Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1523323 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Boise, ID

#1076406 Feb 8, 2014
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
Coming from a supporter of Mendacious Mitt and Lyin' Ryan thatís pretty funny.
Yes but you got to understand that her definition of "being honest with the American People"
Is admitting to every sick,crack brained,paranoid charge and scurilous accusation they have ever projected upon him.
Then resigning from office.
Thats all she wants.
By the way PDU really enjoy the way your constantly taking Lois to least she has the good grace to usually pretend like she didnt read your replies that decontruct her Teabgging fallacies for the rubbish they are( its not like she could respond with facts since she doesnt have any.) but the shrill pissy whinning from her little pilot fish tea baggers like Nostrill Hair Waxman and 'Galt' the Ayn Rand Cipher is hilarious.

Boise, ID

#1076407 Feb 8, 2014
RealDave wrote:
Now well get to see Republicans try to beat down America again with the debt ceiling bullsh*t.
They just passed spending that they knew would create more debt that would exceed the debt ceiling.
But now they will run in circles waving their arms about "OMG OMG the debt the debt" totally forgetting most of them were there under George W Bush voting "yes" "yes" "yes" on the policies & spendings that created the worst recession in 80 years that brought about the very debt they now blame on others.
When will the Republican Party decide to help America???
The Republican party at least what its decompensated into over the last decade would PERISH in a vital strong prosperous America.
An invigorated middle class working and making money,secure in their homes and jobs with a little left to enrich their lives would be POISON.
When you draw your power in direct proportion to the amount of Frustration,Fear and Anger and resentment that you can stir up then expolit a Healthy Secure America is the LAST thing you want.
When many people doing well means less of the Nation's Wealth in the Hands of the tiny minority at the top who want it all and that minority are the only ones you TRULY represent its not something you want to see happen.
When you look at what theyve been doing for the last twenty years in that light I cant understand why more people havent figured out that whats good for the filty rich few and fascist Idealogues and cultists isnt in the best interests of Most Americans.

Chicopee, MA

#1076410 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't own a gun myself and probably never will. Just wouldn't be afraid to use one in self defense. So not sure where that puts me in the pioneer spirit category.
You may think so Carol, but as the military found out it takes a lot of training and psychological conditioning to inure someone to the possibility of taking another human life. During WWII a study showed only a 15-20% firing rate among Army rifleman. When the military replaced simple bulls eye targets with human shaped targets that dropped when hit the rate rose from the 20% in WWII to 55% in Korea to 95% in Viet Nam.
If you're going to use deadly force against another human being it has to be without hesitation or second thought. Most human beings aren't capable of this and would end up dead in such an encounter.

Fishers, IN

#1076411 Feb 8, 2014
Olympics updates....

Nobody Tell Russia, But Look How Super Gay Their Olympics Opening Ceremony Was

"Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport"

Chicopee, MA

#1076412 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
It was the IRS who went on a witch hunt! At the behest of those at the top of the power chain! And anyone in power who works for the people has to open their sealed shut mouths and answer some friggin' questions!
It was Republicans in the Congressional hearing who let her get away with it. She should have been dragged back under subpoena and forced to either tell the truth or lie through her teeth. But she conveniently retired - and may be why she got away with it..
But Obama read about it in the newspapers and was SO, SO outraged when he read the headlines...until he got away with it by his adoring media and it was safe to call it a phony.
You're a real sap, you know that? No offense.
Okay Carol, once again. How many "conservative" groups were denied 401(c)(4) status or were prevented from acting under that status while their cases were being reviewed? None!
How many progressive groups were denied this status? Three! Your argument is idiotic!

United States

#1076413 Feb 8, 2014
House Republicans are moving toward introducing a bill that would lift the debt limit until the first quarter of 2015, while patching the Medicare reimbursement rate for nine months and reversing recent changes to some military retirement benefits, according to multiple sources familiar with internal deliberations.

Fishers, IN

#1076414 Feb 8, 2014
same headline all over the place.

Sorry Putin, the Sochi Opening Ceremony Was Totally Gay

Putin had to put on a show with lots of lights and dancing, but quash the gay factor. Thankfully, he didnít succeed.
NuculurNUTsurpri Zed

Satellite Beach, FL

#1076415 Feb 8, 2014
waxywaxturd wrote:
As you all can see I have been up all night into the wee small hours maniacally judging your posts and chit-chatting back and forth to myself using many of my favorite sockpuppets!! A "labor of love" though tiring!! I had to change my depends three times last night but it was worth every diaper as it was challenging and exciting!! I have been using a new product called "ObamaNUTspray",, very effective if I don't say so myself!!! NOT SURPRIZED loves it!!!! Anyone who spends as much time on Topix as I do (though I doubt there is) should look into them. Fabulous!
I and most of my sockpuppets will be on board all day today making idiotic and mentally deranged comments, the sole purpose being to harass and feebly attempt to insult the legitimate posters who use this forum.
ATTENTION!!!! I have again brought forth another favorite sockpuppet creation from the bottomless pit of my sockpuppet closet, "Liberals R Defective"!!! He will be posting along with some of my favorite socks, "ANGEL" and ''PDUPONT'' for most of the day, so please my dear friends, stick around today!!!!
And welcome them with some of that Topix love!!!
I will also be judging your posts all day. I plan to be here for the entire day and night with my sockpuppets so get ready for an all out judgit blowout shitshow!!!! Please JOIN in!! I will give you a head start if needed. I enjoy spending the day here giving out judgits to anyone who doesn't agree with me and I like to think I have full control of this thread!!! I consider it "mine"!!!!!!
And now it appears that it's time for another time out and some much needed quality time spent in my hydrotherapy bath, the tranquilizing "chair" and some gyroscope therapy treatment. I think I over did with the judgits and my sockpuppets all night long. I got overly excited and need to take a breather. These depends are pretty shot too!! Carry on the marathon judgit tourney without me till I return!
As usual I will share a couple of my secrets with my topix friends:
As I have revealed, if you want to get an edge in the judgit race, doubling up on the industrial strength depends are a must. And constipating foods are a big help!! I recommend cheese and lots of it!! Multiple IP addresses are a must as well!!!!
I will return shortly, relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed!!!!
Warm hugs,''NOT SURPRIZED''(WAXYWAXTURD),,,( the very chubby, chubby-chasing OBAMABOT from a location too embarrassing to even show on the forum.)
Not Surprized!

Indianapolis, IN

#1076420 Feb 8, 2014
Human being wrote:
<quoted text>
it is quite funny.

The Gayest Olympics Ever

Sorry, Vlad. Sochi's opening ceremony was theatrical, flamboyant, and fabulously haughty.

The ceremony started and my sense of impending doom evaporated immediately. As soon as I saw the smiling Olympic Snegurochka snow princesses with their huge filigree headdresses and their vampy runway walks, I relaxed. Why? Because I was reminded of the deep and profound gay-ness Russian culture.

How gay is Russia? Sorry, Vlad, but itís far gayer than you might acknowledge or wish. Russia is Tchaikovsky gay. Mussorgsky gay. Nijinsky gay. Ivan The Terrible gay. Diaghilev gay. Eisenstein gay. Erte gay. When I say gay, I mean the very best of gay. I mean inspired, dramatic, flamboyant, theatrical and fabulously haughty. I mean Rudolph Nureyev gay.

The gay (and therefore glorious) moments of the Sochi opening ceremonies came thick and fast.
M-Audio Beast


#1076428 Feb 8, 2014
Human being wrote:
I wonder if this will go to million posts
Interesting point, I just looked at the post counts; both the actual posts and the deleted, and I make it that 83,018 posts have been deleted - that's more posts deleted than the total number of posts in many threads here.

If it were not for the deletions, this thread would already be over a million...I wonder if there is an actual limitation on how many posts the system can take per thread?

Since: Oct 08

Location hidden

#1076431 Feb 8, 2014
Petey DuPont the shill for the Demorat Party, Thank goodness they use your 16 yr. old foolishness? The Hil-Bily thought she could brow-beat Congress as she does Billy Boie? It didn't work. She and Susan Rice were dispatched with a yuk and a grin. So stow your indignation with whats left of your brain, sit down and listen.... or... Close your laptop and pay attetion in class, you're behind in your assignment.

Mililani, HI

#1076432 Feb 8, 2014
Chicagoan by Birth wrote:
Petey DuPont the shill for the Demorat Party, Thank goodness they use your 16 yr. old foolishness? The Hil-Bily thought she could brow-beat Congress as she does Billy Boie? It didn't work. She and Susan Rice were dispatched with a yuk and a grin. So stow your indignation with whats left of your brain, sit down and listen.... or... Close your laptop and pay attetion in class, you're behind in your assignment.
lol! poor chica. you're so far behind and don't even know it!

Indianapolis, IN

#1076433 Feb 8, 2014
Human being wrote:
<quoted text>
In soveint russia we hate gays but we are gay
kind of sounds like the Republican party. which seems to be a problem.

Republican Official Says Gays Should Be Purged From GOP, Blames Homosexuality On Satan

Satan worshiping gay republicans. who knew?

Indianapolis, IN

#1076435 Feb 8, 2014
Racism and Homophobia Lose as Nearly 50% of Viewers Dump Duck Dynasty

When Republicans and right wingers like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Fox News support a show, thatís a good sign that a program has fallen out of the mainstream, and their ratings are about to take a tumble. There arenít enough right wingers out there to support the kind of extremism and hate that Phil Robertson was preaching.

More viewers are leaving Duck Dynasty by the week, because the United States is not a conservative country. The Obama years have demonstrated that the nation is moving left, not right. Duck Dynasty is slowly fading away. The show still dominates the Wednesday night cable ratings, but there arenít enough right wing Republicans in this country to take the place of the millions who stopped watching the show after Robertsonís remarks.

Nearly 6 million television consumers have decided that they donít want to spend their evenings with the Robertsons. Hate and intolerance have not been rewarded. Almost half of Duck Dynastyís audience is gone, and more are deciding not to tune in each week.

Phil Robertson is free to hate minorities and gays, but viewers also have the freedom to not watch his show.

FOX will soon be asking if turning off the tv is illegal.

Indianapolis, IN

#1076436 Feb 8, 2014
Human being wrote:
so gay.

but not too gay.

Since: Apr 09

Elmont, Long Island NY

#1076437 Feb 8, 2014
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
kind of sounds like the Republican party. which seems to be a problem.
Republican Official Says Gays Should Be Purged From GOP, Blames Homosexuality On Satan
Satan worshiping gay republicans. who knew?
Republicans worshiping anything but money, who knew?
Nostrils Waxman

Windsor, CT

#1076438 Feb 8, 2014
C-SPAN Democrats Cover Up Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac - Housing Crash

Nostrils Waxman

Windsor, CT

#1076439 Feb 8, 2014
White House: It's A Good Thing That Obamacare Will Drive 2.5 Million Americans Out Of The Workforce

Yesterday, Washingtonís official non-partisan bean-counter, the Congressional Budget Office, dropped a bomb. By 2024, says the CBO, Obamacare will reduce the size of the U.S. labor force by 2.5 million full-time-equivalent workers. Thatís roughly triple what the CBO had estimated three years ago.

Obamabot Commies here love to quote the CBO!

Not this time.

Indianapolis, IN

#1076443 Feb 8, 2014
Jon Stewart called out Fox News Thursday night for its reporting on the Congressional Budget Office's latest report about Obamacare.

The CBO issued a report Tuesday detailing that as many as 2 million people could leave their jobs due to the Affordable Care Act for reasons like employees choosing not to work now that they are without previously provided benefits. Many media outlets, however, seemed to overlook the latter part and simply reported that Obamacare is cutting 2 million jobs.

Stewart ran clips of Fox News anchors making that claim.

"The CBO is projecting that this debacle will cost nearly 2 million jobs," Hannity said.

"Is Obamacare killing the American Dream?" another Fox News anchor asked.

"Is this the American way?" "Fox & Friends" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said. "I'm not sure."

This is how Fox News covered the CBO's report, Stewart said, adding, "There's only one small problem with the apocalyptic predictions from the CBO, in that the report did not in any way say any of those things."
Nostrils Waxman

Windsor, CT

#1076444 Feb 8, 2014
The North Star Polaris is getting brighter

Liberal nutjob Democrats are scheming of a way to make money from this.

They tell fellow liberals it's because of Bush & capitalism.

Another Glow Bull Warming scheme.

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