Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1314769 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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John Galt

Temecula, CA

#933268 Jun 27, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Senator. Born Joseph Isador Lieberman on February 24, 1942 in Stamford, Connecticut. Lieberman received his bachelor's degree from Yale College in 1964 and his law degree from Yale Law School in 1967. He was elected to the Connecticut State Senate in 1970 where he served for ten years. In 1980, he returned to private legal practice for two years before serving as Connecticut's Attorney General from 1983 through 1988. After gaining popularity for his consumer and environmental advocacy, Lieberman went on to win his first election to the U.S. Senate in 1988, winning the seat twice more in 1994 and 2000.
2000, Lieberman was the **Democratic** candidate for Vice President alongside Al Gore, and the first Jew named to an American national ticket. In January 2003, he announced his candidacy for the 2004 *Democratic* presidential nomination.
In 2003, Lieberman sought the *Democratic* nomination for the 2004 presidential election but withdrew his candidacy after failing to win any of the five primaries. In 2006, he won re-election to the Senate, running as an *Independent* after losing the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. Lieberman will sit as part of the *Democratic* caucus in the 110th Congress.
In 2003, Lieberman sought the *Democratic* nomination for the 2004 presidential election but withdrew his candidacy after failing to win any of the five primaries. In 2006, he won re-election to the Senate, running as an *Independent* after losing the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. Lieberman serves in the Connecticut senate seat.
Ahhhhhh DEMOCRACY---and those with some BACKBONES enough to live in it lol.
But Jean from Queens and Dumbass Dave would say that there is nothing in that biography that states that Lieberman was never a registered Republican.
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Newington, CT

#933269 Jun 27, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
I know what I am talking about. Don't project your ignorance onto me.
The current payback period is what is keeping many from going the way of solar.
Businesses have installed solar.
I never said the decision was a slam dunk for everyone.
I said Galt was an idiot for claiming it did not work outside the Southwest.
Try to keep up.
No you do not!
You are thick as a frikkin brick, Dumb Dave.

OK simpleton, try this:

O V E R - 2 0 - Y E A R S

Unless you are in the southwest.
Galt is correct.

As usual, you have no clue what you are talking about!

Jesus! Are you god damned stoooopid!
NJ raider 1

Paterson, NJ

#933270 Jun 27, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Probably because we didn't have our noses stuck in an "Arab spring" uprising.
And you expect me to believe because you you call it an Arab spring now that it wasn't going on under Bush or during the times & dates of those 13 attacks? Ignorance at it's finest!

“Come Home America!”

Since: Nov 11

Claymont, Delaware 19809

#933271 Jun 27, 2013
Death of Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
Goldwater integrated the AZ National Guard way before it was considered cool.
Goldwater followed Truman and Eisenhower who ended segregation in the U S armed forces .

“Come Home America!”

Since: Nov 11

Claymont, Delaware 19809

#933272 Jun 27, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
But Moochelle's school lunch program forces children to take food that they don't want, which heads straight for the trash.
I never knew a kid who did not love an apple.:-D
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#933273 Jun 27, 2013
NJ raider 1 wrote:
<quoted text> Again, another dumass with the mind expansion of an asshole farting. I live in the biggest city in Jersey by demography. I haven't been to Trenton in years. I'm closer to Philly &, almost as close to NY. I don't know about the air in Trenton but, I am aware of the harshness ignorance in which people treat the earth with. For you to sit here & ignore or completely lie about global warming makes you like more of an ass than a stereotypical black girl. It's not even an argument or a debate. It's me tell facts of which I've lived through &, you telling lies spun behind money hungry people who would sacrifice their unborn grandchildren to put away a couple thousand more dollars. You don't fit thatdescription so, that makes you look more of an ass to argue someones point that doesn't serve your interest. Your logic is, all scientist haven't agreed on the subject so, it's not true. My position is, I can feel it with my own flesh. I don't need a scientist to tell me what I feel. That would make me a trueobserver of the topic & you a Republican robot, get it now?
Pattersons even worse.

SHAME ON YOU---Newark AND Patterson should be closed down-NOW--for crudding up the Hudson and because you all STINK! Uh gasp gasp--may the ghosts of a thousand Mohican smallpox blanket fibers infest your armpits!

Now, you were saying something about being a mindless, empty bobbleheaded r-oboTIC? Oh HELL no-never was, never will be!
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Newington, CT

#933274 Jun 27, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text> Some ay about $2,000 over the l;ife of the system & some say $60-$120 a year.
Why don't you move to Arizona? Then you can be (close to) right like you want to be soooo badly.


Honolulu, HI

#933275 Jun 27, 2013
Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
You seem to be factually deficient... again, son.
It should be repealed:
"Under the policies of Speaker Pelosi and President Obama, almost 4 million of our countrymen have lost their jobs, since the President has been inaugurated. We have the highest unemployment rate we’ve had in a quarter of a century, not to mention a tripling of the national debt. One thing that our Committee could do, that would take a positive step towards creating more jobs in America, is simply to repeal CRA."
I don't deny it was probably said son.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#933276 Jun 27, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
But Jean from Queens and Dumbass Dave would say that there is nothing in that biography that states that Lieberman was never a registered Republican.
Classic examples of that old saying on why "STUPID is just about impossible to fix".
Aunt Bettie Lou

Orlando, FL

#933277 Jun 27, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text>Paula Deen was a member of 'Redneck's for Obama' and traitors in the eyes of country Foxbots.:-D
You keep telling yourself that and repeating it like a good little parrot.

I have no opinion about Deen other than she was raised in the south and can't help her heritage or her party affiliation or the southern democrat mindset decades ago.

But when someone voluntarily admits to wrongdoing 30 years ago and even if they say things that raises eyebrows because of who they are and where they came but then apologizes for it, their life should not be ruined.

Why was Robert Byrd forgiven when he was in the KKK and did a heck of a lot more to black people than racial slurs and not Paula Deen?

Since: Apr 09

Elmont, Long Island NY

#933278 Jun 27, 2013
Aunt Bettie Lou wrote:
<quoted text>
Where I live, there is an equal blend of whites, blacks and Hispanics who mind their own business and take pride in what they have. Wouldn't want it any other way.
Ironically, the Southern states have now become representative of the hard-working middle class with the influx of northerners and the era of Southern Democrats long since past.
Many blacks are moving back to these states from Detroit, Chicago and New York where they once fled and were denied even low-skilled industrial jobs that created the vicious cycle of poverty in these urban areas. They are finding both opportunities and acceptance in the south which southern democrats had once denied them.
I'm sure there are still places in the south - just like in the north - where discrimination and prejudice has not been completely stamped out. But discrimination and prejudice exists in some places everywhere and is not just limited to skin color.
There are plenty of other places in the south - and in the north - to live and especially in the 21st century.
You'll never convince liberals though that the majority of Americans have moved on past the racial issue. They cling to it for dear life. Why, I don't know. Well, yes I do.
I'm guessing you missed the reaction to the recent Cheerios commercial......

denial isn't a river in Egypt
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#933279 Jun 27, 2013
By SENI TIENABESO (@seniABC) and MATT GUTMAN (@mattgutmanABC)

SANFORD, Fla. June 27, 2013

A teenage friend of Trayvon Martin was forced to admit today in the George Zimmerman murder trial that she did not write a letter that was sent to Martin's mother describing what she allegedly heard on a phone call with Martin moments before he was shot.

In a painfully embarassing moment, Rachel Jeantel was asked to read the letter out loud in court.

"Are you able to read that at all?" defense attorney Don West asked.

Jeantel, head bowed, eyes averted whispered into the court microphone, "Some but not all. I don't read cursive."

It sent a hush through the packed courtroom.

Jeantel, 19, was unable to read any of the letter save for her name.

Honolulu, HI

#933280 Jun 27, 2013
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
The last I read, the ROI for Solar is 20 years or above - depending on where you live and the regional electricity cost.
Thus, after 20 years, your equipment will need to be replaced and maintenance over those same 20 years will eat up any perceived savings.
Adding to the confusion is the fact that the Magic Negro will subsidize this crap meaning that prices and costs are loosely bandied about by government and salesman giving the false impression that Solar costs are dropping when, in fact, they are not.
If we let the Jerk-In-Chief get his way with Coal and Renewables, your electric bill will skyrocket to a point where you'll sit in the dark for the rest of your life. In your case, you've already been in the dark up till now, DumbDave.
You are a Fool inside of a Fool's Paradise, Bro'.
lol! Not mine son. My ROI is a lot faster.... less than half of your claim.

But go ahead and make your idiotic claim.

You're one of those who won't let the facts get in the way of your politics.

Honolulu, HI

#933281 Jun 27, 2013
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
If a poster writes a thousand comments with 99% being valid, verifiable and substantive observations, I can respect them even when and if I disagree with those comments.
In your case, 99% of your comments are not valid, verifiable or substantive. You are a flake with a motormouth.
So, the personalities issue is unavoidable in many cases and especially in yours. A Skunk, by any other name, is still a Skunk, Dood.
Not when your politics get in the way son.

Then you throw facts right out the window and replace them with your opinions.

Honolulu, HI

#933282 Jun 27, 2013
Aunt Bettie Lou wrote:
<quoted text>
You asked a stupid question - how did I know abortions have skyrocketed since Roe v Wade - I answered it, and now you're arguing with yourself because you didn't like the answer.
Ignorance is bliss. The reality of abortion is not high on the liberal's agenda in preventing them by educating young women about the consequences of unprotected sex. The reality of a fetus having a heartbeat, vital organs, brain development and limbs and looking just like a baby before the end of the first trimester is nowhere on their agenda.
Planned Parenthood does not perform sonograms to show women what they are about to remove from their bodies to help them make an informed decision. For a reason. It would be too costly since abortions are the money makers for Planned Parenthood.
Liberals are now demanding abortions be legal after 20 weeks. If abortion isn't considered murder in the first trimester, it certainly is by the fifth month.
So basically you condone the killing of human life. Just admit it.
And yet, you have no clue about CRA.

BTW, when was it repealed son?

Honolulu, HI

#933283 Jun 27, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Deen is a democrat. Too bad you guys decided to trash her before checking it out. No worries, within a week all will be forgiven-the way it always is.
lol! It's worse with Christie.

THAT was politics at its worse.

Since: Jun 13

Location hidden

#933284 Jun 27, 2013
Eman wrote:
According to the loony left wingers here, roi on solar is 20 years but solar panels only have a 20 year life span. Sounds like a scam to me.
Another scandal uncovered by the moron patrol.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#933285 Jun 27, 2013
NASA announces eight new astronauts-half are women

Indianapolis, IN

#933286 Jun 27, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
And? He scares them. Not something to be proud of.
right wing hate-mongers not welcome.

something to be proud of?

Indianapolis, IN

#933287 Jun 27, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh wait, that was from 2011. Nothing to see here, move along.
Britain bans two anti-Islam U.S. bloggers

A government spokesman said individuals whose presence "is not conducive to the public good" could be excluded by the home secretary, the BBC reported.

"We condemn all those whose behaviors and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form," he added.

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