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Lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1007769 Oct 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Jesus' mission on earth and his message was definitely to a dying world so that God's love and forgiveness would be made known to every man, woman and child and is ours just for the asking.
Oh brother.. This so not a religious site
TheIndpendentMaj ority

London, KY

#1007770 Oct 20, 2013
Grey Ghost wrote:
<quoted text>
And your mythical god allows millions to starve to death each year. What a heathen he must be...And by the way why is your god a man...You chauvinist pig.
Ohh..oh....gee...that from a master of feral swine!
NJ raider 1

Washington, DC

#1007771 Oct 20, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Comprehension problems?
Forty three year old Jay Z is a conglomerate with hundreds if not thousands of employees and liabilities up the ying yang. His net worth is in the $500 million range.
Twenty three year old Taylor Swift is a singer songwriter whose net worth is in the $220 million range. She has a handful of employees and few liabilities__she's owns her music and will collect royalties on it forever.
You're a fkn idiot.
So, who owns Jay-z music stupid? He owns his own label so, why would he sign the rights of his music over to someone else. Taylor Swift is signed to a label so, at the least she's dividing the pie in half. What part of stupid are you stuck on? 40/40 clubs, rocawear, ace of spade &, black label liquor, music ventures that exceeds $100m &, not including his music, partial owner of the Nets( use to be), owner of his own label with artists like Kanye West, Rihanna, J-Cole, platinum selling artists. Where in you tiny brain do you find the comparison? It's a fact that rappers signed to record deals make far less money than R&B, Country, Rock&Roll &, maybe even gospel so, your lie yesterday about Rap being a money venture for rappers is a lie. And you just contradicted yourself. You give Taylor Swift props for not getting jerked &, turn around &, blame rapper for not signing faulty contracts! Hypocrite!

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1007772 Oct 20, 2013
killtaker wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you think the southern border of the United States is secure?
Do you want it secure?
No, it is not secure. Yes, I want it secure. HOWEVER, I'm not convinced a fence is the answer. People will find a way under, over or through the fence.(There are already videos on youtube of people climbing over the fence). IMO, it is more of an eyesore than a deterrence. Besides, you can't just build a $7 billion fence and not maintain it which seems to be the plan. It's not going to work.

Windsor, CT

#1007774 Oct 20, 2013
Bernard Forand wrote:
Notice that when Lois arrives the deceit of judges increases. Ahh but that is to be expected. As it is with addicts that can not handle the truth they seek their deceits. Its all they have left. LOL don’t forget they have the POWER of asking their deity of forgiveness and their sins are whooshed away. Now they can start with a new slate of purity???? LOL To be RED is to be NUMB.
.. Lets put the two parties to the numbers..
Inequality has demonstrated its destructive effects to our democracy through out history. Here and abroad. Here if we take the past 80 years and examine in detail what stimulates inequality distributions, we may define a tool to gage our vote. Identify who contributes to a greater distribution of our laborers productivity. One example is Obamacare. Effectively redistributing health cost with a progressive cost to premium in ratio to “income not health”.
The book,“ Bulls Bears and the Ballot Box. By Bob Deitreick and Lew Goldfarb” inspired the following;
Ever wonder which party is the party to attend to.
Promoting Inequality through the Income Gap, as one example, of many.
A mathematical investigation was produced by the statisticians Pedro Santa Clara and Rossen Valkanov that exposes the superior performance of the stock markets under democrats. That this is but one example of the democrat’s superiority, as there are more.
Their study encompasses 80 years. Study demonstrates systematically and positively surprised by democratic policies. Comparing the stewardship of the two parties. They calculated each economic indicator as an “annual average” during the democrats and republicans of their economic stewardship of their 40 years each. Turns out to be a landslide for democrats providing beneficial returns to the nation. One example; Democrat’s presided over a very respectable average annual compound return of 9.60% during their 40 years where in as republicans averaged a dismal 0.58%.
Consider this; a 401K plan invested in stocks and had a value of $100,000 at the beginning of the 40 years. Democrats would accumulate in compound interest $ 3,912,210 where in as republicans would only produce $126,027 . Another example; “IF” an employee were to invest $5,000 per year into their 401K for 40 years in a democratic stewardship the employee would have $1,985,526 in the bank. Where as the republican would produce a dismal $224,375.
That republicans advocate that they are good for businesses is false as compared to the democrats
Another interesting fact emerges within the statistical study. The income gap between the 99% and the top 1% has widened considerably under republicans. Averaging .49% as compared to the democrat’s .41% That is to say under republicans the income gap in 40 years, widened by 19.6% and narrowed 16.4%. Resulting in a 36% difference.
LOL on debt republicans increased debt by 2.5 times greater than that of the democrats. Republicans $7.1 Trillion vs. the democrats $2.8 Trillion.
GOP’s Self-Proclamation for economic dominance; in fact it is a misnomer to call the GOP a fiscal responsible party and or a smaller government, when in fact the contrary is true.
Obama’s administration indicates he sought the great leaders on these issue. Eccles and FDR, Clinton and O’Neill to do what is most productive for our nation.
Now pass on this one small example of the fallacies of the republican’s erroneous policies and deceptions.. .
Do you admit you are a worthless socialist?

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1007775 Oct 20, 2013
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
Did GW shut down the government because Congress failed to fund HIS project just like the Magic Negro did?
We have a pre-pubescent boy in the White House.
Bush wasn't dealing with a pre-pubescent House of Representatives that took a pledge not to negotiate.
Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#1007776 Oct 20, 2013

Presently there is a growing rift that has grown into a chasm within the republicans. Looks like the old guard republican are now emulating our forefathers of 1773 and are gathering up the Tea and casting it out unto the waters of oblivion.
Republicans seeking a rebirth to their Progressive Grand Old Party? First they must perform an abortion. Casting out the Teabaggers out to the waters of political oblivion. Democrats will lend a hand in cleaning up another republican dysfunctional mess. Then we will roll out the barrel and celebrate. Returning to arguments, debates, compromise, and moving on to A bipartisan celebration!
Feuding within the republican clan’s is heating up. Thursday {May 23 2013], across the bow shouts could be heard, between the forces of the traditionalist republicans and the Tea Party.
John McCain {R} accuses the Tea Party of overplaying their hand and tempting the democrats to change the minority rule in favor of up and down votes. Eliminating the 60% needed to pass a bill. All that would be required is simple majority.{51%”} Similar to the six times the republicans evoked during the Bush administration.
Established conservatives of voted 76 opposing to the 40 remaining Tea Party newcomers, lead by John McCain, disagreeing to consuming any more Tea. Moves on seeking to establishing a budget; as the Tea Party opposes any budget conferences on the issue.
Eric Cantor {R} leads the gang of four; Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul {R} of Kentucky, Mike Lee {R} of Utah and Marco Rubio {R} of Florida. They won their seats in opposition to the traditionalist republicans. They are Infamous for their roles in the Hostage/Ransom scenarios and “Our way or the Highway” scenarios for governing our USA. Ahh the foul fragrances of dictatorship vaporizing from the Tea Potters…

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1007777 Oct 20, 2013
Grey Ghost wrote:
<quoted text>
It's your party that proves over and over their bigotry, unless a Herman Cain comes along and then your hypocrisy takes over. He was a total joke in the same mold as Palin and you sheep jumped when you thought you had something going there. You didn't care in the least if they were qualified.
Are you referring to the same Herman Cain who was a successful businessman and chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Omaha Branch from 1989 to 1991, deputy chairman from 1992 to 1994, and chairman from 1995 to 1996 of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and who became the CEO of the National Restaurant Association from 1996 to 1999?

That Herman Cain?

What company, state or local government department did Obama lead or preside over again?

Before becoming the leader of this nation?
Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#1007778 Oct 20, 2013
A growing rift within republican party is widening into a chasm! From the depths will their come rebirth or desolation?
Chasm widens. Will this give birth to the Progressive Grand Old Party?
Senator Ted Cruz {R Tea Party} from Texas has launched his desires for the 2016 presidenticy as has Marco Rubio {R Tea Party} of Florida.
Cruz has revealed as he says “ A dirty little secret, republicans {traditionalist} would like very much to cast a symbolic vote against raising the debt ceiling and nonetheless to allow our democrat friends on the left side of the aisle to raise the debt ceiling.”
Mike Lee {R Tea Party} and Ted Cruz prefer the hostage/ransom method to block any progress of the Congress. John McCain {R Traditional} disagrees as this will inflame the scenario of an up and down vote by the democrats. Who will then expand that to all Key issues.
Democrats begin to set the stage. Complaining of how the republicans are blocking or delaying confirmation of top White House nominees. Including Federal Judges. Accusing a small group are abusing their powers to block actions for our Congress to proceed with the governing of our Nation.
The Chasm Widens…
TheIndpendentMaj ority

London, KY

#1007779 Oct 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
"You people" claim the earth has been here 2000 years?
Recorded civilized history goes back centuries before Christ. That's why the Gregorian calendar distinguishes B.C. from A.D.
So to what people are you referring?
(My suggestion is you stop now before you post something else that might embarrass you.)
That's where some of the peabrains (no matter the race, creed, or lack of creed, or color) get stumped--

The "recorded civilized" part.......

Which doesn't actually include cave drawings, or hieroglyphics per say.

Amazing sometimes, the LACK of insight in some, when it comes to that stuff, because the concept of ALL of them existing with their own individual merit worthiness, just isn't (or shouldn't be) that difficult of a concept to comprehend.
TheIndpendentMaj ority

London, KY

#1007780 Oct 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
"You people" claim the earth has been here 2000 years?
Recorded civilized history goes back centuries before Christ. That's why the Gregorian calendar distinguishes B.C. from A.D.
So to what people are you referring?
(My suggestion is you stop now before you post something else that might embarrass you.)
like OINK OINK feral feral LOL

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#1007781 Oct 20, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
Republican donors were horrified in November after pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns for president and Congress with nothing to show for it..”
Pro Sports is littered with "pouring in money and getting nothing to show for it' scenario's....

"JaMarcus Russell: Worst contract ever"

"...$39 million collected for three years of doing nothing."

No worry Raiders owner...just charge your idiot fans 15 bucks for a hot dog...

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#1007782 Oct 20, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:

Republican donors were horrified in November after pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns for president and Congress with nothing to show for it..”

"...By the time the Blazers waived Oden last season, they had paid him $20.8 million for 82 games. That's $253,659 a game or $11,454 per in-game minute."

Since: Feb 08

Spokane, WA

#1007783 Oct 20, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
The problem with too many drugs being prescribed could be cured if we made advertising prescription drugs to the general public illegal.
"real dumb"
What do you not understand about freedom of speech? Everything? Why would you advocate shutting off information about legal products? You are a real piece of work;
- You hate our military
- You hate freedom of speech
- You hate religion, well maybe you give a pass to islam
- You hate republicans/conservatives
- You hate folks who think for themselves
- You hate folks who bust their fanny, take care of their own and provide the tax dollars that allow you to be a mooch
- You hate all who who dare to point out the failings of president nobama
- Heck you would hate my neighbor, a dedicated democrat, a military veteran, saw action in Nam, enjoys conversing will all whether they agree with or not, is Roman Catholic, is always willing to listen to those who disagree with him, pays taxes and while he is a supporter of president nobama he is disturbed by the abandoning of our forces in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the growing ranks of American's on food stamps.

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#1007784 Oct 20, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:

"Republican donors were horrified in November after pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns for president and Congress with nothing to show for it..”


Someone paid for this...who do you think it was?

"...The Marlins paid Hampton more than $30 million not to pitch..."
Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#1007785 Oct 20, 2013
Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you admit you are a worthless socialist?
Socialist? Yes we are. Only a naive would not comprehend that. From your sidewalk to the realms of outer space YOU support a socialism ideology to support your capitalism. All you are is a puppet of the fox making you a socialist RED neck. Now on to reality and away from your callow nonsense of this for that malarkey. Of which you have no knowledge of.

Tea Party validate their vindictive policies with various hyper false RED herrings. Example; IRS issue has always been used by all administrations dating back to F.D.R. Only difference with the Obama administration is that it started from the bottom up, as all others started from top down. Another red herring is Benghazi, and if you will remember Libya, lack of security issues. Considering it was the Tea Party leading with the Hue and Cry to deny Obama’s request for additional funds to increase security to our embassies’, right after the Libyan War. Now they PROJECT their errors onto the Executive branch. Using this to validate their need to hold Congress and the Nation into another Hostage/Ransom, Our Way or The Highway scenarios. Refusing any conferences that promotes a budget. Accusing democrats of over reach and obfuscation.??? Hmmm Paradox leadership.. Tea promotes Emperor ideologies.
Gazing at some of these comments I see people stating thoughts that they can not defend. Just what the Truth is, they can’t say anymore, nevermore…

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1007786 Oct 20, 2013
killtaker wrote:
Even the terrorist are using the 'you did not build it' schtick...
"A Taliban ban on vaccination is exacerbating a serious polio outbreak in Pakistan"
I get so tired of hearing the rightwing's selective editing of "you didn't build it".

What he said was "if you are successful, you didn't get there on your own.... somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together."

And you know what? He was right.
Lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#1007787 Oct 20, 2013
USAsince1680 wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, I disagree. People aren't saving less because of "Obama's new taxes". They are saving less because they feel secure about their future.
In 2008, people were saving money at twice the rate as 2007 and, at the time, it was predicted that once the economy improved people would return to their "shop-till-you-drop" ways. That is exactly what they have done. It is a result of Obama turning the economy around.
I will say that I was not a big fan of the Affordable Care Act when it was enacted. I said at the time it was too all-encompassing but it passed and I believe we have an obligation to do all we can to see it succeeds. IMO, the proof of whether or not it is a success will be the emergency room occupancy rates and a stop to the ever escalating policy premiums. If emergency rooms are still full and premiums continue to rise, it is a failure.
It seems to me the people who are doing all the complaining are the ones who are too self-indulged to comprehend the value of health insurance. They are the very ones who get in an accident or are diagnosed with a terminal illness and expect tax payers to pick up the tab. The ACA will, at the very least, make these people give health insurance a second thought.... even if all they are doing is paying a penalty for non-compliance.
I've had several people say things such as: I don't go to the doctor so why should I have to pay for insurance.
And, I can just go to the ER if something happens.
And; I know so many young women who have had their babies and Medicaid paid for everything, then she whispered.(And, theyre white)!!
I said to her, wow, and you thought only lack people did that? It's amazing.
I asked her what would she and her husband do if either of them needed heart surgery, or got cancer?
I explained to her that those options are used by people with nothing to lose, no homes, no assets, no credit.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1007788 Oct 20, 2013
USAsince1680 wrote:
<quoted text>
Bush wasn't dealing with a pre-pubescent House of Representatives that took a pledge not to negotiate.
You've got the "pre-pubescent" side confused.

Republicans stopped just short of begging Obama and Reid to negotiate.

It was Obama who announced, "I will not negotiate" ad nauseum. Remember?

Democrats have shutdown the government numerous times for reasons much less significant than a partisan law that has created such a far-reaching upheaval affecting us all so profoundly.

What if the ACA had been nicknamed BushCare or ReaganCare and had been written solely by Republicans, passed solely by Republicans without one Republican having even read it or knowing what's in it and which all Democrats and the majority of Americans were adamantly against?

Would you have had a problem if Democrats took back the House after that law was passed and demanded input into that law?

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#1007789 Oct 20, 2013
Bernard Forand wrote:
<quoted text>
Typical of right wing red nuts. Evoking their incantations to subdue the truth of their demise. All their make believe intelligence is derived by one book that is so full of contradictions it has been reduced to fables, myths and falsehoods. For example does their so called deity turn the other cheek when accosted by the devil that was created by whom???
Does this deity forgive the trespasses as the deity would have the trespasses forgiven?
Will this deity ever forgive the enemy?
LOL so much bunk from the comic book philosophy of the right wing nuts books of superstitions. Go back to your altar of sanctimonious hypocrisy that all religions preach. Cure thy self before exposing your ignorance to us all. Demonizing your GOPy party of what little credit they have. Remember when the RED’s were going to invade America? Well they did. Now 2014 with your vote return them to their abysses of ignorance and let us take this country forward and on to a greater intelligence.
let me get this straight? you are voting for blue balls? ROTFLMAO.

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