Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1443517 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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John Galt

Temecula, CA

#986429 Sep 20, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>What makes you think Judge Baugh is a liberal? Could it be the recent Billo piece?
Seems as though a real liberal would have given that teacher the max just because of "his" age.
the sentence was actually 15 years, suspended....

not that that makes it right, but to be accurate...
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#986430 Sep 20, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
listen to what?
"5 Other Fake Indians Besides Elizabeth Warren"

Jamaica, NY

#986431 Sep 20, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text> excellent idea
Martha's Vineyard for the masses...send a few thousand Chicago homies and the liberal elite will rebel
The liberal elite rebel every time a homeless shelter opens in their expensive neighborhoods. It is better to pretend to have emphathy while at a black-tie fundraiser than to have to live within smelling distance and having an influx of baby mamas and hoodie wearing thugs that they will actually see.

Since: May 11

Aspers, PA

#986432 Sep 20, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
"real dumb"
When Mr. Limbaugh speaks of those who have an "inability to think for themselves" he is speaking of you. Yoy are a parrot, a simple troll who spews the line of our boy president, nobama.
Racist f*ck Eed slings another racial slur.

No wonder Eed has El Rushbo as one his heroes.

Indianapolis, IN

#986433 Sep 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Only liberal judges make such stupid decisions and do it all the time. One judge was forced to resign after giving a child rapist who had repeatedly raped an 8-year-old boy a 2-year sentence.
It's a given.
Liberals never like making judgment calls. Might make other fellow liberals mad.
prove that Baugh is a liberal.

'But Bill said....!'
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#986434 Sep 20, 2013
Emeem wrote:
<quoted text>
Why isn't your right wing government hating hero Tim McVeigh that set off the bomb that claimed 168 lives and injured more than 680 people on your list?
Its the culture.
or Janet Reno, the butcher of Waco, a war criminal who used chemical weapons?

or her boss, Bubba?

Honolulu, HI

#986435 Sep 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe Issa's hands are tied because Obama and all of his little minions have been stonewalling since day one??
Ya' think?
Issa delivered an ultimatum to the State Department recently. They have until the 24th of this month to produce documents and witnesses or subpoenas are going to start flying.
You're free to support your opinion with something other than your opinion.

You're a beck disciple, aren't you son?

Jamaica, NY

#986436 Sep 20, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
unlike the Bush happy meal where the guy behind the guy behind you has to pay.
That makes no sense, but at least you are consistent.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#986437 Sep 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe Issa's hands are tied because Obama and all of his little minions have been stonewalling since day one??
Ya' think?
Issa delivered an ultimatum to the State Department recently. They have until the 24th of this month to produce documents and witnesses or subpoenas are going to start flying.
be patient...

Watergate took 2.5 years to unravel.

Indianapolis, IN

#986438 Sep 20, 2013
30 Days for Billings Teacher Who Raped 14-year-old Student

Did victim’s race play a role in lenient sentence?

Yesterday we learned that the county superintendent of schools in Billings is a barely literate, racist, plagiarizing, Tea Party ignoramus, revealed to have plagiarized another author. He will likely be moving on.

Today, we have another Billings official who will soon be recalled.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#986439 Sep 20, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Guess I didn't see enough of it being covered by the liberal media compared to the Zimmerman outcry - or missed it.
But good for you and your fellow liberals. Got any news coverage of this outcry?
The only thing you need to know about the Zimmerman case is that our state's (R) governor and (TPR) attorney general very quickly benched the (R) Seminole-Brevard states attorney in favor of the (R) Duval states attorney.

Someone fkd up (read lied) early on.

Additionally, the Sanford police chief was fired, the PIO fired and the lead investigator reassigned to road patrol.

The thin blue line turned a vibrant shade of sht brown!

Surrey, Canada

#986440 Sep 20, 2013

Via Politico.


From the above report, by doing to dismantle Syria chemical weapons is making clumsy way, such that Syria needs to turn in data for examination, to possibly open up for inspection like Iraq again, which will make others say much more if US saying unsatisfactory to be hassling Syria more, like another Iraq cycle. That can lead to further scrutinizing to do more of some other Iraq unrest in the final end again. As this is like former Iraq case weapons inspection, it is doing the similar ugly matter of Bush-the Iraq blueprint case of another story of Syria just like Iraq story, as even US did not start that--but just calling chemical WEAPONS ISSUE only. In doing so,is repeating the Iraq inspection and dismantling programs process before US bombed Iraq at that time--what a waste of time is doing the same old failure thing of dismantling chemical weapons?

IN SHORT, BY CONCLUSION, THERE SHOULD NEVER BE AGAIN ANY of this irritated failure thing of dismantling chemical weapons anywhere because Iraq awful drama syndrome proves all.
(1) Should not take literally what Obama says from passing the buck to keep on this chemical weapons drama. THERE SHOULD NEVER BE AGAIN ANY of this irritated failure thing to dismantle chemical weapons IN SYRIA because Iraq drama proves all.
(2) REJECT redline as it is arbitrary--that is, when will be the thresh-hold degree to such case that is the redline defined, that there is such ground of comprehensive International law to enforce such. Furthermore, 8/21 incident is not the case nor basis, as it is entirely out of line to conclude such pattern in noting, in addition to Assad's saying he did not do it while rebels have sarin gas.
(3) The matter of knowing Syria has sarin gas is besides the point if it has not used it, that there is not the need to dismantle Syria chemical weapons, to outcome again the Iraq destructive case, of dismantling Syria like Iraq WMD again, which is being turned down by the whole world.
(4) There is no such redline that chemical weapons usage in Syria is an issue, except the turmoil situation is the only bearing of the importance to focus on. This is not to make diversion and to pull away from the only concern focus in the Syria unrest. Therefore, chemical weapons issue is not applicable, for there is no such redline in the first place.
(5) THERE IS NO REDLINE WHATSOEVER AT ALL, such as Syria, that Obama needs to tone down the tension as these are basic rules that US needs to conform to, by making a change, as US has been seen to engage in much aggression, particularly in the ME region.
(6) As not to do and repeat the similar failure case of Iraq, this proves that calling chemical weapons and redline is purely arbitrary and is not appropriate to deal with chemical weapons as issue, FOR all that is PURELY hysteria with no basis.
(7) UN has to reject that as an issue, based on all the reports of unproven or not, which will make no difference whatsoever from whatever reports.
(8) It is only the option for Syria to choose to do with its chemical weapons whatever it wants, to turn in or not, as long as it does not use it--for no trend has indicated the usage at all.
(9) Chemical weapons ARE NOT as THE issue.
That is THIS STAND, FOR THIS DOES ALL RELATED TO THE SOLUTION -- US has no basis of ill hysteria and cannot force Syria to need what to do with its chemical weapons, for there cannot be another Iraq matter of chemical weapons pursuit again.

Bethlehem, PA

#986441 Sep 20, 2013
We are Number One wrote:
Q: Have you heard about McDonald's'
new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you
has to pay for it.
Sounds like the Iraq War.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#986442 Sep 20, 2013
Allan Brauer, the communications chair for the Democratic Party of Sacramento, Calif., told an aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tex.) on Friday that he hoped her children “die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.”

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#986443 Sep 20, 2013
USAsince1680 wrote:
<quoted text>
The more I look into this "story" the more appalled I am. As it turns out, there are 24 Republicans and 17 Democrats on the oversite committee and only five Republicans and two Democrats stuck around to hear the parents speak...not "testify" as some seem to believe.
The photo of the empty democratic seats that has been circling the internet was taken by "an Issa staffer" and it was Issa who made a point of tweeting that Democrats left the room while completely ignoring the truth that Republicans weren't there either. This man is a disgrace and should be fired.
The only Democrats who stayed were Ranking Member Elijah Cummings and Rep. Jackie Speier. The other 15 split even before the two parents began to speak.

Not one website about one republican leaving. Please site your source.

Since: May 11

Aspers, PA

#986444 Sep 20, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
The Federal Reserve obviously thinks the economy sucks.
"Improving" Galt should look up what that words means.

Indianapolis, IN

#986445 Sep 20, 2013
Billings gaining a bad rap after Judge Baugh comments

This isn't the first time in recent history a Judge in Montana made national headlines. In February 2012 Federal Judge Richard Cebull forwarded racist e-mail about President Barak Obama, creating a storm of reaction from across the country.

Bethlehem, PA

#986446 Sep 20, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
What is Obama willing to give up?
Name one thing.
How about the individual mandate?
Obama didn't write the bill. Republicans refused to get involved and wanted no part of healthcare reform.

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#986447 Sep 20, 2013
forks_make_us_fat wrote:
<quoted text>
Like father, like son
"Teens Stay True to Parents' Political Perspectives"
"...McVeigh actually came from a family of Democrats. His father was registered with the Democratic Party and was a union member..."
Only a complete moron would try to make the case that Tim McVeigh was a liberal Democrat.
Oh, that's right, I forgot, you're a complete moron.

Bethlehem, PA

#986448 Sep 20, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Only peasants and New Jersey guidos lack appreciation for fine wine....
I have great appreciation for fine wine, take it up with Flack he has his wine delivered by a tanker truck.

Only someone with a lot of time to kill would waste it drinking a bottle of wine with someone like you.

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