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"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story
Agent John

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#911974 May 26, 2013
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Boulder, CO

#911976 May 26, 2013
Exclusive: Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs during global March Against Monsanto

Learn more:

Boulder, CO

#911977 May 26, 2013
Millions rally around the world in March Against Monsanto - photos from Austin, Texas

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Gloucester, VA

#911978 May 26, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text>you think that its right for an armed adult male to kill an unarmed child over a piece of candy.
Traygone wasn't killed over a peice of candy you lying POS .

El Paso, TX

#911981 May 26, 2013
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>

Sandy Berger didn't stuff anything into his socks or pants, that's a right wing lie that only twits like you believe.
PDUPONT…I think even Mr. Berger thinks what he did was Pretty Stupid…Sandy Berger to plead guilty on documents charge!!
Former National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger was fined $50,000 by a federal judge yesterday for illegally taking classified documents out of the National Archives by stuffing them in his pants!! PDUPONT I know those darn Facts just gets in the way of a Good Lie…Right!!

Windsor, CT

#911983 May 26, 2013
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
HEY STUPID! Greece's problems don't have anything to do with any kind of "socialist policies" but from the fact that they were suckered into joining the Euro zone and in the process lost control of their currency. Other countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark all of which nitwits like you would describe as "socialistic" didn't buy into that scam and are doing just fine.
By the way moron the Obama phones that right wingers love to trot out is actually a 28 year old program called Lifeline that was signed into law by Ronald Reagan and renewed by George HW Bush.
You're an idiot Waxman!
Good morning LeftWingNut!

How is your imaginary Sweden? Above, from Friday, You say:

"S W E D E N - D O I N G - J U S T - F I N E"


"Night 7 in Sweden: Cars ablaze, police attacked as nation debates immigrant policy"

"Analysts believe the shooting ignited deep-seated frustration among disenfranchised youths – many of whom have not assimilated into Swedish society and are unemployed"


So you say it's the "currency" for Greece, not "your" socialist policies? Does anyone take you seriously?

Now who did you say the idiot was, libtard that lives under a rock?

Windsor, CT

#911984 May 26, 2013
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure Carol, what sources? You don't seem to be able to name anybody.
Sandy Berger didn't stuff anything into his socks or pants, that's a right wing lie that only twits like you believe.
When anyone requests documents from the National Archives they get copies, no one gets the originals no matter who they are.
"Law enforcement sources said archive staff members told FBI agents they saw Berger placing items in his jacket and pants, and one archive staffer told agents that Berger also placed something in his socks."

You an believe them, or someone like "Lanny Davis" who says they are liars.

We all know idiots like prefer believing your own leftwing liars & propaganda.

PDUPONT = Baawwwaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! !

How's Sweden doing Democrat?


God are you libtards morons. What a gullible idiot.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#911985 May 26, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>lol! Well gee son, thanks to cons and the Citizen's United ruling, that's exactly what we got.... government that is no longer "...of the people by the people and for the people..."
Now they've made it legal for corporations, both foreign and domestic, to not only influence politics, but hide from the people on what they're doing.
So don't complain. Non cons didn't want this... conservatives did!
Like THAT hasn't been going on for decades. Just that NOW the yewneeyun propoganda now has advesaries in the polTICal arenas-hail the SUPER PACS!

S'all "that's awright, it's all goodduh" though, because absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the playing fields needed some leveling out anywa, as the wafting STENCHes of rampant corruption have been getting pretty FOUL.

Might as well be fair with the foulness!
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#911986 May 26, 2013
Aunt Bettie Lou wrote:
<quoted text>
The IRS is going to know if we have a colon polyp or a wart removal soon.
That's insanity! More corruption in places where it shouldn't be!!
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#911987 May 26, 2013
R-12 Freon wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree. When protolcol say's to look at just as many people that do not fit the discription of a middle eastern terrorist, To be fair & politically correct is bullshit! 99% of terrorists are young M.E. males, obvious muslims. That's who you profile, because that's who cause all the terror.
Are we supposed to ignore that?
Based upon the recent incidents in Benghazi and Boston, what we've heard about prior to, and how the "prior to" time frame of keeping eyes out for such and actually doing something to deter such-one can only conclude--

Yes, that is what the current administration would prefer, that we "ignore" black and red flags waving.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#911988 May 26, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text> The Obama Administration was ready and eager from day one of re-election to join the republicans on meaningful tax reform ,but it was republicans who backed off , claimed tax reform wasn't necessary because Obama already got his tax raise for the wealthy then rushed into making a embarrassing scene of fussing over phony "scandals" Yeah, there's a rotten example to show the rest of the world.
That means reform in other areas too. Like maybe in the EIC and tax return areas-as in any returns calculated to go to people already living OFF the system, would be prorated and adjusted to allow for some returns back INTO the system, rather than just more draining of it.
That, and of of course, tightening up some of the BS loopholes, so corporate entities might actually have to contribute honestly at reasonable and fair levels again.

Such a downhill slide in ethics over the past 35-40 years. Effort would be required from BOTH sides of those aisles however, for this nation to see better again though.

Holyoke, MA

#911989 May 26, 2013
Aunt Bettie Lou wrote:
<quoted text>
Somebody has to tell you this. It might as well be me. You are much too gullible for your own good.
If this was just a rightwing phony scandal, democrats wouldn't be condemning it as loudly and, in some cases, even more loudly than conservatives.
Neither would 60% of Americans say the GOP is handling the scandals appropriately.
More hearings are scheduled next week and the weeks following with bigger fish having to testify under oath. More whistleblowers are also expected to emerge in the ensuing weeks.
This is just the beginning.
Wrong Carol! I rely on actual facts like no conservative group was denied tax exempt status.
Facts like it's the job of that division is in fact to check out whether or not an organization seeking a 501(c)(4) status actually qualifies for it.
I'm not interested in the theatrics from either side.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#911991 May 26, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text>I think that we ran all the Tea Party kooks off the page, including Carol, because they're afraid to face facts.
More like they have FAR, FAR better things to do with their time, than waste it continuously, arguing with nothing but ignorance and stupidity.

Get a reality clue, wouldya plz.
Duhfweeridesects axlikedat

London, KY

#911992 May 26, 2013
Agent John wrote:
I need help from any body about money 9000 for my school fees God bless you as you help, please call me on 08160926595
Get a loan, ya lazy mooch.

Since: Apr 13

Orlando, FL

#911993 May 26, 2013
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
Your sanctity of life only extends to an unborn fetus. It certainly doesn't extend to those who've died because they couldn't get medical care. it doesn't extend to those who've died because big insurance refused to cover treatment or dropped them when they became ill. It doesn't bother you that the US has a higher infant mortality rate than any other major industrial nation and even Cuba.
Just when have anyone's right to worship been suppressed Carol? Any citizen in this country can believe and worship in whatever manner they want or not participate in religion at all. You can put a religious display in your front yard or on church property or any private property for that matter but not on property that is owned by and supported by taxpayers to advance your own particular beliefs.
Marriage is at its core a civil contract that confers obligations and rights to those that choose to enter into it. All citizens are entitled to these rights under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. You don't have the right to deny people rights based on your own personal beliefs.
Let's face it Carol, all major media outlets are corporate owned and will slant news to benefit their owners. For a Foxbot like you to demand fair-minded coverage is a laugh. Fox has been the propaganda arm of the GOP for years.
Just how does either the government manage your personal affairs Carol? It certainly doesn't manage mine. I do have to follow the rules such as speed limits, pay what I owe in taxes and not do anything that adversely affects other people but aside from that you and I are pretty much free do whatever we want. You for instance are perfectly free to spew the nonsense that you do every day and I am free to dispute you on it.
No one is proposing anything that would prevent a law abiding citizen to own a firearm Carol but we should make it a lot harder for criminals and those judged to be mentally unstable to get them. That being said this whole idea that a gun in the home makes it safer is ridiculous. A gun in the home is used exponentially more often to kill a family member than to thwart an intruder.
You're the one who should grow a brain Carol, all the nonsense is coming from you.
You just don't get it. You probably never will.

There is a more common sense approach to making health care costs more affordable and providing care to the truly needy at the same time without the IRS knowing if you need a colonoscopy.

You are handing over your private and personal medical information to the government and the IRS on a silver platter.

How many lemons have you bought in the past?

(You DO know Obamacare is going to leave more uninsured than are uninsured presently?)

Since: Apr 13

Orlando, FL

#911994 May 26, 2013
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
Didn't the Communist Van Jones say that more government is better?
Better than what? Death by constipation? STD? Listening to another Magic Negro speech?
No surprise a communist would say that. The goal of communism is to take the power from the people and put it in the hands of a few to make it easier to control the powerless...all in the name of "fairness" and the "common good".

Wolves in sheep's clothing. Some people are born suckers and fall for any hype. They always buy the lemons they're being sold without ever questioning the motive behind the hype.

The same people never learn from the same mistakes made in the past - and smooth-talking salesmen see them coming a mile away.

It's actually kind of sad...going through life that clueless to be taken advantage of so easily...

...considering Obama and his Chicago thugs are the smooth-talking salesmen in this case. Some of the best con men come across as the most sincere and trusting.

The rule of thumb is never trust anyone who has something to gain by your naivety without verifying their motives and credentials.

Trust but verify. This president can't be trusted. His motives are easily verified.

“Amor patriae.”

Since: Feb 08

Eastern Oregon

#911995 May 26, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>Actually, the people did one better... they didn't let the likes of Romney in!
Nothing terrifies a liberal socialist like an honest, God-fearing President - and to prevent one, Democrats will break any law, moral or statutory, that stands in their way.

“Come Home America!”

Since: Nov 11

Claymont, Delaware 19809

#911996 May 26, 2013
Agent John wrote:
I need help from any body about money 9000 for my school fees God bless you as you help, please call me on 08160926595
Don't call republicans in Congress. They're trying to pass a bill to make you pay more in student fees. "Yesterday, House Republicans passed a bill making student loans more expensive. You read that right, more expensive.

That's just crazy.

More than ever, Americans need a college degree to find a job. And Republicans just made it even more difficult. Meanwhile, the Wall Street corporations and the big banks who helped crash this economy are being handed sweetheart deals.

Call your Senators today and ask them to support the Elizabeth Warren Student Loan Plan.

Unless the Senate takes action, student loan rates are set to jump dramatically on July 1st, while the big banks are handed money at an almost 900% discount." Check this out:

Mililani, HI

#911997 May 26, 2013
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
You are like the Paper Roll on a Player Piano; full of holes but blindly playing on through the din of the drunken noise in the Pizza Parlor and hor house.
Do you know what a One-Trick Pony is?'s not for bestiality...well, in your case maybe...
Ah! So what is a one trick pony in your bestiality life? It would appear it's something you're very well versed in!

Would this explain why you love to attack posters?

hmmmmmm.... interesting.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#911999 May 26, 2013
frontporchreactionary wrote:
<quoted text>Desperation in tea party ranks that they can't hold off necessary progressive reform much longer --the tide of American public opinion is turning to Obama and the Democrats.
Yes, Jean from Queens is right.

Americans desperately want to surrender their privacy and all decisions about their lives to an overbearing federal government. They want to surrender their culture to the point where the national language is Spanish and the national religion is Islam. They want the federal government to supply their food (vegan only), housing (apartments only), transportation (buses only). and medical care (public clinics only).

Then Jean from Queens will be happy.





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