Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1396298 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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John Galt

Temecula, CA

#1117980 Apr 14, 2014
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
He ended the filibuster on presidential appointments dumbass, not on legislation.
You're an idiot Galt; you always have been and always will be!
the rules are, there are no rules....

Reid opened the floodgates and the DemoKKKrats will be buried....

Since: May 13

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#1117981 Apr 14, 2014
forks_make_us_fat wrote:
Progressive BACKED CLIMATE science research has none of this going on...
"On July 18, Eric Poehlman, once a prominent nutrition researcher, will be sentenced in federal court in Vermont for fabricating research data to obtain a $542,000 federal grant while working as a professor at the University of Vermont College of Medicine."
So please explain how this supposed conspiracy has climatologists from many many countries all banding together to scam dumbass right wing morons?

Washington, DC

#1117982 Apr 14, 2014
Jeebuss wrote:
People don't care. They just wanted a black president. Period.
You're right, they have no one to blame but themselves when taxes skyrocket and the military becomes downsized, leaving us vulnerable to attacks.
They are actually happy that they have put this country in danger.
So, how about those skyrocketing taxes and ineffective military?

Since: Mar 14

Orlando, FL

#1117983 Apr 14, 2014
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
Charity begins at home, not at the IRS.
If given free rein under this present ideological insanity, the IRS would punish Americans for being charitable.

Because that money should have gone to the government.

We're headed down that path. Harassing Americans with opposing political views is just the tip of the iceberg.

If it weren't for Republicans keeping this outrageous and un-American attempt by the IRS in the public eye, no telling where - or how far - it would go.

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#1117984 Apr 14, 2014
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
The planet getting colder is evidence of global warming.
The low here tonight: 23

High tomorrow: 35

1-2" of snow coming.

I'm going to make an Al Gore Snowman and then let my dog urinate on it.

Indianapolis, IN

#1117985 Apr 14, 2014
CBO Lowers Obamacare's Price Tag By $104 Billion Over 10 Years

Most of the change can be linked to lower spending on tax subsidies for coverage purchased on and its state counterparts, which can in turn be linked to lower-than-expected premiums.

CBO projected that the federal government would spend $164 billion less than previously expected on Obamacare subsidies by 2024. It appears that a number of factors contributed to that change. Premiums, especially in the near term, are expected to be lower than previously projected: The office estimated premiums would rise on average by about $100 in 2015. They are still expected to rise over the next decade, but at a lower rate than previously thought.

It's a combination of rising medical costs, a healthier enrollment population in 2015 and the make-up of the Obamacare plans, which have narrower provider networks and lower provider payments than their counterparts in the large-group market, that contribute to the CBO's calculations on premiums. Other changes, such as a smaller under-65 population, also factored into the revisions.

let the FOXbot denial begin.

Since: Sep 10

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#1117986 Apr 14, 2014
mdbuilder wrote:
An Israeli doctor says: "In Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's testicles, put them on another man and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work".
The German doctor says: "that's nothing, in Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work".
The Russian doctor says: "gentlemen, we take half a heart from a man, put it in another's chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for work".
The United States doctor laughs: "You all are behind us. Five years ago, we took a man with no brains, no heart and no balls and made him President. Now, the whole country is looking for work!"
Find your imaginary draft card yet, ya freakin' fraud??

Only a real scumbag would keep coming around after being caught in the series of lies you got caught in.

You're just another fake teabagger 'veteran'. Just like your buddy Dweeb!
That word fits you perfectly.
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#1117987 Apr 14, 2014
Never question when a Progressive Politician lectures you about science research...

Parag Patel, D.O

was doing this:

"ORI and Advocate Health Care found that the Respondent engaged in research misconduct by directing or intimidating fellows and others to influence left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) scores of <= 35% and requesting attending physicians to reassess scores of LVEF to be reported as <= 35% for research subjects after being diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction, thereby causing and being responsible for falsification of research records. These falsifications made subjects eligible for enrollment into the "Vest Prevention of Early Sudden Death Trial''(VEST) when they otherwise may not have been eligible"

Since: Sep 10

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#1117988 Apr 14, 2014
RoxLo wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you cheer when the children burned at Waco?
Same agencies involved; same crap
I always support my Government when they take down terrorists like Randy Weaver and crazy religious nut jobs like David Koresh.

I'll bet you were a big fan of Jim Jones in Guyana. Too bad you weren't there to drink the kool-aid, you moron.

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#1117989 Apr 14, 2014
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
BLM rounds up wild horses all the time to manage the size & health of the herd.
Too bad you were too stupid to know that.
They should be rounding up illegal Mexicans instead to manage the size and health of the herd.

Since: Mar 14

Orlando, FL

#1117990 Apr 14, 2014
forks_make_us_fat wrote:
Geezze....what happened to this Al Gore....
Doctor painting a mouse with a sharpie....??????
"In 1974, Dr. William Summerlin, a top-ranking Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute researcher, used a marker to make black patches of fur on white mice in an attempt to prove his new skin graft technique was working.
His case prompted Al Gore, then a young Democratic congressman from Tennessee, to hold the first congressional hearings on the issue."
The likes of Al Gore care more about fellow rats.

“Depends on the Day”

Since: Apr 14

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#1117991 Apr 14, 2014
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>lol! And so, the topic shift begins!
I love this comedy channel!
LOL, so you now think you are the board monitor?

Nay, you aren't. So to show I defy your delusional authority---

A cartoon

"Redistribution has the same relationship to market economics as rape has to consensual sex." - Will Spencer
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#1117992 Apr 14, 2014
Never question when a Progressive Politician lectures you about science research and accuracy....

...falsified results in two NIH pubs....

'Rao M. Adibhatla, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin: Based on the report of an investigation conducted by the University of Wisconsin (UW) and additional analysis conducted by ORI in its oversight review, ORI found that Dr. Rao M. Adibhatla, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery, UW, engaged in research misconduct by falsifying results in two publications supported by National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), grant R01 NS042008 and in three unfunded applications that Dr. Adibhatla submitted to NINDS, NIH, as R01 NS042008-05,-05A1, and -05A2.'

Indianapolis, IN

#1117993 Apr 14, 2014
If a Person of Color Was Committing Clive Bundy’s Crimes, the GOP Would Be Demanding Action

Since the American people first elected an African American man as their President, Republicans have shown a predilection for violating federal laws whether it is passing outright nullification legislation over non-existent gun safety measures, or passing unconstitutional legislation to get an audience before the conservative Supreme Court for authority to violate the law with judicial support. Since President Obama’s election, Republicans encouraged their teabagger and conservative supporters to violate federal laws with gun violence and, over the past two weeks, conservatives and Republicans rallied behind an un-American man who refuses to acknowledge federal government or judicial authority to enforce the law of the land.

It is without doubt that if a person of color openly violated a law in front of law enforcement and summoned assistance from gun-wielding supporters, law enforcement would gun them down with extreme prejudice and justify their actions as necessary to maintain order and bring a criminal to justice; no Republican would even consider condemning law enforcement. Republicans maintain a different stance when a white man violates federal law and court orders, and instead of condemning the man’s lawlessness and threat of violence from armed supporters, rushed to rally support for the law-breaker and defend his actions as an important stand for the right to violate federal law.

“Depends on the Day”

Since: Apr 14

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#1117994 Apr 14, 2014
mdbuilder wrote:
<quoted text>
If she'd just gone to Planned Parenthood all this rigmarole could've been averted.
That was my thought when I read it.

Gosnell could have taken care of that little problem.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#1117995 Apr 14, 2014
Walgreens has come under pressure from an influential group of its shareholders, who want the US pharmacy chain to consider relocating to Europe, in what would be one of the largest tax inversions ever attempted.

At a private meeting in Paris on Friday, investors owning close to 5 per cent of Walgreens’ shares lobbied the company’s management to use its $16bn takeover of Swiss-based Alliance Boots to re-domicile its tax base.

The move, known as an inversion, would dramatically reduce Walgreens’ taxable income in the US, which has among the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

The investor group, which included Goldman Sachs Investment Partners and hedge funds Jana Partners, Corvex and Och-Ziff, requested the meeting after becoming frustrated by Walgreens’ refusal to consider relocating, according to people familiar with the matter.

In a note last month, analysts at UBS said Walgreens’ tax rate was expected to be 37.5 per cent compared with 20 per cent for Boots, and that an inversion could increase earnings per share by 75 per cent. They added, however, that “Walgreens’ management seems more hesitant to pull the trigger near-term due to perceived political risks.”

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#1117997 Apr 14, 2014
The democrat KKK member was inspired to kill Jews from Media Matters--isn't that the site the liberals like Sonic and usmsince1648 use all the time--oh and grey ghost. Grey Ghost said they speak facts.
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#1117998 Apr 14, 2014
Never question when a Progressive Politician lectures you about science research and accuracy....

What ethics allow you to cheat on your Ph.D thesis....

'Nitin Aggarwal, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin-Madison: Based on the reports of the investigations conducted by the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) and additional analysis conducted by the ORI in its oversight review, ORI found that Dr. Nitin Aggarwal, former Graduate Student, MCW, and former Assistant Scientist, UW, engaged in research misconduct in research supported by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), grants R01 HL37981, R01 HL54075, and R01 HL57414.'

'ORI found that that the Respondent engaged in research misconduct by falsifying and/or fabricating PHS-supported data in six (6) figures that were included in the following two (2) publications, one (1) grant application to the American Heart Association (AHA), one (1) grant application to NIH, and the Respondent’s Ph.D. thesis:'

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#1117999 Apr 14, 2014
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Fifth Amendment?? Has nothing to do with this.
You're that stupid.
Read and learn, you traitorous midget!!
""Where did the Federal Public Lands Come From?
The United States of America began its westward expansion when President Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the country with the Louisiana Purchase from France nearly 200 years ago.(Across the country the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition will be in full swing in 2004/5. Lewis and Clark were commissioned by Jefferson to explore, record, and report on what they found in this vast region.)
In 1848, the United States, following the Mexican-American war, purchased the land of what is now the southwestern part of the country from Mexico and paid $15 million. Present day Nevada and California were a part of that purchase along with Utah, most of Arizona, and the western portions of Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico .... blah... blah... blah... unrelated....------
The USA bought Nevada from Mexico. There's your 'just compensation', you freakin.' moron!
Thereby, it is Federal Land. You lose.
You are too stupid to breathe wilthout mechanical assistance.
And too cowardly to be an American.
First Amendment, moron. Sorry for the typo. I've been referencing the Fifth Amendment so much, that's what my fingers automatically typed at 75 to 80 wpm. You should have recognized that just by reading the test I posted, moron.
The US bought th4 TERRITORY of Nevada, moron. The STATE of Nevada didn't even exist until 1864.
So, Nevada became the State of Nevada in 1864, and you claim some agreement about the Territory of Nevada in 1848 has standing.
Do you still wonder why everyone thinks you're an idiot?
If you want anyone to give you any credence, you need to reference the most recent agreement, which would be the agreement between the State of Nevada and the government of the United States signed in 1864 admitting the State of Nevada into the United States.
How much land did the government of the United States get in the agreement for Nevada to become a state?
Here's a hint: When a territory becomes a state, the land that the territory comprises belongs to that state. Only the agreement between federal government of the United States and that territory to become a state can specify land within that territory that will remain in the possession of the federal government.
So, how much of the state of Nevada was not the state of Nevada when the state of Nevada became the State of Nevada?
On that day in 1864 when the State of Nevada was created, all land withing the boundary of the State of Nevada belonged to the State of Nevada, except that land specified in the agreement between the State of Nevada and the federal government which would belong to the federal government.
So, how much of the State of Nevada didn't belong to the State of Nevada when the State of Nevada became a state?

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#1118000 Apr 14, 2014
RoxLo wrote:
<quoted text>
The BLM is turning our desert into a solar farm
You can or cannot respond to what was stated.
Stop deflecting.
The Gov't owns the land. Therefore, if they deem a solar farm a good idea, there's nothing to stop them.

Your whining for two days in support of a criminal who's lost repeatedly in Court over a 20 year period is a good indication of what a whack job you are.

So you'll dig yourself a deep hole, everyone on the thread will be laughing at you, and you'll run away for a couple of months again, as you have just returned from, new name and all.

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