Barack Obama, our next President

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story

El Paso, TX

#975732 Sep 4, 2013
I think this statement by Matthews highlights Liberals Ideology: Mathews; Dems Must Support War to 'Save President's Hide' it’s not about America it’s about Party!!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#975733 Sep 4, 2013
flack wrote:
<quoted text> A measure of scale is needed. Not that I don't agree with you. Remember the gulf oil spill? Well the amount of oil spilled is equal to one drop of oil in a bath tub full of water. Just like this fire out west. For the most part they should just let it burn. It has burned before and it will burn again. If people must build in those places they must build in protections or insurance. If neither and something happens then they are on their own. No government handouts. Same with flood plains.
GROVELAND, Calif.— As the massive Rim fire roared out of the Stanislaus National Forest and deeper into Yosemite National Park this week, public attention rose sharply.

But the intensity of firefighting did not.

That's because part of the blaze had crossed into the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, which has a more restrained approach to managing wildfires than other federal, state and local fire agencies battling the 300-square-mile blaze.

Officials estimate that it will be fully contained in two or three weeks, but it is expected to keep smoldering for weeks longer and won't be truly out for months.

"This fire will burn until the first rains or until the snow flies," said Lee Bentley, a spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service.

Although the 4,900 firefighters here operate under a unified command, the park service has a very different firefighting philosophy from that of the forest service or the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The portion of the Rim fire burning outside the park is fought aggressively by the forest service and Cal Fire. Bulldozers rip fire lines across the landscape, and crews fell trees and set protective backfires. Helicopters and tanker airplanes drop water and retardant.

"We want to send as much equipment to a fire as we can," said Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant. "Our goal is to put it out early and avoid having a large fire."

But inside parks, a policy often called "fire use" accepts fire as a naturally occurring process and often a useful tool.

Park fire managers suppress blazes that endanger people or threaten structures and resources. Fires in tourist-heavy Yosemite Valley, for instance, are "very, very controlled," said Tom Medema, Yosemite's chief of interpretation and education.

Otherwise, park officials prefer to herd fires where they want them to go and allow blazes to burn out on their own.

It's a science-based approach that serves the same function as off-season forest thinning and controlled burns. But those arguments often fail to stand up to public distaste for trees burning in beloved national parks.
No Surprize

Seminole, FL

#975734 Sep 4, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text> Just mocking you right whiners.
Another mindless observation you idiot - but the view into a tormented mind was worth the read.

It's the culture...
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#975735 Sep 4, 2013
flack wrote:
Good grief!!!
Main article: List of parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention
Almost all countries in the world have joined the Chemical Weapons Convention. Currently 189 of the 196 states recognized by the United Nations are party to the CWC.[1] Of the seven states that are not, two have signed but not yet ratified the treaty (Burma and Israel) and five states have not signed the treaty (Angola, North Korea, Egypt, South Sudan and Syria).
You were saying?
McCain won't sign the resolution because there's not enough force.
You got it wrong. McCain wants the US to go in and kill Assad.

Bronx, NY

#975736 Sep 4, 2013
In reality

There are Black Communities

Not a monolith

And yet

We got Obama elected

“Over the hump”

Going door-to-door

Or, even voting for the first time

Now we need voter IDs?

How do we rectify this?

How do we deal with wicked “whitey?”

In the GOP

Like Priebus

Like Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and Hannity

Or their pet Negroes:

Allen West

A pest

And, Herman Cain

A black stain

Clarence Thomas

“Uncle Tom” incarnate

Armstrong Williams

Conservative and confused

Meanwhile, what do black communities get?

A black president

President Obama

Who provides genetics lessons

After Trayvon Martin got assassinated

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”

Thank you, Mr. President!

As usual

Avoid making hard-core statements

About racism in America

Oh, yes he mentions

Being followed in stores

That’s racist, to the core

Yet, he doesn’t deal with structural racism

The wickedness of Wall St.

How it fuels racist lending practices

Like Countrywide and Wells Fargo


Blacks lose homes

And, yet blacks wait

For justice

For a strong president

That doesn’t use beer

To mediate over an individual racist dispute

Yet, again and again

Black people proved to be the Best Americans

Lobbying to fight in wars

To earn justice

And earn their way to be good Americans

Hands over their hearts

To sing the national anthem

And, the pledge of allegiance

To another country guilty of apartheid

And, like Chuck D of PE rhymed

“And the Negro, where the fuck does he go?”

“”Cause right here’s apartheid…”

“He can run, but he can’t hide”

Yet, black people march on

And the Congressional Black Caucus

Part of the real illegals

President, his cabinet, Congress, and the courts

They’re illegal


If they don’t seek justice and peace for all

Or fight “blame the victim” analyses

Or dispel white myths on black life:


Not desiring to work

“That’s why they’re unemployed”

Yet, when there are few good-paying jobs

Government is a co-conspirator

In the destruction and the stunting

The black middle class

That gained access to it

Via government jobs

Police, teachers, firefighters, administrators

Disappearing with blistering speed

No wonder why black unemployment

Has been historically been triple the rate

Of white folks

And Obama thinks he’s talking about shit

To get America to pony-up

To a nine-dollar minimum wage

When living wages are needed

To escape poverty

America waits

And, many black Americans wait patiently

And wait

And wait

For Obama

To even say the words

“Poor people” or “poverty”


“It's always darkest 'fore dawn”

Since: Jul 08

When's dawn?

#975737 Sep 4, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>, you're the only freak who acts like a little girl
Wow, the irony of you Grumpy Old Pricks| Don't you know that the inability to recognize sarcasm or irony is the first sign of dementia?[namE and Batty don't either...]

Gering, NE

#975738 Sep 4, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>Obama has mishandled Syria over the past few years. The good/very good options he once had to fix Syria, are in the rearview mirror you warmongering idiot... More golf anyone? Vacations??
It's the culture..
Diplomacy isn't about cute "Reset" buttons and feel good "New Beginning" speeches.

Obama has mishandle all Mid-East diplomacy since getting in office. He and Hilary failed to grasp the consequences of both action and inaction.

You are right that opportunities were lost and that is why we are were we are now.

Gering, NE

#975739 Sep 4, 2013
*here now
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#975740 Sep 4, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL! You'd be amazed at the amount of money made at full service carwashes! People don't want to spend their free time cleaning a car; many people here have multiple vehicles; it's a booming business.
...choice is wonderful and so are the ways people find to waste their money

Gering, NE

#975741 Sep 4, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
McCain won't sign the resolution because there's not enough force.
You got it wrong. McCain wants the US to go in and kill Assad.
Hmmm, repeating the same concept-sweetie.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#975742 Sep 4, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Your brilliant use of dumbassery really brought that concept home?

“It's always darkest 'fore dawn”

Since: Jul 08

When's dawn?

#975743 Sep 4, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
No one cares what you think.
Idiot by Choice is from your sock drawer? Plucked bird brains, etc., and all that. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#975744 Sep 4, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
McCain won't sign the resolution because there's not enough force.
You got it wrong. McCain wants the US to go in and kill Assad.
If you go back and look I said it was because it didn't go far enough. I'm beginning to understand what teachers go through.

Honolulu, HI

#975745 Sep 4, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
That blame it awrl on Bush thing is NOT going to work...aint no Bush in the White House now.
This is 2013!
Herd packs of socialist loving, givverment fwee riding, entitleMentalcase ozombieTics voted they velveteenage jive talking ninja postuh suit into the orfice.
The Libya and now Syria MESS of FOREIGN POLICY Failure, belongs to him!
Deal with it!
What mess son?

Oh that's right! It's all in your mind!

Bronx, NY

#975746 Sep 4, 2013
The Best Americans

Black Americans

Get lectured about personal responsibility

And Obama likes to chime in

Admonishing black fathers

But not white fathers

Like Joe Walsh

Over one hundred thousand amassed

To take care of his kids

Where’s the criticism?

Afraid of alienating white men?

Oh yeah

He talks to black students regarding college

Tells them that they need to study hard

Has he said that to white kids in The Heartland?

He loves to talk down to black people

Come on, man!

Get it right, bruh!

By the way,

Why does he love The Right so much?

Most of the time The Right is wrong

Racist to the core

Obama rarely challenges them

He just shuffles along

Black people seem to just sing songs

And be patient

“He’ll do better his second term”

Black people have the patience of Job

The Best Americans

The ones that should be raising hell

And, not having dreams

Because they have to wake up

And smell the coffee

I know Obama’s not a messiah

But, sometimes he should speak like a prophet

Like Rev. Wright

Called America out

There will be a reckoning

Treating black people like cattle

Stacked back-to-back

White people aren’t pristine

They just have better lawyers

Get sorry prosecutors

Sympathetic juries

And, voila!

Zimmerman got off

Justice denied

When it came to the evil that killed Trayvon

And so many others

Deaths from “Stand Your Ground”

Obama capitulates to State’s Rights


Superseding state laws

Federal laws

Federal action



The right to vote

Access to public accommodations

And now he’s thinking about bombing Syria

Obama—the drone master

Mastered by Republicans

MLK would be ashamed

He was the Best of Americans

Looking down on one of the most scared Americans

Barack Hussein Obama, II

MLK wouldn’t be smiling at him

He’d be crying

Present-day marches

In DC he would not attend

If he had to share a dais with Obama

He would defy the views of Obama

He’d pray for him

Call him a stone-cold killer

And wonder

How in the hell could he win

A Nobel Prize

In protest

He would give his Nobel Prize back

You can’t say MLK and Obama in the same sentence

When it comes to courage

And yet

The Best Americans

Think “The Dream” is being realized

Discuss that with homeless people


Mental health professionals

Those that have paid their debt to society

What, then?

Don’t let Obama kill MLK again

With pretty words and no substance

The Best Americans

Criticize Obama all the time

Get his plans

His solutions


Helping black communities

Like he helped Wall St.

Black communities’ love for Obama

Shouldn’t be patient

Black communities are in a state of emergency

Because blacks, Natives and Latinos

Have been in America’s crosshairs

And we can’t dodge bullets forever

Nor should we

The Best Americans must always fight

Or, explode
No Surprize

Seminole, FL

#975747 Sep 4, 2013
leosnana wrote:
<quoted text>Strom Thurmond raped and impregnated the family's black made the same year that Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby." (Maher) Of course, you'll be glad to know he was a democrat when he committed the crime; he didn't become a Republican until 1964. lol
What a dumbass... LMFAO.. You leosnana an unconscious piece of shit, it's "maid" not "made" you illiterate idiot...

The Government Cheese and Welfare Crowd...The Blind Lead...

It's the culture...


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#975748 Sep 4, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL! You'd be amazed at the amount of money made at full service carwashes! People don't want to spend their free time cleaning a car; many people here have multiple vehicles; it's a booming business.
We have a lot of mobile car washes here. They will come to your house, your business, or even the restaurant where you have lunch. Clean inside and out. Basic wash price not to bad but the whole works including shampooing the carpet can get pricy.

Gering, NE

#975749 Sep 4, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for providing an example with dumbassery is -least anybody is confused.

Honolulu, HI

#975750 Sep 4, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>AND... Read the post of those who want more war like you idiot and stay safe at their computer while people DIE and you will find a first class idiot, hypocrisy, self-deception, treasonous traitors, greed, supplication, immaturity, lack of poise and childish whining with self hate...
The War Mongering Sickness and Poison of Unconscious Liberalism
It's the culture..
Good thing you support bushie boy then, right?

Oh wait! He actually sent people to their deaths for nothing!

But at least he obtained his objective, right?

Oh wait! No he didn't! No wmd's!

By golly all he and the cons did was spend money, make corporations rich and kill Americans.

I wish cons would stop 'helping' Americans.....
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#975751 Sep 4, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
McCain won't sign the resolution because there's not enough force.
You got it wrong. McCain wants the US to go in and kill Assad.
Obama's objective is regime change, as stated just yesterday by John Kerry.

The possible use of chemical weapons is just an excuse to further that objective.

Obama and McCain are on the same page.

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