Some Christ Universal Temple members ...

Some Christ Universal Temple members oppose Rev. Carlton Pearso...

There are 2862 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from May 10, 2009, titled Some Christ Universal Temple members oppose Rev. Carlton Pearso.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Rev. Carlton Pearson is no stranger to controversy, and his arrival to Chicago brings a new storm.

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New Orleans, LA

#1 May 11, 2009
Hermene Hartmann is getting paid more than 6 figures to help the Board of Directors change the church bylaws to fit their illegal actions. There have been numerous cases of misappropriation of funds during this process and the Internal Revenue Service and the State's Attorney General have received numerous calls from concerned members of the congregation. Carlton Pearson has stood in the pulpit and actually said things that HE KNOWS are NOT TRUE. Perhaps where he came from that is acceptable behavior from a minister. But not at Christ Universal Temple. But, what can you expect from a man that supported George W Bush twice and ran, as a republican, unsuccessfully several times. The salary and the housing allowance it is rumored he is receiving is crazy.

Walton, KY

#2 May 11, 2009
I have been a member of CUT for 34 years, my entire life. I am a proud Johnnie Colemon baby, and my childrem are the 5th generation of my family in this church. I love my church, and until recently have always known it to function in Divine Order. Hermene Hartman is his publicist and therefore incapable of giving an unbiased opinion. In other words, Money talks! Carlton Pearson, in his ignorance, has stood on the platform for the past several weeks giving his misinterpretation of Truth principles. Yesterday's diatribe of definitions was a message full of nothing substantive. We are a congregation of educated people and that simply will not fly! As far as the unilateral decision made by the majority of the board members, specifically the president who has been puppeteered by Hermene Hartman and Walter Robinson- we know that the Universe always repays in kind. I take particular offense to the way Carlton has recounted visits with our Founder Rev. Colemon. We, the congregation, are aware of her frail state, mentally and physically, and aren't fooled by his fairytale reenactment. As far as his statement regarding what he didn't expect to encounter in New Thought- again his ignorance prevails. Our founder taught is to stand on our own big spiritual feet and use our collective consciousness to change things. That is exactly what we are doing. This is why we need a leader who has LIVED the Principles, not just learning. In his arrogance he comments about expanding the reach of New Thought...God made CUT a world class institution more than 50 years ago and we have done just fine with reaching others thank you. Our church deserves better and the congregation is being denied a full membership meeting to address the nonsense that has occurred. The tone of our service has changed. Yesterday, our outstanding choir sang My Name Is Victory, Encourage Yourself, and the Caravans added I'm Still Here along with some others. Thank you Fred Nelson for trying to encourage the congragation through this challenge. Simply stated: Carlton Pearson is not qualified to be our Senior Minister and was illegally appointed. This matter will be rectified. And so it is!!!!!
life long member

Chicago, IL

#3 May 11, 2009
This is quite simply a corporate takeover of a successful institution. By all accounts the appointment of this new "Bishop" (the rank of Bishop is not even recognized in our church) has been a sham from the beginning. It's not a knock against Mr. Pearson, but against the secretive, immoral and unsubstantiated process that brought him to power.
Sure, it is an insult to bring a minister from a completely different reiligious perspective to lead our church; but that insult is doubled by the disrepect and contempt held for the congregation of C.U.T. The board of directors and associated business leaders like Hermene Hartman have put their own interest ahead of the Principles of the church. The congregation had NO say in his appointment and are merely expected to blindly embrace this appointment. As the truth of all the related side deals and secret meetings come to light, Bishop Pearson and his cohorts will soon realize they tried to take over the absolute wrong church. Revolution will soon be at hand.

Springfield, IL

#4 May 11, 2009
I too am a member of CUT for over 30 years. How can this man be my spiritual leader when he does not understand the principles of Truth? Yes, we are "obsessed" with learning the principles, thus our Founder built an institute just for that purpose (JCI). If Carlton knew the principles and if he had the church’s best interest at heart, he wouldn’t stand in the mist of confusion and discord. He would not take the leadership position until the church has been healed and back in harmony as one. Oh by wait, he created this confusion and discord. Carlton did not come to give anything to anyone. He’s purpose is to take and use. He has no spiritual home and he has come to claim ours.

Mr. Pearson - there is an order to our house; a divine spiritual order that you do not comprehend and cannot begin to be aware of the depth of its meaning. For many it takes years to clear out the garbage of negative thoughts, actions and reactions. It’s not something that can be done in a day or a week or even a month. You cannot be my spiritual leader because you have the wrong thoughts, actions and reactions – you are the essence of confusion. And you definitely can’t begin to understand (who) I AM.
Robert Yarbrough

Muncie, IN

#5 May 11, 2009
Carlton Pearson has attempted to deceive the membership of Christ Universal Temple into believing that Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon has given him her blessing to be here. No Lessons in Truth, No Truth backgroung whatsoever, No Healing experience No stature in the New Thought Community. Carlton Pearson is not welcome here. Ms. Hartman , who by the way made her condo available as a parsonage and is having the mortage paid by the church, has no right or church experience to make any statement on who can run a church. When was she ordained, or even licensed as a teacher. For those who need tp discern the Truth for themselves, follow the money trail.

Since: Jan 09


#6 May 11, 2009
I am curious about the process by which Rev. Pearson was appointed. Hopefully, a member of CUT can fill in the blanks for me and other readers.
How are the Board of Directors chosen, are they appointed or are they elected by the congregation? How was the Church's constitution drafted and approved? Did the congregation have a say in drafting the constitution?
I am surprised that someone whose theology is so far afield of CUT's could be appointed senior minister.
I've known of a lot of religious institutions have been damaged by the actions of their boards and a lot of the damage is allowed to occur because there are no checks and balances or oversite to these boards. Many boards are appointed by pastors who only want board members who agree with them, some boards are hampered by members who have their own agenda or are trying to grab power for themselves.
I hope that this issue is resolved and the church membership can be heard and respected. I've been involved in major church discord in the past and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.
Long Time Member

Framingham, MA

#7 May 11, 2009
It is very disappointing that this rift has appeared in our midst. I think everyone is loosing sight of the principles that Rev. Johnnie has taught us for so many years - that we are each spiritual beings who should love one another and work together to the good of all. We should respect Johnnie, and cherish the empire she has built. We cannot turn over this church to inexperienced staff to run - no matter how sincere their intentions. Without the whole spirit of God and the business know-how this church will crumble. My prayer is that very soon everyone will move past their hurt egos - and we can get about the business of learning and growing and rebuilding the church.
Truth Student

Springfield, IL

#8 May 11, 2009
To "Long Time Member" - this is not about "hurt egos." This is about trying to preserve what Rev. Coleman taught and built for the past 50+ years. I will not see CUT become an Evangelistic church!!! If he wants a place for the Evangelist – great! Go build one. And may God bless you in that experience. But, I will not have him as my spiritual leader when he does not under the principles of Truth and New Thought. He believes "New Thought" means "No Thought." I wish it was as simple as hurt egos.
Concerned member

United States

#9 May 11, 2009
Rev. Pearson is quoted in this article as saying that some members are obsessed with the institution of New Thought. I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean. If, however people are obsessed, it is with doubt about his ability to lead a New Thought Church in the absence of any certifiable study of New Thought. I also think that Rev. Pearson should not try to characterize members with whom he has not met to talk to and has not attempted to gain first hand knowledge of their point of view.
I am concerned also about the secretive, underhanded, backdoor methods used by the board of directors to hire him. Another issue of concern is the question of unethical and irregular financial dealings that needs to be addressed. Several staff members including ministers have been fired, some building repairs have not been done, office equipment such as computers and copiers have not been upgraded because of lack of finances we are told, however, untold amounts of money is being spent on the Rev. Pearson. There is also a question about his housing and the board of directors rescuing his supporter’s property from foreclosure. Lastly, the Board of Directors has yet to face the congregation by holding a membership meeting and addressing these issues.


#10 May 11, 2009
I love Christ Universal Temple!!
I do not want to see Christ Universal Temple change from New Thought to Pentecostal. I do not go to church to be entertained this is a church, not show time at the Apollo! Nor to hear a message that has NO substance. I go to be taught the principles as taught by the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon.
Bishop Pearson has to take classes just like everyone else. It took me 7 years to complete all the required classes in order to take Intensive, which I also completed. Come on now, no one at CUT in any position, even as a volunteer could do any service with out at least taking Basic truth principles! Maybe in 7+ years we can reconsider?
Bishop Pearson and his helpers (Hermene Hartman, Walter Robinson and the Board of Directors) are thinking “money” and not what the church means to the New thought movement started here by Johnnie! They do not care if Johnnie’s faithful members do not return; they just want to fill it up with anyone that is a Pearson fan.
Fact is, we need to look beyond this negative appearance and remember what Johnnie taught us “facts change, but the truth never changes”.
And so it is!!
CUT Member

United States

#11 May 11, 2009
This issue is not about an unwillingness to change.
Many, if not most, of the CUT congregations come from a variety of religious backgrounds, but consciously chose the teaching of practical christianity. Carlton says he seeks to change, but his action and principles are very much the same values. If he was interested in learning the principles he could have done that under the tutelage of the church's teaching arm or that of the Universal Foundation for Better Living. He did none of these. More importantly, if he was interested in being a serious contender for the position, did he apply for the position?

Carlton came to learn the principles so he can continue his spiritual development, but we refuse him the right to do so at the expense of the congregants. As for the current members of the Board, they are often not consulted and suffer under the depostism of seeming power brokers who mistakenly believe they are receiving insight from God/Johnnie Colemon regarding what should be done.

They, the misdirected board members, as well as Carlton are at CUT for only a season and a painful reason. They will soon move to their highest good. The principles taught at CUT are universal and timeless. They will continue to prevail despite and inspite of the efforts of these folks. TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS!
An outraged member

United States

#12 May 11, 2009
It is disturbing to know that the Board of Directors would act so dishonestly, without regard for the desires of its congregation. It is appalling to think that people are so obsessed with power and money that they are willing to sacrifice the very teachings this church has been founded on. It is an outrage that the Board of Directors, Hermene Hartman, and Carlton Pearson continue to lie about their actions and deceive the congregation. If they are so convinced that what they are doing is for the good of the church then they should not be afraid to have a membership meeting (which has not been scheduled as of yet), they should not cower away from addressing these points of concern and posting the bylaws (which they were supposed to do online, but hasn't been done), and they should not fire or demote ministers and employees who disagree with the manner in which this "search for a senior minister" has been handled.

Park Ridge, IL

#13 May 11, 2009
If those who are now in total control of the church would just tell the truth people could then decide on their own what they should do. Allow the congregation the opportunity to vent in an open forum and answer the questions posed by our members. If what the board says is the truth there should be not one question that could not be answered in any meeting held. BOARD OF DIRECTORS I know you are reading these comments allow the members the opportunity to have their thoughts and ideas heard.
Prophet Skip

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#14 May 11, 2009
Mr. Pearson has lost his mind & his soul. He is accursed! God has turned him over to…. How can this be the man who so accurately preached a message once entitled, "AA Allen, He Died As A Fool", in which he Warned the Body of CHRIST about the very Same thing that has happened to him?!!? It is sad, But scripture is certainly being fulfilled here. I guess we should Still pray for Carlton, but personally, I'm tired of hearing about him! This DIStraction is just a ploy of the enemy to get our thoughts and conversations on him and his mess, instead of on the real matters at hand, which are the Saving of souls, our own righteous living & Worshipping of our God!

United States

#15 May 11, 2009
I too am a member of Christ Universal Temple and have been for the past 30 years. I am appalled at the deception the Board of Directors has perpetrated on the congregation,and the Ministers that have been on staff for years. The congregation deserves better, someone who will be honest and exhibit Truth principles. It is a sad state of affairs when the board of directors can be led, like sheep to the slaughter, to enhance the monetary postion of underdeserving people whose agenda is for personal gain. Christ Universal Temple must stand and the interest of the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon, must be well protected, along with the very people who helped her build this church as a beacon of light in Chicago and around the world. We will not stand by idly and allow a take-over of this church. And it is so.

United States

#16 May 11, 2009
Christ Universal Temple has been a beacon of light, is a beacon of light and will continue to be a beacon of light for all humanity. The darkness that currently has infiltrated the church will be extinguished,and the light will shine even brighter than before because GOD IS.
Remove the Board

United States

#17 May 11, 2009
The current Board of Directors of Christ Universal Temple need to be removed, they have been tainted and influenced to act and make decisions that are not of the highest value for the direction of the church and certainly not in the best interest of the congregation members.

Springfield, IL

#18 May 11, 2009

Kinsman, IL

#19 May 11, 2009
To the board of directors: I am a long time tithing member of CUT. Please know that I will never give my money to any place that Carlton leads. Since I understand why I must continue to give I will be sending my money to Miami where Rev. Mary continues to teach new thought.

Huntington, IN

#20 May 11, 2009
To Namaskar, and others. CARLTON PEARSON IS NO LONGER PENTACOSTAL OR EVANGELISTIC!!!! He denounced both of these when he stopped following the bible and started practicing blasphemy. That's how he lost his following in the first place by not speaking the truth. I don't belong to CUT, however I JUST said to my husband last Friday, "I want to visit that church (CUT)" as we drove by. NOT ANY MORE! The devil is a lie and his lies shouldn't be told in any church. BE AWARE AND KNOW YOUR WORD!

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