Chicago police district commanders fa...

Chicago police district commanders face challenges

There are 30 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Aug 13, 2008, titled Chicago police district commanders face challenges. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

When incoming Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis cleaned house in March, replacing all but four district commanders, he promised to give his team autonomy.

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vanilla ice

Lisle, IL

#1 Aug 13, 2008
Let the law-abiding , non-felon people of Chicago arm themselves. Crime will be cut in half in a few weeks. Daley would have to add staff to Streets and Sanitation to pick-up all the human dead garbage laying on the streets. It would be well worth it.

United States

#2 Aug 13, 2008
I live in South Austin in Beat 1512 and have written to and complained about specific narcotic activity, loud, booming cars and loitering to Alderman Carothers, Commander Walter Green, the tactical officers, the Beat Officer and have called 911 more than I can tell you. This proactive work on my part has been going on since March 2008 as I am relatively new to the neighborhood. In addition, I attend the monthly aldermanic and CAPS (has been a real waste of time) meetings. All of the above referenced have been largely unresponsive and the police say that we have to keep calling 911 as this is the only way to get resources committed to the problem from downtown. Even in doing this, nothing has changed over here. Also, police response is a serious, serious issue as one night, the narcotic and gang activity was so heavy, that a neighbor Chicago policeman between us we called seven times and received no police response for over 45 minutes. Something is terribly wrong. I recently learned that there was a major scandal due to complicity of several rogue police who went to prison in the Austin District. It is really bad. Many of the residents here are now asking for a meeting with Police Superintendent Weis. If you want to stem the tide of these rising problems, you have to put resources on the problem before it gets out of control. And, for the record, a few of the police have been responsive on a couple of the calls, but for the most part they come, shine the light and leave and it becomes a revolving door of calling 911 with limited response. It is an abhorent tragedy, especially when The Honorable Ike Carothers of Ward 29 lives within a seven block radius of where this is occurring and the greater irony is his being Chairman of the Police and Fire Commission and his brother being a Lieutenant in the Chicago Police Department. I think that Police Superintendent Weis is on the right track in making some substantive changes by placing more officers in the areas where crime related to narcotics and gangs are involved because this is the source of most of the city's homicides.
concerned citzen


#3 Aug 13, 2008
In the 8th district the area near Hale School has seen recent proof of "Latin Kings" activity, and although many residents have complained we continue to see daily activity with members openly flashing gang signs and trying to intimidate local residents. What is being done to combat these issues?

United States

#4 Aug 13, 2008
dont worry about the gangs we will have videos teaching us how to run from the gangs. enough of all this p.c. nonsense send in the army to take back our streets, that is the only way.
phil cline

Springfield, IL

#5 Aug 13, 2008
Maybe just maybe if the police department wasn't severly undermanned. Daley should look into using some of his slush funds sorry I mean TIF funds to hire some more police.
not surprising

Central District, Hong Kong

#6 Aug 13, 2008
You got to like what the Commander in the article is implementing. Teaching gang-bangers how to play CHESS??? You got to be frickin kidding me!!! This is a police commanders idea to combatting gangs and youth violence. No wonder Chicago is out of control.
Second City Fire

Indio, CA

#7 Aug 13, 2008
Get rid of the problem!!!!!

Fire that wanna be "Chicago Cop" FBI Agent Superintendent ; and hire within.

Come on Daley; Are you afraid of your own?

Chicago, IL

#8 Aug 13, 2008
The District Commanders will have autonomy.
Yeah, right.
The District Commander does not pick hit tac lieutenant.
The tac lieutenant does not pick his seregeants.
The tac sergeants do not pick their team.
Who picks the District Commander?
The Alderman..?

Why should there be a problem in any district. The Commander should be able to solve them all. After all, the Selection Board picked them all, all the way up because of their superior ability.

If they are smart enough to be D/C's they can figure it out.
Just a football guy

United States

#9 Aug 13, 2008
The 16th District Commander is worried about tagging? Tagging? Burglaries are on the rise, as are robberies, batteries and street crime and this guy wants to target spray can boys?

Heres an idea...stand up to the Superintendent and those religious activists on the west and south sides, and demand that the officers assigned to the 16th district REMAIN in the 16th district. Patrol the 16th district, NOT the 15th and 7th districts.

Taggers.....youve got to be kidding. Get your nose out of the computer and get out there and ride the streets. Taggers....unbelievable.

Oak Lawn, IL

#10 Aug 13, 2008

United States

#11 Aug 13, 2008
Here's an item for everyone that has posted some opinion on this BLOG.

As a retired Police officer I can tell you that there is not a "[email protected]" thing that the supervising sgts, lieutenants, District Commander or the Mayor himself can do about a Police officer who does not want to produce and make arrests or write tickets.

Police officers usually get into trouble by being over aggressive. The best Police officers, with the best arrest statistics and activity
generally compile more "beefs" than their sedentary counterparts. They get into trouble for doing a job that has to be done but when the Department is roundly "spanked' for being too aggressive the "Blue Flu"
usually strikes and there is nothing than can be done about it.

In the "old days" , detectives were routinely dumped from their respective units for not producing. These dump lists were generated about every six months and periodically a good detective was given the heave ho for low performance, but generally it was a good thing.

When the process was stopped, for whatever reason, it was like saying here you go, this is your position for the rest of your life whether you make arrests or not.

I have worked with guys in the patrol division that have NEVER made a Felony arrest in their lives !!!

I remember being present at a conversation with a guy who stopped a vehicle and a gun was found in the car. The guy was actually "beeching" that he had to go to court the next day. This generated one of the best comments I have ever heard. This dog ass was told by a veteran officer and I quote ..."If you want to stop cars and not have to go to court, you should have applied to be a crossing guard."

Get off these guys backs, "The Real Police" I mean and they will do the job they were trained to do and are capable of doing and more importantly , Want to Do. Keep ragging them and look for them to put it not only in neutral, but in Reverse.

To the "REAL POLICE", keep up the good work boys. To any politicans or hacks who reply to this posting, U R full of crap so I won't reply to you.

Misanthrope....."Over and Out"

Springfield, IL

#13 Aug 13, 2008
If the Deputys kept their noses out of the business of the Area Chiefs, things would run smoother
gimme a break

Chicago, IL

#14 Aug 14, 2008
fire-Mr Federal Indictment Weiss. sure police will work and then be thanks....
Chicago Cop

Chicago, IL

#15 Aug 14, 2008
Until the administration admits that the Chicago Police Department is short over 3,000 police officers crime and violence in Chicago is going to continue to get much, much worse. Armed Chicago police officers are now routinely gunned down in the streets, the average citizen has absolutely no chance.

Please demand that your elected officials hire the budgeted number of police officers so that Chicago can become a safe place.
Ed O

Three Rivers, TX

#16 Aug 14, 2008
Shoot to kill!

Chicago, IL

#17 Aug 14, 2008
We need to stop blaming others for our kids actions blame yourself!! Jody Weiss doesnt live with you to control your kids we do!!! If people would worry about there kids and making sure that there in school then alot of problems wouldnt be there!!! Im a mom of 3 girls ond one son!! live in the cluster area of pilsen and lawndale!!My girls go to school and at 3p.m they go to after school program from 3 to 6 they have no time to ride around and gangbang my oldest has graduated from a private h.s and will start college next week and I worked 2 jobs to pay tuition without financial aid for her!! NONE OF MY KIDS OWN A GUN!!

Chicago, IL

#18 Aug 14, 2008
Here is a great plan to fight crime. Citizens of chicago, these are your kids out here murdering, stealing and robbing. What are you going to do about that. You complain when the CPD comes and arrest people, you complain when they don't come at all. You brought the little terrorist into this world, then you and only you are responsible for taking them out of it. Now do your job, and the police can do theirs.

Chicago, IL

#19 Aug 14, 2008
I live on beat 1023 dont know whats going on in other dist but i know that whomever is in charge of 10 tact has his team in full force all night I see it with my own eyes!!! thank you sgt. Ferrar for the good job with your team continue working hard I love to see my tax dollars at work!!!

Chicago, IL

#22 Aug 14, 2008
All the new commanders are political hacks appointed by the alderthiefs and store-front reverends. Want to know what rank and file think of them and the truth go to second city cop blog
Not One Answer

United States

#23 Aug 14, 2008
I am one to believe that there is not just one answer to this problem. I moved from the south side to the near west side (Little Village), where everyone in the building where I lived had their radios stolen out of their cars. Where there is a bullet hole in my window that came through while I was sitting in front of it on my couch after a long days work.

Yes! The government and police force need to step it up!

Yes! Parents need to take responsibility for their bad ass kids!

Yes! Citizens of this city need to do more in their community to make sure their area gets the attention it needs!

But who is going to start this revolution of sorts? Who is going to kick off this war on Crime?

Is it going to be you sitting at your computer bitching and moaning? Or are you going to use some of the ideas you post here actively?

I went to a caps meeting and there were about 15 people there and all but about 3 (including me in that 3) were seniors citizens. And I know there is more than 15 people in the community noticing the crime that goes on.

People are scared, especially since the police continue to allow criminals to victimize people. No one on this blog is willing to walk up to the thug up the street and say "hey, my kids live here, I work hard for my little piece of whatever. Please stop stealing my crap and scaring my kids and killing my friends!".

One man in a crowd of 100 citizens can imobilize the entire crowd even though he only has 6 bullets. Who's gonna take the bullet?

Those cameras with the blaring lights do nothing but provide good television like programming for those monitoring the screens. Mind you the damn camera is with in range of my parking lot.

What chaps my ass more than anything is that the police that patrol these beats, the detectives and even some of the cheifs know who the criminals are by name. Drive by them daily standing in their little huddles plotting the next crime. And yet arrest are down.

These thugs need a presence to challenge them. They need us all to stand up, look them in the eye and say enough is enough. There needs to be active patroling where the police are seen and heard. There need to be more of us at meetings and calling police and not being affraid to protect what we work hard for.

If you go to the right small town, you might get shot in the ass for simply showing up unnanouced. Im not into guns that much (though I have consider one) but I am into protecting my family and my community.

I am so fed up...I think I might take the bullet.

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