Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1520820 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953850 Jul 25, 2013
The frail and dirty 11 year old girl walked forlornly along the side of the highway dragging her ragged cloth doll along by on filthy arm. If anyone had looked they would've seen she had her Walmart T-shirt on inside out and they might have notice the streaks of dried blood on her legs. Flies buzzed around her eyes but she didn't even notice them as she staggered along the gravel staining the hot stones with her bloody feet.

This morning she was unable to carry her little brother any further so she' put him under a tree by the side of the road and covered him with weeds and grass. What she didn't know was that an alligator had found him and dragged him off into the black swamp before she'd even crawled back up to the highway verge.

She'd managed to walk about 2 and a half miles in the Louisiana sunshine but she'd been passed by 2 or 300 cars in that time none of which even slowed down. A ruined little girl walking alone on the side of the road wasn't much of a curiosity in the deep south, and this was Polyvinyl Chloride country and, truth be told, the chemical fumes coming off the factories around the lake made people numb to the suffering of those few less fortunate than themselves.

Windsor, CT

#953851 Jul 25, 2013
Annoying & insignificant little person:
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>And you're still a fool being fooled son...
... even after being told!
Democrat for sure.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#953852 Jul 25, 2013
Death of Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
That irrelevant, the point is the lie you've repeated over and over that an eyewitness testified that Martin threw the first punch.
I only want one thing:
Did you know you were lying or were you led to that conclusion by your preferred news source or did you make an assumption and present it as a fact?
Yesterday's news. Nobody cares.
Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953854 Jul 25, 2013
She finally reached the point where she could no longer move, though in her mind she still was, and as she stood there immobile a long, black Cadillac passed by on the far side of the highway and then slowed up and crossed the grassy median a hundred or so yards up and swung back and pulled up next to her. The driver rolled down the passenger window and spoke out the window to her…

“What you doin’ out here, girl? Don’t you realize it’s hot?”

She didn’t respond, couldn’t respond. She just let go her little bladder and fell face down in the rocks.

Windsor, CT

#953855 Jul 25, 2013
Emoron wrote:
More Republican hypocrisy. Three years after campaigning on a vow to "repeal and REPLACE" President Barack Obama's health care law, House Republicans have yet to advance an alternative for the system they have voted more than three dozen times to abolish.
Not to worry moron. Half of the states are not expanding Medicaid. If you had a clue, well, forget it. You don't because you are a Democrat.

Let me sum it up for you, libtard in terms you "might" be able to comprehend.

Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953856 Jul 25, 2013
The man rushed out of his car then and picked the little girl up in his arms tenderly and as she closed her eyes and drifted off into unconsciousness as he lay her in the back seat she kept whispering two words... "Wax.. Man.... Wax Man..." The man had no idea what that might mean but he had more important things to worry about just now so he set the odd thought aside, "Who was the Wax Man, and what'd he have to do with a dying little girl?"

Windsor, CT

#953858 Jul 25, 2013
Democrats want everyone to count on government for retirement.

Democrats in California are considering taking an additional 3% of peoples incomes for retirement.

I guess California has no confidence in the Federals/Democrats with Social Security...


California can't control it's own spending, but it's going to protect people after getting control of more of their money.

Greece & Detroit did a good job, right, libtards?



Windsor, CT

#953859 Jul 25, 2013
waxywaxturd wrote:
I feel another judgit meltdown coming!!!
Damn the torpedoes!!!!!
"Damn the torpedoes"? Nobody but old oddballs say that.

Old moron.
Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953860 Jul 25, 2013
Aside: Y'all might not know this but there's some unwritten rules in fiction writing. First of all, the good guy's gotta win. Second of all, suffering children MUST be redeemed, otherwise it hurts sales. Lastly, and this is critical, you can't attack the fundamental beliefs of your readers. But here's the thing: what if none of those things were true? What if the bad guys did win? What if little children WERE attacked and misused and discarded like rubbish? And what if... what if you could make the case that the ACTUAL belief system of your neighbors are very different than the ones they espouse? What happens then? What happens when the noble efforts of human beings turn out to be lies and the humans themselves just dirty-minded hypocrites? What then?
Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953861 Jul 25, 2013
Tits is archived, edited, and ready for re-release in each new edition for any who may miss an installment his serial.

“Peace on Earth”

Since: Sep 08

United States

#953862 Jul 25, 2013
WOW wrote:
I hope you are happy stuck in the Jim Crow era. You had better pick up your robe and pointy hat from the cleaners so you'll have it handy should you need it.

“Peace on Earth”

Since: Sep 08

United States

#953863 Jul 25, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>... or pig fat!
LOL. Yes, I think that would be more likely.

Since: May 11

Shippensburg, PA

#953864 Jul 25, 2013
Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
Not to worry moron. Half of the states are not expanding Medicaid. If you had a clue, well, forget it. You don't because you are a Democrat.
Let me sum it up for you, libtard in terms you "might" be able to comprehend.
Republican controlled states.

Another example of Republicans f*cking over their constituents for political gain.

Billions of free federal dollars going into their State's economies turn down. Yet, ACA tax money coming out.

Republicans are just plain dumber than sh*t.

Washington, DC

#953865 Jul 25, 2013
Court says black election officials discriminated against whites

JACKSON, Miss.(AP)— A federal judge has ruled that a majority black county in eastern Mississippi violated whites' voting rights in what prosecutors said was the first lawsuit to use the Voting Rights Act on behalf of whites.

U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee ruled late Friday that Noxubee County Democratic Party leader Ike Brown and the county Democratic Executive Committee "manipulated the political process in ways specifically intended and designed to impair and impede participation of white voters and to dilute their votes."

The Justice Department accused Brown of trying to limit whites' participation in local elections in violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, written to protect racial minorities when Southern states strictly enforced segregation.

"Every American has the right to vote free from racial discrimination," said Wan J. Kim, assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division.

"The court's ruling is another victory in the department's vigorous efforts to protect the voting rights of all Americans," Kim said.

Noxubee County is a rural area along the Alabama line with a population of about 12,500, of whom 70% are black.

Brown did not immediately return calls Saturday from The Associated Press seeking comment.

The Justice Department alleged in the 2006 lawsuit that Noxubee County blacks tried to shut whites out of the voting process.

Brown had claimed the Justice Department was misconstruing as racial intimidation his attempts to keep Republicans from voting in Democratic primaries.

Lee, who presided over the case without a jury, gave attorneys on both sides until July 29 to file briefs suggesting how to end the discrimination. The case was a civil matter carrying no criminal penalties, but defendants who violate Lee's final order could face contempt of court charges and fines, prosecutors said.

Ricky Walker, who is white and the county's prosecuting attorney, believes Brown recruited an opponent to run against Walker in 2003 simply because of Walker's race.

"We're glad to be getting it over with so we move on and get to the point where maybe we can just have fair, honest, impartial elections here and just go about our business and not have to go through all this circus to get an election done," said Walker, who was a Justice Department witness during the trial in January.

Walker, who is unopposed this year, said the lawsuit created some unrest in the county "that we were getting past ... blacks and whites starting to support people on their ability to fulfill the job rather than just strictly a political or racial basis."

The judge said there was a pattern to Brown's efforts to keep all whites out of the county's Democratic Party, including holding party caucuses in private homes rather than public voting precincts and inviting only blacks to the meetings.

Lee said he could not find that the defendants had a specific animosity against white people.

"Brown, in fact, claims a number of whites as friends," Lee wrote. "However, there is no doubt from the evidence presented at trial that Brown, in particular, is firmly of the view that blacks, being the majority race in Noxubee County, should hold all elected offices, to the exclusion of whites; and this view is apparently shared by his allies and associates on the NDEC, who, along with Brown, effectively control the election process in Noxubee County."
Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953866 Jul 25, 2013
Tits Magee was born in south Boston in 1969. His mother was a hippy-chick named Flower Moonstone but his dad, his dad was a fuckin' block of granite into which one poured endless amounts of beer. It's unclear how his parents had managed to conceive him he only knew that his mom had wanted to name him "Robert," but Aloysius Corrigan Magee had apparently prevailed in the matter and named the baby boy, "Tits." That's what it read on his birth certificate and that was the fuckin' way it was. If you found that funny or odd and happened to mention it you would find yourself with a broken nose or worse so no one did.

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#953867 Jul 25, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
But let me say this, Lily. Just like we have to separate ourselves from politics when it comes to any tragedy, so do liberals in the Martin tragedy.
Again, I could be wrong, but some of the insensitive posts about this most recent tragedy stems from people getting tired of liberals believing lies and distortions of the truth by the liberal media and making federal cases out of them.
There is a popular misconception that once an idiot dies, their past idiotic behavior ceases to exist or at least becomes ameliorated by their death.

Why would a rational person think that Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, Josef Stalin or Pol Pot were not as bad people as history says simply because they died?

This is irrational thinking.

Are we under some sort of obligation to think more of Trayvon now that he is deceased than we did while he was living casing homes to B&E, mixing up Purple Drank and flashing his middle finger gangsta style on social networks? Because the Magic Negro or Jesse Sharpton *SAYS* we should?

Should we think compassionately toward a jerk who bungee-jumps from the Eiffel Tower, snaps their cord and dies?

How about an Animal Lover who feeds Crocodiles inside their pen while holding his infant daughter in one arm and later dies chasing a Manta Ray? Am I obligated to feel something toward the jerk?

Where do each one of us draw the lines between compassion, indifference or glee toward dead people?

When that airhead lady drove her van off the boat ramp and 175' into a lake at night, I have a very difficult time keeping myself from laughing in light of her past airhead behavior.

I will not apologize for making observations and judgements based in fact.
Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953868 Jul 25, 2013
Boy, the dinner bell must be really clanging tonight, huh?

Windsor, CT

#953869 Jul 25, 2013
Another person with the name Zimmerman"N" has been getting death threats from Democrats/racists/pigs.

Hey libtards, that's you...


Windsor, CT

#953870 Jul 25, 2013
waxywaxturd wrote:
Good Evening topix friends!
Hoping that all my "opponents" so far today are enjoying my deranged comments and senseless, useless, mindless attacks against them!!!!!!!!!!
You must admit my newest sockpuppet "obama_the_pe nius" excels when it comes to that. Show him some TOPIX love!!! He is another of my favorites and by far one of the most demented of all my sockpuppets so far. I am hoping "FLORIDUH" may come forth today as well. I am channeling him from my wheelchair as I sit in front of my computer today in a fresh pair of industrial strength depends repeating over and over:
I am slightly worn out right now as I was here all day judging posts and talking the entire away to myself with all my sockpuppets!!!!!! To say it was exhausting would be an understatement!
I got off to a slow start with the judgit competition today so please, keep up the judging without me while I get some chow from the hospital canteen. Dont' worry, I will most assuredly catch up at some point. After I have my cafeteria style din-din and get another clean pair of depends on (industrial strength of course!!), take my meds and have a quick chat with my doctor I will return relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to roar back to life judging your posts!!! See you in bit!
PS! If anyone wants to hook up with me (men only!!!) please leave your number in my personal topix mailbox!! The days are long and lonely on the psych ward where I have been condemned to live out the rest of my useless and delusional life.
Call me, please!!!!
Warmest and most desperate regards: "Waxman"
How's your Weener old Democrat? Should we call you limpy?


Dumb Dave, Grey Sock, Coward = limpy.

Tits Magee

Montréal, Canada

#953872 Jul 25, 2013
Like his dad, Tits was a massive stone block of a man like some kind of Transformer doll on TV or in the cartoons. At 5 years old his mom had enrolled him in karate classes at the Y and after two nights they'd sent him home with an honorary black belt and instructions not to return. At 5 years old Tits was nearly 5'-4" and weighed 112 pounds and showed no signs of slowing down.

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