Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1509075 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#960914 Aug 7, 2013
A lot of rambling here so I’ll ramble on.
Another Stalin in the making?
Here in Florida it is more subdued. Recently Gov. Rick Scott gives us an example of one that was allowed to come to light. Imagine how many have been shaded from the light.
Our Ricky has just opened a door for removing any voters rights to elect their representatives. Try beating that..
Political corruption has once again reared its head in Florida with Gov. Rick Scott. He now claims authority to, at will dismiss what the voters voted for. Transferring a republican legislator that opposed his penal sell off and Rick’s desires on the property insurance issue. Republican Mike Frasno has be removed from his constituents voted legislating official seat to be a tax collector. If the constituents of Frasno desire him to be their legislator they must reelect him, come 2014. Double jeopardy on the voters rights? This should be taken to the Florida supreme court for their ruling as to its legality. With this strategy what are we the voters to anticipate for the future? Governors will merely take opposition to their administration and remove them to some obscured position denying the voters their representatives, that they voted for. That opens the door to all forms of anti democracy corruptive scenarios. Will the President of the U.S. now gather up the Tea members and assign them to some obscured ambassador position. Example; Senator McConnell to be Antarctic ambassador with Senator Rand to the Artic and Senator Ted Cruz to Russia. Then replace them with more favorable representatives to his causes.
Gov. Rick Scott has once again demonstrated why Florida is ranked as number one most politically corrupt.

Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#960915 Aug 7, 2013
Bear on housing
Obama is weaning the Mortgage companies from the governments dependency.
Its been seven long years of the housing markets starting to fall apart since the republicans ignited the fuse that exploded the Housing Markets. 2006 to 2011 American homes lost, on “Average” 33% of their purchased value. Politicians on both sides of the aisle promised , and promised, and promised to build a more secure system of financing American homes. Results of their inability due to a dysfunctional congress cemented the nationalization of housing financing.
Last year 87% of the new mortgages were government guaranteed through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration. Near on to 9 out of 10 new homes were under the terms of the guaranteed mortgages and or loans.
August 6th 2013 that would be challenged and demands for a change from Obama in a speech stating that the housing market is on the mends and its time to “wind down” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.. In the Phoenix speech Obama stated “I believe that our housing system should operate where there’s a limited government role and private lending should be the backbone of the housing market,”
Obama praised how the bipartisan effort on replacing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac… New system, would charge lenders, for a government guarantee, if they should so require one. Increasing the cost of loans is a given. A braking mechanism to runaway housing scenarios.
Obama is seeking to return the housing markets to the levels prior to the lighting of the fuse in 2006. Pass 5 years 87% new mortgages were government guaranteed. Before the republican’s creation of the deregulated crisis, less than 40% was government guaranteed new mortgages. We are witnessing the slow transition of returning housing markets back to the private sectors. One is with the rising cost of interest on a 30 year loan in July was 4.37 %, which is a full percentage point higher from the previous year. Government is pulling back its suppression to foster low interest rates to new mortgages. Consumers damaged credit due to the Great Recession is suppressing a return to housing markets by the consumers. Further consumer suppression strategies for housing is now being demonstrated by Freddie Mac that requires credit scores 756 and higher to be eligible for application for a mortgage. That’s an increase from their 720 credit score requirements from the 2006 era of mortgaging.
Mortgage companies are fearing the pursuit of refunds from the lenders when borrowers default is to aggressive. Obama counters that to continue with government subsidizing the responsibility of the lender is not acceptable in the long run for housing.
Taxpayers will remain on the hook for future housing bubbles without some coherent reform to the present system is put forth. Bipartisan will demand sound and rational debate. Difficulty is when , Tea is being served during House debates interrupting rational intelligent debates to move forward.
Interest groups, banks, builders, real estate agents and the consumers will seek to persuade the politicians course in their goals for financial reform in the housing markets. Standard obstacles in a bipartisan debate. No doubt they will be again. Hopefully without Tea being served.
A distasteful scenario appears on the horizon. Cost of owning a home will rise without the government support and increase the reluctance for mortgage companies to lend. Now this where politicians go to work and earn their pay. Negotiate, debate, argue, compromise, present the nation with a results and move on.
That leaves an unpalatable choice between making the cost of the system an explicit government obligation, or making it harder for Americans to buy homes.

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#960916 Aug 7, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text> Obama's Economic Stimulus program was paid for through our own government tax revenue unlike Bush's two wars run on money borrowed from China. Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for seniors was never paid for, but under Obamacare ,'Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan' for seniors will be paid for just one thing a 10%'sin' tax on tanning salons ---Anyone really think that a small fee on someone wealthy enough to afford going to a tanning booth will bankrupt them or prevent them from still splurging on a tanning salon?
Do you really think a 10% tax on tanning booths is gonna raise $50 billion a year in revenue?

Honolulu, HI

#960917 Aug 7, 2013
Fenris the Big Bad Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
"Says the welfare slug who's very existence depends on Gvt cheese".
LOL!! Always have your hand out, huh??
Get your fat chinaman butt back in the kitchen, Dong!! Chop suey today....:-)
lol! Son, you obviously contradict yourself.

But that's no surprise. You're a contradiction to begin with!

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#960918 Aug 7, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
That is possible and would make it even worse.
Seems that OBL could have easily been taken alive.
But if they are all dead, we will never know.

New York, NY

#960919 Aug 7, 2013

But the bigger story here is the racist Pinellas County police department’s decision to seek charges against the 64-year-old bus driver for not doing enough to stop the attack.

We’ve all seen videos of similar incidents of violence on board school buses and city buses. The bus drivers rarely get out of their seats to intervene for fear of becoming victims themselves.

It’s clear that the police, prosecutors and the media are quick to judge James Moody because he is the same race as the three attackers.

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#960920 Aug 7, 2013
fetch almighty wrote:
<quoted text>Under a 1993 order passed by then-President Bill Clinton, carrying a private firearm on a military base was banned on military bases in the United States. Individuals could privately own firearms if they lived on base, but those firearms could not be carried on the person while on base. This order was revised on Pentagon orders in 2010, and now specifically requires that every private gun brought onto base be registered with the Military Police. The rules also require harsher enforcement of rules forbidding the carrying of private firearms on base.
* If George Washington had learned that soldiers under his command had died from a turncoat attack within an American Fort — not because arms weren’t available for his men to defend themselves but because an American officer didn’t trust American soldiers to bear arms — I’m fairly certain that American officer would have been summarily executed by the same firing squad as the turncoat.
I never knew a single person that carried a personal firearm on base.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#960921 Aug 7, 2013
In an uphill battle fought partly in court and partly in the neighborhoods of Detroit, former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan heads for a showdown in November with Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon as both seasoned political figures vie to become the next mayor of Detroit.

“There was one message tonight: Detroiters wanted change,” said Duggan to about 1,000 supporters who cheered him Tuesday night at the Antheneum Hotel in Greektown.

“My opponent went out and aired negative ads,” Duggan said.“Then, out of the city’s 500,000 registered voters, they found Mike Dugeon.”

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Napoleon had 28,352 votes or 30% of the total votes cast, to 50,328 votes or 53% for write-in candidates, with Duggan presumably garnering the vast majority of those. Duggan said about 97% of write-ins were correctly spelled for Duggan. The Mike Dugeon he referenced is a 31-year old barber who was added as a write-in candidate one day before the deadline.

Since: Aug 11

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#960922 Aug 7, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
They always have a choice not to get a mortgage. This is a contract freely entered into by both parties, unlike ObamaKKKare.
Contrary to myth, automobile insurance is not required by law in many states, California included.
Social Security is the same way too individuals are forced to pay the tax and have no rights to it.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#960923 Aug 7, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text> And a corporation should be free to produce a TC miniseries.
Just as a political party should be free to decline to use biased moderators.
shrimp_on_treadm ills

Lockhart, TX

#960924 Aug 7, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>lol! Unfortunately for you, Americans view your 'positives' as being obstructionist.
Your problem is to convince people your political platform is worth screwing them over.
Your only hope is they're stupid enough to believe what benefits you is worth their sacrifice.
Vote Democratic!

Clean ball sacks in every pair of underwear!

Clothes hangars for every 25 year old girl!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#960925 Aug 7, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>so... a person could choose not to work, right? a contract that you freely enter, right?
ObamaKKKare is totally unrelated to work and the individual mandate has no exceptions.

Honolulu, HI

#960926 Aug 7, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>The Republican primary debates were brutal, the RNC chairman should protect his candidates from one another before worrying about debating the (D) candidate on CNN or PBS.
Of course! They want to control not only the candidates, but what issues are put on the table and how they're addressed.

The RNC wants to control the candidate, no matter who is selected. From the beginning and into the WH.

They want to be the presidential handler.

Can you imagine how neutered our president would be then?
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#960927 Aug 7, 2013
Death of Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
Right, their "message" has become so poisoned they can't risk letting it out of containment. For instance: you can't rail against deficit spending on the Democrat side 'cause they just throw it right back at you where it sticks. The only place it doesn't stick is in the alternate universe of "conservative" media.
Maybe if they're so fckd up they won't participate in debates the Dems will end up debating against real ideas like those of the Libertarian Party and even the Green Party. Debates they'll lose.
Why not have Lincoln-Douglas style debates where the candidates actually debate each other instead of making mini-speeches in response to often puerile questions?

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#960928 Aug 7, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>you people create disasters on a regular basis son.
and it still doesn't stop you from creating more!
Pseudo Liberal Democrats have created more disasters on a regular basis and Great Society was the biggest Social & Economical disaster ever which detroit has confirmed and I notice a Left Wing Website is reporting that Obama isn't going to bailout Detroit and shouldn't either since they need to learn how to take care of themselves instead of the Federal & State Governments taking care of them.

Obama rejects federal aid for Detroit

By Jerry White

30 July 2013

The Obama administration has rejected any federal rescue package for Detroit. The White House, which handed trillions of dollars to the banks and auto corporations, has made it clear it will do nothing to protect the pensions, jobs and social services of Detroit’s workers, which are targeted for massive cuts in the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.

By tacitly supporting the decision of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Detroit’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, to throw Detroit into bankruptcy, the Democratic president is opening the floodgates to similar attacks on public-sector workers in cities across the country. Detroit will serve as a model for using unelected officials, such as the Wall Street bankruptcy lawyer Orr, and the medium of the bankruptcy courts to rip up agreements and gut the pensions and health benefits of millions of workers. Detroit marks a new stage in the assault on the entire working class.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#960929 Aug 7, 2013
Want to make money on stock markets?
How to go long on Markets. Simply observe the party in power.{R right wing} Play Bear ,{D left wing} Play Bull simple as that.
A mathematical investigation was produced by the statisticians Pedro Santa Clara and Rossen Valkanov that exposes the superior performance of the stock markets under democrats. That this is but one example of the democrat’s superiority, as there are more.
Their study encompasses 80 years. Study demonstrates systematically and positively surprised by democratic policies. Comparing the stewardship of the two parties. They calculated each economic indicator as an “annual average” during the democrats and republicans of their economic stewardship of their 40 years each. Turns out to be a landslide for democrats providing beneficial returns to the nation. One example; Democrat’s presided over a very respectable average annual compound return of 9.60% during their 40 years where in as republicans averaged a dismal 0.58%.
Consider this; a 401K plan invested in stocks and had a value of $100,000 at the beginning of the 40 years. Democrats would accumulate in compound interest $ 3,912,210 where in as republicans would only produce $126,027 . Another example; “IF” an employee were to invest $5,000 per year into their 401K for 40 years in a democratic stewardship the employee would have $1,985,526 in the bank. Where as the republican would produce a dismal $224,375.
That republicans advocate that they are good for businesses is false as compared to the democrats
Another interesting fact emerges within the statistical study. The income gap between the 99% and the top 1% has widened considerably under republicans. Averaging .49% as compared to the democrat’s .41% That is to say under republicans the income gap in 40 years, widened by 19.6% and narrowed 16.4%. Resulting in a 36% difference.
LOL on debt republicans increased debt by 2.5 times greater than that of the democrats. Republicans $7.1 Trillion vs. the democrats $2.8 Trillion.
GOP’s Self-Proclamation for economic dominance; in fact it is a misnomer to call the GOP a fiscal responsible party and or a smaller government, when in fact the contrary is true.
Obama’s administration indicates he sought the great leaders on these issue. Eccles and FDR, Clinton and O’Neill to do what is most productive for our nation.
Now pass on this one small example of the fallacies of the republican’s erroneous policies and deceptions..


New York, NY

#960930 Aug 7, 2013
US Growth and Jobs Figures Point to Continuing Economic Breakdown
US data on economic growth, together with the latest employment figures, show that the economic breakdown, which began nearly five years ago with the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, is continuing to deepen.

The US economy grew at an annualized rate of just 1.7 percent in the second quarter of 2013, while only 162,000 were added in July, the worst result in four months. The number of jobs created was well below that needed to expand employment, and most of these were low-wage and part-time positions. In the past four months, the growth of part-time positions has outnumbered full-time jobs by a ratio of more than four to one.

While the second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) result was regarded as “lackluster” and was accompanied by a downward revision of first quarter numbers, it was generally regarded as “better than expected,” amid predictions that it could have been as low as 1.0 percent. There were signs as well that even the dismal second quarter result will not be sustained. The Wall Street Journal noted that “more than 24 percent of the quarter’s growth came from an increase in inventories—a build-up that’s unlikely to be repeated and could even be erased in subsequent data revisions.”

Over the past three quarters the US economy has grown at an annualized rate of only 0.96 percent, exposing the claims of the Obama administration that a “recovery” is underway. The fact that the US economy is able to achieve a growth rate just one sixth of the post-World War II average indicates that deep structural changes have taken place within the American economy and anything approaching previous growth rates will not be seen again.

Some of these changes were highlighted in an analysis published by theFinancial Times on July 24. Headlined “Corporate Investment: A Mysterious Divergence,” the article noted that there was an increasing disconnect between the level of profits and the rate of investment. This is decisive because, in the final analysis, investment—the purchase of new plant and equipment and the hiring of new workers to increase production—is the key driver of the expansion of the capitalist economy.

The article noted that up until the late 1980s, profits and net investment had tracked each other, both recording about 9 percent of GDP. But after that time, the figures began to diverge, with the gap widening significantly after 2009.

While pre-tax corporate profits are at record highs, amounting to 12 percent of GDP, net investment is barely 4 percent of output. This is despite the fact that the cost of equity capital is low, as are interest rates. Increased profits are not being used to expand production, as took place in the past, but are increasingly being used to finance stock buybacks, so as to increase the rate of return on shareholders’ capital.

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#960931 Aug 7, 2013
Yeah wrote:
It would appear Reince Priebus has learned well from the Nazis!
It would appear that O'bama is going to be wanted by the United States government--he should be executed according to Diane Feinstein. O'bama leaked all the information about the terrorists threats to the public in order to damage America and help the terrorists and of course to make himself look good.-why would O'bama leak all this information? Why would he help the terrorists? they know now not to use that frequency. O'bama is a traitor.
"I think it's an act of treason,” the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee told reporters.
The California lawmaker went on to say that he had violated his oath to defend the Constitution.
“He violated the oath, he violated the law. It's treason.”


New York, NY

#960932 Aug 7, 2013
THE CULT OF PERSONALITY LIES ALL DAY TO THEMSELVES Under what were once “normal” conditions, increased profits would lead to greater investment, higher production and an increase in wages, leading to an expanding market. Today, however, wages are falling as a share of GDP.

This result indicates that rising profits are no longer being produced by an expansion of the market, as they were in the past, but are increasingly the result of cost-cutting, as firms raise their bottom line by grabbing an increased share of a stagnant or contracting market from their rivals. In other words, the once “normal” process of capitalist accumulation—increasing investment leading to an expanding market, higher profits and further investment—has completely broken down.

Another major factor is the continuing impact of the financial crisis and the so-called “great recession,” which has delivered the greatest shock to the US economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

A recent study by staff at the Dallas Federal Reserve estimated that the financial crisis has cost the US as much as $14 trillion, equivalent to one year’s output by the entire economy. The results were consistent with other studies that have found the impact on the US economy of the financial implosion to range anywhere from $13 trillion to as much as $22 trillion.

The authors of the Dallas report concluded that if output grows at the “tepid rate” of 2 to 3 percent over the next decade—optimistic assumptions given the latest figures—the cost to the US economy could amount to as much as 165 percent of annual output.“Further,” they continued,“the spillover to the global economy is likely to be on the same scale as or even greater than the lost US output.”

The impact of the contraction of the US economy is already showing up in global growth figures. In 2007, China’s economy expanded by 14.2 percent, India’s 10.1 percent, Russia’s by 8.5 percent and Brazil’s by 6.1 percent. This year, according to somewhat optimistic International Monetary Fund predictions, the Chinese economy will expand by 7.8 percent—other forecasts say it may be closer to 7 percent—India’s by 5.6 percent and Russia’s and Brazil’s by just 2.5 percent.

Claims made in the wake of the financial crisis that the so-called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies would be able to “decouple” from the major capitalist economies and provide a new base of expansion for the global economy as a whole have been shattered.

The data for the US and the so-called “emerging markets” bring into sharper focus the real significance of the stock market boom. Markets hit new record highs last week on the basis that slow growth would likely mean a continuation of the policy of the US Federal Reserve of pumping cheap money into the financial system through its “quantitative easing” program—enabling massive financial speculation.

Norman, OK

#960933 Aug 7, 2013
Thanks Obamacare!

Aetna out of Maryland and Connecticut...

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