Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

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Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family. Full Story

““You must not lose faith ”

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#65778 Jan 13, 2014
Frijoles wrote:
That said, it is usually not my "modern" custom to write it as G-d,
usually I prefer to write it as God.(unless I am communicating directly to someone who I know uses the form G-d, and then I might write G-d out of respect of their beliefs).
I stopped wondering how often the same questions are asked and the creativity employed to ignore any and all answers.

I have to since i discuss differences or history or language.
And to make that clear i rather use g-d then Ha Shem or even 'Ha Them' as some would when discussing religious issues and that are more versed into obeying or closer to the fact showing respect.

Apropos the water
First America was drowning in vortex induced ice water.
Icewater quakes even!
And now some cretins poisoned an entire waterway!
Even parts per million bad for health.

Will fracking still continue?
Though i'm not informed as to what this does exactly to the water used, but it seems to be very bad for ones health too.

Since: Jan 14

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#65779 Jan 13, 2014
Many of the battle-weary Israelis who flock to India and some of whom I have met at the Chabad House in South Mumbai have a low opinion of Indians who they say are sheep who can easily be led to the slaughter and who have little or no self-respect and who look short, dark and ugly. I readily agree with this assessment since it's true though it may sound extremely rude.

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#65780 Jan 13, 2014
The case of millions of Indians flocking to the ashrams of the possessed gurus is not a startling phenomenon since most Indians are a degraded, deluded and an inferior lot who accept any nonsense based on hearsay or due to their unregulated passions and so they deserve the kind of evils that befall them in even greater measure after affiliating themselves to these diabolical gurus.
What did you say about compassion?

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#65781 Jan 13, 2014
What is the Hamiltonian of the supramental plane? LOL.
former res

Cheshire, CT

#65782 Jan 13, 2014
Frijoles wrote:
<quoted text>
MY hosts would of be horrified at the very idea of having to label. I am sure I was the only Jew there. I did enjoy it, and I would guess I did eat the pork one. I didnt blink once I found out either, I am too liberal for that.
Donuts? Havent had those either for many years, dunno why I gave them up but last time I tried to eat one, it didnt sit so well. Same thing happened with Coffee. Somehow I evolved out of drinking it regularly, but I found I couldnt stomach it once I stopped drinking it. On the other hand, I went a few years without potato chips (just as greasy as donuts), but was able to jump right back in. The body is a mysterious thing.
Labeling isn't a bad thing and it's not just for our Jewish friends.

My sister-in-law puts out these fried cheese balls on Christmas eve (the fishes) and half of them have anchovies, the rest are plain provolone inside. They usually put a little scrap of paper that reads "Anchovies/" - Those are the ones I go for!(They also label the stuffed peppers - half are hot and half are mild/sweet - again they look the same -hot ones for me of course)

Lots of people are there and the hosts aren't always around to say what is what.

But I agree that I wouldn't ask anyone to label anything they hadn't already. It can be hard to get the lay of the land sometimes however. Luckily for me (but not my waistline) there isn't much I don't eat.

I agree about donuts. Most of them are pretty boring.

A good Napoleon (French pastry) is a wonderful thing however.

Oddly enough, I also stopping drinking coffee - but only for a couple of years and then took it up again - just one cup in the morning. I like it strong.

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#65783 Jan 13, 2014
Exploration of consciousness is valid but all talk of advanced machines, knowledge of genetics, information on QM and the like that Vedantists say are found in the Vedic literature must be debunked for the simple reason that they're not true.

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#65784 Jan 13, 2014
Had my parents, especially had my Mom, been around, I'd have been happy to share my new found freedom with them and taken their advice on the future course of action.

Since: Jan 14

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#65785 Jan 13, 2014
A staunch Hindu had this to say to me:

"Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries." J. Robert Oppenheimer (father of atomic bombs)


The Vedas gave Oppenheimer's labored mind some peace which is subjective.

Others do not need this Vedic-kind of subjective peace as they can find peace in say a waterfall or in reading Charles Dickens.

The Vedas did not teach Oppenheimer mass, proton number, atomic mass number, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics or thermonuclear fusion.

Ask leading scientists like Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking, Ed Witten, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others and they'll laugh at the Vedas which have already been debunked.

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#65786 Jan 13, 2014
I have been watching with concern how modern science itself, perhaps the single most powerful force for secularization, is being re-coded as "sacred" by mumbo jumboists, either as affirming the Bible or the Vedas, or as "lower knowledge" of "dead matter," in need of spiritualization.

Since: Jan 14

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#65787 Jan 13, 2014
Under the right-wing Hindu party's rule in India, superstitions started getting described as "science". Hindu nationalists started invoking science in just about every speech and policy statement. But while they uttered the word "science" - which in today's world is understood as modern science - they meant astrology, vastu, Vedic creationism, transcendental meditation or Ayurveda. This was not just talk: state universities and colleges got big grants from the government to offer post-graduate degrees, including PhDs in astrology; research in vastu shastra, faith-healing and cow-urine therapy and priest-craft was promoted with substantial injections of public money.

Since: Jan 14

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#65788 Jan 13, 2014

The Hindu fundamentalist party that ruled over India used every ploy to make the Vedas sound scientific.

Nearly every important discovery of modern science was read back into Hindu sacred books:

1) explosion of nuclear energy became the awesome appearance of God in the Bhagvat Gita;

2) the indeterminacy at quantum level served as confirmation of Vedanta;

3) atomic charges became equivalent to negative, positive and neutral gunas, or moral qualities;

4) the reliance of experience and reason in science became the same thing as reliance on mystical experience, and so on.

Contemporary theories of physics, evolution and biology were wilfully distorted to make it look as if all of modern science was converging to affirm the New Age, mind-over-matter cosmology that follows from Vedantic monism.'Evidence' from fringe sciences was used to support all kinds of superstitions, from vastu, astrology,'quantum healing' to the latest theory of Vedic creationism.

Science and 'Vedas' were treated as just different names for the same thing.

Kingston, Jamaica

#65789 Jan 13, 2014
Former---I believe you like "bi-boys"

HughBe---- Certainly you are a strong subscriber to faith or belief. However, you are wrong in your belief.

Former--- I don't believe the "girls" part - unless that's
what you call your men friends.

HughBe--- First, an understanding of the difference between "bi-boys" and "girls" is important. Second, you are correct that I call SOME of my men friends "girls" and everyone on this forum knows this to be true. Are you forgetting that "girls" is a term of endearment that I use for YOU, Frijoles and Eric? YES you are forgetting. Never forget it anymore.

Since: Jan 14

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#65790 Jan 13, 2014

Rather than encourage a critical spirit toward inherited traditions, many of which are authoritarian and patriarchal, postmodernist intellectuals have waged a battle against science. As the case of Vedic science in the service of Hindu nationalism demonstrates, this misguided attack on the Enlightenment has only aided the growth of pseudoscience, superstitions and tribalism.

Kingston, Jamaica

#65791 Jan 13, 2014
MAAT wrote:
<quoted text>
To make the distinction (given matthew 28:17-19 where jesus is revered as a god)
And some say it's a messianic custom, kind of acknowledging Ha-Shem and not jesus as god. Though i never got to understand the ratio behind that custom. Given that christians in general borrow verses willy-nilly to substantiate the gospel.
A form of respect. But that would in christian terms also be served by using the term 'father'.
Former res----If God is only a NICKNAME, then why can't it be spelled out in writing but it's ok to speak it?

Frijoles--- The nicknames CAN be spelled, and they CAN be spoken.

HughBe--- So why write G-d and not God?

Maat---To make the distinction (given matthew 28:17-19 where jesus is revered as a god)

HughBe--- I take it that Matthew 28 is still in existence when the word is spoken. So please tell me how the differentiation is made when the word is spoken.

Remember when writing the differentiation is G-d as opposed to God because of Matthew 28 so tell me the differentiation for the spoken form of the word.

Ignore the fact that Frijoles opinion differs from yours.

Kingston, Jamaica

#65792 Jan 13, 2014
Joel---Hugh, You're not as clever as you think you are.

Hugh--- By how many points would you lower it?

Joel---And, don't twist my words on sin, sinner and law out of context.

Hugh--- I reserve twisting for special occasions. You are getting me excited.

Joel---I'll reply to your post, later. Going shopping. Bye, Monny.(winks)

Hugh--- Remember to buy that sexy item, Frijoles like it. Much love, girlie.

Since: Jan 14

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#65793 Jan 13, 2014
Unlike modern science which constantly updates itself in the light of new evidence and leads us to a more accurate picture of the universe, Vedic knowledge, stuck in a black hole of reification and reverence, is horribly outdated, extremely limited and riddled with errors.

Kingston, Jamaica

#65794 Jan 13, 2014
HughBe--- I love being GAY and I would NEVER change my nationality.

Former---At least we have this out in the open !!

HughBe--- It was never in the closet.

Former---While you may enjoy and celebrate your own gayness, you do not tolerate it in others.

HughBe--- My "gayness" is traditional in meaning and otherwise whereas your gayness is contemporary and I do tolerate you and like you but I DISAGREE with your practice.

Former---You also deny the spoken language of your own people.

HughBe--- Please read with understanding. I would never say that no one says Mon. I have said that I do NOT KNOW any such person. Moreover, it is possible that because people like you believe and expect people in the resort areas to say MON they oblige.

Former---You wrote "mon" on this forum, yet you deny it is said by your fellow Jamaicans.
This makes no sense.

HughBe--- Never did it FIRST. It is NOT a word that I use except on this forum.

Since: Jan 14

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#65795 Jan 13, 2014
English translations of the Vedas have been undertaken with the intention to show the beauty of the scriptures but ironically it also serves the opposite purpose - to show to rationalists how primitive the knowledge in them is.

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#65796 Jan 13, 2014
It has been wisely said of the Bible that a person who has read it completely cannot help but be repulsed by it.

Since: Jan 14

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#65797 Jan 13, 2014
Religious scriptures when fully understood by a person who hasnt been brainwashed into being servile to authority figures, makes it easy for them to see religions for what they really are - ignorance masquerading as knowledge!

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