Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1418742 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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John Galt

Temecula, CA

#992231 Sep 30, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
"There's nothing to negotiate with. He shouldn't delay the health care bill. It's the law and we're opening the enrollment on October 1. We're ready," Clinton said on This Week. They're in better shape now than the country was to implement President Bush's drug program, which everybody's forgotten. Go back and look at the polls, even more unpopular than health care reform is now."
"So I think that's a non-starter," Clinton said.
delaying the individual mandate does not delay the implementation of the program...

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#992232 Sep 30, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
ID yes.
PHOTO ID not so much.
My God you people are dumb.
You have to prove who you are to vote.
How do you propose to do that?
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#992233 Sep 30, 2013
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
And yet the candidate who promised to repeal this "very unpopular" law was defeated and the one who actually enacted it won. Go figure! Also Republicans who were opposed to the ACA lost seats in both houses of congress.
Romney failed to make ObamaKKKare the issue because he was compromised by his own program in of the reasons that RINOs are finished...

Smithfield, NC

#992234 Sep 30, 2013

South Windsor, CT

#992235 Sep 30, 2013
Harry Reid's top two legislative goals!

Maintain federal funding for his Cowboy Poetry Gathering held annually at Brokeback Mountain, Nevada and legalizing National On-Line Gambling.

On-Line Gambling? Who saved his ass in his 2010 re-election? Unions, make that casino unions. Who stands to lose if he succeeds in establishing legal On-Line gambling? Casino workers! Why fly to Vegas when you can sate your gambling appetite home on line? Attendance will drop at casinos and union workers will get laid off. So Harry wants to screw the very people that gave him his 50.3% win in 2010. What a Guy!!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#992236 Sep 30, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
I have news, if they are driving, they have a photo ID.
So, gee, you have friends that can get to the photo ID center. If they don't drive then they have support people that do.
Not everyone has that.
Yes, you did call them stupid. You said they were too stupid to get that photo ID.
Doctors grocery stores, etc can be found in their neighborhoods just like their polling places.
But that is not relevant.
What is relevant is that Republicans passed the law to prevent voter fraud that isn't there for the sole purpose of getting certain people to no longer vote,.
You should be ashamed but instead to are all for it. "F*ck the Constitution" Right Flacktard?
Would Dave be satisfied if voters were just turned away if their signatures did not match the signature on record?

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#992237 Sep 30, 2013
OBAMA the GENIUS wrote:
Hey dingbattt!
A majority of citizens voted FOR OBAMA.
so a majority of citizens are communist?
What an insult to your country!
Fffffckkk you!
<quoted text>
There were so many locations where it was obvious the voting machines were programmed to steal 100 percent of the vote, and it being obvious finding the locations where the voting machines were programmed to steal one in three or one in four votes, nobody knows what the real vote count was.

This Democrat administration is run by communists and radical muslims. Obviously, Democrats are dupes. A dupe doesn't need to know what definition they fit into. It is only required that they follow orders and mindlessly promote the agenda.

An insult to the country is the White House conspiring with Al Qaeda.
An insult to the country is the White House conspiring with the Taliban.
An insult to the country is Obama showing himself to be an ignorant buffoon, and the entire world gives him a vote of no confidence in a slam dunk case, like Syria.
An insult to the country is for the president and administration to be so completely incompetent, the go bumbling stumbling into a trap a blind person could see, and the result is Obama has to ensure the legitimacy of the Assad government in order to even participate in negotiations... which nobody will even listen to them because the whole world just gave Obama a vote of no confidence.
Hell. A president of a world power just called the Secretary of State of the United States a liar, using that exact word, in front of an audience comprised of the entire world.

You're probably so ignorant you don't know the significance of that.

Honolulu, HI

#992238 Sep 30, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
It's easy.
"Patience" is a human trait
"Patients" are actual humans
See it now?
lol! wow. is this your limit son?

United States

#992239 Sep 30, 2013
Obamacare is like a House infested with Termites, solution ‘Tear Down the Home ‘rebuild!!

New York, NY

#992240 Sep 30, 2013
the Media would like everyone to think all Black People support Obama well these gang bangers could care less about obama because he doesnt care about them When ex-gang member Robert White addressed about 20 people Saturday at a Far South Side church, he spoke animatedly about his days as a Black P Stone and how he turned his life around after spending a chunk of it in prison.

But to White's chagrin, the audience comprised mostly grieving relatives of Chicago's homicide victims and representatives from anti-violence groups — not the troubled youths he mentors.

"Disappointed is an extreme understatement. I'm pissed off," said White, 43, outside the 10,000-seat House of Hope sanctuary at Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, 752 E. 114th St. "How you addressing a gang summit and no gang members are here?"

Video: Eric Wilkins on gang violence
5th man charged in mass shooting at park
Gang hit with federal racketeering charges
Cops: Gang conflict led to mass shooting
Special report: Chicago Under the Gun

Billed as a "National Unity Summit" for gang members from across the city, hardly any showed up to Saturday's event, a gathering endorsed by the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights activists and clergy. Sharpton did not attend the event.

The Rev. Gregory Tatum, a Los Angeles-based minister originally from Chicago, and his wife paid for the summit. He said he tried to provide busing for 200 to 300 gang members from around the city, but the event drew no more than a couple of dozen gang members.

Tatum said he's not surprised by the poor attendance.

"I think people kind of have this wait-and-see mentality — even politicians, some clergy people, some gang members," said Tatum, who grew up in crime-plagued Cabrini-Green, the former housing project on Chicago's Near North Side. "They want to see if this is the same-old, same-old. And I understand that. I think they want to see some real change."

Tatum said he was inspired to organize the summit after speaking with a former gang leader in California last year. Tatum plans to organize similar events in Detroit, Kansas City, Mo., and possibly Cleveland because "God put it in my heart to go to these cities."

Chicago, Cleveland and Kansas City were the sites of highly publicized gang peace summits in 1993 where civic leaders and gang members met to find solutions to violence. Chicago's summit that year brought together several hundred gang members.

Obama and his care are frauds

Honolulu, HI

#992241 Sep 30, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
oh, I make mistakes like "real humans". But that wasn't a mistake, kid. It was illiteracy. But like I said, no worries, you'll get it.
lol! Oops! Looks like you're not as smart you believe you are son!

But don't worry. I'm sure more are coming since you're perfect!

[ih-lit-er-uh-see] Show IPA
noun, plural il·lit·er·a·cies for 3.
a lack of ability to read and write.
the state of being illiterate; lack of any or enough education.
a mistake in writing or speaking, felt to be characteristic of an illiterate or semiliterate person: a letter that was full of illiteracies.

Smithfield, NC

#992242 Sep 30, 2013

Shutdown seems all but certain as hours quickly dwindle
By Michael O'Brien, Political Reporter, NBC News

The federal government continued to barrel toward a shutdown at the end of the day as Congress returned to work Monday with little hope of reaching any agreement to continue funding into October.

The impasse between Democrats and Republicans seems as bad as ever, with just hours to go until all but the government’s most essential services cease. Both parties stuck hard to their bargaining positions, spending more time casting blame for the potential shutdown than sitting down with each other at the negotiating table in hopes of crafting an eleventh-hour agreement.

The gamesmanship followed a weekend in which the House, largely along party lines, passed legislation to fund the government through mid-December and delay “Obamacare” for a year – even though Obama has promised to veto such legislation, and Democrats in the Senate warned they would soundly reject such legislation.

“Peace on Earth”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#992243 Sep 30, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Ah Yes...the FIRST thing that was shoved to the trash bins on floor (as in to ell with the working class -they don't need no stinkin insurance) when the bill first started across the table.
And now we have this NOT READY for prime time MESS.
(The individual mandate, which Barack Obama opposed during the 2008 Democratic primaries, has never been popular. And the Obama administration's decision to delay the employer mandate by one year handed opponents of the individual mandate an obvious argument to make: If you're going give corporations and big businesses a special break, shouldn't families and individuals get a reprieve, too?)
HELL YES THEY SHOULD receive the SAME damn twinkie dancing WAIVERs too!!!
The only reason the corporations were given a "break" is because they whined and cried that they just couldn't get their ducks in a row in time. They asked for a "Waiver" and they got one.

Not so with the healthcare industry. They are ready and any delay would be a waste of time and money on their part. All "individuals" have had to do is sit back and wait. THE WAITING IS OVER..
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#992244 Sep 30, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
You have to prove who you are to vote.
How do you propose to do that?
In Dave's state each polling place has a book of registered voters with their signatures of record. Voters must sign in and the election judges should give their signatures greater scrutiny.

Honolulu, HI

#992245 Sep 30, 2013
Ray Donovan wrote:
<quoted text>
We love how you throw out statistics straight from the Obama propaganda-rhetoric machine like they're scripted in stone and cannot be challenged.
As for the rest of your post, good. Does this mean you're going to STHU about it and post something else?
What's the matter son? Don't like it when people support their posts and you can't support yours?

I love this comedy channel!
Fenris the Big Bad Wolf

United States

#992246 Sep 30, 2013
**********Feralchimpalert***** *****

Motorcyclists in pack attempt to kill SUV driver in wild chase. He runs over a couple to save his wife & family (good video). I personally would have emptied a clip (with a smile) into the first chimpthug that broke my window. He had a get-out-of-jail-free card, after all.......:-)

Honolulu, HI

#992247 Sep 30, 2013
Ray Donovan wrote:
<quoted text>
Why should the right waste any more of their time crafting legislation when the only thing Obama will listen to is himself?
Don't even try to pretend Obama is bipartisan or some kind of democratic ambassador when it's obvious he's neither.
His objective is to make republicans irrelevant. Period.
You mean because boehner said he wouldn't deal with Obama?

Talk about hypocrites!

It's clear cons aren't bipartisan son... at least not the radical right!

Brighton, CO

#992248 Sep 30, 2013
Western Pennsylvania Bridges Are Crumbling:

Trillions of dollars are utilized to fund aggressive and imperialist Wars across the Middle East and Asia, because apparently that is a far more important priority for the federal government than keeping our nation’s infrastructure up to a safe and well-maintained 1st world standard -

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#992249 Sep 30, 2013
RealDave wrote:
Republicans running scared.
They have spent 4 years doing absolutely nothing except fighting Obamacare.
If they don't stop it or delay it now, they will be DOA in 2014 elections when Obamacare works.
How dumb are Republicans, they stated in their arguments how only 5% of the people list healthcare as a priority & how many more list jobs & economy far higher and still the dumbf*cks wasted so much time on Obamacare & now risk damaging the economy & costing jobs with shutting down the government.
How dumb are you to expect money to start growing on trees to pay for this Marxist program?
How dumb are you to expect health care assets to magically appear as if someone like Ben Bernanke can just turn the printing press on and invent money?
How dumb are you to expect anyone to like ObamaKare when it's obvious every Democrat in DC hates it?

How dumb are you to expect any Marxist program to be successful when Marxist programs have demonstrated over, and over, and over, and over again Marxism is an ideology of regressive effects and failure. There has never been a successful Marxist program.

How dumb are you to think ObamaKare will be the first successful Marxist program to succeed in the history of civilization?

Shut the government down.
After all, the government spends less money when it is shut down, which is the most critical issue today. An idiot can tell you this government will collapse.
Shut the government down.

Since: May 11

Aspers, PA

#992250 Sep 30, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
You have to prove who you are to vote.
How do you propose to do that?
The same way they did it before photo ID's became prevalent.

What is one thing you can get without a photo ID???

A photo ID.

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