Barack Obama, our next President

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Read more

Honolulu, HI

#937129 Jul 3, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
You must have majored in projection.
By the way, will you be taking that portrait of Frank Marshal Davis hanging on your wall with you? If it's too inconvenient, we can burn it.
Let's make some things better. How about we institute a radically liberal governmental philosophy. Here's a description of what I think our government should be:
If you notice, this document forbids things like the Treasury minting trillion dollar coins to give to the Fed in exchange for rreal money to fund an alternate government in opposition to the legitimate constitutional government. It also forbids the president from issuing any orders to anyone or anything outside the limits of the Executive Branch of government.
How about you read this document and tell us about some other things prohibitted your preferred government is doing today.
I'll help you get started by giving you a quote from the Constitution:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
This text prohibits the government from obtaining any email, phone, or any other private communications of any individual. The government cannot obtain ANY information about ANY individual without "probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
Now, that's a liberal idea, wouldn't you say?
Why are you such a fascist medieval extreme conservative?
I still say you should leave MY country son.

You bitch and moan and cry about what YOU can't get so often, it's clear there's no benefit if you stay here.

Wouldn't you agree?

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#937130 Jul 3, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Still trying to pedal those spammed e-mail lies.
Dumbwaiter thinks Columbia is a fricken stupid as where he got his pretend engineering degree and passes out diplomas to any dumbass that pays to go there.
I have news, Columbia s a top notch school, not Podunk where they handed you an pretend engineering degree.
What do these sites have in common?
They are calling you such a dumbasss that you believed those e-mls.
Professor Henry Graff :“I taught at Columbia for 46 years” Obama Could Not Have Gone There



In a recent interview, a well-known professor who taught at Columbia University for 46 years questioned whether or not President Obama actually attended the Ivy League school.

Prominent Columbia professor Henry Graff says he isn't sure President Obama ever attended the Ivy League school.

“I taught every significant politician that ever studied at Columbia,” said Columbia Emeritus Professor of History Henry Graff, in an interview last week with Wayne Root, a contributor at The Blaze.“Between American History and Diplomatic History, one way or another, they all had to come through my classes.”

“Not Obama,” he continued.“I never had a student with that name in any of my classes. I never met him, never saw him, never heard of him.”

Graff alleged that “none of the other Columbia professors knew him either” and said he is “very upset” to hear Obama referred to as a graduate of Columbia University.

“I am angry when I hear Obama called ‘the first President of the United States from Columbia University,’” he said.“I don’t consider him a Columbia student. I have no idea what he did on the Columbia campus. No one knows him.”

Graff is the recipient of the Kaul Foundation Award of Excellence in the field of education, an honor that is tied to a prize of $100,000. He is the author of multiple books and is known for teaching the first course on the history of the Presidency.

Bethlehem, PA

#937131 Jul 3, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
His primary purpose as president was to fundamentally transform this nation into his own personal vision.
He saw Obamacare as an accomplishment of that goal. Until now since he's starting to freak out.
Other than that, he's absolutely in over his head, and I believe he knows it more than anyone.
Right, that's why he ran again and won again. You are getting battier every day.
NJ raider 1

Baltimore, MD

#937132 Jul 3, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
So you are saying it is alright for one black to call another black a n----r, but not okay for a white to call a black a n----r? Bit of a double standard?
More racist stupidity! The question you should ask yourself is," why would you want to say it?" If it's not your everyday language, why would you want to say it? It's our everyday language & when we say it it's not derogatory. It's just more slang for saying " friend, bro, dude, any thing in that realm. If it's not your culture &, you not a racist, it shouldn't bother you.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#937133 Jul 3, 2013
Buroc Millhouse Obama wrote:
<quoted text>
This must upset Obama, DemocRATS, you & your boyfriend, Kermit Gosnell who prefer to snip the spinal chords in the necks of living outside the womb babies.
Since all of you Moonbats can't add, subtract or divide, let me help you.
Twenty weeks equals FIVE MONTHS!
If you either don't know you are pregnant or cannot make up your mind after FIVE MONTHS, you must be an OBAMA VOTER!
Now you & your boyfriend Kermit Gosnell need to go put your DR. Goebbel's snippers back in the drawer, you sagged jowl old hag.
It's a living human being with a heartbeat, organs, limbs and a central nervous system before 14 weeks. It's viable outside the protection of its mother's womb after 22 weeks.

Liberals don't care if it's human being or not at any phase of development if it was just a big mistake after unprotected sex.

A woman has the right to have unprotected sex and then kill the life she created. The law now gives her its blessing.

Self-serving gratification. Most liberals' motto.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#937134 Jul 3, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Snopes and Factcheck?
Oh, please. Those sites have been busted so many times for using sources like "senior advisor" and "inside source" without any names that may or may not exist to "prove" their case, nobody even uses those sources any more. These sites belong to George Soros.
While you use Pravda!! Which is the mouthpiece of the Russian Communists.

While you claim they've been a democracy for all of 15 years!!


You fail to mention how Putin has twarted the term limits by installing his puppet for a term, then stealing the election.


Putin’s Popularity Wanes as Russia’s Boom Ends

Cracks are showing in Russia's leadership as a slowdown in the economy is beginning to cause rifts at the heart of the government, with one academic telling CNBC on Thursday that the economy poses the biggest threat to the country's leadership.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned on Wednesday that while Russia's economy had not performed badly in 2012, falling commodity prices risked pushing the country into a recession, but the government will stick to its adopted fiscal rule, he told parliament on Wednesday.

Richard Edgar Pipes, professor of Russian History at Harvard University, told CNBC that there was a danger that prolonged weakness in the economy could harm Putin, whose popularity among the Russian electorate has been waning for some time.

"Around 52 percent of Russians do not want him to run for presidency again, which is astonishing," Pipes told CNBC at a meeting of the Russia Forum, an annual business and investment conference, held in Moscow.


This is a dictator who puts young women in prison camps for insulting Putin, the Communist Dictator.

Talk about sites being busted for lies!!

Get the hell off this thread, you Communist fraud.

Your love of Putin, a member of the Russian Communist Party and fpormer KGB murderer tells us what sort of unAmreican scum you are.

El Paso, TX

#937135 Jul 3, 2013
Liberals/Democrats still trying to distance themselves from Obamacare…WHAT’S UP!!

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#937136 Jul 3, 2013
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
That would work if your Paula Deen racism hadn't begun in Jan. 2009.
You're the one with no credibillity.
You predicted Obamacare would never pass.
You predicted the Supreme Court would strike down Obamacare.
You predicted Obama would not be re-elected.
You've been hating the black man since he was elected, beating the slut Palin into the ground.
Here is proof;
Melbourne, FL
Reply »|Report Abuse|Judge it!|#8918Jun 23, 2009
Another 17 months before the next election...
With the already "changes we can believe in" transpiring within the past six months, what else can we look forward to over the next year and a half?
Considering the mind boggling corruption that is going on under all of our noses but just under the surface, I'm beginning to believe it may be all over but the cryin'.
When is Obama going to start creating those promised jobs? Or is part of the plan to keep us dependent on the government? Distributing the wealth sounds much more appealing when enough people are unemployed. Someone please tell me where I'm wrong.
You were wrong in 2009, and you've doubled down on your racist hatred ever since, Paula.
But Paula Dean is a democrat and campaigned for O'bama-and then voted for his dumb ass. Does't that make her just another racist democrat?
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Newington, CT

#937137 Jul 3, 2013
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
"So you still don't know what Lodia, Hoodia is"
At least I know how to spell the words. What in hell is a 'Lodia', nitwit??
Other than one of the drugs you're taking, that is.
Ladida! Hodidoe!

What's that echo in your head?

OH! You can't think?


Honolulu, HI

#937138 Jul 3, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
How about fetch's comment from first-hand experience:
"I have two sister-in-laws that live in Maui. They will tell you that many many people who live there now came from other countries but have Hawai'i birth certificate. It was a practice that was going on well after and before O'bama was born. Yeah pretends he lives in Hawai'i-in reality he is married to the USA1680 moslem lover that thinks Sharia law is the next law of the land and sees nothing wrong with it. O'bama supporters are just that way:)"
If you ever actually looked into this matter, you would have already discovered that this was a common practice.
Since you are well-studied in the matter, how about you tell us why this practice became common in almost every state after the end of World War II.
Well good for fetchie son. Fetchie has made the claim about relatives before and she doesn't like them.

But hey, if fetchie has first hand knowledge, then fine. But fetchie has made idiotic, untruthful claims before and on a regular basis. So if you want believe them and take them as fact, that's fine. That's on you. That's your opinion.

But please don't try to convince me they're fact. Even fetchie has problems with that.

Besides, there are still people living in the US who have no birth certificates only because they weren't born in a hospital or had midwives. So guess what? In many states these people aren't eligible to vote even though they are Americans, thanks to conservatives.

Honolulu, HI

#937139 Jul 3, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Put a diaper with a fan belt around it on your head and they'll let you get on the plane. I believe they draw the line at pressure-cooker bombs.
... I suggest a clean diaper, but do what is most comfortable for you.
lol! Oh! So YOU'RE the one the TSA was telling me about!!!
Nostrilis H Waxman

Mineola, NY

#937140 Jul 3, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
I do know in his first attempt at publishing Journeys in Black and White which was ultimately shelved in place of Dreams of My Father, his biographical information stated he was born in Kenya.
Posted it the other day. Apparently, even if the publisher writes the biographies, it's usually approved by the author.
Why would even a publisher print an author's birthplace so erroneously?
Why do you cling so desperately to a mistake Miss Carol? Please, as a friend and don't take this the wrong way, stop making a fool of yourself.

Miriam Goderich edited the text of the bio; she is now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.

"This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me--an agency assistant at the time," Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. "There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."

Since: May 11

Chambersburg, PA

#937141 Jul 3, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Snopes and Factcheck?
Oh, please. Those sites have been busted so many times for using sources like "senior advisor" and "inside source" without any names that may or may not exist to "prove" their case, nobody even uses those sources any more. These sites belong to George Soros.
Real funny.

I realize you don't use those sources. That's because they call you a liar.

Where is your source?

Honolulu, HI

#937142 Jul 3, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
You seem to think anyone here actually believes Obama has anything at all to do in government. He's a fraud being propped up to make it appear as if we actually have a president. If you don't believe that, just find any video of him talking without a prepared script in front of his face telling him what to say.
Obama is an ignorant buffoon. He doesn't have a clue what's going on in our government.
Romney made it clear he was clueless... especially when he commented that he stood behind what he said, whatever it was.

And clearly bushie boy had no idea there was nothing to be found in iraq.... well, I think he did but refused to believe the facts.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#937143 Jul 3, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Knock off everyone is communist, lily.
Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,[2] where his parents, Eleanor Darragh and Rafael Cruz, were working in the oil business.[10][11] His father was a Cuban immigrant to the United States during the Cuban Revolution.[12] His mother was born and raised in Delaware, in a family of Irish and Italian descent.[11][13] Cruz's parents, who had both attended college in Texas, returned there when Cruz was about four years old.[12]
Cruz attended high school at Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas,[14] and then graduated from Second Baptist High School in Houston.
You just told a major LIE knowing full well it would be debunked. Why do you do things that are so crazy.
That's one opinion. Too bad you don't use wiki for Obama. You use racial slurs and claims of fake BC's.

Wait til we get our hands on the one from Calgary, Canada!!

We haven't begun to take Cruz apart.

He's not eligible to run for President, he's foreign born with a Cuban Communist father.

All the lies and stupidity you used against Obama will be returned threefold.

But Cruz will never get close to the nomination, so it's pointless to talk about.

But be prepared for the same filth and character assassination you nitwits have used against Obama for almost 5 years.

Note that it didn't prevent Obama from kicking Rmoney to the curb!!

I'm lovin' your wingnut stupidity!!

Carlsbad, NM

#937144 Jul 3, 2013
Homer wrote:
Technically since Obama's mother was a U.S. citizen does it even matter where he was born?
She is not his mother.
Nostrils Waxman

Windsor, CT

#937145 Jul 3, 2013
Oh lookie - Dumb Dave, the juvenile name stealer found a proxy in Secaucus, NJ!

The real Waxman is not posting from NJ, libtard. Can't you find a way to get the city right, Dumb Dave?
Nostrilis H Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for not treating me like a troll. I want to admit to you that I have been posting as many others here and you always go along with it. My gratitude to you Carol for looking the other way.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#937146 Jul 3, 2013
LCN Llin wrote:
<quoted text>
Basically, a liberal website, MSN, called every liberal who bought into Al Gore's global warming scam "SUCKER!"

And didn't even know they did it.

Pretty funny.

Since: Nov 11

United States

#937147 Jul 3, 2013
The Elephant in the Room wrote:
Jews Control the American Media TV Hollywood Film Industry zionist war crime
Watch: =oe1e5iVCRKoXX

The question about "Hollywood and the media is no longer, "Who is jewish", but "who isn't jewish".
You are wrong!

NPR caught willing to defend Muslims for money!!!

You are wrong!

NBC loses lawsuits for proctoring video of Zimmerman.

You are wrong!

The Liberals had taken over the media.

Your satanic blinded hares of God's people is blinding your intellect therefore you can not see facts!!!

If the Jews controller the media, Obama would had never won, goofball!

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#937148 Jul 3, 2013
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
January 2012
According to the annual Military Times poll, support for the president among active-duty personnel has declined from 70% to just 25%, a phenomenal drop in the course of a single year.
Doesn't matter, stupid. Obama won.

I hear the Marines voted 80% for OBama!!

All you do is come here to piss and moan.

Get over it. You will never see a Republiclown elected President in whatever short time is left for you here on earth with yyour disgusting health habits.

Have a piece of pie and a ciagrette, smokey.

Put another nail in your coffin, miss Common Sense.

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