Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1443022 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Since: Dec 12

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#847072 Jan 25, 2013
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Amen, and on that note in certain Florida jurisdictions meter readers and some others who are out in the neighborhoods daily are encouraged to report suspicious sighting to police.
The first rap on the smart meter was the old radio wave bullsht, headaches-brain cancer etc. Hah, the meters are less powerful than cellphones and even wireless cable hook ups. Then the rap moved to privacy the thinking that the evil power company can monitor homeowners lifestyles although I've yet to hear that explained in a way that makes any sense.
One of my rentals has a smart meter but FPL is still sending out meter readers until enough of them are installed to switch over to the new system. My own meter is read from the street by a meter reader with a hand held device.
The meters are manufactured by GE and in my area the transmissions will be performed by Silver Springs Networks.
So somebody in the right wing Hysteriasphere said they were bad and the trolls just roll with it as they are wont to do huh?
Homer 2016

Bethlehem, PA

#847073 Jan 25, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu penned a letter to President Barack Obama last week criticizing the administration's gun control proposals and asserting that he won't enforce any law or executive order "contrary to what the Constitution of the United States of America says."
"Mr. President, if you attempt to carry through with your proposal, it will hinder the ability of good citizens to defend and protect themselves and others against those who wish to cause them harm through the use of deadly force," Babeu, the sheriff of Pinal County, Ariz., wrote. "Your actions would turn many good citizens, who wish to maintain their God given Constitutional Rights to bear arms, into criminals. I am writing you this letter today to inform you that any "law" or regulation created by an executive order of your office which is contrary to what the Constitution of the United States of America says, shall be deemed as unlawful and shall not be carried out by myself or my office."
Ronald Reagan would demand more gun control
The GOP hero fought the NRA, and won. It's time for more Republicans to follow his example
so is it because Obama is a democrat? or......
i'll say both.
Speaking of sheriffs, is that sheriff and his staff from AZ still in Hawaii searching for Obama's birth certificate? WhereTF is Fred when I need him, he was on top of this stuff.
forks_make_us_fa t

United States

#847074 Jan 25, 2013
Fiscal cliff?

We borrow money from China to pay for needed things...

Like studies on licorice and breastfeeding!

Since: Jul 08

We will not go gentle

#847076 Jan 25, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
The congressional grilling of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya, proved definitively that congressional Republicans “suck at their jobs,” Stephen Colbert said Thursday.
“Guys, you know I love you. But it was embarrassing,” Colbert said. Clinton smacked around the Republican members of the House and Senate committees,“then walked out with their nuts in her attaché case,” he said.
Ultimately, the grilling left unanswered one important question, Colbert added:“Is there anything we can use to stop Hillary in 2016?”
In these Tea Party times, Comedy Central is the best source of news.

Since: Dec 12

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#847077 Jan 25, 2013
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
The Glenn Beck regurgitator.
M God, Beck says it & you friken mindless drones repeat it here.
Oh, its Beck is it? Figures. Simple answer for those sporting the tinfoil lids: don't buy electricity, make your own.
Homer 2016

Bethlehem, PA

#847078 Jan 25, 2013
Jane Says wrote:
<quoted text>yes. and then the government began to promote debt over savings.
Ah the Reagan years, that takes me back. Well they kept lowering interest rates to get people to spend money and invest in the stock market and the like and now here we are, less than 1% rate on a savings account.
Jane Says

New York, NY

#847079 Jan 25, 2013
Meanwhile, Obama’s dealt himself another problem that will frustrate all his efforts to deal with the economy.

A year ago, Democratic pollsters Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell warned in an oped column that Obama could only win re-election by running “the most negative campaign in history,” and that the political damage from such a campaign would leave him unable to govern in a second term.

It was one of the boldest predictions of the election season — and it was right.

No sooner had Romney secured the GOP nomination than Team Obama hit him with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of negative ads, casting him as, in Haley Barbour’s words, a “wealthy plutocrat married to a known equestrian.”

The Obama blitzkrieg defined Mitt Romney before he could define himself. And despite an inspired first debate performance, he never recovered.

Nor did the president let up after Election Day. In his inaugural address, his usual lofty rhetoric thinly veiled the same partisan attack lines he used in his campaign, complete with references to “the shrinking few who do very well” and those who believe in “happiness for the few.”

Even after the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was willing and able to strike a conciliatory tone with his political opposition. Not Obama.

The start of Obama’s second term looks a lot more like the beginning of FDR’s second term in 1937, when he launched his Supreme Court-packing plan — and wound up losing 81 seats to the Republicans in the 1938 midterms.

Like Roosevelt, Obama is overplaying his hand. His favorability rating has dropped sharply, from 55 percent immediately after his re-election to 48 percent today. He is now the only president in history to be elected to a second term with fewer popular votes than he won for his first term.

But none of this is good for the country.

After all, he won re-election despite a vastly unpopular domestic-policy record, with no plan for a second term and an electorate that believes the country is on the wrong track.

If the president continues to treat Republicans — who control the House and a strong minority in the Senate — with such contempt, it will be almost impossible to legislate much of anything.

Yet the country needs Washington to actually resolve at least a few issues — to find some grounds for principled compromise. The current standoff produces massive uncertainty. What will future tax rates be? Which government programs will be cut or expanded? What parts of the government might wind up shut down for extended periods while the two sides fight?

And uncertainty leaves businesses and others afraid to invest — afraid to take risks when the rules are too likely to change, and maybe change again within the year. Not enough people will risk putting money into long-term ventures when the future is so cloudy.

All of which will make it nearly impossible to get the economy truly moving again, creating massive numbers of jobs to bring unemployment down below 5 percent, where it should be.

As Americans, we are dismayed at the pain the president is imposing on the country, but as Republicans with solutions, our future as a party is bright.

Read more: Fly in the ointment -

but hey, what could be more important than what he talked about in his inaugural speech: social justice or gay rights or allowing illegals to stay here (and in NY make sure they get financial aid in college)?

get ready...collapse of the dollar and third world is what voters wanted as long as they can stay on unemployment until their social security disability is approved, and free birth control, easy abortions and food stamps keep coming.

Since: Sep 10

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#847081 Jan 25, 2013
Waxturd's sockpuppet accuses others of lying??

How would you know?? You don't even exist!!

As for the lies, which anyone with half a brain woulld know about.

But Waxturd, with his Ivy League latrine cleaning degree, is clueless, as are his sockpuppets he calls his children, Goober and Jimmy.


""Bush Did Lie About Iraq
April 26, 2012
From the Archive: Some loyalists still defend President George W. Bush’s honesty by insisting he really believed the bogus intelligence on Iraq’s WMD – and, true, it is impossible to know what was in his mind. But Bush did lie about Iraq’s WMD in another way, as Robert Parry explained in 2010.

By Robert Parry (Originally published March 5, 2010)

George W. Bush’s political adviser Karl Rove claims “one of the biggest mistakes” of that presidency was not aggressively challenging critics who charged that Bush “lied” to the American people about the reasons for the Iraq War, an accusation that Rove insists was false and unfair.

In his book, Courage and Consequence, Rove calls the “lie” charge “a poison-tipped dagger aimed at the heart of the Bush presidency” and blames himself for “a weak response” that underestimated “how damaging this assault was.”

But the problem with Rove’s account is that not only did Bush oversee the twisting of intelligence to justify invading Iraq in March 2003 but he subsequently lied – and lied repeatedly – about how Iraq had responded to United Nations inspection demands.

So, while it may be impossible to say for certain what Bush believed about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, it can’t be argued that Bush didn’t know that Iraq declared that it had destroyed its WMD stockpiles and let U.N. inspectors in to see for themselves in the months before the invasion.

Nevertheless, Bush followed up his false pre-war claims about Iraq’s WMD with a post-invasion insistence that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had barred U.N. inspectors from his country, a decision that Bush said left him no choice but to invade. Bush began reciting this faux history just months after the invasion and continued the tall tale until the end of his presidency more than five years later.

Tellingly, throughout that period, as Bush blithely lied about the Iraq War history, he was never challenged to his face by the mainstream U.S. journalists who politely listened to the lies. Indeed, some big-name journalists even adopted Bush’s false narrative as their own.

The inspectors in their white vans drove around Iraq for months, with their excursions covered daily by the international news media. In trip after trip, guided by the best available U.S. intelligence, the inspectors came up empty.

Hussein and his government also backed up their claims to be WMD-free by providing the United Nations a 12,000-page declaration on Dec. 7, 2002, explaining how Iraq’s stocks of chemical and biological weapons had been destroyed in the 1990s.

Though the Bush administration mocked these Iraqi disclosures, U.S. intelligence had its own independent facts supporting the Iraqi statements, including information from Hussein’s son-in-law Hussein Kamel al-Majid who defected and described his work destroying the stockpiles after the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s.[When he returned to Iraq, he was killed.
Jimmy wrote:
<quoted text>
You yourself are lying, government class Democrat.
Prove Bush lied, liar.
The Democrats has access to the same basic information from the US and international security experts.
You can't show squat proving what you just said, but I can show you video of what your partisan Democrats said before it became politically expedient for them to turn into subversives. =N5p-qIq32m8XX
Go ahead libcommie. Prove that Bush "intentionally lied". Then try and explain how the Democrats on the Youtube video "were not" lying.

Since: Dec 12

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#847082 Jan 25, 2013
jiminy cricket wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't like giving out personal information on the internet, i.e. email address. But if you think it's safe, it probably is.
But what good does it do to register if both names and locations can be stolen? Just asking.
Just go on gmail and make up a throw-away email address. The worse that could happen is Homer might show up and spoil a dinner party with his inappropriate dress/behavior.
forks_make_us_fa t

United States

#847083 Jan 25, 2013
Fiscal cliff?

Money grows on rich white underwear wearing conservatives....

That money then can be wasted by Liberals to study:

'Nose Picking'

Since: Dec 12

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#847084 Jan 25, 2013
Sick Fatties of Omaha wrote:
<quoted text>
We're certainly on the same page on that honey. I think there should be a 100% ugly tax too. Let's thin the herd!
Alternatively, all the sick smoking fatties can get together and self-insure under something like "Sick Fatties of Omaha," or "SFOO." They can just kick in whatever doesn't go into the collection plate. Then, when they need drugs, surgery, "intervention," "rehab," prenatal care, etc., they can just call the 800 number and get a droning, bored female voice telling the hapless caller, after they've recited their litany of complaints, "that's really very unfortunate sounding, but please be advised that your fund has been empty for 6 months, because just one of you fatties needed her arteries blown out for the 6th time."
You on board with this?
I don't think I should get stuck with the bill for other people's poor health choices. Not that my choices are all that great so how about we just have everybody pay their own way and be done with it?
jiminy cricket

Orlando, FL

#847085 Jan 25, 2013
Homer 2016 wrote:
Newark Mayor Cory Booker Helps Rescue Freezing Dog
While out working on a story in freezing New Jersey, a reporter and camera crew from New York station WABC-TV noticed a dog left out in the cold.
Hours later, when they passed by again and saw that the dog was still outside, they decided to take the issue to Twitter, and the mayor.
Reporter Toni Yates tweeted Newark Mayor Cory Booker and WABC. In the tweet, she applauded Newark for its heat help, but added,“Make pet owners get their dogs out of the cold.”
In another tweet, she wrote that she asked the block captain to “do something, call someone,” but doubted he would.
People began re-tweeting the messages, and soon enough the mayor was on the scene with the shivering dog.
“This is brutal weather. This dog is shaking really bad and you just can’t leave your dogs out here on a day like this and go away and expect them to be OK,” the mayor told WABC.“Hypothermia on any animal including a human animal will set in pretty quickly. So this is very sad. You can just feel the dog shaking pretty badly.”
Booker picked up the dog and put it into the back of a police car.
“If you’d crank up that heat, I’d appreciate it,” he told the police officer.
Booker, 43, called the dog’s owner and told them it was unacceptable to leave the dog outside in the freezing weather, WABC reported.
The owners said they were in Queens, N.Y., and did not know that Cha Cha had gotten outside. They said it was an accident and thanked the mayor for saving the dog, a new mother.
Booker, who’s exploring a run for U.S. Senate, later tweeted the reporter,“Because of you that dog was rescued. Thank you for reaching out. Thank u for your kindness.”
This is not the first time Mayor Booker has come to the rescue.
Booker returned home one evening in April to find flames shooting out of his neighbor’s home. A woman screamed that her daughter was still inside.
The mayor and two of his security detail ran inside to rescue the woman, who Booker said he had known for years. He carried her out of the building over his shoulder and the woman was treated for smoke inhalation and released.
This frickin' guy is everywhere. Me thinks a big future is ahead of him.
I love stories like that. If only more people looked out for animals who have heartless owners - not necessarily in this instance - but there are heartless owners nevertheless and their animals always comes first.

No matter the consequences.
jiminy cricket

Orlando, FL

#847086 Jan 25, 2013
Jane Says wrote:
<quoted text>
Aw, STFU already fatty. Just throw a thrombus why dontcha. Let's get this thing over with!
You forgot to steal "real Jane's" location.

You're either slipping or wising up.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#847087 Jan 25, 2013
Homer 2016 wrote:
Remember when you could money into a savings account and actually earn interest. Anyone else old enough to remember that?
That was the silver lining in the Carter administration Homer, if one already owned a home and had a fair amount of savings__it was smooth sailing with CD rates exceeding 10% and six month jumbo CD's returning as high as 18%.

Back then most existing home mortgages were fixed ranging in the 4.5% to 6.5% range and many were transferable with no qualification, what a beautiful fn thing that was. Well maybe not for realtors or mortgage brokers but it was for the hip homeowners.

Also__back then, closed meant closed in banking leaving Saturday's and Sunday's open to the imagination Hah. Many businesses that handled large amounts of money would transfer the money from checking into savings over the weekend just to pick up the interest.

I really enjoyed banking back when it was face to face.
THX Bringer of Tidings

United States

#847088 Jan 25, 2013
Why are flies always landing of Obama?

Since: Sep 10

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#847089 Jan 25, 2013
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!

Waxturd, the sockpuppet master, accuses others of the same behavior.

Whiole he creates multiple sockpuppets and uses them all at once.

There is a difference, moonbat.

Ghost uses one screenname at a time, while you use about 10 of them simultaneously!!

"Not Surprised" has kept everyone aware of the idiocy of Waxturd, holed up in Windsor, CT, with sockpuppets all over the USA.

Tell us more abourt your Ivy League education, Jimmy.

After all, you are one of Waxturd's 'children'/

Jimmy wrote:
<quoted text>
Me thinks you should look in the mirror before calling others sockpuppets, Ghost/Pope John/Wilhelm.
You were busted and caught red handed posting as Wilhelm from Gemrany and I suspect you are now posting as Old Raider, sleazeball.
If memory serves me correctly, and I'm about 2-3 decades younger than you and your current sockpuppet Old Raider, so it's pretty good - you were busted back in August by Waxman:
Did you get any better at using your proxy service, loser?
Sockpuppet - Hypocrite.

Windsor, CT

#847090 Jan 25, 2013
Sick Fatties of Omaha wrote:
<quoted text>
We're certainly on the same page on that honey. I think there should be a 100% ugly tax too. Let's thin the herd!
Alternatively, all the sick smoking fatties can get together and self-insure under something like "Sick Fatties of Omaha," or "SFOO." They can just kick in whatever doesn't go into the collection plate. Then, when they need drugs, surgery, "intervention," "rehab," prenatal care, etc., they can just call the 800 number and get a droning, bored female voice telling the hapless caller, after they've recited their litany of complaints, "that's really very unfortunate sounding, but please be advised that your fund has been empty for 6 months, because just one of you fatties needed her arteries blown out for the 6th time."
You on board with this?
lily loves the fatties card...

“Amor patriae.”

Since: Feb 08

Eastern Oregon

#847091 Jan 25, 2013
If you're a 55 yr. old smoker you will be penalized $4,250 per year, on top of your health insurance premium.

"You're going to have to pass it before you can see what's in it."

Since: Dec 12

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#847092 Jan 25, 2013
Homer 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>Speaking of sheriffs, is that sheriff and his staff from AZ still in Hawaii searching for Obama's birth certificate? WhereTF is Fred when I need him, he was on top of this stuff.
Sheriff Joe's "posse" is in Santa Monica on their third set of horses just trying to GET to Hawaii.

Windsor, CT

#847093 Jan 25, 2013
discordia wrote:
<quoted text>
I can believe that you consistently get bad judge-its, in fact it seems to be all you get.

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