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Bozeman, MT

#996614 Oct 6, 2013
USAsince1680 wrote:
<quoted text>

5 - Provides free preventive care
Free, huh? Free for whom?

And who are these 'preventive care' people who work for free?

Lillington, NC

#996615 Oct 6, 2013
Remember when the media rushed to talk about transparency in the Barack Obama “Hope and Change” era? Good times, good times. Leonard Downie, who once worked as the executive editor of the Washington Post and wrote a novel about Washington corruption and the Iraq War, finds a bigger and non-fictional problem in the successor to George W. Bush. Downie gives the Post a preview of his report from the Committee to Protect Journalists which outlines the Obama war on reporters and their sources:

“A memo went out from the chief of staff a year ago to White House employees and the intelligence agencies that told people to freeze and retain any e-mail, and presumably phone logs, of communications with me,” Sanger said. As a result, longtime sources no longer talk to him.“They tell me:‘David, I love you, but don’t e-mail me. Let’s don’t chat until this blows over.’&#8201;”

Sanger, who has worked for the Times in Washington for two decades, said,“This is most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.”

Many leak investigations include lie-detector tests for government officials with access to the information at issue.“Reporters are interviewing sources through intermediaries now,” Barr told me,“so the sources can truthfully answer on polygraphs that they didn’t talk to reporters.”

The investigations have been “a kind of slap in the face” for reporters and their sources, said Smith of the Center for Public Integrity.“It means you have to use extraordinary measures for contacts with officials speaking without authorization.”

Amusingly, Downie posits this question at the end of the essay:

Will Obama recognize that all this threatens his often-stated but unfulfilled goal of making government more transparent and accountable? None of the Washington news media veterans I talked to were optimistic.

“Whenever I’m asked what is the most manipulative and secretive administration I’ve covered, I always say it’s the one in office now,” Bob Schieffer, CBS News anchor and chief Washington correspondent, told me.“Every administration learns from the previous administration. They become more secretive and put tighter clamps on information. This administration exercises more control than George W. Bush’s did, and his before that.”

Does it even occur to Downie that Obama’s claim to deliver “the most transparent administration ever”(not just incrementally more transparent than before) was simply a load of hogwash? Apparently not — because if Downie and the rest of the Obama-fawning media had to acknowledge that possibility, then they would have to ask themselves why Obama would deliberately set out to make his administration the least transparent ever, as Schieffer acknowledges.

Mililani, HI

#996616 Oct 6, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
the only thing worse than the coverage under ObamaKKKare is the quality of the network...this is really crummy insurance...
poor Galt.

Doesn't understand choice.

Mililani, HI

#996617 Oct 6, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
No problem with the shut down. The sun came up this morning, it will set tonite. The shut down is no big deal. Maybe it is a good thing. The Pentagaon has recalled 350,000 workers. The house okayed a bill ensure to ensure back pay furloughed federal workers. Our military will be paid. National parks are going to reopen. And to top it off president nobama stated his concern about the NFL Washington's nickname, the Redskins. At the same tome he said nothing about FSU's nickname Seminoles or North Dakota nickname The Fighting Souix, or the University of Utah's nickname the Utes. Surprizingly he did not comment on the Yankee nick name of MLB team in New York. He also did not comment on team nicknames like; Celtics, Gaels, Fighting Irish, Hawkeyes, Tarheels all of which indicate an ethnicity. Why is the president such a phoney?
Son, you should get your head out of your fanny. Get real. Realize president nobama, the boy president is a loser.
lol! The way he loses is a lot better than the way cons lose son!

Mililani, HI

#996618 Oct 6, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
As usual you prove you are a little dense. You approve of
nutsucker" slurring and demeaning women? You are? No sirprize. Based on your posts you are big, tough, ignorant stud, er. turd who gets your rocks off proving you are tough and be nasty when conversing with females. Son, you are a piece of manure.
lol! Oh no son. I'm just a normal, regular person with a life... a real American.

Unlike the reich wing nuts who believe their way is the only way and others should bend to their will.

Unlike them, I've never thought of America as being like 1930's Germany like you German patriots do!

Mililani, HI

#996620 Oct 6, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
all these folks will skin the DemoKKKrats alive at the polls when they find out they have been scammed...
lol! Then don't worry son!

Let ACA run it's course!

Geez you people are idiots!

Mililani, HI

#996621 Oct 6, 2013
Ray Donovan wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, but it's free!
Right? IS free, isn't it?
What? Sorry, I was updating my status and Tweeting.
I like the ACA better than Obamacare.
Of course you do son.

That's because you've been listening to the right wing idiots!
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#996622 Oct 6, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
You do the math. Started working at 15 in 1956. It is now 2013, 57 years later. Now and this one is a tough one for a mentally challenged idiot like you, I started work i at 15 plus intervening 57 years adds up to 72, hardly makes me in my late 70's. Do you ever think before you post. Nope. Go back to your specialty, slurring and demeaning women.
72 and still dumb as a rock. No hope for you.

Mililani, HI

#996623 Oct 6, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text>There are people like me who support Israel for a reason: To keep people like you, with such limited self-control, from forcing your personal opinion on the populace. Your habit of showing emotion and relieving anxiety through the use of name calling and profanity is an interesting mirror into your psychosis. One thing for sure, you are always good for a laugh. In your opinion my husband is a gentile? ROTFLMAO.
Then leave for your motherland, son! And demand they take no more money from MY country!

Lillington, NC

#996624 Oct 6, 2013
England today is in the midst of a liberal firestorm. Having allowed, for the past 20 years, Islam to multiply and flourish within their borders, they now find themselves being crowded out of their own country. Now to “seal the deal’, they are drawing up plans to have the God of the bible kicked out of their courtrooms.

And what will God do about it? He will leave them to their own devices, as He does with ALL nations that reject Him and His holy word. You would have thought that England would have learned their lesson with Israel and the Balfour Declaration in WWI. Guess not.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 9:17

From Daily Mail UK: Defendants and witnesses in British courts will no longer swear on the Bible to tell the truth under controversial plans being considered by a powerful body of judges.

england-to-remove-king-james-b ible-from-courtroom-oath

The traditional religious oath could be scrapped amid concerns that many giving evidence in criminal cases no longer take it seriously. Instead, all witnesses and defendants would promise to tell the truth without mentioning God, and would acknowledge they could be jailed if they are caught lying.

It is claimed the new oath would be fairer for everyone and make it easier to understand the importance of what they are saying. But critics point out non-believers already have the option of promising to tell the truth without any reference to a sacred text, and that the change would further erode Britain’s Christian heritage.

The historic change will be debated this month by the Magistrates’ Association, and if it is voted through the organisation’s influential policy committee will draw up plans to be sent to the Ministry of Justice.

The married 62-year-old was raised in the Jewish faith but now calls himself an atheist.‘I don’t intend my motion to make any comment on religion,’ he said.‘It is certainly not anti-religious.’ But it has been seen by senior figures in the Church of England as another attempt to chip away at the country’s Christian foundations.

The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester, said:‘This could be the slippery slope towards the increasing secularisation of society. Where will it end – with the Coronation Oath? The Bible is bound up with the constitution, institutions and history of this country. It is right for people to have a choice of oath, a religious or non-religious one. But we are being urged, in the name of tolerance and secularisation, to restrict that choice.’

Mililani, HI

#996625 Oct 6, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text>Now you're complaining that the government isn't providing quality enough healthcare for poor people and before poor people didn't deserve adequate healthcare insurance at all if they couldn't afford it. The Tea Party used to tell the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions denied healthcare to just go off and die .
They already exercise that option in AZ.

Mililani, HI

#996626 Oct 6, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text>O'bama has put a new and unacceptable spin on what it means to be an American. That is a fact.
lol! It'a amazing how your facts have no basis in them!

Mililani, HI

#996627 Oct 6, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text> Isn't that a page right out of the O'bama playbook? "Lie with conviction and
no one will question you?"
Ah! Now you're talking bushie boy and iraq son!

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#996628 Oct 6, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text>I see you don't know what the different types of Zionism are either. Cut and Paste didn't work out so well for you huh? ROTFLMAO--such a ignoramus you are--cut and paste ONLY because you are too stupid to know or think on your own.
I'm more than happy here.
Thank you. You, on the other hand, seem to be incapable of common sense or logical thinking so perhaps you should just sit back in silence and let the grown-ups debate the issues with respect and civility.
The Christian Zionist Heritage Center at the Jerusalem World Center is going to help change that mistaken impression with the message that We are asking every member of the Jerusalem Prayer Team to play some part in making this wonderful dream a reality—and sharing God’s love with His Chosen People like never before. We are going to tell the story of the amazing support that Christian Zionists have provided during the time when the Jews were scattered around the world, and especially in leading to the rebirth of Israel as a nation.
You could educate yourself-rather than trying that horrific cut and paste again.
LMAO. You do love to manipulate the truth. Will you people please stop using "Christianity" as a tool! Call it what it is..."Zionist Heritage Center".

Fact: Retired Israeli General Yossi Peled is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Christian Zionist Heritage Center. Mike Evans, the founder of the Christian Zionist Heritage Center has a Jewish mother and is co-founder of The Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Lillington, NC

#996629 Oct 6, 2013
The Kentucky Obamacare marketplace has no “expectation of privacy,” warning its prospective customers that their information can be monitored and shared with government bureaucrats.

obamacare-no-expectation-of-pr ivacyWhen clicking “let’s get started” on the state-run health insurance marketplace “kynect,” the user is quickly prompted to a “WARNING NOTICE.”

“This is a government computer system and is the property of the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” it states.“It is for authorized use only regardless of time of day, location or method of access.“

“Users (authorized or unauthorized) have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy,” the disclaimer reads.“Any or all uses of this system and all files on the system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorized state government and law enforcement personnel, as well as authorized officials of other agencies, both domestic and foreign.”

Such information includes Social Security numbers. When calling kynect to enroll in the marketplace a person is told to have their Social Security card, immigration status, pay stubs, alimony payments, student loan information, and current health insurance information at the ready.

The kynect disclaimer says users information can be shared at the will of state government agencies.

“By using this system,” the warning states,“the user consents to such at the discretion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

“Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in administrative disciplinary action and/or civil and criminal penalties,” it says.“The unauthorized disclosure of Data containing privacy or health data may result in criminal penalties under Federal authority.”

A spokesperson for kynect called the disclaimer “problematic,” and said it was a mistake.

“The disclaimer is a federal requirement intended to let all who come on the website know this is a governmental entity and sensitive information is contained within,” said Gwenda Bond, assistant communications director for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, told the Washington Free Beacon.

“While the language sounds severe, it actually is a warning to those who might try to inappropriately use the website or any personal information contained within,” she said.“We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and we are working to modify the language so the message is more clear.”

Bond said kynect will update its website to read:“This website is the property of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange. This is to notify you that you are only authorized to use this site, or any information accessed through this site, for its intended purpose of assisting individuals, employers or employees in the selection or purchase of health plans or other benefits.”

“Unauthorized access or disclosure of personal and confidential information may be punishable by fines under state and federal law. Unauthorized access to this website or access in excess of your authorization may also be criminally punishable. The Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange follow applicable federal and state guidelines to protect information from misuse or unauthorized access.”

Problems with the health insurance exchanges since their launch on Tuesday have been widespread, with reports of long wait times, glitches, and security concerns, with the disclosure of over 2,000 Social Security numbers in Minnesota.

The federal government is interested in sharing social and behavioral health data between agencies, the Free Beacon previously reported. source – Washington Free Beacon

Since: Aug 13

Bozeman, MT

#996630 Oct 6, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>Of course you do son.
That's because you've been listening to the right wing idiots!
What? You prefer the ACA over Obamacare too...right?

Since: Aug 13

Bozeman, MT

#996631 Oct 6, 2013
This is the country liberals would prefer over a fiscally conservative United States of America.

Since: Feb 08

Spokane, WA

#996632 Oct 6, 2013
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
That explains why you run off whenever I post the subsidies. LOL
You're too stupid to admit defeat.
""A 2011 study by the consulting firm Management Information Services, Inc.(MISI)[7] estimated the total historical federal SUBSIDIES for various energy sources over the years 1950-2010. The study found that oil, natural gas, and coal received $369 billion,$121 billion, and $104 billion (2010 dollars), respectively, or 70% of total energy SUBSIDIES over that period. Oil, natural gas, and coal benefitted most from percentage depletion allowances and other tax-based SUBSIDIES, but oil also benefitted heavily from regulatory SUBSIDIES such as exemptions from price controls and higher-than-average rates of return allowed on oil pipelines.""
Keep denying it, Ed. Keep proving how stupid you are. Not like we don't already know!!
Maybe sometime you'll learn to spell 'great', not 'grate'. Right after you figure out what a screed is!!
Who in the hell is Management Information Services, Inc? A left wing parrot organization? I have to note is you spew BS and offer no link to back up the crap you spew.

Since: Feb 08

Spokane, WA

#996633 Oct 6, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Allow me explain moocher Eed.
Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict.(Supposedly recovered?) He calls other druggies.
You are an admitted moocher. You call others moochers.
Get it yet, dumbass Eed.
"real dumb"
No let me explain. The boy president, nobama is an admitted hard drug user and one who was involved in homosexual sex acts. Plain enough? Keep your hand out the boy fill continue to fill it.

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#996634 Oct 6, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text>Hey usm, here is a post from you--back when you had a brain...before you drank the Hoodie O'bama kook-aid. LOL
QUOTE who="USAsince1680" <quoted text>
Smoke and mirrors. The fact that people cannot be denied coverage does
not in any way mean they will be able to afford the exorbitant
premiums permitted under "Obama's" Reform bill and those "bean
counters" will be ever present.
I wish I could agree with you but I can't. The Health Reform Bill
opens too many unknowns and is far to encompassing.
For instance, some sections (SEC. 511, for example) give priority to
communities with high concentrations of "poverty", "crime", "domestic
violence", "high rates of high-school drop-outs", "substance abuse"
and "unemployment". Isn't it enough that the residents of these
communities will already receive a disproportionate amount of the
"premium credits"? I have no desire to support failed communities.
That is strictly taxation without representation.
I believe Obama is shoving this reform bill down our throats to
prevent transparency and we all need to take a step back and study the
plan before implementing it. What's the hurry? The "underrepresented"
already receive free medical care at community clinics and emergency
rooms. They will not die waiting.
The very fact that the health insurance companies are biting at the
bit to get their hands on the newly insured should give you pause for
scrutiny. Obama's bill lines the pockets of the insurance executives
while stealing from the senior citizens. This just isn't right.
LOL. My little flaming stalker, what does that have to do with accusing me of lowering myself to your level with profanity?

Yes, I would have preferred that Obama give us the time to "step back and study the plan before implementing it" but, under the circumstances,(Republican traitors who took an oath to destoy his presidency) I support him 100%. The Affordable Care Act will be a success despite you and yours but I don't expect you to be around to see it.

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