Chicago is a text book example of what happens when one corrupt political party mismanages the city for too long.

with the whole south side of the city gone now under control of black Mexican street gangs the black mobs are now moving into new areas like the downtown shopping areas.

when shoppers & merchants who pay the high sales, property, and income taxes "freight" for this corrupt political machine are attacked the end is near.

shoppers nor merchants will not nor should they tolerate the "N" word mobs attacking shopping areas.

when shoppers and merchants flee Chicago for safer business / shopping environments the corrupt political machine will collapse due to lack of funding.

cause those N word looting mobs, n word drug dealers, welfare moms don't pay taxes.

government lost track of that axiom from axiom which states

what you tax you get less of what you subsidize you get more of.

look at the south side of Chicago see what your city government subsidized for the past 50 years.