Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1277136 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Since: May 11

Gettysburg, PA

#964688 Aug 15, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Is that the same link you posted last time showing a cook in a goddam messhall holding up a goddam plate of scrambled eggs?
Dumbass, the soldiers on the goddam front line don't eat in a goddam messhall. If they get hot chow, it's taken to them by truck or helicopter. The money to get hot chow to the soldiers at the front is what got subtracted so Obama could take a hundred million dollar vacation to Africa... and fly his goddam dog across the goddam country.
You are an idiot.
You are so full of sh*t that it's funny.

Your rumor was debunked by the military newsletter.

Choke on it, dumbass.

Bethlehem, PA

#964689 Aug 15, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
See? This is why you and your liberal pals are always so frikkin' confused and taking us down in your collective frikkin' confusion!
There is nothing I've EVER said...EVER...about believing the "birther" conspiracy!!!
But if you don't see something so frikkin' obvious - that this president doesn't even know when his own birthday is or when he was born - you are either just plain stupid or would have been an excellent little brainwashed brownshirt!!
You want to talk about pure evil, Homer??? DO you???
Lying and assassinating someone's character is pure evil! It's what evil tyrants have always done.
Get the hell over yourself, why don't you? You're supporting an ideological enemy of everything this country once stood for!
And you've really pissed me off.
By lying and assassinating someone's character do you mean saying stuff like this -'ideological enemy of everything this country once stood for'

or by suggesting I am 'either just plain stupid or would have been an excellent little brainwashed brownshirt!!'

Like I said pure evil.

Honolulu, HI

#964690 Aug 15, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
"...puts profit over the nation's security."
Back your propaganda bullshit up with some facts, dupe.
lol! Why do you idiots demand others do what you demand, but won't do the same yourself?

Oh right! Your narcissists!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#964691 Aug 15, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
actually....i don't see what the big deal is. the guy was just exercising his 1st amendment rights.
but in saying that....everyone who doesn't approve of his actions are just doing the same.
the 1st works for everyone.
The First Amendment applies only to Congressional actions and is irrelevant in either direction with respect to this incident.

However, a federal investigation as demanded by the NAALCP would present a problem.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#964692 Aug 15, 2013
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>I'm in. I'll die of old age on this thread before I let some mouth breathing, lord of the flies rightwinger have the last word.
LOL! But, seriously Homer, we've been at this for 5 years! What an unusual phenomenon. Perhaps all these posts should be printed out into some sort of crazy coffee table book.

Honolulu, HI

#964693 Aug 15, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Like Hillary got confused about her trip to Sarajevo and her hunting trip with Dick Cheney.
The Dick-ster.

The only guy I know who can shoot someone in the face, have the SS try and protect his identity, then have the victim apologize to him for the 'embarrassment.'

Cons.... such an entitled thinking bunch!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#964694 Aug 15, 2013
WOW wrote:
Many ordinary citizens own municipal bonds, either directly or through retirement accounts.

Bethlehem, PA

#964695 Aug 15, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
... morons.
I said the birth certificate (being shown on the White House website, if you look at the preceeding text) didn't exist before Obama was made president.
I agree with The Donald. Nobody knows if a REAL Hawaiian birth certificate exists or not. But, since the Democrats felt a need to create an obviously fraudulent birth certificate, that is a solid clue the Democrats know the real one doesn't exist.
This is worth posting again:
Let’s see now…
How feasible is this?
Ann Dunham is the daughter of communists, and being a young communist she has Utopian images of communist society. She marries some communist from Kenya, gets pregnant, and has this Utopian idea about how great it will be to have the baby in the homeland of the father. She travels to Kenya, meets her in-laws, to include the wives-in-laws, and quickly becomes aware of the difference between being at a communist meeting in a thatched hut and at the Hilton Hawaiian Village or some bungalow on the North Shore near where I used to live when I lived in Hawaii. She calls her mother, and in the conversation was probably something like “I’ve got to get the fuck out of this place.” By that time the airlines won’t allow her to fly because she could give birth on the plane. She calls her mother, and her mother, being older and wiser, uses what was common practice in Hawaii at that time and gets one of the very many Hawaiian birth certificates generated for people not born in Hawaii. These birth certificates are easy to identify. The first indication is the document number is out of sequence with documents for other babies born on the same day because it was generated for a birth date prior to the day the document was generated. Frank Marshal Davis could have been a tremendous help with this. The newspaper doesn’t know the difference. All they see is a list of birth certificates, so they publish the birth as if it actually happened in Hawaii.
As soon as possible, Ann Dunham got her ass back into the United States.
Now, what kind of documentation would the person we think is Barack Obama today need to travel as an infant and enter the United States. Kenya would have been under the authority of the UK at that time. Perhaps the first passport Obama had was a UK passport. That would explain why he hates England, just like Hitler hated the jews because he had jew ancestry.
How about we take a look at the State Department records and check this out.
Where do you get that Ann Dunham's parents were communists?

Honolulu, HI

#964696 Aug 15, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
If you're born on the 4th day of any month, you should know your birthday isn't a week away on the 15th of the previous month.
For example, say your birthday is on October 5 and, on September 14, you say it's a week away.
Who wouldn't know their birthday couldn't possibly be one week away?
So what else might this president be "confused" about when it comes to his own life?
Too much confusion and misstatements for it to be coincidence.
It's almost like he keeps reinventing himself.
lol! Con truth. T-P'ers and all!!!

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." —George Bush, Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004

Bethlehem, PA

#964697 Aug 15, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
fick is the german word for f--k!
Here's another beaut!!
Retired Navy chaplain Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt said in a video released Thursday that Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) is “ruled by a demon of murder” and that she should be prosecuted for her supposed role as a murderer of unborn children. According to Right Wing Watch, the video was from Klingenschmitt’s daily Internet-only “Pray in Jesus Name” show.
Davis rose to national prominence when she singlehandedly filibustered Texas Republicans’ new, draconian anti-abortion laws, which would largely strip Texas of legal abortion clinics and even make some forms of birth control illegal. People have asked whether Davis intends to run for governor of Texas, a possibility that Klingenschmitt said must not come to pass.
Maybe his real name is Klingenshyt!! Boy, these rightwingers are sure entertaining.
These rightwingers are nuts.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#964698 Aug 15, 2013
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>You've let Fox News con you into believing Obama is more than he really is.
All the money raised by Obama with his constant fundraising is going to his personal political organization, not to the DemoKKKrat party. His personality and his dedication to destroying America will not allow him to relinquish power having accomplished very little. Obama will find a way to retain power.

And you won't hear that on FoxNews.

“Come Home America!”

Since: Nov 11

Claymont, Delaware 19809

#964699 Aug 15, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
Obama said in 2008 in front of a black church that he was born "as a result of two people falling in love and marching across a bridge in Selma, Alabama"...
"So they got together and Barack Obama, Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama.”(Senator Barack Obama, Remarks At Brown Chapel AME Church, Selma, AL, 3/4/07)
Earlier in the day at a prayer breakfast, he said: "If it hadn't been for Selma, I wouldn’t be here.”(“Clinton, Obama Link Selma March To Present,” The Washington Post, 3/5/07)
The march in Selma was in 1965. He was born in 1961, 4 years earlier.
Barack Obama, Sr., abandoned Obama when he was a baby. His mother had already married Lolo Soetoro when the march took place in Selma. Obama was 4 years old.
It would have been a good story if it were true.
Seems Obama's confused about other things in his own past as well.
You appear confused too. Go read President Barack Obama's memoir , " Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance"

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#964700 Aug 15, 2013
martinezjosei wrote:
278 killed so far on Egypt thanks to Obama's incompetence!
Can your religion do this?
Muslim Brotherhood terrorists push a police van
off a bridge (with the policemen still inside). Yeah that's who O'bama supports. They are his people. The ones he put in office. And there was nothing democratic about it.

Honolulu, HI

#964701 Aug 15, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Saul Alinsky Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule....
In a tone of seeming incomprehension, Obama said,“And a general impression has, I think, taken hold, not only among the American public but also around the world, that somehow we’re out there willy-nilly just sucking in information on everybody and doing what we please with it.”
But as everyone knows, that is precisely what the US government is doing.
lol! It's in the con rule book too son! Alinsky was so 'good,' you idiots improved on his work!

Be proud Alinsky is your 'grandfather'!!!!

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#964702 Aug 15, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Yep__they were going to be lined up along HWY 8 throwing rose petals.
If the administration and by proxy the Pentagon actually believed that Saddam had WMD's the US ground forces would have taken far more care upon entering Iraq.
BushCo=2 year old's playing with a loaded pistol.
BTW car bombs kill 31 today in Iraq__so far.
31 today... hmmmmm. Obama is really building up quite a body count, isn't he?

How are his foreign insurgents doing in that "civil war" in Syria? Have they massacred any more Christian villages?

Indianapolis, IN

#964703 Aug 15, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Obama is a highly trained pathological liar. He doesn't know whether what comes out of his mouth is the truth or not. He's programmed to lie. It's that simple.
now we're getting somewhere.

who was the programmer?

names, dates, citations, all delivered promptly.

hop to. you're got 5 minutes....starting now!

Honolulu, HI

#964704 Aug 15, 2013
martinezjosei wrote:
<quoted text>
Birthers only want to see the long form certificate from the "most transparent administration ever"!
But Occupy Wall Street, when not raping women or defecating in police cars, want their student loans forgiving because their promised $400,000 a year salary on Virtual Basket Weaving, did not materialize.
See? Conservatives are responsible but Liberals are brain dead hypocrites.
lol! Birthers wouldn't know what they're looking at to begin with!!!!

El Paso, TX

#964705 Aug 15, 2013
LCNlin wrote:
<quoted text>
WASHINGTON —As House Republicans began their five-week summer vacation, their leader, House Speaker John Boehner, urged them to rest up for “the many symbolic and meaningless votes that lie ahead.”
Mr. Boehner, while congratulating his colleagues on having voted to repeal Obamacare forty times, reminded his fellow-Republicans that their work is “far from over.”
“I want you to come back from vacation rested and refreshed, because we’ve got another year of futile, time-wasting votes to cast,” he said.“Only the strong will survive.”
According to Mr. Boehner, this year’s gruelling schedule of fake-repeal votes had been the G.O.P.’s “most physically punishing ever.”
Noting that the exhausting ordeal of frequent, pointless Obamacare votes had transformed his fellow House Republicans into hollowed-out husks of their former selves, the Speaker observed,“Purely symbolic voting may be even more exhausting than actual work.”
“It’s true that voting to repeal Obamacare has cost the American taxpayer over fifty million dollars,” he said.“But that’s nothing compared to the toll it’s taken on us.”
For his part, Mr. Boehner said he intends to spend August at the beach, as he always does, fruitlessly trying to change the rules of volleyball.
Obama spending over 700 million promoting Obamacare which is very unpopular even among unions and federal employees while Republicans spending 50 million to repeal it which will save Taxpayers Trillion of Tax Dollars sound like money being well Spent REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL!!!

Bethlehem, PA

#964706 Aug 15, 2013
Stanley Armour Dunham, Ann Dunham's father, worked in the furniture business. Were/are there a lot of Communists in the furniture business?

Honolulu, HI

#964707 Aug 15, 2013
martinezjosei wrote:
<quoted text>
I had never had a job from a welfare Liberal scum like you.
All my good paying jobs came from rich people.
God bless rich people who buy my Lexus!!!
So I can feed my family even not 50% is stolen from me by Liberal thieves in a form called Taxes.
lol! who'd you steal it from son?

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