug
trade here in baltimore so they are putting hits
out on out of town people to try to keep them out
of baltimore and baltimore police are helping as well so it is tough for out of town folks to
make money here thats just like if baltimore drug
o.g gangsters would come to chicago losangeles
new york atlanta dallas houston would try to
take over they would not take over shit but they
could make some money but see now days the drug
trade is all fucked up because now you have your own home boys setting you up to die look for you
young brothers and sisters in school stay in school
you will fill a hell lot better brothers and sisters so wont have to look over your back all
the time eduction is where it is at all these
gang shit is bull shit nothing comes good from
it at all nothing

Baltimore, MD

#36 Nov 5, 2009
hi my name is mark iam a police officer for
the p.g county maryland gang unit here in
2009 are latino gang membership has got worse
that is very sad because most of the latino
americans that live in the washighton dc metro
areas are great people but the sad thing is
are young latino gangs are doing the same things
as they do in other cities in the united states
we ms13 gang that is the biggest latino gang
in the washighton dc metro areas of montgomery co
and p.g county towns as well as bloods and crips
but this is the latino gangs here in p.g county
maryland compton varrio tokers
compton.varrio.tortilla flats
compton.varrio largo 36
compton varrio alondra
easy riders
grandview locos G.V.L.S
primera flats
whit fence w.f
e.m.e.18th street gang sets
south side 18th street gang
7th and broadway 18th street gang
T.B.D.tiny diablos
lexington ave baby locoas
maiac latin disciples
dominicans dont play i.m.o
latin kings
corona park locos
elmonte flores
elmonte 13
most of these latino gang members are from
the washighton dc metro area
but we have latino familyies that haved move to
the washighton area from losangeles sandeigo
new york city metro areas over the last 5 years
most of these families haved moved out here for
jobs and to get the young ones out of gangs
but these young kids bring the same gang ties
out here to the washighton dc metro areas

Baltimore, MD

#37 Nov 5, 2009
we are getting young kids out of these gangs
young boys and grils they are trying to get
home boys and girls out of these gangs
are putting gang members in jail in p.g.county
towns to make are streets safer we have a lot
of work to do but we have people in neighborhoods
working with us and are letting us know where these
gang members are see the bloods and crips started
coming out here 4 years ago from southern ca
and started setting up shop in the p.g county and
montgomery county areas now e.m.e.18th gang sets
compton varrio gang sets from the losangeles areas

started coming out here over the last five and six
years ago but they did not show us any thing
it was like underground thing but now these
gangs have homegrown maryland latino gang members
that are down with 18th street surenos compton varrio gang sets these gangs have young grils
that are down with them just like the bloods and
crips have grils that are down most of
the latino gangs are in the latino areas of
montgomery county and p.g county areas but now
they haved moved in to the african american neighborhoods of suitland lanham oxion hill
seat pleasnt marlow heights captoil heights
landover and fairmount heights but the bloods and
crips that used to be just neighborhood crews run
these areas but we doing every thing we can to
not let this come in to a black and latino gang thing like it is in some cities see more latinos
haved moved in to suitland lanham oxion hill
landover captol heights marlow heights seatplesnt
and faimount heights area where it has been african
american coummunity for 40 years and see a lot
of older african americans have moved out of
these areas over the last ten fifteen years now
latinos haved moved in to these areas
cental americans mexicans we are working with people to work to keep these areas safe

Baltimore, MD

#38 Nov 7, 2009
this little from the dominicans dont play gang
i.m.o we from new york city washighton heights
living here in b.more md we do sale to african
americans whites and ms13 gangs see we will fight
just like any other gang set we dominicans dont play gang sets in middle river maryland towson
maryland rosedale woodlawn maryland lwansdowne md
cherry hill brooklyn area of b.more we wear blue
red and white colors the dominican flag baltimore
has 14,000 of dominicans here in the baltimore
metro area upper fells point highlandtown
greenmount aveune greektown my set is insane posse

dominicans we are in cherry hill we fight with
bloods crips because they think they are so hard
but they are not they are fake as hell cuzz
we had a fight with some b.g.ffamily gang members
last week in downtown b.more we had homies all
over police beat us up they put us in downtown
b.more jail see baltimore has a lot of ms13
gang members e.m.e.18th street gang sets latin kings compton varrio gang sets like compton varrio
117th street compton varrio 118th street compton
varrio 125th street compton varrio 155th street
gangs that are cominig in to baltimore from
southern ca see baltimore is like 65 prcent african
american and yeah they run the baltimore drug trade
bloods crips and neighborhood crews
but baltimore latino population is growing
dominicans cental americans south americans mexicans and more porto ricans are here in
baltimore but bloods like 400 trays from park heights ghosttown gangster pirus denver lanes with
pasadena lanes fruittown bloods bounty hunters
rollin 60s rollin 20s grape street watts crips
palmer blocc compton crips 187 shot gun gangster
crips 92 hoovers money mass muder crips these gangs
are big in the sex trade gun trade here in baltimore here in 2009 but in 3 to 4 years the
dominicans dont play and other gangs will be
stronger here in b.more because are latino population will be at 65,000 in the city see because more blacks are moving out of baltimore
city to the county areas of towson middle river
dundalk howard county owings mills harford county
and more whites will be here in baltimore city
so a lot of the gangs will move the drug trade to
the county areas of b.more we are already doing it
look dominicans dont play we have guns to man
baltimore police and county police will have a
hard time stoping us and other latino gangs
see drugs come from new york phiadelphia losangeles
miami mexico and poto rico and the dominican
vice lords black gangster disciples bring in
drugs from chicago white gangs like bitch ass
d.m.i white boy gang are pussyies they are getting
ran out by the e.m.e.mexican mafia in middle river
and essex maryland homie
The Crabby Kraut

Bethpage, NY

#39 Nov 9, 2009
Here we go with the gang code again. When is TOPIX going to wise up and realize that criminals are using this forum to send messages to each other?

United States

#40 Nov 9, 2009
john wrote:
this john from dominicans dont play gang in
baltimore county woodlawn maryland look for you
people that live in maryland do not think that
latino gangs are not shit look jack ass from
hagerstown maryland bitch you do not real gangs
dominicans gang sets IN TOWSON DUNDALK BROOKLYN
the jack up boys the ghetto mafia crew the dog
pound the wild posse the insane nation crew
the bad ass mob crew the alley crew the hold up
play boys we are dominicans that are in b.more
just because you do not want to know the that
d.d.p dominicans dont play gang is here look
man we know that b.more is a large african american city so we are big time drug folks
we jump whites blacks any one that whats to play
dude we go in the washighton dc and sale drugs
look we have guns baseball bats we kill people
in hagerstown mike gee but you never come to
baltimore or washighton dc boy we have gang sets
in parkville brooklyn park howard county and
p.g county so stay your bitch ass up in
hargerstown white boy you do not come to the hood
man because if you would you would get killed
so keep your bitch ass up in soft hargerstown
Mow my lawn!
Ralphie Boy

Nashua, NH

#41 Nov 11, 2009
Gangs? Weak PUNKS! That's why thet stick together. One on one they're useless and lower than slime off a slug. M.S.13=Mexican Shit 13!

Royal Oak, MI

#43 Nov 12, 2009
Ralphie Boy wrote:
Gangs? Weak PUNKS! That's why thet stick together. One on one they're useless and lower than slime off a slug. M.S.13=Mexican Shit 13!
Well said.

Hancock, MD

#44 Nov 13, 2009
big ralhp here in washighton dc you are a bitch
iam ms13 gang member from columbia heights
you bitch i will come to your neighborhood and
you and me can have it out on the street man ok
look man i do not hate any one my girl friend is
african american i love people i did not mean to
say what i just said man iam sorry i wish gangs
would stop iam moving out of washighton dc me and
my women for a better life big ralhp for give
me man iam sorry gangs are bad thats why iam
leaving dc

Royal Oak, MI

#45 Nov 14, 2009
juan wrote:
big ralhp here in washighton dc you are a bitch
iam ms13 gang member from columbia heights
you bitch i will come to your neighborhood and
you and me can have it out on the street man ok
look man i do not hate any one my girl friend is
african american i love people i did not mean to
say what i just said man iam sorry i wish gangs
would stop iam moving out of washighton dc me and
my women for a better life big ralhp for give
me man iam sorry gangs are bad thats why iam
leaving dc
I'll consider that a compliment coming from a punkass little inbred, taco bender like you. Take your stupid uneducated a$$ back to whatever third world, Spanish speaking country your people came from. Gang members are nothing more than girly boys who need back up just the wipe their a$$. So why don't you just STFU until you actually grow a pair and come to see me one on one. Of course you don't have the balls. So now you're going to get on the horn and call all your gutless, chickensh!t fag friends and talk about how you're going to whip my a$$. But that's all you guys do, talk a good fight. You just got punked by a real man, sucks to be you.
keith lomas

Glen Burnie, MD

#47 Dec 7, 2009
whats up god this lomas from the conservative
vice lords from the west side of chitown we here
in baltimore cherry hill south side look we are
cool but we will kick ass just like any one will
god look other chicago gangster sets in baltimore
city almighty ambrose almighty black stones with
black p- stones now latin kings gang sets here in
baltimore latin eagles brooklyn south side
latin angels patterson park south east side
latin dragons upper fells point
now back to my homie vice lords sets ebony vice lords gangster stone vice lords latin souls

look we do not care a bout baltimore police like
we do not care a bout chicago police shit we pay
some of the chicago police off
we chicago west side gangsters make big money
look we vice lords go by the 5 and them bitch ass
disciples go by the 6 look baltimore is a hard core
city like some areas of chicago but look we have
guns dope that make big money and we are moving it
in baltimore north west side neighborhoods and
south side neighborhoods

Baltimore, MD

#49 Dec 21, 2009
whats up iam not a gang member iam a educated
dominican american from new york city that has
been here in p g county for twenty five years
now living in columbia heights here in washighton
dc i am a washighton dc police office i have been
on the dc police force ten years now dc is a
good city with lots of great people i have two
girls that are in college at georgetown u
and will be coming out in may
i work with the dc gang unit here we are doing
a good job with crews getting them off the streets
of washighton dc but it is tough dc has many diffrent gang crews hate to say it but we do
have 2 dominican drug gangs here in the nation captol dominicans dont play and the trinitarios
both of these drug crews are bad they sale lots
of drugs in washighton dc that brings crime
and that is bad so we are working hard to get
these crews of the streets dominicans dont play
gang and the trinitarios are crews from new york
city and new jersy areas they have been here for
six years now ms13 eme 18th mexican mafia latin kings are all here we work with the f.b.i
they help us geeting these bad people of these
streets thats the good thing dc has many african
american drug crews that run dc drug trade look
this america we have to get all of these bad people
off the streets people are sick of these people
they make good neighbrohoods bad and that is sad
good hard working people should not have to
take this bull shit any more ok the washighton dc
metro area has more central americans mexicans
and south americans but the dominican and porto
rican population has grown over the last nine years
the dominicans and porto ricans live by large out
side of washighton dc are population of us dominicans and porto ricans in the the dc metro
area is at 31,000 takmoa park gaithersbug silver
spring rockville wheton northern va and p.g county
in p.g county towns suitland landover landover hills lanham oxon hill seat pleasnt forestville
captoil heights hyattsville blensbugh greenbelt
fort washighton faimount heights maryland
most of the people are very educated people
but we do have some in the gangs iof trinitarios
and the dominicans dont play 333 the trinitarios
wear green the dominicans dont play wear blue red
and white colors the dominican flag but we dominicans and other latinos and african americans
we do not like gangs at all

Since: Sep 07


#50 Dec 23, 2009

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