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#1051740 Jan 2, 2014
DBWriter wrote:
More bad news for Vallerie Jarrett and Obama.
Putin said in his New Year message to the Russian people heís going to ďannihilate the Islamist terroristsĒ this year. He was speaking globally.
Letís review some recent US history.
Obama surrendered to the Islamist terrorists, and is now assisting their invasions and attempts to take over muslim countries. Today, right now, as we speak, the Armed Forces of the United States are training Al Qaeda terrorists from around the Arab world on a US military base in Jordan, arming them, then sending them into Syria to help the Suni Islamist invasion. No doubt the Syrians have captured a few of them by now, to be used when the time is right for their propaganda purposes.
What will happen when Syria decides to bomb that US military base in Jordan training Al Qaeda terrorists to smithereens?
Some more recent US history.
The ignorant buffoons running the White House stumbled into a trap in Syria set by Putin a goddam blind person could see. The end result was the US lost every bit of credibility in the Middle East, and has absolutely nothing to do with anything that happens there now. Putin said heís going to annihilate the Islamists terrorists. That means, because the White House is part of the Islamist terrorist network, and they are the most ignorant government in the entire world, itís a no-brainer those clowns will stumble into another trap a blind person can see.
Putin is looking to make a very clear statement to the world that Russia is the most significant enemy of Islamist imperialism today. The reality of that statement is, that makes the White House that is obviously part of the Islamist terrorist network the enemy in the westís resistance against Islamist imperialism. It would be just like these ignorant clowns running the White House today to stumble into a trap that will show the US and Al Qaeda huddled together for the world to see. When that happens, Putin will show the world that Russia is serious about annihilating the Islamist threat to the world.
You people propping up Obama are the most ignorant people in the world today.
When Putin makes him move, donít be surprised if Americans donít support your anti-American, anti-Constitution, racist, bigoted, Marxist communist, Islamist, treasonous pathological lying fraud Obama. Americans are still fighting the war the Arab Islamists started. Itís only Obama and the Democrats that have surrendered to Al Qaeda and joined them. Americans are still on the side of the United States.
Your hero Vladdy Boy can't even put down a rebellion in Chechyna that began in the 1990's.

His chances of supressing the restive muslim republics is slim to none. Expect more and bigger bombings.

He's looking the fool worldwide, so now he's releasing all his political prisioners to show what a nice guy he is.

The Sochi Olympics will be a disaster for Russia, and esp. for your hero, Vladdy Boy.

Funny how deep your admiration for Communists is. That's why you're a Ted Cruz fanboy.

Play your cards right with Vladdy Boy and you could be the 2nd American buried at the Kremlin.


United States

#1051741 Jan 2, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
No one ever claimed the ACA wasn't still here last year. Certainly not me.
Nixon remained in office too until the media and public opinion resulted in his forced resignation.
If Obama were Nixon, he'd more than likely be in the same boat about now. But the media is on Obama's side and both ignore public opinion.
And you are helping them to bamboozle us.
You might check out Senator Goldwater's role is Nixon's departure

United States

#1051742 Jan 2, 2014
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Happy New Year Real!
I had a republican friend here over the holidays; she told me that 48 of her customers have closed their businesses due to Obamacare!
When I asked her what they planned to do; she said they were going to get jobs instead!
What a crock.
Who would closed his business because of that? I'm not buying it.
Sounds a bit odd.
Happy New Year ....still very warm here

Deltona, FL

#1051743 Jan 2, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
That's just assuming you and science are all-knowing about life and everything in the universe. Which you and science aren't.
Was there a poll asking if ape-like men living in caves to ancient civilizations of invention and philosophers and advanced technology was because of ET intervention with the human race?
That' something even scientists can't figure out. That darn missing link. It's still missing.
Let google be your friend babe.

It appears as though 33% of adult Americans are mouth breathing knuckledraggers.

I repeat__so much for polls.

Since: Sep 10

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#1051744 Jan 2, 2014
ptbw forever wrote:
<quoted text>
The average Democrat is too dumb to even know how to register to vote without govt help, of course they will go back to liking Obama when Jon Stewart tells them to.
Only literally braindead morons would believe Obama had more death threats than Bush just because the media repeated that lie over and over when a movie was actually made about killing Bush and distributed.
So you don't believe the media.

Do you listen to the voices in your head??

Or does the info come in via your tinfoil helmet??

Get lost, you racist scum.

United States

#1051745 Jan 2, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, it's going to just keep getting worse in the next two decades according to the CBO and Obama's own signature law.
The national health care law will cost $1.76 trillion over a decade, according to a new projection released today by the Congressional Budget Office, rather than the $940 billion forecast when it was signed into law.
Here is the 2012 through 2022 Congressional Budget Officeís most recent extended baseline budget scenario:
It's the "alternative fiscal scenario" graph you have to look at.
The ACA itself projected significant cancellations. The ones Obama lied to us about.
"Actually, it's going to just keep getting worse..."

You never change you tune of propaganda
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1051746 Jan 2, 2014
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Did they all paint "Thanks Obama" on the store front windows in bold blue paint?
I used to have friends that said ignorant sht like that.
I liked this from the comments on that article on the appendicitis:

"I've audited family medical bills for years that had line items listed for ridiculous amounts, and had them either reduced and/or eliminated from bills, many that were 100% covered by insurance. The insurance companies should be doing complete audits on what they pay out for the premiums you pay, but it's easier for them to be lazy and pass the difference off to you in premiums and 'non covered' costs. It isn't just what you're getting overcharged, but what the insurance companies are being overcharged and passed back to you in the form of higher premiums. Needless to say, I'm not the most popular person for medical billing folks."

United States

#1051747 Jan 2, 2014
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>In other words you "can't prove" that Obama gave an order..
Typical for you.
he may be tired after 24 hours on the thread?


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#1051748 Jan 2, 2014
John Galt wrote:
Chrysler now an Italian company, courtesy of US taxpayers...
U.S. automaker Chrysler will become fully owned by Italy's Fiat under terms of an agreement announced Wednesday that also involves the United Auto Workers union.
The agreement comes more than 4-1/2 years after the Obama administration brought Fiat in to keep Chrysler in business as part of a packaged bankruptcy proceeding.
In a statement, Fiat said it has agreed to pay $3.65 billion for the 41.46% of Chrysler it doesn't already own from the UAW's medical benefits trust for retirees.
I say it will be closed in no time!

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1051749 Jan 2, 2014
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure we do.
Ted Cruz is a Communist Plant in the US Senate.
Born in Calgary,Canada, under the socialist free healthcare system.
His father fought alongside Fidel Castro to being Communism to Cuba.
He was sent north to infiltrate the democracies of North America. Canadians were too smart for th ecommunists, so they moved to Texas, where people are so stupid they elect armadillos.
And you're a sick racist with the stupidity to use a ptbw moniker, thus proving your outsider status to the human race.
Any other questions, scumbag??
Well, first, let's set the record straight.

Ted Cruz served as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice, and as Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush. Cruz was an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation from 2004 to 2009.

Now, as to his father...Rafael Bienvenido Cruz...born in Matanzas, Cuba, once believing Castro's vision (like you believe Obama's) but ended up protesting the regime and "suffered beatings and imprisonment" when "the rebel leader took control and began seizing private property and suppressing dissent" (like progressive liberals).

His father fled Cuba at the age of 18 and studied at the University of Texas. Cruz's younger sister fought in the counter-revolution and was tortured by the new regime. This was not lost on young Cruz's hatred of communism.

The elder Cruz worked his way through college as a dishwasher, making 50 cents an hour earning a degree in mathematics. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2005.

There now. All done. You're welcome.

Gering, NE

#1051750 Jan 2, 2014
This pretty much says it all about Obamacare enrollment
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Newington, CT

#1051751 Jan 2, 2014
GOP R Idiots wrote:
<quoted text>
Really? In my world $6350 is a lot less than $11,119.
In your world, there isn't a shred of common sense.

The article does not say anything about what the person had for a policy so how can you even start to make a judgment? Maybe the patient had a policy that covered 80% and that is what the person wanted.

You liberals are all the same. You make judgments and spew hyperbole without having any details. You don't think logically, just emotionally like a stoned high school kid.

You and your fellow moron liberals here are all idiots.

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#1051752 Jan 2, 2014
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
The Repugnants did fine.
It was the Teabaggers who lost Rmoney the election.
Folks like you and Nobraina. Idiots.
Americans hate the Teabaggers more than Congress itself!!
Your boy Cruz in being held in a dungeon below the House as punishment for causing Repugnant chances to diminish due to his Gov't shutdown. Mitch McConnell threw the key into the Potomac.
Y'know, the shutdown you are too stupid to acknowledge.
Like I say to the television when one of those ghosts-are-real shows is on: Show me the ghost.

Show me the government shutdown.
There was no government shutdown. Only 13% of government spending was affected. Coincidentally, that's about how much government spending has to be cut every year to avoid certain collapse because... you may need to write this down... money doesn't grow on trees, moron.
If nothing else works, do the same thing again. To anyone who can actually count money, a government shutdown is a good thing. Let's see it for real this time. If you're going to claim there is a government shutdown, the least you could do is shut the government down to prove it.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1051753 Jan 2, 2014
LCNin wrote:
<quoted text>
"Actually, it's going to just keep getting worse..."
You never change you tune of propaganda
Just going by the percentages of cancellations as outlined in Obamacare and the CBO's projected costs over the next two decades.

What are you going by? Hope and change?

Since: May 11

Chambersburg, PA

#1051754 Jan 2, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Iraq at least had a chance to grow into some version of democracy if residual troops had been left behind to finish what was started and if Obama had lifted a little finger to try and negotiate those terms into fruition.
But Obama just wants to be right and that applies to Iraq as well. Nevermind the blood and treasure that has been lost.
Yes, Bush did a wonderful job ordering the surge and helping Iraq to stand on its own two feet.
Can you say Obama did a wonderful job letting Iraq dissolve back into chaos without even a feeble attempt to prevent it?
I see you are incapable of learning.

Look up why Obama is not leaving these troops in Iraq.

Since: Sep 10

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#1051755 Jan 2, 2014
Whatever wrote:
Pot is legal. Light Bulbs are not. 2014 is already stupid.
Please. Don't post nonsensical crap. I don't want to argue with you.

Old technology incandescent lightbulbs, invented by Thomas Edison in 1880, are actually electric heating elements inside a sealed glass capsule.

They are innefficient, have caused countless fires, and wear out quickly.

I have been switching to LED bulbs, and find them better than compact fluorescents. I bought one with a 7 year warranty.(Phillips)

The whining from the luddites about lightbulbs is stupid.

Do they want to go back to 1880?? Good. Park their cars, buy a horse.
new yawk

Buffalo, NY

#1051756 Jan 2, 2014
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
What did Bush do about Katrina? He totally underestimated the degree of disaster & failed miserably.<quoted text>

I did some research on why the delay with FEMA:
-The Govenor of The State has to request via a submitted form to The Federal Government to receive FEMA assistance.

-President Bush personally contacted then Governor Kathleen Blanco "pleading" with her to declare Louisiana as a state of emergency and start the process so he could send FEMA in AND to start evacuation process. Until I researched, I didn't know The State is the one that has to request Federal ( EM) Assistance or The Federal Government cannot act.
Blanco never did either ... Until it was too late.

-The degree of disaster was underestimated by both ( former ) Governor Kathleen Blanco and (( former ) New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin who both ignored President Bush's phone callS AND the phone calls from The National Weather Service - Bulletin for the New Orleans region of 10:11 a.m.,... 56 hours before Katrina's landfall. All warnings were ignored.

-Both Blanco & Nagin allowed their Egos to get in the way of their common sense and ( poor ) leadership abilities. Go do some research as to WHO was at fault. It wasn't President Bush.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1051757 Jan 2, 2014
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Let google be your friend babe.
It appears as though 33% of adult Americans are mouth breathing knuckledraggers.
I repeat__so much for polls.
Right-o, babe.

(This coming from someone who never posts Google sources or any other source, mind you.)

Since: Apr 09

Elmont, Long Island NY

#1051758 Jan 2, 2014
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
I just keep up with world events. You should try it.
What's your impression of Putin's message to the world on New Year's Eve?
Sorry but I don't go for revisionists history.

Let's start with the failed U.S. forces raid to kidnap lead terrorist Mohammed Farrah Aidid in Somalia. While their original mission was peace-keeping and protect U.N. workers distributing food, mission creep morphed the mission into an active, let's take sides mission, small scale nation building. Kidnapping a militia leader is not a peace keeping mission.

Remember, one person's terrorists is anothers freedom fighter. On you take sides, prepare for combat, as you are no longer a peace-keeper.

as for all that crap about President Clinton having and letting go Osama bin Laden, its all crap. We didn't even realize Al Qaeda,(Arabic for "The Base") was an organization until 98 after Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda took credit for the African Embassy bombings. Up until that point we thought of it as a physical location.

Until then, we had no knowledge that Osama bin Laden had attacked U.S. assets and forces. So that so called deal with Sudan to turn over Osama, we a country where the rule of law used to be adhered to, had nothing to prosecute him for.

Counter Terrorism was identified as the biggest threat to the U.S. under Clinton and became the primary focus of our intel community, law enforcement and military. The Clinton administration tried to brief the incoming Bush administration but the latter refused to meet with the principles.

Under AG Ashcroft, counter terrorism was relegated to secondary importance. The evangelical minister Ashcroft thought illegal drugs and prostitution were a bigger threat. Hence that 40 man, 24/7 stakeout of a New Orleans brothel that was on-going during the attacks of 9/11.

As for Iraq, try reading George H.W. Bush & Brent Scowcroft's op-ed on why they didn't take out Saddam at the end of Gulf War I. he pretty much predicted what would happen, did.

Taking out Saddam had the same result of what happened in Yugoslavia when Tito died. Decades of oppression by the Sunni minority over the majority Shia could only end in civil war. Being that Iran is Shia and has backed the Iraqi Shiites could also have one result-Iran having great influence in Iraqi politics.

The situation is only going to continue to get worse in Iraq. No amount of troops is gonna change that. It will only result in a drain on our national treasury and more Americans being killed, maimed for life and wounded.

Accept reality.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#1051759 Jan 2, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
That's just assuming you and science are all-knowing about life and everything in the universe. Which you and science aren't.
Was there a poll asking if ape-like men living in caves to ancient civilizations of invention and philosophers and advanced technology was because of ET intervention with the human race?
That' something even scientists can't figure out. That darn missing link. It's still missing.
Not really.

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