Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1433909 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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“Amor patriae.”

Since: Feb 08

Eastern Oregon

#897547 May 4, 2013
Cway wrote:
<quoted text>
But it does ryhme wish Bush.
Right, Mr. Clueless?
Calm down, check your work.

Since: Jul 11

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#897548 May 5, 2013
America did the right thing re electing Obama, despite a congress who can't accept it. Policies are working repairing a damaged economy the Republicans gave the world.

Associated Press:
The U.S. economy showed last month why it remains the envy of industrialized nations: In the face of tax increases and federal spending cuts, employers added a solid 165,000 jobs in April.
The Dude Abides

Montréal, Canada

#897550 May 5, 2013
Good God, how long does it take one old woman to die? Not that long, actually. To be honest, you gotta work pretty hard to keep it alive once fear creeps in there... yessir, once it's scared the little heart starts hammerin' like a baby rabbit's in a dog kennel and then pretty much all you gotta do is run your knuckles down the side of the wire every so often and, poof! You got pure terror.

Now "terror" is a funny word. An entire industry's grown up around it so it's a cherished term now, like "gun rights," or "en-tre-pren-ear." You can have four guys in the terror business, but if you hire the right jews to sell it for you, you can build a solid lobby, maybe even get laws passed just so those four guys can sell their anti-terror candy bar to some saps at the Pantygon or over at Homeland Sec. Embarassing.

One World Government, y'all, rules and wages got to be the same for everybody. Let's get to it.

Meanwhile old woman, don't struggle so against those ropes, they're cuttin' off your circulation.

Westfield, MA

#897551 May 5, 2013
Aunt Bettie Lou wrote:
<quoted text>
There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself. But a leader of the nation has to have experience leading, governing or serving enough time in Congress to know how to get things done with tact in reaching across the aisle.
Obama was in over his head from the get go. He led with the same academic disconnect in the same ivory tower he felt most comfortable most of his adult life.
He simply cannot relate to hardworking Americans who only want to make an honest living to get by or get ahead but, rather, connects with people who look to the government for their sustenance and has self-appointed himself as their leader, their voice and their savior while the rest of us have to pay the price and hope for the best.
There is no such thing as "fairness across the board" in any society. Europe and other failed socialist democracies should have made that obvious.
He is insulated and surrounds himself by fellow radicals and elitists who are also disconnected from most Americans who are not either.
In short, Obama is not a leader. He had an agenda and force fed it to the rest of us. He has demonized and ignored those who represent the other half of the population.
You can't possibly say and be honest that is a sign of leadership.
As usual Carol you're full of it. It wasn't Obama who refused to reach across the aisle it was the GOP who from the beginning decided that they would obstruct anything that the new President put forth even if it meant putting the economy further into the ditch than it already was. ...
Mitch McConnell himself stated;
"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."
Not working with the President to improve the economy, not health care, ending two unnecessary wars or doing something about our crumbling infrastructure but to simply block everything and hope that the voters would blame Obama and put him out of office. Every time Obama reached across the aisle he got his hand bit.
I am one of those hardworking people Carol who goes to work every day and I and most of the other hard working people I work with came to work on November 7th elated that Obama had taken the election. Why would any working American vote for Mitt Romney who made his money by putting people out of work and shipping jobs overseas? Why don't you ask workers from Dade International in your own home state how much Romney did for them?
And really Carol, who are these "radicals" he's surrounded himself with? John Kerry has a distinguished war record and served as Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and US senator. Eric Holder who was appointed to the DC bench and served as Acting Attorney General under Bush ? Chuck Hagel who unlike former Defense Secretaries actually spent time as a grunt on the ground during Vietnam? Actually there are no "radicals in the Obama White House but I wish there was.
The countries in Europe that are in financial straits didn't get there because of any "socialistic" policies but because of the debt forced upon them when they joined the Euro zone and lost control of their finances. Countries like Sweden and Norway who rejected this ill conceived plan are doing just fine and take care of their populace.

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897552 May 5, 2013
Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
Jr High does not count Dumb Dave.
You gone attended?
fumb duck
I know you have no idea that there is school after Jr High.

No, really.

You missed out on a lot.
No Surprize

Saint Petersburg, FL

#897553 May 5, 2013
Cway wrote:
<quoted text>
The damage was done by January, 2007. Bad loans by banks which even the FBI warned you Republicans about in 2004 were not reined in.
Nor did you do anything about the credit default swaps which greatly exacerbated the mortagage crisis.
The Democrat Congress that took over in January, 2007 was incredibly weak.
In the Senate, 49 Democrats supported by 2 independents.
Wow... "big" majority there, eh?
Suffice to say, you whine BS all you want, but the Dem majority was unable to overcome any Bush veto or a Republican filibuster.
Furthermore, I defy you to produce the legislation they passed you imply was responsbile for the collapse which followed.
When Clinton Lied... America Died...

Ron Paul blasted Bill Clinton's Iraq Bombing Campaign to Destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction (12-16-1998) whom Started WWW III and inflamed the Global Muslim World you idiot...

In a press conference aired (12-16-1998) by C-Span, Representative Ron Paul criticizes Bill Clinton's bombing campaign killing Thousands of Muslim people in Iraq and starting WWWIII.

Bill Clinton started World War III against the Muslim world and Ron Paul correctly "PREDICTED" the potential for terrorist attacks against the United States as retaliation in the future, ie...911, the day before Clinton's impeachment hearing, concerning Monica Lewinsky oral sex escapades and his lying under oath...

Bill Clinton's War Mongering Failures, his Monica Sickness, unleashed Global Muslim Terror upon the World and the USA... Clinton trying to distract people from his sex scandal by attacking and bombing Iraq, Europe and the rest of the planet you moron...

Westfield, MA

#897554 May 5, 2013
Aunt Bettie Lou wrote:
Winner in last election?
According to the National Black Republican Association:
Karl Marx - Founding Father of Oppression:
•Right dictated by the state
•Forced wealth re-distribution
•Government-run economy
•Mediocrity rewarded
•Collective ownership
•Free speech silenced
•Gun ownership banned
•Government dependency
•Authoritarian rule
•People fear their government
Loser in last election?
George Washington - Founding Father of Freedom:
•Right granted by God
•Sharing based on love
•Free-market capitalism
•Excellence rewarded
•Private property rights
•1st Amendment rights
•2nd Amendment rights
•Individual responsibility
•We, the people
•Government fears the people
Really Carol? Let's take a look at some of these ridiculous assertions;
What rights are being dictated by the state? Rights are dictated by the Constitution.
Forced wealth redistribution? Where? The Ryan budget actually espoused this by policy that would make the rich even richer and cut programs that benefit the middle class and the poor. That's wealth redistribution but in the wrong direction. When Bain shipped Sensata to China they took money out of the pockets of American workers and put it into theirs and got a tax deduction from the rest of us to do it.
The government doesn't run the economy but it does enforce the rules and regulations that make it work for the benefit of all of us.
Just where is mediocrity rewarded?
There are some things that are collectively owned and should like our roads and infrastructure, our public education our public lands and our prisons. None of these should be run for profit and neither should our health care.
Just where has free speech been silenced Carol? The very fact that this right wing site could put out this garbage proves this to be a total lie.
No one is advocating a ban on gun ownership but there needs to be some common sense regulation on who can own a weapon and what kind of weapons are available. 90% of the American people want expanded background checks but the gun manufacturers and their pimps the NRA just want to sell a lot of guns and don't give a damn who they sell them to.
Yes Carol I depend on the government to keep the air I breath and the water I drink clean, I depend on it to enforce rules to keep workplaces safe, to maintain safe roads and bridges and food and drugs that won't make me sick or kill me and yes if I should become unemployed or disabled to make sure I can have at least a basic level of subsistence.
What authoritarian rule? We still have the same system of checks and balances that we had before but being totally abused by the GOP.
Who fears the government except a few delusional conspiracy theory whack jobs.
What tyranny?
No Surprize

Saint Petersburg, FL

#897555 May 5, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
I know you have no idea that there is school after Jr High.
No, really.
You missed out on a lot.
You are a moron RealDave..

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897556 May 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
44.7 million Americans now on food stamps, compared to 28.2 million in 2008.
If you think food stamps (something for nothing) are not welfare, then you are kidding yourself.
Actually Bush added abut the same percentage as Obama.

If you assign those added in 2009 due to the Bush recession, Bush had added so many more.
No Surprize

Saint Petersburg, FL

#897557 May 5, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually Bush added abut the same percentage as Obama.
If you assign those added in 2009 due to the Bush recession, Bush had added so many more.
Today, the actual unemployment rate is 9.6% and over fifty million Americans are now on food stamps.

Nancy Pelosi: Quickest way to create jobs is to provide more funding for food stamps. Go Nancy!!

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897558 May 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Spending taxpayer dollars to hire more government employees is useless and destructive, just sucking private capital out of the economy.
Check out the graph.

Do you right whiners know how to read a graph?

US Government works have decreased under Obama.

Westfield, MA

#897559 May 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Islam is not a religion.
According to whom? You? Who the hell made you the arbiter of what's a valid religion or not?
The only religion you ascribe to is the egocentric sociopathic nihilism espoused by Ayn Rand the second rate author who lived out her final days dependent on the government she despised.
You're an idiot!

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897560 May 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
The welfare state has made Henry Ford's reasoning obsolete.
Besides, Ford needed better workers than the average Walmart employee.
Ford paid his employees well. He wanted them to be able to afford to buy one of his cars.

This is totally different that the right whiner m minimum wage mentality that John Galt believes in.

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897561 May 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
NASA should stick to space exploration instead of wasting money on politics.
You & Flacktard love NASA except when they talk about global warming, then you call them lying azzholes.

The ones putting politics over science are you & Flacktard and the rest f the feeble minded right.

Westfield, MA

#897562 May 5, 2013
flack wrote:
<quoted text> No they don't. Not the employer's problem. They can get a second job. Not the employer's problem. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's a lie! Not an employer's problem. Not an employer's problem. You're out your mind. But still not an employer's problem. People are responsible for themselves and family. No one else.
Just another egocentric sociopath who complains that there's so many people on food stamps but totally ignores the reason for it. No one should be forced to work two jobs to have a basic level of subsistence while the Walton family reaps in a fortune from their workers sweat.

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897563 May 5, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
A roll of Bounty towels is the exact same product whether purchased in a convenience store or at a cheaper price at Walmart.
Conversely, some of the highest priced department stores in the country sell products made in Asian sweatshops.
Your argument defies all logic.
That is not entirely true.

I have purchased items from Walmart that had the exact same description & packaging as in other stores. They were not the same.

I had purchased envelopes from Staples to print several hundred envelopes for a mailing. I needed a few more & piked up some from Walmart. The exact same brand.

The ones from staples went through my printer fine, 20% of those from Walmart failed.

I purchased Hanes clothing items from both Walmart & JC Penny. There is a distinct difference in weight.

Walmart buys so much, they can order the same products as other stores but cheaper in quality.

The same physical size package of beef jerky will contain less weight in Walmart than in the grocery store. If you didn't pay attention to the label, you would have been duped.

Check out model numbers of the items in Walmart to those on other stores. The box & pictures are the same, but the numbers differ.

You need to be careful shopping at Walmart.

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#897564 May 5, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>Today, the actual unemployment rate is 9.6% and over fifty million Americans are now on food stamps.
Nancy Pelosi: Quickest way to create jobs is to provide more funding for food stamps. Go Nancy!!
There are not over 50 million Americans on food stamps.

Since: Apr 13

Orlando, FL

#897565 May 5, 2013
Wall Street Journal
April 29, 2013

The Coming Obamacare Shock

Single adults age 21-29 earning 300% to 400% of the federal poverty level will be hit with an increase of 46% even after premium assistance from tax credits.

An estimated 10 million people, approximately two-thirds of the market that is low- or average-risk, will see higher insurance bills for 2014.

Three million people will lose their insurance altogether in 2014 and six million will have to pay the individual-mandate tax penalty in 2016 because they don't want or won't be able to afford coverage even with the subsidies.

Younger, healthier workers will see very large increases in premiums: 89% in Missouri, 91% in Indiana and 101% in Nevada.

Employees whose employers have to pay a tax penalty because their policies do not carry sufficiently generous insurance will see their wages fall. Others will lose their jobs or see their hours reduced.

It appears that there will be 30 million to 40 million people damaged in some fashion by the Affordable Care Act—more than one in 10 Americans.

We'll hear about innocent victims who saw their premiums skyrocket, who were barred from seeing their usual doctor, who had their hours cut or lost their insurance entirely — all thanks to the faceless bureaucracy administering a federal law.

When that reality becomes clearer, the law is going to start losing its friends in the media.

Anyone on the left ready to say "uncle"?

Since: Apr 13

Orlando, FL

#897566 May 5, 2013
Wall Street Journal
April 29, 2013

In recent weeks, there have been increasing expressions of concern from surprising quarters about the implementation of ObamaCare.

Sen. Max Baucus, a Democrat, called it a "train wreck." A Democratic colleague, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, described the massive Affordable Care Act as "beyond comprehension." Henry Chao, the government's chief technical officer in charge of putting in place the insurance exchanges mandated by the law, was quoted in the Congressional Quarterly as saying "I'm pretty nervous ... Let's just make sure it's not a third-world experience."

Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, who told a gathering a few weeks ago at the Harvard School of Public Health that she has been "surprised" by the political wrangling caused so far by ObamaCare and there are likely to be plenty of surprises ahead.

Plenty of surprises, indeed. Pelosi told us that from the very beginning.

Good morning everyone.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#897567 May 5, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Hah, a full figured boy eh???
Sizes lower than "jumbo" are made elsewhere with lower shipping costs.
My jockstraps are made in Nicaragua for the same reason though.
You're a moran! I wear a size 36-38. Mr Peabody!

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