Father Of Hans Peterson Speaks Out

Father Of Hans Peterson Speaks Out

There are 52 comments on the cbs2chicago.com story from Oct 8, 2007, titled Father Of Hans Peterson Speaks Out. In it, cbs2chicago.com reports that:

The father of the prime suspect in the murder of a Michigan Avenue dermatologist is speaking out.

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Kings Mountain, NC

#23 Mar 16, 2008
The elder Peterson appears to be an intellectual calculating, sneaky, insensitive SOB with an 'ends justifies the means' philosophy of life. Perhaps he's the real reason his son turned into a moron. I would like to see him on the witness stand for murder instead of his son.

Charleston, SC

#24 Mar 16, 2008
The drug companies should carry most of the blame. Doctors should do more research, but they don't. They shouldn't be so ready and willing to pull out the prescription pad after knowing somebody for 5 minutes. But how could Dr. Corbleet have know that Hans was one of those who'd be so seriously affected anyway?! Drug companies KNOW that their drugs can cause serious problems for some people, but call it collateral damage and worth the risk to make millions. Drug companies push their drugs on doctors everyday. They've been allowed to advertize since 1995, causing many to self diagnose. They commercial say, "Ask your doctor if....is right for you". What they mean is, "TELL your doctor that you want this or that drug" and you'll get it. There's no safe drug, but many are more dangerous than others. It takes an awful lot of people to die before the FDA finally wakes up. On the SSRI thing, check out the petitions against Zolfot, Paxil, Prozac and others, on the internet and read thousands of comments from those who've suffered because of the drugs. FYI, the PDR is written by the foxes guarding then hen houses, I mean, the drug companies. That's a fact.

Poway, CA

#25 Mar 16, 2008
I don't agree with murder, but I do know that mental illness is real. Something happened to make this man suffer more than he previously been suffering. I have no clue if Accutane was the cause, but there does seem to be a lot of controversy surrounding this drug. I only blame the doc if he didn't make an effort to ask Hans about his past problems with depression and mental illness. If the doc knew Hans had problems and the acne was not severe, he should not have prescribed it. Docs tend to just prescribe without really seeing the whole pic. Why did Hans kill the man. Four years later something inside him kept telling him or he focused the cause of his suffering on this doc. It's difficult to believe that only after 2 days of taking the drug his mind could have shifted so dramatically. Like his father said in many ways, the two are both victims. The kid is a victim of mental illness that didn't really get untreated, but just didn't get recognized accurately. The doc just happened to be the reaction to this mans illness.
Not a true badger

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Mar 16, 2008
"Depressed people don't just become mass murderers or slash people up that they don't like. Big drug companies would like us to believe that though."

This has nothing to do with what big drug companies think. As with every medication, everyone MAY react slightly different. You murder someone when you are drunk or high on crack, it is the same thing. Psychosis became worse after taking prescription drugs? Tough shit. No one force fed you. Prescription drugs are a luxury. Dont want risk? Dont take them.

I find it funny that after having lived outside of the US, our society likes to push the blame on everything but the source of the problems. What ever happened to accountability.

Warrenville, IL

#27 Mar 17, 2008
Amen to this well spoken comment. Well said and absolutely truthful. Thanks Deb for telling the truth about these awful drugs.
Deb wrote:
Anyone who's done any serious research on Accutane, knows that it definitely CAN cause severe mental disturbances in SOME people. Many drugs, especially antidepressants, which I heard that Hans took after his Accutane experience, can also cause very out-of-character, even violent and suicidal behaviors. I heard the Hans was on Zoloft. Do a search on Zoloft and violence or SSRI induced violence. You'll find a raft of information. Some people are just very sensitive to these powerful drugs and anyone who dismisses the connection is voicing and uneducated opinion. After our own family tragedy 9 years ago, I began researching intensely, how drugs, especially antidepressants, can change people so dramatically. Nearly every school and workplace shooter was on one or more psychiatric drugs. Depressed people don't just become mass murderers or slash people up that they don't like. Big drug companies would like us to believe that though. They fight hard and spend millions, to defect blame from their drugs and those who believe their load of malarcky, just help prevent the truth from coming out. Do some research. Educate yourselves before leaving baseless opinions. Be glad that you haven't experience a similar tragedy.

Warrenville, IL

#28 Mar 17, 2008
Well said, Deb. The truth never sounded so good. Clearly, you have done your research.
Lee Georgia

United States

#29 Mar 17, 2008
Just because this doctor prescribed a medication (for his very bad acne that I'm sure Hans wanted) that cause several side effects (as all medications do, and you MUST read these side effects before committing to them) doesn't make it right for Hans (apparent psychopath) to do what he did. It is not the doctors fault that Hans went crazy and PLANNED (extensively) out a murder! He needs to be back in the states taking responsibiltity for what he did. He was man enought to do it, so be man enought to sit infront of a trial. What he did was wrong in so many ways. Satanic! There is NO excuse for that.
loopholes in our system


#30 Mar 17, 2008
how come my comments did not post?

United States

#31 Mar 17, 2008
Fact: Acutane causes psychosis. Even Roche, the maker, has published a brochure "Recognizing Psychiatric Disorders In Adolescents and Young Adults: A guide to Prescribing Isotretinoin". The company even states that "discontinuing treatment may not be enough". The drug interactions can be found at the Roche site http://www.rocheusa.com/products/accutane/pi.... . The fact is Accutane binds to lipids in the brain and can also cause tumors as well as many other side effects. Accuatane has one of the largest side effect lists of any drug on the market. Im really sorry for the family of Dr Cornbleet, but he handed kids drugs the same way a dealer does, without regard for teh safety of the patient. Im not saying he deserves to die, but I would not rush to judgement, this is a clear cut insanity defense with no rational motive. Those who accuse Hans should do so by giving accutane to their own children first.
pray for them all

Bozeman, MT

#32 Mar 17, 2008
i feel so bad for everyone involved in this case! please consider praying for them all instead of cutting them down and arguing. whats done is done and now we as humans (who make mistakes) should try to make the positive steps forward! i will be praying that these families can reconcile, and that Hans gets the help he needs.
accutane patient

Foxboro, MA

#33 Mar 17, 2008
you are an idiot. He took the drug for two days...why dont u spend time researching how long it takes drugs to affect you. TWO DAYS.... stop making a fool of yourself and realize that accutane had nothing to do with this kid being crazy. He had a history of mental issues and after seeing his father talk on television, i can see that it is partially his fault as well.
Annonymous NJ

Englishtown, NJ

#34 Mar 23, 2008
While all medications can carry side effects, each has POSSIBLE effects that vary by individual. I can only wonder if Hans had revealed his pre-existing mental illness to Dr. Corbleet. We can only speculate as to what exactly transpired here, but given the very short time that this drug was taken and the calculating measures that Hans took over such a long period of time, I don't feel that Dr. Corbleet OR the drug manufacturer is to blame. Hans is an adult. He needs to take responsiblity for his actions. The elder Peterson needs to stop making excuses for his son and take responsiblity for his own actions of prescribing medication without examination and knowing full well that his son's health was not being followed and treated by ANY physicians. Dr. Peterson simply enabled his son to self-medicate. Yes, his son was also a "victim", as he put it, but he was became a "victim" through his own doing.
As a side note, I have suffered serious depression and suicidal tendencies for more than 20 years, so I know what I'm talking about here.
Regardless of the facts, there are two families who've suffered losses. I pray that everyone involved can find some peace.

Huntington, NY

#36 May 28, 2008
hans was obviously a severly depressed human being. it is so sad for all involved.
matt d

Naperville, IL

#37 Jul 3, 2012
I watched this on Dateline. Im sorry to all the Cornbleet family and friends. Its conclusion letting viewers know he was at least convicted feels like hollow justice. This murders father troubled me more than anything else though. He admits (begrudgingly) prescribing medication for his son from several states away which can NOT be very ethical. I further dont buy for a second that he wasnt rx'ing other drugs such as zanax either. As a doctor himself he knows far well that no doctor prescribes acne medication with sinister motives. He ALL BUT ACCUSED DR. CORNBLEET OF HIS OWN MURDER. I hope im not the only one who wanted to wring that guys neck. I wouldnt feel safe if that guy was my doctor. He struck me as mentally unbalanced to a degree nearing that of his psychotic murdering son. I really wanted to shake the excuses out of him and beat the guilt into him. He deserves his son, and his son deserves nothing but a cage. I hope the good doctor's family are coping well. I believe their desire for justice is shared by many. The way they carry themselves is a testament to the parents who raised them. I wish you all health, love and loads of great memories of the man who clearly did a fine job.

Muskego, WI

#38 Jul 3, 2012
I can't believe anyone is actually thinking of any reason for an excuse. The kid should not fight extradition and will be found not guilty on the basis he's nutso. Even his dad looks nutso during his interviews. There is some chemical imbalance here that looks as though it started with Dr. Thomas Peterson and should never have had children.

Caldwell, NJ

#39 Sep 12, 2012
If you look at the father during the tv interview, he looks down and avoids eye contact when asked if he obtained antidepressants for his son. He admitted doing so (although minimized it) he totally knows he was wrong! He is crazier than his son and I agree he should be sued for restitution for the family of dr. Cornblatt!
sciencequeen14 wrote:
After hearing the father's comments, it is no wonder his son acted as he did. The father shows no compassion and a severe lack of understanding of moral responsibility. He dares to try to excuse his son's actions based on some lame "the drug made me do it" alibi. SHAME on the father!!!!!!! And shame on the French Government for not sending Hans back immediatley.

Paris, France

#40 Jun 7, 2013
The drug is the cause.
I see Dr Cornbleet is described as someone who cared for his patients. But what did he do to meet the complaints of Hans Peterson that the drug accutane caused him deep and unbearable sufferings? Did he warned the FDA? I am sure he didn't. Did he received him? Did he try to contact as many specialists on the subject as he could to try if he could help his patient recover from the terrible side effects? I am sure he didn't. It is easy to be caring when everything goes well with patients, you real value as a practioner is your reaction when something goes wrong.

Now lets imagine the rage you can have against someone who hurts you in the inside beyond anyhting you can imagine, gives you something that condemns you to live in misery for the rest of you life and shatters your hope of being happy, have a family and so on...because this is what accutane can do: damage you chemically and obliterate your very emotions and feelings, letting you as an asexual zombie for ever with the impression of being buried alife.
Lets imagine now that the doctor who prescribed it to you does not even care, does not turn the world up side down to help you and warn all the medical community of the terrible incident (which is easy to notice is not unique).
If you are able to have enough empathy to imagine such a thing you have all the ingredients to conceive how anyone can be turned into a monster.

So yes Hans Peterson is a victim, Dc Cornbleet is not the culprit but a complacent link in a very culprit medical system at the top of which you have pharmaceutical industry.

Side effects happen, it is sad, the very fault is keeping a blind on it, and that is mainly what brought Hans Peterson to this madness.

Long Beach, CA

#41 Jun 20, 2013
Here we go with the blame game again. How many more Doctors would be dead if every time the patient thought they made a mistake and therefore they deserve to die. This Hans guy should rot in prison for the rest of his life.

Paris, France

#42 Jun 24, 2013
And here we go with the knee-jerk reaction "he is a bastad that's all, no need to understand the underlying lesson of this story so that it can happen again"
He deserves prison it is a no brainer, he killed someone. But he knew what he would face : life in prison at the minimum. Who would screw his life for nothing? if his life was not already screwed and miserable?
This trial is not about justice it is also about revenge. Accutane would have been more considered otherwise. Yound people died because of this medication, other will suffer for the rest of their lives. Who will be punished then? Why dermatologists don't react at once? They would if they shared their victims fate.

Paris, France

#43 Jun 24, 2013
(Which I don't wish them to be honest, I wouldn't even on my worst ennemy. Is is a sad story, too sad that the man culprit (he lab) is not even worried because everybody is focused on is own revenge)

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