Bears must acknowledge defensive shor...

Bears must acknowledge defensive shortcomings

There are 122 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Nov 9, 2008, titled Bears must acknowledge defensive shortcomings. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Offering a conditioned response, a disappointed Nathan Vasher sounded proud of the way the Bears' defense shut down Tennessee's running game in Sunday's 21-14 loss to the Titans.

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#1 Nov 9, 2008
I know they'll deny it, but what a conincidence that Tommie Harris, Urlacher, Hester, and a year or so ago - Vasher and Tillman are all struggling after their big contracts. They simply cannot be as hungry as they were before the big money.

I think other teams get away with this kind of thing because their coaches are able to fire up the players, so they help supply the hunger. Lovie doesn't strike me as having the ability to do that.

These guys are also the kings of rationalization, re: Vasher's comments and Harris' comments in previous weeks.
I miss when the defense didn't talk so much and they were just plain mean. It was great to see other teams fear them (ask the opposing QBs from the 80's when they were staring at Wilson, Marshall, Hampton, Singletary, etc.).

Maybe it's a new era of Bears, but it's not nearly as fun to be a fan as it used to be.

Huntington Beach, CA

#2 Nov 9, 2008
That's right! Nobody has been able to run on us all year. Lot's have exploited our poor coaching and inability to adjust our gameplan by torching us in the passing game though. Gus Frerotte, Kerry Collins, Brian Greise, and Dan Orlovsky have had huge passing days against us. I know we have highly paid corners in Vasher and Tillman. They should be putiing up or shutting up by now. If we are stuffing the run, it can only be a poor secondary and/or lousiy coaching and adjustments. Take your pick, neither seem to be getting any better as the season wears on.
John Anthony

United States

#3 Nov 9, 2008
I'm shocked and stunned Vasher even played this week. That guy is the definition of soft. This is one of the worst pass defenses I have ever seen. Not one impact player in the secondary and 2 clueless coaches, Smith-Babich, who need to get canned.
PT from Oaktown

Walnut Creek, CA

#4 Nov 9, 2008
Dude, what are you talking about. Ok, the got passed on. But the Int, followed by like 10 punts in a row, show that our offense is the REAL problem, I am so tired of hearing that our D is letting us down, when for years our offense is college level at best. DAVID wake up!

Since: Aug 08

Springfield, IL

#5 Nov 9, 2008
I only got to watch the first half, but it's tough to win when your QB is very, very mediocre(being kind to Rex). And defensively, if you let a QB sit back there all day, and get nice and comfy, almost any QB will do well in that situation. The Bears obviously have gone down the wrong path in drafting defensive linemen becuase regardless of coaching schemes, those guys are just plain getting their butts kicked. I mean, come on, Griese and now Kerry Collins, obviously they got going with no pressure at all to worry about. I really don't think it's time to make Tillman or Vasher the scapegoats because they at minimum are solid corners while the D line just plain sucks at pass(bum's) rush.
jonny from hawaii

Honolulu, HI

#6 Nov 9, 2008
sorry. i'm sick of watching every single team in the nfl throw the ball around like our corners are standing still. sounds like vasher is calling the coaching staff out a bit on what they're being coached. but at the same time, if you're a pro-bowl corner, you adjust yourself on the fly. screw the coach, stop the play. isn't that what it's all about? being able to cover the guy you're covering? not saying, well the coach said to do something so i did it. i mean, what are they, robots? just following orders? pathetic. try stopping the pass maybe one of these days.

King Of Prussia, PA

#7 Nov 9, 2008
Here's the resident wrecksapologist for ya--keep passing the buck of Wrecks' failing to others. Who were the scapegoats when Wrecks threw the 4 INTs against Minn in 2005 for the infamous 0.0 QB rating, or the 3-INT performance against GB, or that backbreaking INT to Kelvin Hayden in the SB?! You're such a pathetic excuse, david haugh.
dan wis

Phoenix, AZ

#8 Nov 9, 2008
Lets face it, Since Rivera left we went from the Chicago 2 to the Babich 2. What a JOKE! I cannot remember watching a Bears team give up so many 3rd and longs. This pourus Defense is not on the Players but the Coaching staff. How about putting the corners up on the line and at least forcing some man on man. I'm tired of watching Tillman and Vasher playing 10 yards off the ball and getting slanted to death. Time for Lovie to act like Norv Turner in SD and dump the Def Coordinator.

Bayville, NY

#9 Nov 9, 2008
NO this doesn't suck prepare youselves because the next person to high tell out of chicago with leaping joy is rex grossman. you guys blame him for everything may i remind you the guy only had one week of practice you guys want to crucify him. he didn't lose this game it was on the defense. the defense couldn't stop the titans on the 3rd period. this was a complete meltdown but for you rex haters to blame him when in fact he played decent for a guy that hasn't played all year and only one week of practice. look around the league and look at the backups out there how terrible they are. not even giving there team a chance to win and you guys hate grossman why because he didn't do as bad as you wanted him to. turner is an idiot the guy ran the ball like 7x in the 2nd half and lovie didn't see this to tell him run the ball more what a bunch of idiots. nice just nice only in chicago they hate a qb so much that when he comes in off the bench rather the help him they strip of his running game and tell him to throw it to marty booker that has not looked like he needs to be out there. 3 and 4 this moron drops a pass that hit him square in the chest but that's right lets blame rex grossman. wait robbie gold miss a fg that could have gave us good fp after the kickoff but wait let's blame rex grossman. you fans and sports writers are pathetic it's no wonder players like griese, bobby wade, justin cage, mushin muhammad, etc have good games vs the bears. this is rex learning experience because so team will get a good qb and put some playmakers around him not like this cheap @ss team that spends there money on a makeshift defense. while orton may be excelling people are only basing his improvements on the terrible play they saw his rookie year. so kyle can do no wrong but like i know there will come that game when kyle plays bad and the rest of you boo birds that boo'd kyle for rex will revert back to form and cast in your ballads on another qb. looking to ruin hanie next. i swear chicago is cursed when it comes to qbs. maybe they should try not having a fan base maybe then they'll find the right one.

Kansas City, MO

#10 Nov 9, 2008
Just what the hell are Vasher, Tillman, and the rest of the secondary suppose to do? Cover the receivers for 15 seconds??

Good god this is the 7th (or so) game in a row where the Bears haven't pressured the qb. Collins had ALL DAY to throw the ball and had to alter his timing maybe FOUR times the entire game. I'm not sure what Adewale thinks he's getting paid for but he plays like its not to rush the qb. He is worthless and has been all year. Harris hasn't done squat. About the only two players on the line that have been passable are Harrison and Brown...and that's not saying much.

It almost seems as if they're being "taught" to run straight into the OL without creating any angles or making any moves. Just what that's suppose to do I don't know but it's definately not working. If this is part of Babich's "gap responsibility" garbage then he's a bigger fool than I've given him credit for. If the line's just sucking, then he needs to make some adjustments because you can't play the soft zone if your line isn't getting to the qb. Watching the D is painful to watch.

What sucks is that the Bears win this game with a terrible (yes I mean terrible which is a significant upgrade from nonexistant) pass rush, and Orton at the helm. Grossman had zero excuses today and the Bears should drop him to #3 because Hanie can't be any worse. Hopefully the beard comes back for the Vikes,and the Bears can salvage the division and/or a playoff spot. But it's not going to happen if the Dline can't play any better than this.

United States

#11 Nov 9, 2008
I'm sick and tired of the coaching staff finding all sorts of excuses why it's not their fault. If Lovie spent half as much time fixing his "vaunted" defensive scheme (or playcalling) as he does doing spin control (and throwing his players under the bus), maybe this team would have a chance. But not as long as the egomaniacal Lovie is running the show.

Angelo really needs to pull Smith into his office and say "look, I'm not above canning your kiester if this defense I'm overpaying doesn't figure out how to stop the pass".

David, keep the pressure up on the coaching staff to actually coach, instead of mimicking a PR firm (my favorite was when Lovie marched Brian Griese to the podium last year to recant his implication that he was calling his own plays on the Bears' winning TD drive against Philly). And Bob Babich; if it's not obvious by now, this guy is clearly overmatched by NFL offenses (truth-be-told, he was overmatched by college offenses as well, but apparently that doesn't matter to Lovie - that get's trumped by the fact that they were roomies and pals). There's always something saving Babich from the blame he so rightly deserves, from turning an extremely aggressive defense in 2005 and 2006, to one that sits and waits to get beaten. To be honest, Babich ought to give half his paycheck to Orton, who's been able to keep the focus off of the defense by winning games that were sure losses under our old QB. And then it's injuries one week, and bad field position another week, and a lucky pass a third week, and on and on and on. At some point, there's just one common denominator in all the games where the defense has been abysmal - Bob Babich's playcalling.

While we're on the subject, think back 2 years. The Bears defense won games that the offense TRIED to give away. What's different between then and now? Is our D-line significantly different? Nope - roughly the same guys (Dvoracek is about as good as Tank was; everyone else is the same, although our depth is better at DT now). How about our LBs? The same, even if Brian's a shade slower (although he looked mighty good the last 3 weeks of 2007). What about the secondary? Well, we replaced Chris Harris with Kevin Payne, and Ricky Manning with Corey Graham at Nickel. Oh, and Brown has been healthy (which is supposed to be a good thing). Overall, the defensive personnel are pretty much as talented as they were 2 years ago...maybe even a bit better. So the only real change that occurred is the signal caller, from Rivera's aggressive style (that Lovie couldn't control), to Babich's "60-minute prevent" defense on 3rd downs. Somebody answer me: How flipping hard is it for management to connect the dots already?

I just resent being taken along for the ride by this stubborn, arrogant coaching staff. Lovie, don't you wave your finger at me saying we should trust you...cuz I've got a finger for you, too, along with the rest of Chicago.
Fire-Lovies-BUTT -NOW

Chicago, IL

#12 Nov 9, 2008
"Smith-Babich, who need to get canned."

Best comment I've seen all day. They need to be ridden out of town.

No more apathetic, affirmative action coaches in Chicago!!

Chicago, IL

#13 Nov 9, 2008
Lovie said trust me when he hired BABICH. Lovie must fire BABICH now! Or Angelo the dope must do it for him.

The big buck defense is poorly coached.... Is it really Lovie's incompetence, maybe Babich is covering for Love the Mope

Glenwood, IL

#14 Nov 9, 2008
A) They clearly miss Rivera.

B) Any team can hold TN to minimal rushing yards if they sell out the pass defense.

C) This game and the ATL game and how many others - what is it with the Bears' reluctance to cover the sideline pass in critical situations when the Bears know that is the only place the other team can go?

D) Lovie is a mope who is loyal to players to a fault. I understand wanting the players to like him and play for him, but it seems like the players are wayyyyyyyyy to comfortable in their positions.

E) My grandmother has more sacks than the Bears' D. It's not like the Bears are playing teams with mobile quarterbacks.
Mike Ditka

Mundelein, IL

#15 Nov 10, 2008
Hey Lovie Smith, wake the fark up. You look like a sleepwalking goofball on the sideline. Please fire Lovie and hire Ron Rivera!!! The Bears D has more success on 3rd and 5 than 3rd and 11....PATHETIC. Urlacher, Vasher, Harris, and Tillman need to stop stealing paychecks. Just look at the offensive and defensive stats: Points For = 237, Points Against = 194. Not too hard to figure out that the Babich patch kids are the problem with this team.

Ridgewood, NY

#16 Nov 10, 2008
Nice one haugh you actually put your finger on the problem, only took you four games to get around to it but that is better than 4 years, which seems to be the average around here for stepping up and pointing out the obvious.

It is the coaching, the players are practically begging the media to say what they cannot. Do you want them to color you a picture. It is Lovie and his buddy bobo babbich. They have turned the bears defense into a pin cushion, the players hate it and fans hate watching it. No toughness, no domination, just endless short completions and long drives with high third down conversions. When does it become clear to the genious with his head in the warm woolyness, that other teams have figured out how to beat your defense. It is over for your pet defensive scheme. Lovie is like the monty python parrot salesman, the defense is just pining for the fjords, its not dead. Trust us lovie, it is a deceased defense!!! You either change or get fired, sooner is better than later, and noone is going to miss you one bit.

Peoria, IL

#17 Nov 10, 2008
Congratz, yet another team didnt run on the Bears defense. personally im confused as to why team even attempt to run at all, the bears are more then happy to give you 10 yard cushions and all the inside position on slant passes you want. The fact of the matter is that any backup QB in the league can pass for 300yards and 2-3 TD's every single week against this defense. The players, coaches, and anyone else involved in this garbage should be ashamed, and shut the hell up about stoping the run.

Raleigh, NC

#18 Nov 10, 2008
Hey Vasher.....they ran like hell after they caught the ball in front of you.

Bay Minette, AL

#19 Nov 10, 2008
Rich W

Sun Prairie, WI

#20 Nov 10, 2008
I taped the BEAR game and watched the Peckers/Viking game live. The Vikings won because their defensive line spent as much time with Rogers as the Pecker team did in the huddle.

Then I watched the BEAR game and it seemed that Collins was the lonelist player on the feild standing their waiting for someone before giving up that someone would come and throwing the ball.

I hate to fast forward this lack of pass rush to next Sunday.

I am not a Grossman fan but field position as much the problem as anything. He is what he is and I thought with field position he played well.

In looking at field position it looks like Hester is losing that advantage in kick returning we had. As a wide receiver he is becoming more of a weapon.

GO BEARS!!! Win the North!!!

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