Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1420123 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1018657 Nov 5, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>That's weird because Huntsman's dad was said to be a good friend of Romney's. Oh well, maybe he was a better friend of Reid.
Well maybe he wanted his son to win the nomination! Mormons against Mormons!
Crist running as a Democrat for Gov. of Fl
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1018658 Nov 5, 2013
Richie Incognito Threatened Jonathan Martin, Used Racial Slur To Refer To Dolphins Teammate

Honolulu, HI

#1018659 Nov 5, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't think the poster said anything about the poor. He was talking about slothfulness and laziness.
A young woman admitted to having taken advantage of the system - lived in a nice apartment close to the beach, etc.- until it dawned on her that someone else had to work hard so she could have "the good life" for free. It was her "aha" moment.
There are a lot of people who never have an "aha" moment and have no qualms about taking advantage of others even if they did.
It's not about helping the poor. It's about being a gullible sap. Like you, for example.
It's great you have such unsubstantiated stories to talk about.

How often do you play it over in your mind son?

“Peace on Earth”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1018660 Nov 5, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text>nice to see a liberal put up a cost chart that doubles and triples. Yeah sure young people are going to pay that. NOT. Excellent chart indeed.
So, you think $26 -$122 (depending on your state) "doubles and triples" your costs? No one would ever accuse you of being very bright.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1018661 Nov 5, 2013
This cartoon is based on a Democracy Corps survey of Republicans:

They think they face a victorious Democratic Party that is intent on expanding government to increase dependency and therefore electoral support. It starts with food stamps and unemployment benefits; expands further if you legalize the illegals; but insuring the uninsured dramatically grows those dependent on government. They believe this is an electoral strategy — not just a political ideology or economic philosophy. If Obamacare happens, the Republican Party may be lost, in their view.
It's an incredibly cynical view, reducing any laws that have significantly improved Americans' quality of life to mere political gamesmanship. It calls the very notion of democracy into question.

Honolulu, HI

#1018662 Nov 5, 2013
ah verkligen wrote:
<quoted text>
If California was a private corporation and the Chief Financial Officer told the CEO that, whoopsie, my original estimates of a balanced budget were wrong and we are now massively in debt, he’d be fired. Yet California does this every year.
It sounds like Enron, only it was the SEC the execs had to report to!
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1018663 Nov 5, 2013
The National Football League is one of the most profitable enterprises in the world. However, it is regularly subsidized by state and local governments to build and upgrade facilities, its lucrative TV deals are exempt from antitrust laws, and, worst of all, the NFL enjoys nonprofit status.

You read that right: The NFL enjoys nonprofit status.

At a time when austerity measures have forced across-the-board cuts that have slowed our economy, cost us jobs, and threaten even deeper cuts to come, it’s time to stop the public giveaways to the world’s most profitable sports association.

United States

#1018664 Nov 5, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
You f*cking moron.
During the shutdown, tax dollars were still being collected but not all returned into the economy at the tune of 245 billion.
How the f*ck did you get so GD stupid?
Ah werks hard at it, Dave.

Now 'scuse me while ah brush mah one tooth.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1018665 Nov 5, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Teachers are some of the most hard working and devoted people who spend more time with our children than we do. They spend nights and weekends working on their craft; they make themselves available to students via cell phone and facebook. It's not a profession for everyone.
The disdain for the teaching profession is a republican mantra. This is fueled by evangelicals and wily businessmen like Jeb Bush who has his eye on the pie in the sky: public education money that he wants funneled into his bank account and he has been doing everything possible, as Governor of Florida and since then, behind the scenes to undermine public education. Name a Bush who ever made money in an honest way? They want that taxpayer money; it's a sick hunger. It was Jeb Bush who started FCAT in Florida; causing such stress to teachers who had to teach for a test that didn't have an affect on the students grade. It's all politics and it's sick.
I am glad that you realized that teaching wasn't your forte. You did countless students a favor.
Teachers are underpaid and overworked; just like nurses.
The politicans who want to dismantle public education don't have any regard for the poor and middle class; their kids never have to go to public school.
Lily, besides the fact you never seem to get the point, you don't have to tell me how much time and effort and dedication goes into being a teacher. I used to be one.

If anyone respects teachers, it's me. And if I hadn't been considered a good teacher, I wouldn't have had parents requesting their child be in my classroom or asked to be a supervising teacher for a student intern.

It's not a desire to teach or the love of teaching that drives teachers away. It's the politics in the public school system.

New teachers go into the classroom wearing their ideals on their sleeves. They find out there is no support system, their hands are tied by the political correctness of letting students run the show and administrators do the bidding of unions and miss the whole point of educating by encouraging teaching a test to get more money from the government instead of providing a safety net for teachers and putting students first.

Throwing more money at the problem doesn't educate.

A distaste for the public education system has nothing to do with one's political persuasion. As many liberal teachers are leaving the profession as conservatives.

Too many public schools are in complete disarray and have forgotten students come first. That means everyone working toward the same goal of producing educated and respectful adults. Many administrators seem to have their own agenda instead and unions encourage it.

That's the point.
Laney F

Jamaica, NY

#1018666 Nov 5, 2013
Mr Lib wrote:
<quoted text>
Proving once again that GOP ranks are filled with racist hatemongers.
Did you remember to brush your one tooth this morning, Goober?
How many of these belong to the GOP?

'From America's small towns to urban metropolises, black mob violence has been on the rise in recent years, despite President Barack Obama's pledge, as the first black president, to bring hope and change to a post-racial America.

Some of the violence has involved rowdy black youths simply raising hell, coming together in threatening flash mobs or converging for events like Miami's Urban Beach Week; yet many gatherings of black mobs have involved vicious and unprovoked attacks on whites, such as one that recently occurred in Brooklyn, New York. Ten black youths blocked a white couple's car while shouting racial slurs, then beat up the husband and pulled the wife by hair onto the street.

Author and journalist Colin Flaherty has chronicled the trend of black mob violence in his book "White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America." Austin had escaped this trend until last Saturday night, when some 200 black youths rampaged near an iconic haunted-house attraction, the House of Torment, at the nearly empty Highland Mall. Video from an orbiting police helicopter revealed roving bands of youths walking around, with some occasionally engaging in fistfights among themselves. Some reportedly sported various gang colors.

In their reporting on the riot, Austin's media outlets followed a widely accepted rule of mainstream journalism today: THEY FAILED TO MENTION THAT THE RIOTERS WERE BLACK.

Yet many Austin residents surmised as much -- and their suspicions were confirmed when mug shots were published of four of at least five black youths whom police arrested. A police commander subsequently told local website CultureMap Austin that, yes, the rioters were mostly blacks.

"Initial skirmishes in that race war have already begun, and have in fact been going on for some years," he wrote. "But public officials pretend that it is not happening, and the mainstream media seldom publish it at all, except in ways that conceal what is really taking place."

As officials grapple with Austin's first case of larger-scale mob violence by angry black youths, they're contending as well with the consequences of Austin's status as a sanctuary city: a school system overwhelmed with poor Hispanic children, many from chaotic and impoverished homes of illegal immigrant families from Mexico and Central America.

Austin's political and cultural landscape is dominated by rabidly liberal Democrats. As the city's social problems mount, it's unlikely that many in Austin's political class will get mugged by reality.

Read more:

The MSM under-reporting black violence. Shocker.

“Peace on Earth”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1018667 Nov 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
If the person has the $25K to spend on medical care, how does such a policy threaten the well-being of his family, considering that he can probably save $25K in two or three years?
Problem is.....most people who choose that plan don't have $25,000 to spend. They are merely picking a policy based on the lowest premium and holding their breath that nothing happens.

Now that we have Obamacare, we really do need to eliminate Medical Expenses from being wiped out in bankruptcy. People need to take responsibility for their choices in life.

Indianapolis, IN

#1018668 Nov 5, 2013
The Virginia Gubernatorial Race Proves the GOP Is Suicidal

Purple Virginia is the closest thing we have to a national test kitchen—and what’s cooking in the governor’s race there smells like another serving of disaster for Republicans.

the best....

Obamacare vs. Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli was the first state attorney general to sue the federal government over Obamacare. This was considered a huge booster issue for his candidacy. So, as the disastrous rollout continues and the full effects of Obamacare are becoming known, one would assume the issue would work to strengthen Cuccinelli over the pro-Obamacare McAuliffe. But in Virginia, there is a serious problem with this thinking.

National Lesson: Remember what my friend wrote in her email: I voted McAuliffe because I think Cuccinelli is too extreme especially on women’s issues. I really think he is a nut! It looks like “nut” has grown into a larger issue than the Obamacare disaster.

Honolulu, HI

#1018669 Nov 5, 2013
Waxman wrote:
Blind follower who can't be intellectually honest (blamer):
<quoted text>
Perhaps. But unlike you, American son!

United States

#1018670 Nov 5, 2013

Buroc Millhouse Obama

Hamden, CT

#1018671 Nov 5, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
You f*cking moron.
During the shutdown, tax dollars were still being collected but not all returned into the economy at the tune of 245 billion.
How the f*ck did you get so GD stupid?
If you had any common sense and weren't such an idiot, you would see the light.

It must be really frustrating for you to not be able to understand anything.

That explains what most of your problem is.

King William, VA

#1018672 Nov 5, 2013
Mr Lib wrote:
<quoted text>
Proving once again that GOP ranks are filled with racist hatemongers.
Did you remember to brush your one tooth this morning, Goober?
Call it what you will but the numbers don't lie , blacks have the highest drop out rate , highest teen pregnancy rate , highest unwed birth rate , highest single parent [or no parent] household , highest STD and AIDs of any ethnic group , the no.1 cause of death of a black male between the age of 18 to 25 yrs is another black male between the age of 18 to 25 yrs of age , blacks make up roughly 18% of the general population yet they make up close to 80% to 85% of the prison population , and thats your claim to fame you should be very proud .

Honolulu, HI

#1018673 Nov 5, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Prove it.
lol! Don't ask for things you refuse to do son.

It doesn't make you look smart... ok, it's too late but still....!!!

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1018674 Nov 5, 2013
Lily, the NEA explains why teachers are leaving the profession:

"Workplace conditions are sometimes so surreal they make leaving the profession seem like their best or only option."

Maybe this will help you understand it better.

Since: Jul 08

We will not go gentle

#1018675 Nov 5, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
WTF planet do you live on anyway?
HeadupyourOWNanusof CLUELESS.
IndependentHogonAss's family reunion?

Indianapolis, IN

#1018676 Nov 5, 2013
supporting my last post....more nut butter.

Stumping on behalf of Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli on Monday, former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul predicted that states will soon "ignore the feds" and nullify the Affordable Care Act.

“Jefferson obviously was a clear leader on the principle of nullification,” Paul said at a rally in Richmond, Va., according to Politico.

“I’ve been working on the assumption that nullification is going to come. It’s going to be a de facto nullification. It’s ugly, but pretty soon things are going to get so bad that we’re just going to ignore the feds and live our own lives in our own states."

As Politico noted, Paul was invoking a term with deep roots in the Civil War era while speaking in a former capital of the confederacy. He also decried the taxes associated with the health care law.

“The taxes involved there, they’re evil,” Paul said.“They’re going to create class warfare, generational warfare."

With polls pegging him as the underdog to Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Tuesday's election, Cuccinelli has spent the closing days of the campaign trotting out a parade of GOP stars while trying to make the race a referendum on the Affordable Care Act.

Prior to the rally with Paul, Cuccinelli appeared at a get-out-the-vote event in Warrenton, Va. with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

i don't think that's going to help.

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