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"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story


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#850582 Jan 30, 2013
Fiat suspends annual dividend for 2012
NotSurprizednucu lurOption

Pompano Beach, FL

#850583 Jan 30, 2013
Not Surprized wrote: rce/lebanon-daily-news/T50ESIT 30OD77D4FO/p1689#c36569
"Nostrilis Waxman" wrote: I'm hoping for an unethical 200 peanuts from a liberal tonight.
It will confirm the liberal mind hates.
Come on lib - fire off that script! Hate! I feel sorry for you, but I expect it (my desperation that is). I am an excellent mental subject,a Dweeb.
QUOTE who="WAXTURDSNotSurprized nuculurOption"" ROTFLMAO!

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#850585 Jan 30, 2013
So what's th eproblem.

You said we need to cut Gov't spending.

Gov't spending has been cut.

You just don't agree with the cuts.

Tough shit.
flack wrote:
<quoted text> The Navy here already have a few ships that will remain in port because they need repairs they can't pay for. So as those ships come up for deployment other ships will have to take up the slack either by longer deployments or shorter time in port. Same goes for aircraft.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#850586 Jan 30, 2013
flack wrote:
40 minutes to Ben.
The recessionary trend in the economy will force Ben to continue to pump up the money supply. But that hasn't worked, except for the stock market, and still won't work.
Nuculur_wedgie_a Nuswiper

Oklahoma City, OK

#850589 Jan 30, 2013
Nuculur option wrote:
Waxturd Troll Alert!!
<quoted text>
SackOfSteamingShitBagEthicsPol eSmokinDogPhukkinShriveledscro tum for sure!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#850590 Jan 30, 2013
jiminy cricket wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, for goodness sakes, John, there IS no "American way of life." The current polyglot nation is only a few hundred years old, hardly worth considering in the grand scheme of things. It was an experiment, it didn't work. Big deal! Here's why it didn't work: it was an experiment rooted in eighteenth century Europe and this is twenty-first century not-Europe. They were all white, us, not so much. You are mired in a past that no longer exists. You may long for it I suppose, but it doesn't exist.
It's funny but each time I walk around the White House I think how dated and dowdy the place is. It needs some color and a lot less gilding. It's boring, John, like you.
Thank you for making my point about the objectives of the Obama street mob.

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#850591 Jan 30, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Obama is firing 20,000 U.S. Marines.
But women in combat will make up the deficit.
First you say we have to cut spending.

Now you whine when spending is cut.

The war in Iraq is over. The war in Afganistan is winding down, 1 year to go.

So we should increase Gov't spending, afgteer your side whined for 4 yeare avout over spending??

You couldn't be more ignorant or biased.

Deltona, FL

#850592 Jan 30, 2013
John Galt wrote:
Tiger Woods acknowledged last week that he left California for Florida in 1996 upon turning pro because of the difference in state tax. At the time, California’s top rate was 9.3 percent for individuals earning more than $32,000. Woods, who earned $56.4 million in 2012, kept roughly $7.5 million this year in funds he otherwise would have owed to the state of California.
And Shaq, Tigers neighbor at Islesworth never actually moved to California while a Laker, nor has Dwight who still lives here while playing there. So what is your point Galt?

You're a high earning bigshot right? Why did you move to CA from PA?

Lemme guess__Sunday liquor sales!
jiminy cricket

Orlando, FL

#850594 Jan 30, 2013
But what about the cool uniforms and guns that can shoot around corners and stuff?

Sorry, son, you're just going to have to live without it. It's like getting off heroin.

Oklahoma City, OK

#850595 Jan 30, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Janes husband agrees with you.
I spoke wit you hubbie today as i made my the correctional facility...he said hi!

Since: Sep 10

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#850596 Jan 30, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Most people are generous in making speeches at retirement parties.
Becoming Sec of State is a retirement??

The wingnuts praise Kerry, who is to become America's top international diplomat, and an anti war one at that??

The guy that should scare the Bejesus out of wingnuts??

You grow more retarded by the day.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#850597 Jan 30, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you...priceless!
Why is it that none of the disturbed and hate-filled people, who steal guns, then go and kill movie-goers and children in schools, has never been identified as a conservative, independent or a NRA member?
Did I say anything about politics? NO. You're an idiot. I don't give a fick what politics a killer is. The issue is that this deranged nut went and committed first degree murder on his doctor because he blames him for his incontinence! Well, he'll be pissing his pants in prison for life now.
You're an idiot.
The other 60 something white trash, Jimmy Lee whatever, killed a bus driver and took a 6 year old.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#850599 Jan 30, 2013
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
You not only use the word incorrectly you double down by spelling it wrong.
You sure you made third grade or do you dare fkn lie to me?
He probably meant "repeepeeient", these white trash crackas are all straight from the movie Deliverance.

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#850601 Jan 30, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
The recessionary trend in the economy will force Ben to continue to pump up the money supply. But that hasn't worked, except for the stock market, and still won't work.
'except for the stock market'

"The stock markets are considered to be indicators of the economic events that would unfold in the next six months to a year's time. Stocks tend fall before the economy goes into a tailspin and often rise before economic indicators improve."

Your stupidity is amusing, but dangerous.

allow me to explain what the stock markets are;

The stock market is comprised of individual companies or corporations. It coming events look bad, these companies lose value.

If coming events look positive, stocks tend to rise in value, anticipating bigger profits.

Which is exactly why th estock markets are up 100% during Obama's tenure.

Remain stupid, it's fun to mock poor people like you, who don't have a clue.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#850603 Jan 30, 2013
Nuculur option wrote:
Funny you insist others provide support for their claims.
Yet you say something really stupid about the stock market and pull a hissy fit when challenged.
You're a sick little troll, Emaam.
Just like DB.
<quoted text>
Clearly missing from the definition is the use of a living human being as an object capable of submission as evidence in any legal trial scenario. Considering that—for so long as I can recall—pro-life advocates have argued that a fetus is a living person from the moment of inception, one wonders why Rep. Brown would now suggest that the fetus is an ‘object’ subject to entry into evidence in a rape trial as it seems reasonable to imagine that such a concept would be highly offensive to both pro-life and pro-abortion forces.

More importantly, consider that proving that a victim is—or was—pregnant is completely irrelevant to making a rape case! Unless New Mexico intends to only prosecute accused rapists or practitioners of incest who impregnate their victims, the existence of a fetus is no evidence of rape or incest whatsoever.

Not only is pregnancy not evidentiary of rape, it could not even rise to the level of creating a presumption of a crime. If it could, then any pregnant woman would be presumed to have been raped while a women who did not become pregnant would be presumed not have been sexually assaulted.

So, how can aborting a pregnancy ever be tampering with evidence when a pregnancy—or lack thereof—is never evidence in the first place when prosecuting a case for rape or incest?

The bill turns victims of rape and incest into felons and forces them to become incubators of evidence for the state. According to Republican philosophy, victims who are ‘legitimately raped’ will now have to carry the fetus to term in order to prove their case.“

House Bill 206 reads in part:

“B. Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion,(thereby including the victim, physician or anyone else facilitating an abortion) or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime.(emphasis added)”

If Representative Brown seeks criminal status solely for those who compel or coerce another to obtain an abortion in a case of rape—and the law is not designed to target the victim herself as Brown has suggested—she certainly would have wanted to omit the first part of Paragraph “B” which clearly turns a rape victim into a criminal should she ‘tamper with the evidence’ by obtaining an abortion.

Oklahoma City, OK

#850604 Jan 30, 2013
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
You not only use the word incorrectly you double down by spelling it wrong.
You sure you made third grade or do you dare fkn lie to me?
Correcting the spelling of penis-good on you!


Tell him how to suk one too!!!!!!

Since: Sep 10

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#850606 Jan 30, 2013
Not Surprized wrote:
<quoted text>
WAXTURDS Meltdown!!!!
He;s creating and dumping sockpuppets at an alarming rate.

Can a complete breakdown be imminent?? YES!!

He even creates registered sockpuppets, meaning an e-mail addy for each one!! Then he dumps them.

See how unregistered 'Discordia' became registered 'Discordian'??

Even Carol has called him out for his stupidity.

lily waxman raton fl

Pompano Beach, FL

#850607 Jan 30, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
That's your job, swine. I'll report the old crackas who shoot their doctors for making them incontinent; shoot bus drivers to kidnap a kid in Alabama. Most serial killers and mass murderers are white males.
Have another "shot"...LOL
NotSurprizednucu lurOption

Pompano Beach, FL

#850608 Jan 30, 2013
Not Surprized wrote:
Nostrilis Waxman wrote:
Ohhh Booooyyyy! Like Wooowwww!
Did you graduate from an Ivy League in 3.5 years with a double major with a level of distinction far above others? I doubt it!
Did you turn down a White House internship or was that not even on your radar?
I think we know your type liberal. Loud and clear. BFD!
Sorry for the news alert to you, but you are obviously just a peon who thinks he is smart. Your candy ars attitude will get you nowhere punk. ...
QUOTE who="NotSurprizednuculurO ption"]<quoted text> ROTFLMAO!
Waxman Reject...ROTFLMAO!
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#850612 Jan 30, 2013
ConcernForUs wrote:
<quoted text>
Another tragedy. The little girl who performed at Obama's inaugration was killed while hanging out with friends in Chicago.
You'd think if Obama couldn't clean up the guns and violence in his own city, he shouldn't entertain the idea that it's possible to do it in the entire country - just because he decrees it.
If only he had Chicago as a good example to fall back on.
No one disputes the gun crime issue in Chicago, which is horrendous. I would agree that the gun crimes there are not committed by the gun owner who has a permit. However, the guns are coming from somewhere. Usually they are stolen.
Tragic about that girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
You should not poopoo the Presidents concern, which is the concern of most people that something does have to be done, there are no magic wands. If there were no guns, crime would decrease. Period.
No one needs an assault weapon, banning them would be a step in the right direction, along with background checks.
How do you feel about those people who heckled that father who spoke holding the photo of his 6 year old who was murdered at Sandyhook? Is this what we've become in this country?

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