Messianic Jews say they are persecute...

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

There are 72042 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 21, 2008, titled Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel. In it, Newsday reports that:

Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family.

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Mumbai, India

#48877 Feb 8, 2013
Voluntarist wrote:
<quoted text>

For someone who constantly concerns himself with the spirit world you are awfully attached to the physical world with cosmetics and wealth, things that dont matter.
Spirit? I don't know what you mean by the word "spirit"? Does such an entity exist? If it does, what is it?

Who said material things don't matter? Jesus? He was ignorant.

Have you forgotten that matter is the repository of the higher states of consciousness?

Detachment is the key but by detachment I don't mean negligence or escapism.

If the basis - the physical body - is genetically sound (devoid of perversions like hypogamy, incest/inbreeding, diseases and serious personality defects) and well taken care of, the higher states of consciousness find it easier to manifest in and through it.

In fact, the perfection of the physical instrument is the most difficult of all tasks and mind you not a single religion or scripture talks about the powers of matter and the perfection of the body. Religions are all focussed on ascending into a supraphysical plane and leaving behind the body and earth matter to their unregenerate fate.

Mumbai, India

#48878 Feb 8, 2013
Voluntarist wrote:
<quoted text>

Perhaps you need an awaking experience like losing everything that you have.
Self-imposed poverty and sitting in sack cloth and ashes are not my ideals of progress, humility, goodness or mysticism.

I view those persons with ordinary physical beauty and lack of material resources as deficient which indicate that something is missing in their genes and in their instincts carried over from past existences in keeping with the causal laws.

Development proceeds along material, physical, vital, emotional and mental lines.

Perfect all of these.

“Legumes of the World Unite ”

Since: Sep 11

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#48879 Feb 8, 2013
rabbee yehoshooah adam wrote:
<quoted text>
rabbee: well you do not need an attorney, anywhere in the many states to file court papers. and you just can't file on line, without cvt training. you are required, to take some classes first. and there is also a fee, for filling on line also. nor can you access, your case docket without certified training. and your still going to have to pay court costs, for filling any civil papers.
filling on line, only gets thing started with court docket number and court date. and you still need to, show up for the hearing. which means you are going to need, to know a little bit about court procedure too. and althout most judges, will give you leeway in pro se litigations but not necessarily all. and also may be require, you to post a legal notice of intent in the media too.
and i still say, it is advisable to consult with an attorney. the advice from an attorney, could save you a lot of time, money and heartache. even if an attorney charges you,$150 to scan over your docs. it could save you, a lot more in the long run.
That wasnt what I said or meant. You dont need an attorney to file for a LLC.

United States

#48880 Feb 8, 2013
Frijoles wrote:
<quoted text>
again, it depends on the state. In CT LLCs have no stock. AT least none than I know of. Maybe I owe myself something.
Ok well i dont remember a board of directors for an llc, just members.

A C corp affords you more protections and less possibility of an audit if your income is under $250,000.

A corporation is an artificial person which keeps your personal assets safe since the assets of the corporation are separate from yours.

Mumbai, India

#48881 Feb 8, 2013
The words "pure" or "impure" are concerned are misnomers. Everything is an admixture of various forces at work with each trying to dominate the play. It makes better sense to view events as either being "balanced" or "unbalanced".

Mumbai, India

#48882 Feb 8, 2013
That should read - The words "pure" or "impure" are misnomers.

United States

#48883 Feb 8, 2013
Frijoles wrote:
<quoted text>
That wasnt what I said or meant. You dont need an attorney to file for a LLC.
And you wouldnt need to file a corporation or llc with the court, the ct secretary of state handles the filing and it gets registered on concord.
rabbee yehoshooah adam

Denver, CO

#48884 Feb 8, 2013
Frijoles wrote:
<quoted text>
That wasnt what I said or meant. You dont need an attorney to file for a LLC.
rabbee: well you don't need to have an attorney, for any civil or criminal court actions. yes you can do it all yourself, as i have previously done. and have found out many unexpected complications along the way. though pro-se is much much cheaper, than having an attorney do it all.

but you are still going to have, court costs and filing fees. it is still not a bad idea, to have an attorney go over it first before you proceed. nor is is a bad idea, to gain a little expertease in court actions by observing a few. but there is no legal requirement to have an attorney for anything in the many states.

and there are certain requirements that must be met. before they even allow you access, for online filling for any specific docket. first you have to be regestered, for filing a court action/s. this is true, whether you are an attorney or not.

and it is true, that filling for corperate status. is most likly the more simple, of uncontested court actions. but should someone contest it, it can get complicated ugly real quick. but most of the time, it is more of a rubber stamp type approvial. as long as some idiot! doesn't want you to file an enviromental impact statement too.

Mumbai, India

#48885 Feb 8, 2013

1) Promiscuity is not bad or impure conduct as most people who're indoctrinated by religion think.

2) Promiscuity is damaging to the mental, emotional and physical energies/states as when one sleeps around with multiple partners in straight or gay relationships, one draws in their baser energies and in the process one loses a part of one's own energies to the other/others.

3) In this way, one's natural balance of the force fields is upset.

4) Besides, being physically, emotionally and mentally attached to sex and partners scatters one's energies and introduces unhealthy addictions with the result that peace, self-control, self-sufficiency and stability keep receding.

Mumbai, India

#48886 Feb 8, 2013

1) Being born gay or having gay inclinations is not bad as most religious folks think.

2) Homosexuality simply indicates a slight deviation in the psychological and vital forces governing the sex center in the brain.

3) The religious sages looked upon gay sex as something "bad" since they considered procreation the natural outcome of sex and so sex was something reserved for man and woman. However, procreation can be asexual - binary fission, invitro, cloning.

4) Anal sex between man and man or between man and woman is not impure but it damaging as it unbalances the nerve currents leading to the brain system and so a short circuit occurs in the brain currents that lead to unnatural synaptic connections being forged under the influence of the unbalanced nerve forces.

Mumbai, India

#48887 Feb 8, 2013

1) Marriage or living together sans marriage as the case may be are mere psychological, emotional, physical and material contracts between partners and this union as a result forges a close link in consciousness and energy between them which can be strong or feeble depending on the attachment and commitment between the partners.

2) Infidelity is simply breach of trust in the relationship and is on par with say violating the terms and conditions of a business contract.

3) Infidelity indicates lack of concentricity in the being which means that the balance of forces in the being are not centered or stable enough and tend to scatter or be attracted to other sources of attraction other than one's own and to the object of one's alliance.

4) Exchange of wows in religious ceremonies do not sanctify a union between partners by which I mean there's nothing "divine" or "sacred" about it - it's simply bringing into the individual and collective consciousness of both the partners the need to stay loyal and to nurture each other till the end. It is an act of counselling. Nothing deeper should be attached to religious ceremonies.

Mumbai, India

#48888 Feb 8, 2013

1) Marriage is the simple act of consolidating the force link between partners that facilities the intimate exchange of psychological, vital, emotional and physical energies.

2) If the partners are loyal and nurturing, their individual and collective force fields attain to stability and this brings in peace.

3) When one is at peace, it indicates a state of balance among the forces and in this condition one can maximise one's potential and make progress.

4) Peace is simply a condition of stability that comes about due to balance of the components of a system or balance among forces.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#48889 Feb 8, 2013
Which “Sword” the Prophet Used against his enemies: Part-55

There were cases in which “All Swords” the prophet used to have at his disposal failed and one can say that he failed to “enslave” some people. There were some who faced Muslim army in the battle field and were slain, and there were a few cases which were executed on the order of prophet (which we shall take up in the next episode).


MARBA’ BIN QAIDHI was a blind man, who lived outside Madina in a garden that lay along the route of Mount of OHUD.

He was one of the party of Hypocrites of Madina, supporter of Abdullah Bin UBAI, the hypocrite in Chief.

On the day of Battle of OHUD, when prophet started with an army of 1000, and after going a short distance Abdullah bin UBAI, the hypocrite along with his 300 followers, deserted Muslim army and went back to Madina, claiming that “prophet did not accept his advice, but accepted advice of young lads of Madina”.

Prophet marched with remaining 700 of his followers to the plains of OHUD, on the way they passed the gardens of this MARBA’ BIN QAIDHI the blind Hypocrite, He heard the commotion and came out of his hut and shouted “O Mohammad! I do not give you permission to pass thru my land. If you are a Messenger of Allah, then you will not pass thru my land without permission”

Then he took a handful of sand and threw it towards prophet saying “By Allah, if I knew this will reach your eyes, I would have done so”!

Companions of prophet became very angry and went forward to punish him…

“Leave him Alone” said the Prophet “He is blind in his eyes and in his heart”

That was all what prophet did to him and went ahead.

There are some people on which “No sword” is really effective. The sword of patience and mercy of prophet had little effect on such blind people!!

Source: Companions of Prophet: by Talib Hashmi

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

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#48890 Feb 8, 2013
HughBe wrote:
<quoted text>
Much love from JJ
that term had better not incude 2 o's

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

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#48891 Feb 8, 2013
Eric wrote:
<quoted text>
I love it when lay people talk law.
I find it fascinating.
So would such a LLC only be allowed to operate in CT with CT clients?
And when business from elsewhere comes knocking is an LLC that sorted under an umbrella, cq. sister-organisation?
Then how would the liabiity be spread between LLC, umbrella and insurance? Does that involve a standard contract?

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#48892 Feb 8, 2013
Just proving that you tube is no match for Eric...
otherwise you're out of a job Eric.

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

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#48893 Feb 8, 2013
Hmm voluntarist.
If you are considering it.
You had better have the LLC carry the insurance, since though you are a pass-through non-entity, you could however be exposed to reversed piercing.

Eric having the time of his life now.:)

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

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#48894 Feb 8, 2013
Clarification: reversed ego piercing.

Americans invented all of this i.e. company as seperate identity.
I frankly have not gotten to the entire US and LLC's. I would certainly get legal advise first!

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

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#48895 Feb 8, 2013
The only JJ that rings a bell:

““You must not lose faith ”

Since: Jun 11

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#48896 Feb 8, 2013
Daft bunch over at Allah's.

HB wrote:
HughBe--- My dear Maat, your strong affection for me has blinded you to the fact that I am not a Judahite or member of Judaism. So, your secret code "f.i" is appropriate for Frijoles but not me.

end quote


Found in the English language, and is this thus not a secret jewsi codeword between me and Frijoles.

I also a.o. use at times:
I.E. id est
E.G. example given
etc. etcetera- a.s.o. and so on
a.o. amongst other(s)

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