AP Exclusive: Union members appointed...

AP Exclusive: Union members appointed after $10,000 donation

There are 7582 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 3, 2008, titled AP Exclusive: Union members appointed after $10,000 donation. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Two members of an elevator installers union were appointed to a new state elevator-safety board about the time their local gave a $10,000 campaign contribution to Gov.

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stick together

Tallahassee, FL

#7758 Nov 16, 2012
officers and employment are your key words.the only way those two words go together is if your friends or family.Brother Cook is just as hard working and dedicated if not more than Valone, who appointed himself to Business Rep. position while still holding the position of President that also is funded by the membership.How does that help with our employment!! THE SELF SERVING MESSAGE IS CLEAR!!!!


#7759 Nov 16, 2012
When they wear multiple hats they are stacking the deck like they always do.
stick together

Tallahassee, FL

#7760 Nov 17, 2012
Members of Local 2.....ATTENTION ATTENTION
Lets take a look at our candidates for the election Tuesday. We are given an opportunity to make a change. If we fail to take action you are guaranteed to have more of the same which cannot be in our best interest.The supporters of Valone speak of all these new and innovative ideas to combat the non-union element. My question is that if he has been an officer since 1999 with this great vision for the future then how did he all of the sudden become so enlightened,did he not share all of these great innovative ideas with anyone while he acted as President,or is this all another line of Bull.
The truth of the matter is...Valone is a follower and he will not provide a good leadership role in any capacity...He is self serving and a vote for him is not in the best interest of the local. We are still experiencing high unemployment and Valone runs that golf outing under a 5013c charity status so he can be a hero by donating that money.That money could have and should have gone back to the members to help defray costs of reduced cards..Instead were getting letters asking us to consider taking a withdrawal...c'mon man how can we let this continue, WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION!!!!!!
I ask every person that has been through the school system and had Bill Cook as a teacher to vote for him....He is a good man with strong working values...To cast a vote for Cook is a step in the right direction.WE OWN THIS UNION WITHOUT US THERE IS NO UNION....STICK TOGETHER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE.We know what Valone has to offer...Lets take stock in our future and be brave enough to change what we can to make our union better for us.
Missing The Point


#7761 Nov 18, 2012
Whoever is elected will be bribed/extorted into submission, via do what frank wants to do or you will be exterminated. The members have no control whatso ever. So why waste money on elections? All it is a tiered system for YES MEN. Thats fine non union just keeps picking up the pieces and gaining more market share from the mamalukes.

So whoever wins will either "Kiss The Ring" or they won't. My guess is the status quo will be protected.
Frank Fan

Dyer, IN

#7762 Nov 18, 2012
Missing The Point wrote:
Whoever is elected will be bribed/extorted into submission, via do what frank wants to do or you will be exterminated. The members have no control whatso ever. So why waste money on elections? All it is a tiered system for YES MEN. Thats fine non union just keeps picking up the pieces and gaining more market share from the mamalukes.
So whoever wins will either "Kiss The Ring" or they won't. My guess is the status quo will be protected.
Brad, why do you care you're no longer a member by choice. You decided to stop paying dues and by rule you were expelled. But then again you've made bad choices your whole life, isn't that right Brad?

John Valone is the right choice for the members of Local 2. A vote for John Valone is a vote for prosperity and unionism.
Frank Fan

Dyer, IN

#7763 Nov 18, 2012
Is Bill Cook just like his welder selling relative? Typical Cook everything is for sale at least he's not yet up on felony charges. I don't know why Cook is running but I guess its because the other relatives will need jobs in a few months when welder case is over. With The Cooks its not about the members its about the Cooks.

John Valone works for the members not his family. John's relatives aren't hawking welders on the internet and laying off people so his relatives can get jobs. You members who work for Thyssen know how the Cooks operate. If Cook wins we'll have to lock everything down to prevent his family from selling it.
Phony Balony


#7764 Nov 18, 2012
Facts are still facts. With a on going criminal investigation why would you vote for the status quo ?

Notice how iuec demonizes anyone who has a different opinion or approach. They act like they are on the right side of the law. They sure were Cooks buddy when he was in there and hundred others that kissed the ring. Who cares who is bringing the FACTS, Dan can't handle any competion, members that have balls to call him a criminal and dictator to his face. He couldn't handle that.
What is phony balony going to do debate bill cook on the standard agreement that he himself doesnt follow ? Just like frank ?

The internation union of elevator companies has one motive: to demonize, vilify, harrass, abuse, berate, mistreat, and slander any member that disagrees with them.

Selective representation is a reality at iuec so buyers beware. No matter who is elected they will have to "Kiss The Ring".

Minneapolis, MN

#7765 Nov 18, 2012
Who is Jack Conners? Of Kone Elevators, Is he on the up and up.
Patronage Chief


#7766 Nov 19, 2012
Jack was allowed by iuec to keep his family working ALL THE TIME. So for Dan to talk smack about TC is a typical hypocrisy. When Jack was the KING OF PATRONAGE at Kone and knows the art of quid pro quo.

Didn't he lie to a federal investigator ? Just the fax please !

Kiss The Ring
Frank fans a beat off

Chicago, IL

#7767 Nov 19, 2012
What a joke let me know when the first local 2 member gets work on a windmill. That'll be the day one of those companies goes signatory to have a member work at our rate on a glorified shafter. The union will never take over residential work first off you have to have a company willing to work on that equipment and be able to make money at it same problem as above. They talk about all this work down the road. But that's all it is talk. No biz reps or the biz mgr have control of the local it's still being run by frank don't kid yourself. Frank fan you are the biggest beat off.
holy shi

Bolingbrook, IL

#7768 Nov 19, 2012
t. you hit that one on the head. let old block head aka.col.sanders. talk to AERO ENERGY corp.there workers that service the so called lifts in the units or wind farms are makeing 22 bucks per.hour that"s it... windmills... ya right aero energy has been doing it 4 over 25 years thay will never go with the iuec. what... morons ...but that old col.sanders will do anything for a vote ! next he will say that he was talking with K.F.C. to get you out of work members service work on the deep fryers...at the chicken shack...that old dude will never be finger licken good ...
Baaaaaaaad Man

United States

#7769 Nov 20, 2012
windmills!!! sounds like alot of hot air to me. the next thing you know the col sanders will be selling the building to stop the local from going in to bankruptcy.
What a Shame

Midlothian, IL

#7770 Nov 21, 2012
Tony and Brad,
Another loss, First Frank becomes General President,Obama gets elected to a second term and now John Valone wins. Are you not tired of losing ? I guess not because you guys are a bunch of LOSERS!
Frank Fan

Dyer, IN

#7772 Nov 22, 2012
Brad another election another loss for you. John Valone a big winner and Local 2 is in great hands.
Local 2 Memo


#7774 Nov 23, 2012
The members are disgusted
The officers can not be trusted
The corruption is big and oh so large
We all need lobbyists with the name marge
The turnout was small because the companies rules
The members are tired of being played fools
All of the cronys have voted
And dissenters been demoted
The companies and their dollars have all been saved
The racket is safe and the road is paved
There is no democracy and gone are the voices
Free Enterprise is done and so are the choices
The members don't care as long as their working
The extortion is there and the corruption is lurking
Frank Fan

Dyer, IN

#7775 Nov 24, 2012
Brad you talk about racket
But in truth you couldn't hack it
You're loser and a theif
You never turned over a new leaf
You toked your youth away
Now you sit home all day
You not a member any more
You hope to get a job at the Walmart store
You decide to sue and take a gamble
And your life is a shamble
Your friends are gone except on crony
Its just you and a fat man named Tony
Valone has won and you lost once more
Frank is rich and you're poor
However in that blue shirt you look smart
As you fetch carts at the Walmart
Criminals Rule


#7776 Nov 25, 2012
Dan is the one that keeps it snowing
His racket is safe, and thats why he's glowing
To cheat at your trade and to keep it going
The cronys have voted to so who are you blowing
Dan is the one with multiple flaws
He keeps it all going by passing out straws
What has he done but roll up dollar bills
He wiil always be a YES MAN, he must like the thrills
Members beware your lives are not your own
Invading your privacy will change that tone
Changing the RULES in the middle of the game
Is there formula for fortune and fame
Life goes on and so should you
Destroying members, is that all you do ?
Criminals LIE and so does Dan
The Criminal Investigation is stil in the can !!
Frank Fan

Dyer, IN

#7777 Nov 25, 2012
Brad you say criminals rule
I say your just a big tool
Even Fat Tony is today
At home is where you stay
You must feel unwanted from the start
You need to apply for a job at Walmart
You can use you intelligence to your best
While you look smart in your Walmart vest
You could do a few jobs there
You could stock shelfs that are bare
You could be a team leader
And become a Walmart greeter
You can prove yourself from the start
By fetching those shopping carts
As you can see the alot for you to do
While Walmart pays you 8.22

Akron, OH

#7778 Nov 26, 2012
To change the rules to eliminate a member
Just shows the CORRUTION that we will always remember
Union bosses cannot follow the rules
Members speak up and get kicked in the jewels
Unions have destroyed Hostess, so say goodbye to your Twinkies
Just a heads up you better hide your slinkies
Walmart is a company that is all about JOBS !!!!!!
So go away union bosses your nothing but snobs
They demonize Walmart for providing ANY wage
Unions need to get out and turn the page
They promise you the world and provide nothing but destruction
That hourly wage is part of that seduction
It won't last forever the economy is that bad
Getting paid to lie is what makes it sad
A position of trust has a FIDUCUARY DUTY
The members get screwed, while showing their Booty
In their positions of trust there are massive violations
So where is the government with this CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS
What a Shame

Midlothian, IL

#7779 Nov 26, 2012
Mr. Ohio,
Your state voted Obama in, Just shows you how much they believe in Unions, another idiot that feels left out in his own town, you need to join the other idiots, if you didn't know they have a club and they ride in the little yellow bus.

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