Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1443451 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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#851574 Jan 31, 2013
Homer 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>Oh I get it, Jamie Foxx is black and the president is black so...wait, no I'm not getting it. Did you have a point or are you in ticket sales?
Everything that is brown is bad Homer, thought you'd have figured that out by now.

Chocolate is now their most hated flavor of ice cream.

I think Scottie Mayfield's gonna resurrect tutti-fruiti to bridge the gap.
Truth is no SIN

New York, NY

#851575 Jan 31, 2013
Broomhilda’s role in the movie is to appear naked, to look pretty, to simper and faint and, in the end, to applaud the heroics of her husband. This caricaturization is not accurate of the enslaved African woman; it is more like that of the idealized white southern belle.

Similarly, Samuel L. Jackson’s Stephen is so over the top that his character serves to help disguise or obscure the race traitors and neocolonialists, most of whom walk among us today but without Jackson’s obvious, degenerate sneer and bootlicking persona.

“Broomhilda’s role in the movie is to appear naked, to look pretty, to simper and faint and, in the end, to applaud the heroics of her husband.”

Jackson’s character is a cover for the Obamas, Nutters, Outarras and Kabilas of the world who speak and dress “well” and cause more death and destruction for Africans in a day than an old “handkerchief head” Uncle Tom could do in a hundred years.

Tarantino is quite aware of a political mission with this work.

He says to the UK screening audience, "We all intellectually 'know' the brutality and inhumanity of slavery, but after you do the research, it's no longer intellectual any more, no longer just historical record–you feel it in your bones.

“It makes you angry, and want to do something … I'm here to tell you, that however bad things get in the movie, a lot worse shit actually happened.

"When slave narratives are done on film, they tend to be historical with a capital H, with an arms-length quality to them.

“I wanted to break that history-under-glass aspect, I wanted to throw a rock through that glass and shatter it for all times, and take you into it."

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#851576 Jan 31, 2013
Truth is no SIN wrote:
Tarantino, good liberal that he is, keeps the masses of Africans out of the process of ending the system of oppression by unleashing a special negro, the “one in ten thousand,” as Django is characterized.
Indeed, Django is the Barack Hussein Obama solution transposed to 1858 U.S. history.
One must remember that 1858 was just two years before the beginning of the U.S. Civil War. It was a time of extreme tensions in the U.S., in general, and the South, in particular.
In 1859 John Brown would lead the raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in an unsuccessful attempt to initiate a rebellion by enslaved Africans.
Brown’s action did not happen in a political vacuum.
More than 1,000 slave escapes happened annually during the 1850s, and the period was wrought with southern white anxiety, northern anti-slavery agitation and growing restlessness among the captured African population.
The fact that Django’s adventures were set in the U.S. just two years prior to the Civil War clearly indicates that Tarantino intended to mark a historical turning point in the fortunes of “America.”
In many ways Tarantino’s task as a historian looking backward is the same as that of the liberal ruling class of today
In other words, it bears no resemblance to reality, right?
Truth is no SIN

New York, NY

#851577 Jan 31, 2013
The True Insult To Our Ancestors
Tarantino’s motivation is that he is an angry white liberal attempting to evoke a particular angry response from his audience.
Our opposition to his message should express itself as opposition to liberalism and its perennial attempt to cover the real contradictions of capitalist-colonialism, sometimes in the most violent way.
To dismiss the movie because of a presumption of Tarantino’s racism or to ignore it because it is an “insult” to our ancestors is to miss the point.
The real insult to our ancestors is slavery itself and the capitalist social system that slavery birthed.
Our opposition must be directed at the system, and, in opposing the system, we reject the liberal solution presented by Tarantino, which obscures the real contradiction and functions to cover for and protect capitalist white power while offering up offensive white individuals for sacrifice.
We reject Django because it minimizes the role of the organized masses in making and changing history, reducing us to political fodder for white liberals and their special,“one in ten thousand” negros, or,“Talented Tenth.”
We reject the movie because so many Africans in colonial housing projects and oppressed communities throughout the world, who are experiencing the historical lash of slavery in the imperialist conditions forced upon us today, will share Tarantino’s anger and may accept his incorrect solution.
We reject the movie because to deal with a severe crisis of imperialism requires sober reflection, historical materialist-based African Internationalist analysis and the organized intervention of the masses of our people to destroy the entire capitalist colonialist social system.
Ironically, Jackson’s character, Stephen, speaks the most cogent words of the entire movie.
As he lies dying in the Big House at Candie Land, the final victim of Django’s wrath, he yells to Django,“Cain’t no n****r gunfighter kill all the white folks in the world! They gon’ find yo black ass!”
Indeed, the task of the colonized is to kill the colonizer and the system of colonialism. The task of the slave is to kill the slave master and the system of slavery.
Omali Yeshitela is Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#851578 Jan 31, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
Only idiots think the climate doesn't change. Bigger idiots think we can do something about it.

Another thing I love about the dumbass right.

They refuse to believe the vast majority of climatologists that man is affecting our climate through the emissions of greenhouse gases.

They are actually sofa king dumb, they think we can pollute to no end without problems.

Chicago, IL

#851579 Jan 31, 2013
flack wrote:
Oh the horror!!! Piers Morgan of CNN is going to be fading off into the sunset. It seem Morgan viewership is so bad that Rupaul,the drag queen, is beating him in the ratings for that time slot. Rupaul, on the Logo channel, is the host of Rupaul's Drag Race. That must really suck! LMAO!!!
Especially since he is a right wing pal of Rupert Murdoch.

Since: Dec 12

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#851580 Jan 31, 2013
Homer 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>Peppy had that done, he is now a Vietnamese housewife living in Haiphong. He always had an affinity for the orient ever since his trip to Hong Kong.
He's hiding out from that woman he beat up isn't he?

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#851581 Jan 31, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
You never posted any answer. All you did was duck and dodge like some urbanite running away from a house where he was caught breaking into.
Here's the questions again:
Post it again, dufus.
The first link returns the message "illegal operation", and the second link returns a message that really means "website not created yet".
Still, there is no proof Obama ever passed the bar or ever appeared in a courtroom as a lawyer.
Show us the results of Obama passing the bar.
Name the cases where Obama argued in a courtrooom.
Date - location - docket number - client/plantiff
... got a problem there, dont' you?
That's because Obama never passed the bar and has never even seen the inside of a courtroom as a lawyer.
Well, you can tell us about the... how did Obama's handlers call this... "management" lectures to ACORN that was supposedly his "private practice" experience.
Gee wiz....this is quite reminiscent of the Boy Messiah's college records mystery....

Who is this guy anyways? He's just some nice, clean negro in a three-piece suit who sings Al Green and dances boogy at Progressive parties. Beyond that, don't blame him for anything.

Since: Dec 12

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#851582 Jan 31, 2013
Homer 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>I see you've met DBWriter.
Somebody ought to give the poor little feller a break.

Not me mind you, but somebody should.
Truth is no SIN

New York, NY

#851583 Jan 31, 2013
Republicans tend to concentrate African Americans in majority Black voting districts, while Democrats like to scatter Blacks around to help white candidates win office.“Both parties are playing plantation politics with Black voters, for their own purposes.” Coalitions are fine, but African Americans need to address their own problems, on their own terms.

Republicans Suppress Black Vote; Democrats Scatter It

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“The real question is: Whose plantation?”

Democrats in Virginia are up in arms, because the Republicans took advantage of a Black state lawmaker’s absence to push through a redistricting bill that increases the GOP’s chances to take decisive control of the state senate. The Black state senator felt it was more important to attend President Obama’s inaugural. The Republican redistricting plan would increase the number of majority Black districts to six, from the current five. But, in pulling enough African Americans together to make a new Black district, the plan moved Blacks out of districts represented by white Democrats, weakening the party’s chances of taking the senate.

The Democratic state caucus chairman was livid.“This was nothing more than what I call plantation politics,” he declared. The real question is: Whose plantation? Certainly, Virginia Republicans intended to weaken the Democratic Party as a whole by moving African American voters out of some white Democrats’ districts. The Democrats like to scatter Black voters around, so they can provide the winning margin in a close contest. They want to keep Blacks as reliable voters on their plantation. Republicans would prefer to keep Blacks from voting, at all, but if they must vote, the GOP wants as few of them as possible in contestable districts. So, let’s be clear: both parties are playing plantation politics with Black voters, for their own purposes. In this case, it is the Republican plan that would result in an additional Black state senate seat.

“The political life of the community is stilted in a process in which they must choose between the lesser evils among white politicians.”

The Democrats claim that concentrating the Black vote dilutes Black voting strength, even if more African Americans are elected to office. But that’s only true if one accepts that white Democrats who win office with Black help actually represent Black people. In reality, Black concerns rarely see the light of day in electoral contests in which Blacks are not majorities or near majorities. The political life of the community is stilted in a process in which they must choose between the lesser evils among white politicians. In such elections, Blacks never get to argue among themselves about the kind of future they want to build for their own communities. They are just fodder for white Democrats.

Since: Oct 08

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#851585 Jan 31, 2013
OldRaider wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you know for sure that more people wouldn't have died at Benghazi if it had been handled differently? Even if we had sent a regiment to protect this embassy do you really know for sure what the death count would have been?
Bottom line, suppose it was handled wrong. Only Obama haters and lunatics would expect that the President of the United States of America should have been in charge of security at an embassy.
No Ben, they were American citizens, on American soil. Send as much firepower as is needed, to protect them.

Chicago, IL

#851586 Jan 31, 2013
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>Only idiots think the climate doesn't change. Bigger idiots think we can do something about it.
Keep digging you stupid dk.

That kinda thinking is symptomatic of your ancestors fkn goats and creating baby Eman.
Truth is no SIN

New York, NY

#851587 Jan 31, 2013
Truth be told, conservative Black politicians have mastered the art of marginalizing Black voters, even in majority Black districts. In 2002, former Black Republican Denise Majette defeated Cynthia McKinney for Congress, in Georgia, in a Black majority district, while winning only 15 percent of the African American vote. That same year, former Black New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, a lifelong Republican, won office in a Black city as the white people’s candidate. Philadelphia’s horrible Black law and order mayor Anthony Nutter won in 2007 because of his “unprecedented appeal” to whites. And City Councilman Charles Barron, a former Black Panther, won half the Black vote but still lost by a landslide in a majority Black congressional district to Hakeem Jeffries, a darling of Wall Street and school privatizers.

Need I mention the name, Barack Obama?

No, what Black America needs are Black political conversations, preferably in Black majority circumstances. To hell with the Republican and Democratic plantations.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to .

Since: May 11

Waynesboro, PA

#851588 Jan 31, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
Just use your keyboard and type in a location. And, use your keyboard and type in a source of money. It takes longer to type what you posted than to type a location and a source of money.
... unless even you can't understand what's in that link. If you can't understand what's there, how the hell can anyone else?
Where was Obama during the 7-hour battle between Al Qaeda and the stripped-down American embassy security detatchment in Benghazi while the real-time video was being watched in the White House?
Where will the money come from to pay for Obama's government?
__________source of money)
Use your pretend brilliant geologist mind & read the timeline on my link.

What happened at 11:00 PM?


Why do I have to subsidize your salary? Why can't you make it on your own?
Im cumming4u

Orlando, FL

#851589 Jan 31, 2013
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
In the English language, it's "What's a chair, Alex?"
Um, no... no it's not. Besides you left out the comma in front of the quotation. You probably need to go and listen to the show a few times - at the very least it'll relieve the monotony for the rest of us - and pay attention to how the contestants frame their answers. If the question were, "You know where I am, what's holding you up?" The "answer" would, because of the rules, need to phrased as a question. If the question were... "A thing you sit on with four legs generally made out of wood or metal." Your answer would have been correcter than mine ('correcter' is my salute to the Texas language.) If, however, the question were, "You know where I am, what's holding you up?" your response would no longer be correct; you're not asking Alex what a chair is, rather, you're making fun of the idiot in Lose-i-ana. Please do not attempt to lecture moi on the use of language, it's creepy.
Truth is no SIN

New York, NY

#851590 Jan 31, 2013
Obama’s inaugural speech showed him to be:

“…as big a war criminal as many of us on the Left consider George Bush,” said author and activist Kevin Alexander Gray, in Columbia, South Carolina.“I think the idea of a president giving a speech while simultaneously giving orders to kill people through the use of drones – of that being some kind of powerful, progressive speech, is absolutely ridiculous.” In suggesting that the age of retirement be raised for Social Security, Gray said Obama “is willing to say to Black people: you work till you die.”

…inventor of drone wars. Thousands of troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014.“Meanwhile, President Obama has invented a brand new kind of war called the drone wars, and taken that new kind of war into new nations,” said activist and author David Swanson, publisher of the influential website War Is A .“It’s an expansion of war,” not an ending of it.

…a climate change double-talker. Obama “talks out of both sides of his mouth on climate change,” said Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, former Environmental Protection Agency official turned whistleblower and a founder of the No Fear Coalition.“He says we have to protect future generations, but at the same time he’s most likely going to approve the Keystone pipeline, which is another assault on the atmospheric life of this planet. So there’s this constant double-talk.”

…the same old neo-liberal Obama.“It’s kind if surprising to see how willing folks that describe themselves as being of the Left are, after four years of a presidency that proceeded to be a monument to the unelected dictatorship of money and empire, to give credence to his words,” said Paul Street, activist and author of The Empire’s New Clothes: Barack Obama and the Real World of Power. If you read the speech closely,“it’s the same old deeply conservative, state capitalist, neo-liberal Obama.”

Since: Dec 12

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#851591 Jan 31, 2013
Truth is no SIN wrote:
SAMMIE AND QUIMBY Back to the Future
The fact is that white supporters of slavery were not miscreants—they were the norm.
In reality the Civil War that would break out in 1860 resulted in draft riots by whites in New York, massive lynchings of Africans, and threats by New York to secede from the Union.
Anti-abolition riots occurred throughout the northern U.S., including Philadelphia and Illinois.
Tarantino’s whites are caricatures, foils used to cover for slavery as the system that gives birth to the capitalism that is equally appreciated by the white bounty hunter, Django and DiCaprio’s Candie.
In the movie, slavery provides the income for all the free people.
Certainly, slavery is the means of employment for the merchants and exploiters of captured African flesh, but it also establishes the context for enriching both the German bounty hunter and his new protégé, Django.
The bounty hunter, Shultz, purchases Django to use him to identify men to be killed for reward money.
If you get your history from movies like carol does, don't see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer; its got several historical inaccuracies.

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#851592 Jan 31, 2013
Death of Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
I know, this thread's like a friggin' buffet and y'all just keep rollin' out those steaming trays of horseshlit.
You sound as happy as a pig eatin' shi t.
Bringin' home the bacon, eh?

Since: Dec 12

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#851593 Jan 31, 2013
Truth is no SIN wrote:
An Instrument Of Liberal History-telling
What is it that contextualizes the reality of Tarantino and the entire world?
What is it about today’s world that makes Django necessary as an instrument of liberal history-telling and social direction?
First of all, Django is set in the context of southern U.S. slavery, and slavery is the foundation of world capitalism.
German philosopher, Karl Marx, concluded that,“Cause slavery to disappear and you will have wiped America off the map of nations.”
Though crucial to the development of capitalism, slavery is only one of the factors that Marx characterized as having the significance to political economy as “original sin” in theology.
Called “primitive accumulation” by Marx, this explanation of the beginning of capitalism included the theft of the lands of the indigenous peoples and the subjugation of most of the world by Europe and Europeans.
Today most of the peoples of the world are in struggle to take back their resources, sovereignty and history.
Wars abound in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
China and other countries that were once vassals of Europe are now competing with the U.S. and Europe for global preeminence.
The people of South America are also engaged in stripping the U.S. of its historically hegemonic role.
The demographics of the world are also changing quickly; except in Iceland, European women are no longer having enough children to reproduce their white populations.
"a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ..." was just literary license, none of that stuff actually happened.
Demo KKK Rats

Windsor, CT

#851594 Jan 31, 2013
Repo-BLICLOWNS wrote:
<quoted text> yep! I take for what i work for dumbfk, unlike you who support the wrong party regardless of the consequences, don't assume anything unless you have proof, i am in the medical field and work for every dollar i spend, the only losers here will be you and your party of idiots who failed to have a real leader and was overwhelmingly defeated, stay defeated nitwitt, you deserved it.

Medical "field"? BFD - You're the dumbfk. Obama is going to make that field a nightmare.

GOD! If you are, I hope I don't get a dumbfk nurse like you. You are such a hater you really should not be in that field.

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