Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1509520 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#1076381 Feb 7, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text> what do we do about fools like you stupid enough to beleive that obama is a muslim? just hoot you? let you die of ignorance?
"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

-- Ronald Reagan

I'm going to try to help you.

Keep reading my posts.

Richmond, Canada

#1076382 Feb 7, 2014
This is not just the choice of International consumers' Olympic time, it is the necessary Olympics show time.

It is no time for jargons of gays and terrorism topics to get in people's way of enjoyment of Sochi Olympics.

Obama, by using gay issue and talking about terrorism all the time, seems lacking confidence by confronting world demand of sports games event watching, as Olympics hardly come by, but only once in every 4 years.

How come Obama is against Olympics by feeling so negative about sports games competition, other than having warmongering stand to Syria as he wanted to strike Syria previously?

Obama is sidelined by the world if he is not interested in sports and Olympics, but better not does poor stand on and on again to obstruct world agenda and business.

Obama is nobody by making silly jokes of himself.
World gives credits to Putin by producing great Sochi Olympic games that Putin might as well scold and deny Obama some more, that the world would have best Olympic shows and activities ever.

Olympics become the world issue, that issues of responsibility to production and presentation and such matters are a major world event, which would assess which country does and shows the best.

Sochi Olympics look like the best so far of all time than other previous Winter Olympics, as they are.

Putin of great show business, Go get 'em.

Go World Olympics Sochi 2014, Go Go Go!

People of the universe, Sochi OIympics are more important for you
because nobody can violate your show time watching.
new yawk

East Amherst, NY

#1076383 Feb 8, 2014
Artifacts from around The Globe have survived a lot longer then the 1st AD.

Artifacts that have been preserved from BC. Egyptian Artifacts, Sumerian, Pompeii, even many in America. So much Archeological research, unearthing amazing relics from those and many other cultures, ancient societies.

And, it's all definitive. The Shroud will never be definitive because it's dealing with Deity, The The Resurrection of Yeshua ... The Miraculous.

Yet, Scientific Evidence is there. It holds up under the harshest of scrutiny.

If Archeology can definitively claim that's King Tutankhamun's Body ( remains ) dating back to 1332 BC – 1323 BC, have been unearthed in his sarcophagus and it's accepted as Scientific fact, evidence ... If Archeologists "claim" they have definitively found Cleopatra's younger sister's,( Arsinae IV ), murdered bones in a tomb outside of The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Greece, then ...

That burial cloth, The Shroud could very well have survived.

It's not really about The Cloth. It's about whether or not there was a crucified Semitic Man under that cloth. It's about did that Man Resurrect. And at the very instant in time of Resurrection, did that heat/light source created The/His Image?
That's the real question at the heart of The Shroud of Turin that I believe people struggle with
USAsince1680 wrote:
<quoted text>
Interesting. I agree, there is evidence in both directions. Nothing is definitive. To me it is just amazing that a piece of cloth MAY have survived from the 1st AD.

Boise, ID

#1076384 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
BAGHDAD — Iraq authorities are illegally detaining thousands of women, including many subjected to torture, the threat of sexual abuse and other ill-treatment despite promises of reform, Human Rights Watch said Thursday.
The findings by the New York-based rights group raise new concerns about Iraq's ability to handle those detained in massive security sweeps targeting militants amid an escalation in violence.
The Obama administration’s silence on the issue is consistent with its embarrassing overall record on human rights. The president never has made the protection of human rights a priority, but his invitation to Maliki in the face of this shameful incident is especially egregious. Dozens of members of Congress agree.
What did he think would happen when he caved so easily and prematurely withdrew all troops?
Yeah leaving thousands more of our young Military personel there to conduct mindless patrols to provide targets for insurgents and roadside bombs for the next 75
years would fix everything right?
Perhaps it was a foolish and doomed endeavor to begin with?

Boise, ID

#1076385 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
A lot of people are confused about the difference between Black Liberation Theology and Christianity. Not quite the same.
James H. Cone, Jeremiah Wright's mentor, wrote in his book, "A Black Theology of Liberation":
"The appearance of black theology means that the black community is now ready to do something about the white Jesus, so that he cannot get in the way of our revolution."
According to one observer who visited Wright's church and, particularly, the church's bookstore and perusing the titles and authors of most of the reading material:
"Understanding that black liberation theology is Marxism dressed up to look like Christianity helps explain why there is no conflict between Cone's 'Christianity' and Farrakhan's 'Nation of Islam.' They are two prophets in the same philosophical (Marxist) pod, merely using different religions as backdrops for their black-power aims."
This was just the observer's opinion. But if anyone looked a little closer at the teachings of Black Liberation Theology and Christianity based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, it's not one and the same.
Why the Rev Wright is just as entitled to exercise his First Amendment Rights as one of those Duck Dynasty Cartoon characters isnt he?

Boise, ID

#1076386 Feb 8, 2014
GOP R Idiots wrote:
<quoted text>
Funny, first it was passed by the GOP controlled Congress.
You DO know how bills become laws, right?
I thought the GOP was for smaller Government.So why do they keep passing bills to increase the deficit?
I know the Right has a little difficulty discerning reality from wishful thinking bigot-boy but they ARE finished.
Dont take my word for it!
Lets count the marbles after the mid terms.
I cant wait!Lmao!

Boise, ID

#1076387 Feb 8, 2014
Sorry GOP R! Quoted the wrong post!

Boise, ID

#1076388 Feb 8, 2014
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
You are a liar. If there were blatant attempts to suppress the vote Holder, particularly democrat union votes would have been all over them like stink on shit.
Think before you post the BS you so love to post.
YOU are the liar boy.
The GOP has been working hammer and tong redistricting in red states where they can get away with it as well as the push to 'Fix" the non existant problem of 'voter fraud' to do just that:
Suppress voters who might vote Democrat.
You know it and so does everyone else.

Boise, ID

#1076389 Feb 8, 2014
Lnc wrote:
<quoted text>....The warm-up act for President Obama’s speech here Friday featured a four-piece jazz band playing in front of a John Deere tractor. Obama’s quest to bring together two other disparate elements — Democrats and Republicans — was not as successful.
The president traveled to this middle-American college town to tout the passage of a $1 trillion farm bill this week, a rare bipartisan achievement by Congress that the president was eager to highlight. Six congressional Democrats flew aboard Air Force One —
“This was a good sign Democrats and Republicans in Congress were able to come through with this bill and break the cycle of short-sighted, crisis-driven partisan decision-making,” Obama told a crowd of 500 at the McPhail Equine Performance Center on the Michigan State University campus.“That’s how we should expect Washington to work.”
Having pledged during his State of the Union address last month to more forcefully apply his executive authority to work around Republican opposition, Obama may have managed to make the problem even worse. Obama’s shifting tone — he’ll work with Congress when he feels like it and go around the legislative body when he wants — has led his rivals to wonder how they are supposed to trust him on the type of large-scale initiatives for which he needs their support, including immigration reform, long-term unemployment insurance and a minimum wage hike.
A day earlier, Boehner had dampened expectations for a bipartisan immigration deal by insisting that the GOP’s distrust of the president is too pronounced. Republicans have been attacking Obama for altering health-care law requirements, deferring deportations of young illegal immigrants and using his “pen and phone”— Obama’s phrase — to rule by “Executive Order tyranny.”
“He is running around the country telling everyone he’s going to keep acting on his own,” Boehner said.“And he’s feeding more distrust about whether he is committed to the rule of law.”
Its amazing how incapable Teabaggers are when it comes to learning from their mistakes.
Just months after the Epic Fail that was their treasonous and expensive extortion leading to Shutdown hoping to by some strange alchemy of wishful thinking and distortion to re-cast it as "Obama's Shutdown" NOW they hope that they can weasel out of immigration reform which they dont want and that the Hispanic community will blame it on Obama because a bunch of White Racists and Neo Fascists 'dont trust him'......Brilliant.
And Obama decides to side step the House' mindless obstructionism using the the Executive Powers legally Granted him by the Constitution and its 'Tyranny'.
Newsflash morons: The majority of American People arent as stupid and blind as your Teabagger base.
Which you are about to find out.

Boise, ID

#1076392 Feb 8, 2014
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>Amen.
'A town hall meeting with Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) took a bizarre turn recently when a woman in the audience declared that President Obama "should be executed as an enemy combatant" and the congressman kept speaking cordially with her.
Bridenstine issued a statement on Thursday denouncing the remark, but that wasn't until eight days after someone posted a video of the town hall online.
It's unclear when the town hall was held. But the video that was posted Jan. 29 shows Bridenstine speaking with a small group of people inside a room.
At one point in the video, a woman can be heard calling for the President to be killed and saying something about "the Muslims he is shipping into our country."
In response, Bridenstine offered some sympathy for the woman's views.
"Everybody knows the lawlessness of this president. He picks and chooses which laws he's going to enforce or not enforce, he does it by decree," Bridenstine told her.
After talking with the woman, Bridenstine took a question from another woman who said the president should be impeached. He laughed at her comment, but did not dispute it.
"You know, you look so sweet," he said to the woman.'
The Right's fetid obsession with Obama has made them Mentally Ill.
You would think the GOP would have figured out by now that inciting and humoring these dingbats comes with a price tag.

Boise, ID

#1076393 Feb 8, 2014
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
there are ample grounds for impeachment of Obama, but not sufficient votes in the US Senate......
Your confused again Rand-Cipher:
There are ample grounds for Impeachment in the whacky make beleive kingdom where the Fox Slaves live.
In the Objective reality the rest of us inhabit not so much.

Chicopee, MA

#1076394 Feb 8, 2014
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
what Americans really hate are worthless parasites like your son who get paid taxpayer dollars to screw American citizens....
Sure you vomitous cretin, keep slamming a kid who worked his butt off to get where he is.
But then again right wing members of Congress don't have staff do they? They answer their own phones and handle all of the constituent correspondence all by themselves. Not!
You're a complete and total idiot Galt; you always have been and always will be in addition to being a miserable excuse for a human being.

Chicopee, MA

#1076395 Feb 8, 2014
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
companies are foolish to make their commercials political, regardless of which side they take.....
never smart to offend half of your customers....
Half their customers moron? Since when is half the country as racist and ignorant as you? You're in the whack job minority that will eventually die off.
You're an idiot Galt; you always have been and always will be.

Chicopee, MA

#1076396 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Leon Panetta admitted in one of the first hearings that he knew it was a terrorist attack within minutes after it began. General Cater Hamm also testified he knew it was a terrorist attack almost immediately. Both of them went directly to brief the president.
That's all any of us need to know. Unless you're going to tell me Leon Panetta, the Director of the CIA at that time, and General Carter Ham, the Combatant Commander of Africa Command (AFRICOM) and a key figure in the Benghazi investigations, would deliberately not tell the president this.
And once again nitwit, no one ever denied it was a terrorist attack.
But go ahead keep chasing your tail on this.

Chicopee, MA

#1076397 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Obama's elite inner circle - namely, Valerie Jarrett, would be my guess - gave Obama permission to send Susan Rice out to five different networks to begin repairing any collateral damage by blaming a video since the election was right around the corner.
That was the first attempt at a cover up. Obama and Hillary then continued to blame a video days and weeks afterwards. That was the second attempt at a cover up.
Jarrett - and Obama and Hillary - didn't stop to think the truth would come out eventually:
Leon Panetta knew it was a terrorist attack within minutes after it began.
General Ham knew it was a terrorist attack within minutes after it began.
Both Panetta and Ham briefed the president within an hour after it began.
And the Senate Intelligence Committee eventually let the cat out of the bag.
But stopping to think wasn't the priority at hand. Winning an election was.
Sure dimwit except that the bipartisan Senate report on Benghazi completely debunks your idiotic claim that there was a cover-up and states that there's evidence that the video could have been at the very least a pretext for the attack.
Keep chasing your tail and repeating crap that's been debunked for a while.

Since: May 11

Carlisle, PA

#1076398 Feb 8, 2014
Now well get to see Republicans try to beat down America again with the debt ceiling bullsh*t.

They just passed spending that they knew would create more debt that would exceed the debt ceiling.

But now they will run in circles waving their arms about "OMG OMG the debt the debt" totally forgetting most of them were there under George W Bush voting "yes" "yes" "yes" on the policies & spendings that created the worst recession in 80 years that brought about the very debt they now blame on others.

When will the Republican Party decide to help America???

Chicopee, MA

#1076399 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Your spin meter just went into overdrive.
Blaming the deaths of those Americans on a spontaneous mob who were incited by a video is not even in the same universe as blaming their deaths on a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11.
This president was talking about the original 9/11 in the Rose Garden the next day. His reference to terror was directly in response to that attack - not Benghazi.
If you'd like to read the transcript of that speech, I'll be glad to post it.
In the meantime, turn down the knob. You might blow a fuse.
No he wasn't referring to the original 9/11 attacks nitwit. You're either a damned liar or you have the reading comprehension of a gerbil.
Were there attacks on our embassies in Cairo, Tunis and Yemen related to the video? Yes.
Is it beyond the realm of possibility that this same video was a pretext for the attack in Benghazi the day after? No.
On Oct. 16, David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times reported from Cairo:
"To Libyans who witnessed the assault and know the attackers, there is little doubt what occurred: a well-known group of local Islamist militants struck the United States Mission without any warning or protest, and they did it in retaliation for the video. That is what the fighters said at the time, speaking emotionally of their anger at the video without mentioning Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden or the terrorist strikes of 11 years earlier. And it is an explanation that tracks with their history as members of a local militant group determined to protect Libya from Western influence.… The assailants approvingly recalled a 2006 assault by local Islamists that had destroyed an Italian diplomatic mission in Benghazi over a perceived insult to the prophet. In June the group staged a similar attack against the Tunisian Consulate over a different film.… Other Benghazi militia leaders who know the group say its leaders and ideology are all homegrown.…[T]hey openly proselytize for their brand of puritanical Islam and political vision. They profess no interest in global fights against the West or distant battles aimed at removing American troops from the Arabian Peninsula."
So where's your evidence that the video had nothing to do with the attack? You have none.
Your fuse blew a long time ago Carol.

Chicopee, MA

#1076401 Feb 8, 2014
Nostrilis Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
Dupont is exempt from being who he is. Dignity and honesty does not exist in his liberal Obama world. Even though he is one of the nastiest typical liberals here, everyone else is nastier for having an honest opinion, so he is justified.
It's the liberal/commie/socialist underachiever way!
I don't attack honest opinions; I attack bald faced lies and blatant ignorance.
Don't like it? Tough.

Chicopee, MA

#1076402 Feb 8, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Trying to shed some light into the darkness isn't well-received by some, obviously.
They'd rather believe a president who holds no one accountable, answers no questions, and is more concerned about staining his legacy than transparency and blames Fox.
Oh well. But thanks anyway for the backup.
Bullcrap Carol, all you do is post the same lies and Fox talking points. You're not try to shed light on anything.
Transparency you say? One of the last executive orders Bush signed was to restrict access to presidential papers and records. One of Obama's first was to lift those restrictions.

Boise, ID

#1076403 Feb 8, 2014
RealDave wrote:
Now well get to see Republicans try to beat down America again with the debt ceiling bullsh*t.
They just passed spending that they knew would create more debt that would exceed the debt ceiling.
But now they will run in circles waving their arms about "OMG OMG the debt the debt" totally forgetting most of them were there under George W Bush voting "yes" "yes" "yes" on the policies & spendings that created the worst recession in 80 years that brought about the very debt they now blame on others.
When will the Republican Party decide to help America???

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