Chicago's black voters have to be the dumbest people on the planet earth.
for 50 years black have been voting in lock step for democrats who give them nothing in return for the votes.

How's them run down schools the democrats give ya working out for ya, how's the grocery shopping on the south side when democrats refuse to give you a walmart which you need in the shopping desert of the south side of chicago.
See blacks don't understand the union votes are more important the city hall then all the black votes you give them.

how's them 400 dead children working for ya, see drug gangs are more important or feared than keystone chicago cops .

Those of you who can read should look up the history on NYC NY
NYC used to be run over with drugs, gangs, homeless people etc etc but the people of NYC decided they wanted change, and they got change.
You south chicago blacks need to wake up stop paying attention the lame old jessie fill my pockets first jackson vote for some new faces new parties.

Things have gotten worse on the south side so it's insanity to keep voting the same way and expect change.

you have to march on the streets, tell jessie and city hall you demand and expect change then vote for change.

I am not black but I am sick over the 400 kids killed on the south side and almost not arrest or convictions.
and how many more kids shot who survived ??