Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1457903 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Newark, NJ

#961558 Aug 9, 2013
martinezjosei wrote:
<quoted text>
Why does the Republican Party has more women and Hispanic governors?
Because Democrats are racists, period!
Because, down in this dumbed down republican states, women are far better knowledge seekers &, keepers! Your men are still prehistoric cavemen, believing rape is an act of God &, that it should be law to force women who don't want to bring children into this child world that they can't care for, to have those babies &, watch mother &, child suffer. You people think your words are God's law &, anyone who opposes them should be punished to your accordance. Republicans need more gender &, cultural flexibility. Otherwise, the women & Hispanics would be living in Bedrock, with Barney & the Flintstones!

Indianapolis, IN

#961562 Aug 9, 2013
shrimp_on_treadmills wrote:
<quoted text>
bills to raise taxes come from where?
you blame bush for what pelosi/reid PASSED...
same with reagan having to appease democrats in house/senate....
you za a squirrly one..
now we see why Liberals need someone to wash their scrotum sacks
so what did they pass?

how many leaps of faith will it take to 'answer' that question?

and it would probably help your case if the Bush tax cuts had helped the economy instead of giving us an economy that you need to blame on Obama.

Denver, CO

#961563 Aug 9, 2013
The Next Terrorist Attack - What The Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You

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Newark, NJ

#961564 Aug 9, 2013
Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
You are the uneducated thread racist & homophobe dummy, so don't try and project your ignorance upon others, fool.
No, it wouldn't moron. Al Qaeda isn't in retreat, they are spreading and becoming more bold, nerd.
"Libya: Al Qaeda flag flown above Benghazi courthouse"
God help our country with morons like you being allowed to vote!
This will be difficult for a KKK Brain type like you co comprehend, but give it a try, meathead:
"CNN Fact Check: Is al Qaeda's core decimated or is group growing?"
Now piss off, pond scum. Obama suck up zombie.
In all ways but none, Al Qaeda is an overseas gang. The problem with gangs is, for every 1 you capture or kill, there are 5 new initiates, stupid! The saying is " we don't die, we multiply!" So are they spreading? Sure they are but, the way to combat their growing conglomeration is, to decimate their top ranks. Look up the statistics, Obama did that in 2-3 years but, just like the mythological snake, you cut off the head &, another one grows! For this same reason, law enforcement can't get one step up on hand activity in our own country, now if you can dickhead, look at it on a larger scale. I might be asking too much of a retarded, racist, Wheat Thin!

Indianapolis, IN

#961565 Aug 9, 2013
Reagan's Forgotten Tax Record

Reagan’s record on raising taxes began almost the moment he entered politics. Elected governor of California in 1966, he inherited a large budget deficit from his predecessor, Pat Brown. Although a conservative, dedicated to shrinking government, Reagan nevertheless found the magnitude of spending cuts that would have been necessary in 1967 to be beyond reach. This led him to endorse a $1 billion per year tax increase, equivalent to a $17 billion tax increase today – an enormous sum equal to a third of state revenues at that time. Journalist Lou Cannon recounts the circumstances:

“No amount of budget reductions, even if they had been politically palatable, could have balanced California’s budget in 1967. The cornerstone of Governor Reagan’s economic program was not the ballyhooed budget reductions but a sweeping tax package four times larger than the previous record California tax increase obtained by Governor Brown in 1959. Reagan’s proposal had the distinction of being the largest tax hike ever proposed by any governor in the history of the United States.”

Reagan had little to say about these tax increases in his memoirs except to claim that he gave back $5 billion to taxpayers. However, in many cases, the tax relief consisted of tax rebates and one-shot tax cuts. In the end, it is clear that Governor Reagan presided over an astonishing expansion of taxes in California. According to the California Department of Finance, state revenues tripled from $2.9 billion in the 1966/67 fiscal year to $8.6 billion in the 1974/75 fiscal year, Reagan’s last.

Indianapolis, IN

#961566 Aug 9, 2013
Almost immediately upon enactment of the 1981 tax cut, Reagan came under enormous pressure to do something about the federal budget deficit. While his preferred approach was to cut spending as much as necessary, it was not politically possible to so. His aides began pressuring him to support a tax increase. Conservative activists were appalled that Reagan would even consider such a thing, but he eventually endorsed the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982. According to a Treasury Department analysis, it raised taxes by close to one percent of GDP, equivalent to $150 billion per year today, and was probably the largest peacetime tax increase in American history.

Indianapolis, IN

#961567 Aug 9, 2013
In the end, Reagan’s tax legacy fits neither the right-wing nor left-wing pigeonholes. Although he cut taxes when he could, he raised them when he had to. That’s something self-styled Reaganites today should remember.

Denver, CO

#961568 Aug 9, 2013
The mainstream media in the United States have increasingly come to the conclusion that the Benghazi attacks were related to a secret gun-running operation managed by the federal government to ferry weapons that had been used by Libyan rebels to Syria.

Indianapolis, IN

#961570 Aug 9, 2013
Patriot wrote:
The mainstream media in the United States have increasingly come to the conclusion that the Benghazi attacks were related to a secret gun-running operation managed by the federal government to ferry weapons that had been used by Libyan rebels to Syria.
The August 1 CNN story on Benghazi mentioned above reported the gun-running story only as “speculation,”....

Indianapolis, IN

#961572 Aug 9, 2013
Jim DeMint Says GOP Will Destroy America To Stop Obamacare

The Republicans seem to be aware that their obsession with killing the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, is unpopular and damaging to their party. Certainly, most everyone else is. Forty votes to repeal a healthcare overhaul based on a Republican healthcare overhaul and not a single jobs bill since 2008.

Former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), whom you might remember dropping out of politics in April to go into…a more lucrative, seven figure form of politics with the Heritage Foundation, told Newsmax TV yesterday that the GOP should be willing to destroy America if that is what it takes to get rid of medical care for the American people.

Interestingly, DeMint says Obamacare is more damaging to America “than anything I’ve seen pass in my lifetime.”

Obamacare apparently being more damaging than a Republican destruction of America itself. So what he is saying is that the GOP must be willing to do more damage to America than the most damaging thing they’ve seen so far, in order to stop the second-most damaging thing done to America.

That’s like burning down your house to stop a leaky pipe from flooding your bathroom.
Anthony W

New York, NY

#961573 Aug 9, 2013
I want to apologize to my constituents, not because of my special photos that I've sent as part of a right wing conspiracy using tax dollars to investigate.

No, I want to apologize for my bad hearing. I thought Obama said he saved Detroit and killed bin Laden. But oh my God, I got it backwards. LOL.

But gosh, all of us Democrats led by the main stream media, just keep getting it wrong folks.
It seems that Obama meant something entirely different when he claimed that he KILLED bin Laden and SAVED Detroit.

Because, you know, like a lot of problems Obama has tried to tackle, the result has been the exact opposite of what we’ve been told.


And it seems: HE MEANT TO DO THAT, in the words of the immortal of poet of the Big Eighties, Pee Wee Herman.

But what can you expect from a guy who thinks the United States has 57 states, that port of Savannah resides on the Gulf of Mexico and China provides a model economy.

As community organizer, it seems, Obama rarely travelled outside of, say, West 26th Street and East 79th street in Chicago, at least mentally, politically and philosophically.

Remember when we had Bushisms? The Obamaisms are much better! Wink, Wink! My favorites:

I’ll close Gitmo.

We don’t spy on Americans.

The economy is finally gaining traction.

Obamacare will reduce the deficit.

The new Egyptian government is democratic.

Welcome to Recovery Summer.

Green jobs are important to stimulate the economy.

We are not arming Al Qaeda.

Benghazi was a long time ago.

There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.

There is no sexual relationship.

I won’t bring up the point that the media RARELY, IF EVER, calls Obama out on his faux pas… whoops, there I pointed it out and I didn’t mean to.
Ok, ok, I meant to do that.

Because there is a larger point here: You cannot treat the truth like it’s flexible or pliable or moldable to fit your circumstances without an awful lot of stretching that goes into it.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi’s cosmetic surgeon. You can stretch around the edges as much as you want, but that only goes so far. Or when I take a special photo of myself, the same applies.

Right now the Democrats, as represented by Obama, are mostly stretch, and no substance. But Obama was way cooler than Romney and that was all that mattered.
Anthony W

New York, NY

#961574 Aug 9, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
In the end, Reagan’s tax legacy fits neither the right-wing nor left-wing pigeonholes. Although he cut taxes when he could, he raised them when he had to. That’s something self-styled Reaganites today should remember.
Son, I agree. We could have kept the Jimmy Carter Model going and skipped all that prosperity in between Reagan and when the Democrats took control of Congress and then the media got an Empty Suit elected in 2008.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#961575 Aug 9, 2013
Latest headline:

Weiner goes limp; poll droops...
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#961577 Aug 9, 2013
ALBANY — A top development company donated $100,000 to Gov. Cuomo just days before he signed a bill that quietly showered the firm with lucrative tax breaks.

Two corporations tied to Extell Development each contributed $50,000 to Cuomo’s campaign, which recorded the checks on Jan. 28 — the same day the Assembly passed a housing bill that contained tax breaks for five developers, including Extell, records show.

Cuomo signed the legislation two days later.

The twin $50,000 donations were made by Elco Master LLC and 134 W 58 LLC. Each listed the same Louisville, Ky., address of Extell Financial Services, which is part of Extell Development. It was the first time either company contributed to Cuomo, state records show.

Gary Barnett, president of Extell Development Co., gave $100,000 to a state Democratic Party account used by Gov. Andrew Cuomo — three weeks after a bill giving Extell and other developers hefty tax breaks became law.

And less than three weeks after the bill became law, Extell President Gary Barnett donated $100,000 to a state Democratic Party account that Cuomo was tapping to finance ads pushing his agenda. Records dating to 1999 show it was the only time he gave to the state party.

The benefit for Extell’s 57th St. luxury apartment tower is projected to cost the city $35 million over 10 years.

“Come Home America!”

Since: Nov 11

Claymont, Delaware 19809

#961578 Aug 9, 2013
Stoneman wrote:
<quoted text>
Hold on, leftie-- let me get my popcorn and beverage. I want to get really comfortable while you explain to me how jacking up the minimum wage is going to INCREASE the number of jobs.
Okay. Got it.
Commence explaining.(this is gonna be good)
It's a no brainer, reluctant Einstein. With higher livable wages , the American worker will have more disposable income, greater purchasing power as consumers, and the more consumers can buy and sell in the marketplace the more producers want to supply , driving up production and the necessity of hiring more workers to do the work. It's called 'supply and demand'.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#961579 Aug 9, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
1) The little girl was denied a lung transplant due to protocols established well before Obmacare or Obama taking office. You are a GD idiot.
2) The feral health people only tell you what you should eat & should avoid. You are perfectly within your right to ignore that & be a dumbass.
Why are right whiners soooooooooo ignorant?
"Feral health people"


Since: Oct 08

Location hidden

#961581 Aug 9, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>And they're still more American than you son!
You're a one trick pony, Yeahoo, Anyone born in this country is more American than you, and probably have the eyes and speech to prove it??

Indianapolis, IN

#961583 Aug 9, 2013
Anthony W wrote:
<quoted text>Son, I agree. We could have kept the Jimmy Carter Model going and skipped all that prosperity in between Reagan and when the Democrats took control of Congress and then the media got an Empty Suit elected in 2008.

another Bush rewrite. and another Clinton rewrite.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#961584 Aug 9, 2013
Ilkwas wrote:
<quoted text>
Waxman you are funny. "I think Obama should come out and say - "Hey! These three hoodlums could be my sons!""
The three African American kids were wrong to beat up the Caucasian child for snitching on them. I understand that he was beaten and his arm was broken. The three African American kids were taken into custody and will be punished. The Caucasian child is alive, will heal, and probably get paid. Trayvon Martin was an unarmed 17yo shot dead by an armed 29yo adult. There is a difference. The child getting beat up is shameful. The murder of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy. This might be why you haven't heard African American leaders talking about it.
Only your kind of trash would use the ghetto mantra of "snitching" to justify the vicious beating of a younger child who turned in drug dealers in his school.

Clean up your act if you want respect.

Indianapolis, IN

#961585 Aug 9, 2013
Can the Republicans Get a Handle on Their Bigots?

With part of the GOP elite talking of End Times brought on by immigration reform, the party must decide: it is a place for paranoids or problem-solvers?

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