Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1621004 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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#1043389 Dec 17, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Good morning, Homer.
CLEVELAND (CBS Cleveland)– NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown believes President Barack Obama is in over his head as commander in chief.
The Cleveland Browns legend – who campaigned for Obama in Ohio – made the comments on Arsenio Hall’s show.
“I like his family, I like him as a human being,” Brown said.“But somehow it seems like he’s over his head and maybe he underestimated the system of government that we have.”
"He's underestimated the system of government that we have."
Is Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Famer, former Obama campaigner "dumb" too?
Enjoyed his film career

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#1043390 Dec 17, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
All anyone had to do was look at his political resume and his past and present affiliations.
If he were white, he'd be a footnote in history.
He missed his calling. He should have gone to Hollywood - and auditioned. They would have loved him. He might have been the next Denzel Washington.
But Denzel Washington was no more qualified to become the President of the United States that Barack Obama.
First cup of coffee off topic rant?

Honolulu, HI

#1043391 Dec 17, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>Blame reid and peolosi those that created the recession you idiot??.... yet sonicmoron blames the (Tea Party) Congress today for all the woes of Obama bin Lyin... you dumbass
It's the culture....
lol! poor baby. you still don't know who created the recession no matter how many times it's explained.

talk about living in lala land!


Since: Dec 08

Gauley Bridge WV

#1043392 Dec 17, 2013
Carl Sagan's message to future explorers of Mars will cold-cock you right in the touchy feelies

A few months before he died, Carl Sagan recorded a moving message which he dedicated to future explorers and settlers of Mars. A brief excerpt of that recording has been making the rounds on the internet since early Monday morning, in the form of the quote featured up top — but Sagan's entire message is a little more difficult to come by. We've tracked it down for you, and included it below, along with a transcript.

Fair warning: you might want to have some tissues on hand. Sagan was passionate about the exploration of Mars, establishing a human presence there, and venturing out into our solar system and beyond; and that passion really comes through in the recording.

Hi, I'm Carl Sagan. This is a place where I often work in Ithaca, New York near Cornell University. Maybe you can hear, in the background, a 200-foot waterfall right nearby, which is probably — I would guess — a rarity on Mars, even in times of high technology.

Science and science fiction have done a kind of dance over the last century, particularly with respect to Mars. The scientists make a finding. It inspires science fiction writers to write about it, and a host of young people read the science fiction and are excited, and inspired to become scientists to find out more about Mars, which they do, which then feeds again into another generation of science fiction and science; and that sequence has played major role in our present ability to get to Mars. It certainly was an important factor in the life of Robert Goddard, the American rocketry pioneer who, I think more than anyone else, paved the way for our actual ability to go to Mars. And it certainly played a role in my scientific development.

I don't know why you're on Mars. Maybe you're there because we've recognized we have to carefully move small asteroids around to avert the possibility of one impacting the Earth with catastrophic consequences, and, while we're up in near-Earth space, it's only a hop, skip and a jump to Mars. Or, maybe we're on Mars because we recognize that if there are human communities on many worlds, the chances of us being rendered extinct by some catastrophe on one world is much less. Or maybe we're on Mars because of the magnificent science that can be done there - the gates of the wonder world are opening in our time. Maybe we're on Mars because we have to be, because there's a deep nomadic impulse built into us by the evolutionary process, we come after all, from hunter gatherers, and for 99.9% of our tenure on Earth we've been wanderers. And, the next place to wander to, is Mars. But whatever the reason you're on Mars is, I'm glad you're there. And I wish I was with you.

Since: May 11

Newville, PA

#1043393 Dec 17, 2013
flack wrote:
Who exactly does the minimum wage help? Those who need help the least. According to Current Population Survey data, 80 percent of minimum wage earners are not in poverty. In addition, teens and young adults make up 46.3 percent of all minimum wage earners. Unfortunately, for those who still live with their parents (more than one-third of all minimum wage earners), their average family incomes are over $100,000. It's hard to see how increasing the minimum wage would combat income inequality when close to half of the beneficiaries are in the top 20 percent of earners.
Meanwhile, the working poor remain left behind. Since so few people in poverty actually earn at or near the minimum wage, very few would benefit from an increase. For instance, only 6.3 percent of all wage and salary workers in poverty earned the minimum age in 2011. As a result, economists Joseph Sabia and Richard Burkhauser (2010) conclude that only 10.5 percent of the net benefits of a federal minimum wage increase to $9.50 would go to those in poverty.
A more effective way to help those in need is for policymakers to work on improving programs that have a track record of success, such as the earned income tax credit (EITC). The EITC has proven to be very effective at moving Americans from out of work to having a job. The EITC is also more effective at targeting those in poor households because it is based on income and not just wages. In the end, the EITC benefits 56.1 percent of workers in poverty.
A strong social safety net is one of the most important things a nation can provide its people, but an increase in the minimum wage should not be part of the strategy. Redistributing income from those who need it the most--the job seekers--to those who need it the least-- job holders in high income households expands the income divide and is a counterproductive anti-poverty policy.
The EITC was created by Republicans to avoid raising the minimum wage & is, in fact, a subsidy to businesses that pay minimum wage.

" OMG OMG the 47% the 47% OMG OMG"

If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation from jus 1970, it would be about $10.50 an hour.

Who pays for the EITC? Taxpayers? Isn't that "redistributing" wealth from those that need it least to those who need it most?

Why are right whiners always wanting to throw money at corporate America?

United States

#1043394 Dec 17, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
WICHITA, Kan.(AP)— The arrest of a Kansas man accused of trying to bring what he thought was a car bomb into a Wichita airport marked the culmination of a months-long undercover sting in what has become a successful and widely used domestic counterterrorism tactic.
Court documents detail Terry Lee Loewen's alleged conversations with undercover FBI agents over six months. The discussions began with vague sentiments about his desire to commit "violent jihad" against the U.S. before turning into a detailed, concrete plot in which the agents recruited him to use his airport access to plant a bomb in a martyrdom operation.
Loewen, a 58-year-old avionics technician who worked at the airport for Hawker Beechcraft, was arrested Friday on charges including providing support to al-Qaida and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. He remains jailed, and prosecutors expect to take their case to a grand jury Wednesday.
The case resembles a string of investigations conducted by the FBI since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that have prompted controversy over whether law enforcement's tactics involve entrapment and violate civil liberties.
Entrapment? Anyone disagree with this? or agree?
Did it stop the bombing?

Honolulu, HI

#1043395 Dec 17, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>You and the Catholic church are an Army of pedophiles and liberal you sonicmoron always riding ol' bareback...
It's the culture...
lol! And there goes the Church from the reich wingers... under the bus!!!

What a bunch of idiotic losers!

Indianapolis, IN

#1043396 Dec 17, 2013
tell us something we don't know.

GOP Rep: Republicans 'Come Across As Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals On Occasion'

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) thinks some of his fellow Republicans sound downright primitive when they talk to voters.

"You have people on our side of the aisle that have a really abrasive tone," Duffy said Tuesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "We can come across as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals on occasion."

A study released this year by Dutch scientists suggested that Neanderthals may have actually been more articulate than previously thought, but that's beside the point. Duffy's comments can be viewed as a fitting capper to the GOP's year-long self-examination of its "tone."

Ever since their party's humbling showing in 2012, Republicans have largely insisted that they simply need to adjust how they convey their positions to voters. It's a view that was encapsulated perfectly by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) shortly after last year's election.

"We don't need to pander or change our principles, but at the same time, we can be respectful," Jindal said during an interview on Fox News.

The Republican National Committee put out a much-publicized "autopsy" in March that focused heavily on how the party must modify its message to gays and women, while the National Republican Congressional Committee has been training incumbents on how best to interact with female voters.

Scottsbluff, NE

#1043397 Dec 17, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
if it seems i'm playing stupid.....i'm just trying to relate.
You were playing dumb in a lame ass attempt to avoid admitting your news sources are Progressive sites.

Which makes you look really, really dumb.

United States

#1043398 Dec 17, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Again, if you read the entire article, in the very first paragraph, "Federal deficits and debts have been sharply higher under President Obama..." even though Bush was blamed for the increased deficit because of the tax cuts and the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Afghanistan War continues under this president. 111 Democrats voted for the Iraq War and voted to fund it. This administration under a Democrat-controlled Congress expanded the Bush's tax cuts.
At the end of the article: "After more than four years in office, President Obama has continued some policies that began in the Bush era, blurring to some degree the assignment of responsibility for those policies’ budgetary effects."
Not only has Obama "continued some policies that began in the Bush era" but created his own that has now spiked the deficit to more than $17 trillion.
Bush cannot be blamed for the failed jobs stimulus under Obama, the bailouts of large corporations under Obama, the failed Cash for Clunkers program under Obama and especially the deficit-crippling and job-killing Obamacare under Obama.
Wonder if the CBO will acknowledge these failures which were NOT supported by Republicans while pointing out the Bush failures which WERE supported by Congressional Democrats.
Oct 2008 Bush Republican Stock market Crash.
No Surprize

Saint Petersburg, FL

#1043399 Dec 17, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Here we go again, No Surprise is calling poor people not people but animals.
The right whiners are such a group of nice Christian folk.
You don't have to be poor to get food your stamps you idiot...

Meanwhile, "Please do not feed the animals" as the animals may become dependent on handouts and not learn to take care of themselves like dumbass Dave. Yes dumbass Dave is that stupid.

It's the cultuire...

United States

#1043400 Dec 17, 2013
Hoover 1929 Republican Stock Market Crash

Indianapolis, IN

#1043401 Dec 17, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Opinions don't require sources-nit wit.
Another idiotic, hypocritical Progressive rule.
You are Yeah?
but you agree that opinions are not fact? and that touting one as fact is extremely delusional?

yes, attacking bagger orthodoxy, but if it just wasn't so easy.....

Scottsbluff, NE

#1043402 Dec 17, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
i demanded what? when? it's not like you guys ever cite a right wing myth, so what known news source?
Can you handle the truth?

Did Obama lie when he said "You can keep your insurance, if you like your insurance."

Did Obama lie when he said "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

You don't have a leg to stand on until you can acknowledge what truth is.

Honolulu, HI

#1043403 Dec 17, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Good grief Sonic, you are internet illiterate. What he is showing you is the info from domain registration. Every domain must register and the info is available to the public.
lol! You should learn to comprehend son.

He was talking about ALL his sources!

Sheesh! You people read only what you THINK you see! Another area where reality escapes you!

Honolulu, HI

#1043404 Dec 17, 2013
martinezjosei wrote:
<quoted text>
We predicted the part-time boom, i.e. full-timers into part-timer. It happened exactly as we predicted!
We predicted the skyrocket premiums, it DID happened exactly as we predicted it!
Notice that Democrats face the materializations of our prophecies as deers in headlight!
They had, are and will always be CLUELESS because they do not know how economics work!
We NOW predict, employer provided health care insurance will be cancelled for million on Americans in late 2014.
We will be right again!
lol! And yet, you don't answer the question!

A t-per with no source... you may as well drink your piss son!


Since: Dec 08

Gauley Bridge WV

#1043405 Dec 17, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
Reagan admin official....who helped write the book on supply side.
Blaming Obama for George W. Bush’s Policies
Although it was quickly overshadowed by his choice of Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, Mitt Romney released an important document last week by his principal economic advisers that deserves more attention than it got. It is an audacious attempt to blame Barack Obama for the economic mistakes of George W. Bush and Republicans in Congress.
....So whatever caused the 2007-9 recession had to have resulted from policies that the Bush administration was responsible for – either by initiating them or failing to act against them.
Space prohibits a full discussion of these issues, but certainly one factor had to be the squandering of budget surpluses that resulted from the policies of the Bill Clinton administration and their replacement by huge deficits under President Bush.
Mr. Bush inherited a budget surplus of $236 billion from Mr. Clinton in 2000, which fell to $128 billion in 2001. By 2002, the federal government ran a budget deficit of $158 billion, which rose to $377 billion in 2003, and $413 billion in 2004. The deficit fell to $318 billion in 2005,$248 billion in 2006, and $161 billion in 2007, then shot up to $459 billion in 2008.
It should be noted as well that the fiscal 2009 budget was submitted to Congress by Mr. Bush in January 2008 and took effect on Oct. 1 of that year – almost four months before President Obama took office.
Thus the government was running historically large budget deficits long after the end of the 2001 recession. As I have previously documented, these deficits resulted to a large extent from legislated tax cuts during the Bush years.
Let's take a short look at this shall we?

Mr. Bush inherited a budget surplus of $236 billion from Mr. Clinton in 2000, which fell to $128 billion in 2001. By 2002, the federal government ran a budget deficit of $158 billion, which rose to $377 billion in 2003, and $413 billion in 2004. The deficit fell to $318 billion in 2005,$248 billion in 2006, and $161 billion in 2007, then shot up to $459 billion in 2008.
Now what happened in 2001? Why do you libtards want to forget 9/11? If you notice it quickly started going back down until when? Who was in charge of Congress and who was running for president? There it is in your own post!!! Deal with it!!!! By the Clinton borrowed the money to make it look like a surplus. Magic number fudging!!!

Indianapolis, IN

#1043406 Dec 17, 2013
Pope Replaces Conservative U.S. Cardinal on Influential Vatican Committee

Pope Francis moved on Monday against a conservative American cardinal who has been an outspoken critic of abortion and same-sex marriage, by replacing him on a powerful Vatican committee with another American who is less identified with the culture wars within the Roman Catholic Church.

The pope’s decision to remove Cardinal Raymond L. Burke from the Congregation for Bishops was taken by church experts to be a signal that Francis is willing to disrupt the Vatican establishment in order to be more inclusive.

Scottsbluff, NE

#1043407 Dec 17, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
TPM? you little hypocrite. Another Progressive source.

Since: May 11

Newville, PA

#1043408 Dec 17, 2013
flack wrote:
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
Douglas Holtz-EakinPresident, American Action Forum
The Mythology of the Minimum Wage
Posted: 11/25/2013 6:27 pm
Raise the minimum wage and combat poverty! That sounds like a great idea, but... not so fast. As it turns out, increasing the minimum wage actually hurts the working poor, is a windfall for affluent families, and raises the barriers facing the unemployed. There is growing evidence that increasing the minimum wage hampers employment for low-skilled workers who need the most help and experience.
According to the Employment Policy Institute's Michael Saltsman, the majority of minimum wage employers are not large corporations with thousands of employees. Instead, the majority of minimum wage earners work for a local small business, with 40 percent having fewer than 50 employees. Most of these employees work part time--so they can take classes, take care of their families or supplement other income. Take the restaurant industry as an example, nearly 80 percent of restaurant workers that earn the federal minimum wage work part-time.
When faced with higher labor costs per hour, these small businesses have to make tough choices, and the decision to comply tends to impact low-skilled employees the most. In a recent study, Sabia, Burkhauser, and Hansen (2012) conclude that New York State's minimum wage increase from $5.15 to $6.75 in 2006 reduced employment by over 20 percent for the least skilled and least educated people in the workforce. The very audience that could use a raise will ultimately be put out of work entirely.
The minimum wage also impedes job creation, as demonstrated by a recent American Action Forum analysis. Employers forced to pay more per hour for labor, makes it impossible for them to expand their workforce and make new hires. California's recent minimum wage increase to $10 per hour will result in a loss of almost 200,000 new jobs. If every state followed suit, more than 2.3 million jobs could disappear nationwide. With 11.3 million unemployed people currently looking for work, driving a wedge between no paycheck and any paycheck is irresponsible.
The Employment Policies Institute (EPI) is one of several front groups created by Berman & Co., a Washington, DC public affairs firm owned by Rick Berman, who lobbies for the restaurant, hotel, alcoholic beverage and tobacco industries.

Wow Flack, you really are on a roll here.

I am shocked, a lobbyist for the restaurant trade arguing against the minimum wage. Who would have thunk it.

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