Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1535488 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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So NotSurpriZed

Pompano Beach, FL

#853704 Feb 4, 2013
Not Surprized wrote:
Well, just finished installing a redundant (post honeypot) alarm system under my bed to catch all my sockpuppets. Next step is to put a cheap camera/alarm on my hat to catch the sockpuppet who keeps stealing my Obama stickers. Already did the cafeteria.
That dumb slimey Obama has no clue I'm getting him next time. He's getting fingerprinted for sure next time. Can't wait until the next election when I can get myself arrested.
That will be fun. Justice.
Be right back, time for my lunch and a change of (whew)depends!! ;old lily will be judging the posts during my absence.
Not Surprized! ROTFLMAO!
new hammer time

Richmond, VA

#853705 Feb 4, 2013
neanderthal wrote:
47%ers, football fans, and that did not belong to you....
Ravens fans loot 7-11....
and your point is/

Indianapolis, IN

#853706 Feb 4, 2013
Thank God for American Crossroads and the Conservative Victory Project

American Crossroads is creating a new Super PAC to crush conservatives, destroy the tea party, and put a bunch of squishes in Republican leadership positions. Thank God they are behind this. In 2012, they spent hundreds of millions of rich donors’ money and had jack to show for it.

It is interesting though. The people who brought us No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the GM bailout, Harriet Miers, etc., etc., etc. are really hacked off that people have been rejecting them. In 2012, about the only successful Republican candidates were the ones who directly rejected the legacy of these people.

So now they will up their game. They don’t like being shut out. They blame the tea party and conservatives for their failure to win primaries. They’ll now try to match conservatives and, in the process, call themselves conservatives.

I dare say any candidate who gets this group’s support should be targeted for destruction by the conservative movement. They’ve made it really easy now to figure out who the terrible candidates will be in 2014.

....The Conservative Victory Project, which is backed by Karl Rove and his allies who built American Crossroads into the largest Republican super PAC of the 2012 election cycle, will start by intensely vetting prospective contenders for Congressional races to try to weed out candidates who are seen as too flawed to win general elections.....

The problem will not be the weeding out. Certainly some candidates should be weeded out. Todd Akin should never have gotten the nomination, but tea party groups in Missouri were too divided to rally against him. Weeding out candidates will not be the problem. The problem will come when conservatives do rally and Karl Rove disagrees. In calling his group the “Conservative Victory Project” he intends to lend a veneer of conservative credibility to candidates who may not be in the same way the Bush Presidency tried to create “big government conservatism.”

Count me out.

“big government conservatism.”

and now they start to admit that Bush actually did screw it up? but, but, Democrats, 2007, blah, blah, BLAH!

whatever you nutjobs have been told is the truth....they will not be teaching FOXbot to your children. get a grip on reality.
forks_make_us_fa t

United States

#853707 Feb 4, 2013
new hammer time wrote:
<quoted text>
they keep fckn with you ppl. and ain't nothing you slobs can do but complain. complaints are like azz-holes....everybody has one.
Do you still wear those idotic '7-day schiter' britches?

“"festivus lentel"”

Since: Feb 13

Eastern Oregon

#853708 Feb 4, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Did so. Just clarifying even further.
Yale v Hawvard.
(and still- NY is NOT New England-so narrows the list and bounces out Columbia--just for the record).
Yale enlisted Clarence Thomas. That means Yale is dead to me. Close to New York though. I'm going to coach you through a set of verbal exercises now: repeat a moi - New England is in the Northeast... just so... now again... New York is in the northeast.. Per-fect! Therefore... New England and New York are in the Northeast! Per-fection! She can bee taught!
TheIndependentMa jority

United States

#853709 Feb 4, 2013
forks_make_us_fat wrote:
<quoted text>
Lowland Gorillas all over Africa are flinging poop and beating their chests....
Gotta gorilla's on parade pikture?


Since: Nov 09

Mcallen, TX

#853710 Feb 4, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
To correct you, the government hasn't had a budget since Obama took office. That is why there isn't any controls on spending. But, you probably wouldn't know that, would you....
And, to repeat what you obviously didn't comprehend, all of you Democrats give all credit to Pbama for everything, so let's just go along with that charade and call it "Obama's government".
Now, back to the question you are running away from like a dog that just escaped from Michael Vick's home:
Where will the money come from to pay for Obama's government?
A simple source of money will suffice for an answer.
Are you denying that congress doesn't have to approve money spent by the government? Get some help on this because you obviously don't know the correct answer.

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#853711 Feb 4, 2013
History 101 wrote:
Excerpt from President Obama's Speech to the UN on September 25, 2012.
"In every country, there are those who find different religious beliefs threatening; in every culture, those who love freedom for themselves must ask how much they are willing to tolerate freedom for others.
That is what we saw play out the last two weeks, as a CRUDE AND DIGUSTING VIDEO SPARKED OUTRAGE throughout the Muslim world. I have made it clear that THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS VIDEO, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity.
I know there are some who ask WHY WE DON'T JUST BAN SUCH A VIDEO. The answer is enshrined in our laws: our Constitution protects the right to practice free speech. Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense.
This was two weeks after EVERYONE knew the attack had nothing to do with a VIDEO!
This speech DID have EVERYTHING to do with an election just 6 weeks away!
I know...still no blips on the radar screen from the blind loyalists.
Who's "EVERYONE"? This is not going to be the Watergate you want it to be, it did not change the outcome of the election, the only reason you're splitting these hairs is because Fox had you believing Romney was a shoe-in and you can't believe they'd lie to you AGAIN. There MUST be another explanation. Couldn't get the Christie/Sandy thing to float so this is just the latest.

Enjoy your sour grapes, its gonna be a long four years.
TheIndependentMa jority

United States

#853712 Feb 4, 2013
new hammer time wrote:
<quoted text>
and your point is/
Ghosty has to go back to the West Coast-WHUPPED again by the East Coast :-).

(once he get done woasting marsheemellows with he flavorite blow up duhllie of duh month anyway)

Hamden, CT

#853713 Feb 4, 2013
new hammer time wrote:
<quoted text>
and your point is/
The one on the top of your head, of course!
new hammer time

Richmond, VA

#853714 Feb 4, 2013
Jane Says wrote:
<quoted text>a nation of smart people not bigger idiots than we already are.
that is not possible, we are traveling on the road to Greece with an administration that resembles something out of the movie Idiocracy. common sense has been relabled as racism and equal opportunity has been replaced by equal outcome.
'I don't normally watch television (the "zombie tube"), but I couldn't resist on election night. So I tuned in and found myself reacting in total shock at the live news interviews with Americans who had just voted: These people were complete morons!
I don't mean that in a flippant derogatory way. What I mean is that they were cognitively incapable of intelligent thought. They had no grasp of the issues, no comprehension of political reality, and no clear idea why they even voted for their candidate.
Without exception, the people I saw interviewed on the news appeared to be babbling idiots yanked right out of the movie Idiocracy. Some of them gave "reasons" for voting that had no basis in fact. "He's good for the economy and created more jobs," one Obama voter explained, apparently not realizing Obama has gutted the U.S. economy and destroyed tens of millions of jobs over the last four years, causing unemployment to skyrocket and food stamps to more than double.
The presidential election, it turns out, was decided by voters of such shockingly low IQ that many would have been considered medically retarded just two generations ago. And this is true on both sides of the aisle, as many Romney voters also appeared to be literally incapable of providing any logical reason why they voted for Romney.
What we just witnessed in America was the Idiocracy election of 2012.
Learn more:
the IQ level for those who voted for Obama was considerably higher than those that watch FOX. notice their viewing audience were lulled into believing that romney would win. how stupid could those slumber bums be....don't answer. we all seen their angry white faces.
So NotSurpriZed

Pompano Beach, FL

#853715 Feb 4, 2013
Not Surprized wrote:
I'm the Weasel of the thread. Show us where anyone of importance would listen to anything I say.
Not Surprized! ROTFLMAO!

Hamden, CT

#853716 Feb 4, 2013
OldRaider wrote:
<quoted text>
That question is dumb, even for you. Here's a better question:
I would write a letter of recommendation citing exemplary moral character for any of the following:Death of Tenzing, lily boca raton, RealDave, No Surprize, Grey Ghost, leosnana, Homer.
Is there anyone here that would do the same for waxturd/jimmy….?
Spoken like a true weasel...

You made the assertion, not me, so here we go again:


Show us where anyone of importance on the right said: "Obama should get no CREDIT".
forks_make_us_fa t

United States

#853717 Feb 4, 2013

For 'hammertime'

Seven day s*****s....

Indianapolis, IN

#853718 Feb 4, 2013
the comments are way too good....

"Karl Rove has no shame. How he can continue to position himself as an expert in the Republican Party and slap the word "conservative" on his works is appalling. After the mess he spearheaded in helping Obama get reelected, he should save us all a lot of misery and retire. I nearly puke when I see him on Fox now.

Furthermore, there is nothing conservative about a small handful of money men trying to consolidate power and control what goes on in each state. I thought Obama took the prize for hubris but I think Rove has just about matched him. This will get ugly, but the war is on.

Finally, what a mistake the 17th Amendment was. Senators are supposed to represent their state, not Karl Rove."

"Sean Hannity, if you are reading this, please stop fawning over Karl Rove. The guy is a failed "Architect," and a wolf in Conservative clothing. Since you claim to be a Conservative Sean, please have people on your show who are actually Conservatives."

"...."The people who brought us No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the GM bailout, Harriet Miers, etc., etc., etc.'

You mean just about every conservative here and in the country who voted for Bush not once, but twice?"

yes, twice.
9MM Straight Up

Nicholasville, KY

#853719 Feb 4, 2013
Personally, I hope this proves once and for all he's anti American, and is the enemy from within.
He deserves what he gets.

The USA is down the tubes because pieces of shit like him, the clintons, panetta and others.

Liberals in the media are the catalyst and the hollywood-tyoes are the funders. All deserve slow and painful lives and deaths.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#853720 Feb 4, 2013
History 101 wrote:
<quoted text>
Mine was one of the top ten ranking public universities.
LQQkie what else I found on the overnight shift. Carol attended the University of Illinois (late sixties early seventies era). Illinois is of course a BIG TEN university and might even rank in the top ten in certain subject matter* but definitely not Education at Bachelors level.

For those of you who missed reading Carol"s college era drama the first twenty times she posted it, she was married to husband #1 at that time and came to believe that all her uber liberal professors and instructors picked on her because of her religious views.

* U of I Urbana has one of the best intel science PhD programs in the nation__definitely top ten perhaps top two but that area of study was not yet created when Carol was there. Hah, those were the days of key punch cards.

United States

#853721 Feb 4, 2013
new hammer time wrote:
<quoted text>
and your point is/
None of my hairy a-hole relatives tore up the place after we won a SuperBowl...

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#853722 Feb 4, 2013
History 101 wrote:
<quoted text>
That is exactly the point. Obama NEVER gets asked tough questions. He RARELY even has press conferences.
Even Chris Matthews opened up a segment by accusing Barack Obama of behaving "like the campaign never ended" asking:
"What`s the president up to? Is he doing what he does well? Is he simply sticking to his strengths? Or is he trying to bypass what he sees as a problem area, meaning the national press corps?"
Matthews even suggested that the folks at Thursday's Internet town hall were "self-selected" much like a "Potemkin village".
This is what people who aren't hiding in the shadows can see with perfect clarity.
Even Matthews was willing to step into the light for a minute. It probably blinded him though. Don't think he likes the light too much.
Its too late, he already won re-election. Its not likely he'll hold any other elected position in this country again. What's the point to all of this? You're never going to be able to prove you were right because we'll never see what Romney would have done as President. So, are you just going to spend the next four years being wrong about being right?

United States

#853723 Feb 4, 2013
So NotSurpriZed wrote:
<quoted text> Not Surprized! ROTFLMAO!

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