Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1263781 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#1003372 Oct 14, 2013
We did not build it!

The democrats tell us so...

they make everything for us...
they made the dirt in my back yard...

and the made this...

"Reuters to Cut 5% of Newsroom Jobs"
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#1003373 Oct 14, 2013
You did not make that...

It's over!
The Government fixed it!

"Food stamp debit cards working again after outage"

Since: May 11

Chambersburg, PA

#1003374 Oct 14, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
More ObamaKare in the news....
Obamacare forces layoffs of healthcare Workers
"Due to the new regulations and lower reimbursement rates, many healthcare providers are laying off massive amounts of workers to offset the costs of Obamacare. In 2009, Obama visited the Cleveland Clinics and touted that the example they provide would be what Obamacare would provide nationwide. Technically, he's right, just not for the better.
“And part of the reason it works well is because they've set up a system where patient care is the number-one concern, not bureaucracy, what forms have to be filled out, what do we get reimbursed for. Those are changes that I think the American people want to see.”- Obama
Ironically, it's the bureaucracy that is forcing the Cleveland Clinic to cut 330 million from it's budget and to lay off 3,000 of it's 39,000 workforce. A spokesman for the clinic told Fox News that the moves were necessary because the increased costs of Obamacare and the lower reimbursement rates for services. Another spokesman for the clinic says that the situation facing the Cleveland Clinic are not unique and are felt all across America.
Jay Carney refused to discuss the cutbacks at the Cleveland Clinics.

You people are dumber than sh*t.

Since: Nov 11

Westerville, OH

#1003375 Oct 14, 2013
For DemocRATS, illegals are more important than veterans that risked their lives for their freedom.

Deltona, FL

#1003376 Oct 14, 2013
Purple Gurl wrote:
<quoted text>
I demand a Purplonian-American President next time. They should have well-groomed tentacles, a nice purple hue, and some young aliens who aren't out sliming up the place, taking alien drugs, nor joining gangs.
Kinda like the legendary long shafted purple headed nutslinger?
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#1003377 Oct 14, 2013
We did not build anything!

The Federal Government did!

The built all the sidewalks...

They created Anthrax!

and tht made this happen for a town in Delaware?

See what happens when Democrats pick winners and losers...

"Evraz Claymont Steel shutting dow"

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#1003378 Oct 14, 2013
flack wrote:
<quoted text> As I stated above. They can get rid of both programs as long as they get rid of the taxes also.
How much is taken out of a minimum wage forty hour a week person?$60? Assuming that this person never got a raise or another higher paying job the rest of their life how much would that be at 70 assuming they start at 18? Even without compound interest it's $162,240. My guess that with a decent rate of return that money would be several million dollars. So that should be enough to live comfortably during your retirement. Friggin' libtards are so stupid.
you got that right about the Libtard's Stupidity and I agree with what you are saying.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#1003379 Oct 14, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
That is why the Dems included this in Obamacare and unanimously voted for it?
You are right there too.

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1003380 Oct 14, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
So, tell us why the Democrats stopped funding the death benefits.
Why didn't the Democrats fund death benefits and stop funding Big Bird? Obviously, Big Bird is more important than the people who volunteered to protect us and died doing that.
This is an excellent example of what the priorities of the Demcorats actually are. There was a choice, Big Bird or the patriots defending us. The Democrats gave the money to Big Bird, and no money to those who died protecting us.
The Democrats wouldn't even consider giving Big Bird less money so the death benefits could be paid. To the Democrats, Big Bird was so important, all death benefits had to be withheld so Big Bird could get all of the... what was it, 440 million dollars?
Tell us how much in death benefits the Demcorats thought was unimportant, and compare that to the amount of money given to PBS. Then, tell us why a small portion of the money given to PBS couldn't have been withheld so the death benefits to those who volunteered to protect us.
The impact would have been something like, PBS gets 438 million instead of 440 million, or something like that.
Every time you turn around, the Democrats are spitting into the faces of veterans. That's who the Democrats are.
You know, your writing reminds me a lot of that cop killer Christopher Dorner's rambling manifesto. It aren't concerned with facts...just a lot of rambling bizarre personal opinions.

FACT: "Democrats" did not stop funding death benefits...Congress did. It was a mistake they made in their rush to draw up the “Pay Our Military Act”– which guaranteed paychecks for members of the military during the shutdown. It was fixed. Get over it.

NJ raider 1

Baltimore, MD

#1003381 Oct 14, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
So you don't think Democrats ever lose elections or the Congress? Republicans didn't treat them like they were irrelevant and passed a major partisan law without giving them any input or having one of them on board. That has never happened - at least not to my knowledge and I've been following politics for four decades now.
I don't even recall the present bullying ever being the case by former Democrats who were elected in the past.
How old are you anyway? Because I can assure you, we are NOT in Kansas anymore.
So Your theory is " it's never been done before so, that makes it illegal " even though the drafting &, signing of the ACA were done by the letter of the law! Is that what you're saying? Are you saying that you're founding fathers had it wrong when they constructed each body of gov't &, the power it holds? You're whining & making excuses for the lack of America's supporting your side &, their " rich white first" ideology. It took a while but, the American population is starting to see, equality is better for this country, not the myth of equality. In all fairness, reading minorities equal will solve both the crime rate &, unemployment problems. For Christ sake, you people don't even want to raise the minimum wage, knowing that each time it's been done, the economy has prospered as a result!

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1003382 Oct 14, 2013
Reneging on its debt obligations would make the U.S. the first major Western government to default since Nazi Germany 80 years ago.
Germany unilaterally ceased payments on long-term borrowings on May 6, 1933, three months after Adolf Hitler was installed as Chancellor. The default helped cement Hitler’s power base following years of political instability as the Weimar Republic struggled with its crushing debts.
Enlarge image U.S. Risks Joining 1933 Germany in Pantheon of Deadbeat Defaults
Failure by the world’s biggest economy to pay its debt in an interconnected, globalized world risks an array of devastating consequences that could lay waste to stock markets from Brazil to Zurich. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg
“These are generally catastrophic economic events,” said Professor Eugene N. White, an economics historian at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.“There is no happy ending.”
The debt reparations piled onto Germany, which in 1913 was the world’s third-biggest economy, sparked the hyperinflation, borrowings and political deadlock that brought the Nazis to power, and the default. It shows how excessive debt has capricious results, such as the civil war and despotism that ravaged Florence after England’s Edward III refused to pay his obligations from the city-state’s banks in 1339, and the Revolution of 1789 that followed the French Crown’s defaults in 1770 and 1788.
Failure by the world’s biggest economy to pay its debt in an interconnected, globalized world risks an array of devastating consequences that could lay waste to stock markets from Brazil to Zurich and bring the $5 trillion market in Treasury-backed loans to a halt. Borrowing costs would soar, the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency would be in doubt and the U.S. and world economies would risk plunging into recession -- and potentially depression.
Members of the Tea Party should be soooo proud of themselves for bringing America to its knees. NOT. If this was the old west, the universal cry would be "Hang 'em high"!


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#1003383 Oct 14, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
I would like the states to have full control over these issues and I would like to see Fed taxes reduced with States obtaining more.
I would have responded to him but sometimes I've just dealt with his dumb ass enough. My solution:$0.20 consumption tax. No other taxes. None! Split this way.$0.12 local,$0.07 state, and $0.03 federal. If you can't run the three different governments with the money they receive then cut the government till you can. Then cut it some more. We need to get back to the way the founders envisioned. The most power at the local level. Local politicians are more reachable by the people.

Deltona, FL

#1003384 Oct 14, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Okay, I'm just going to be as blunt as I can. It's the only way you'll get this.
Men who love women don't stick cigars in women's vaginas to avoid having a "presidential love child".
Men who love women don't take pictures of their penises and send them to woman behind their wives' back.
Men who love women don't have mistresses and love children when their wife is dying of cancer.
You think killing the unborn is all about women's rights. You should move to Saudi Arabia or Syria.
How sad for you.
That's some real funny chit babe.

Since: May 11

Chambersburg, PA

#1003385 Oct 14, 2013
flack wrote:
<quoted text> (1) Anybody over 65 nothing would change. On a sliding scale people would be encouraged to save the tax money now being removed from their paycheck now. Most people couldn't tell you how much is removed from their paycheck so they wouldn't miss it anyway. With people saving at least a third of their paycheck every pay period you would have to get rid of the estate tax. One of the biggest problems is the democrat/progressives need to confiscate wealth. If the people are no longer poor why would they need them. I may go into this more later.
(2)The truly disabled will always be taken care of. Notice I said truly disabled.
(3) Unemployment is due to the tax and other policies of the government. Getting the government off the backs of small business and corporation will free them to do what they do. Grow and prosper. New businesses will spring up. Government is the problem. Not the solution.
(4) Your dislike of the Fair Tax is irrational. You would stop the poor people being lifted out of poverty because some rich guy might make a dollar. Just remember this. What hurts the big guy hurts the small guy more. With the fair tax the US would become the largest tax haven in the world. Money would flow here in the billions. We would have to import a million people a year to keep up with job growth.
So what happens when their money runs out? Do they starve on the street? Maybe a bad investment. Maybe a medical emergency wipes them out.

As you take away SS & Medicare funding in your sliding scale, how do you fund those on SS & Medicare? You just took that funding & put it into some one's account.

Your fairtax s a dream made up by rich people & corporations. You just gave them huge tax breaks. Who makes up for those loses?

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1003386 Oct 14, 2013
Grey Ghost wrote:
<quoted text>
Get back on your meds idiot.
His recent absence was probably due to the fact that he was on a 5150 hold at the local psychiatric ward.
Grey Ghost

Partlow, VA

#1003387 Oct 14, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
A new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows that both sides are losing as far as public opinion on who's responsible.
According to the survey, 25% of Americans think the two sides are equally responsible for the government shutdown, while 36% place more blame on Republicans in Congress and 33% place more blame on President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress.
That's only a 3% margin and Obama's approval is in the tank at 37%.
Probably not a good idea to be too confident too soon.
Sounds far more like you are whistling as you pass the cemetery again.The top always gets blamed more,but anyone with an IQ over most baggers know just who the real culprits are. Thats an easy call. except of course you morons.

Since: Aug 13

Bozeman, MT

#1003388 Oct 14, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, it's a "black thang", Realtime. That's why there are more black Republicans now than when Obama was elected.
How does it feel to be so clueless and a race baiter to boot?
The old and reliable 'because he's black'- repeated ad nauseam, always without any real thought or effort to be either truthful OR original.

In other words, a real yawner.
Grey Ghost

Partlow, VA

#1003389 Oct 14, 2013
Grey Ghost wrote:
<quoted text>
Since you seem so proud of your very misleading stats. How about the real ones..DUMBO.
States receiving the most in federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are as follows.
1 D.C.$6.17 2 N. Dakota $2.03 3 N Mexico $1.89 4 Mississippi $1.84 5 Alaska $1.82 6 W.Va.$1.74 7 Montana $1.64 8 Alabama $1.61 9 S. Dakota $1.59 10 Arkansas $1.53.
Now the states that receive the least in federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid. 1 N Jersey $0.62 2 Connecticut $0.64 3 N Hampshire $0.68 4 Nevada $ 0.73 5 Illinois $ 077 6 Colorado $0.79 7 Massachusetts $0.79 8 Calif.$0.81 9 New York $0.81.... 79% of the states receiving the least spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are "BLUE" states. Suck on that DUMBO.
Hey where did Carol and Whatever go on this one????
Grey Ghost

Partlow, VA

#1003390 Oct 14, 2013
USAsince1680 wrote:
<quoted text>
His recent absence was probably due to the fact that he was on a 5150 hold at the local psychiatric ward.

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1003391 Oct 14, 2013
flack wrote:
<quoted text> Truckers, by their very nature, work for a living. Unlike slacker libtards who leech off of them. Remember libtards, without out a trucker you wouldn't get your booze or or any of the other stuff your food stamps buys you.
Duck and run from the truth. Typical Republican...when cornered by truth, resort to personal attacks.

Of course truckers work for a living. That is the very reason everyone predicted the protest would be a BUST.

FACT: The "Great Big Trucker Siege of Washington DC" touted by Republicans as a massive attack against Obama policies was a BUST and Republicans, once again, are left with egg on their face.

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