Russia reacts to McCain's column:'Why senator's thoughts are so primitive?'
19.09.2013 19:22

The community of Russian experts responded negatively to Republican Senator John McCain's article Russians deserve better than Putin. And that's not because of the criticism that McCain used against the Russian President, because on this point everything was predictable: the senator is loyal to himself. But the American politician just couldn't say anything essential in the response to the arguments of Vladimir Putin published in The New York Times.

Instead, McCain once again attacked the Russian president, having accused him of rigging the elections, controlling the media and son on the so foке&# 1088;. Off course, he couldn't help but mention the Magnitsky case.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian president, said that Putin "will undoubtedly read the article", but the head of state will hardly get into debate with McCain.

"McCain's response is obvious, commonplace; I would even say it's not intelligent",- that's how the senator's article was commented by Leonid Polyakov, the head of the politic science department at the Higher School of Economics.

"McCain presents himself as a pro-Russian politician, because he is supposed to support the interests of the people against the oppressing authorities. This point is so na´ve, and it's so something from the Cold War propaganda arsenal, that it's even difficult to explain, why the senator of the USA has such primitive thoughts",- said Leonid Polyakov to #