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“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#824470 Dec 18, 2012
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>You see a marriage proposal as a desecration?
How very Christian of you.
Will you be marching with the Phelps family, at the memorial services of KIA soldiers as well?
...shaking my head...
Don't shake yer head too hard. It's not fastened too well.

Since: Dec 10

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#824471 Dec 18, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Sad part is that it was the only time Emaam ever got laid.
Now she just laughs at him and says "He's your son, you deal with him!!"
But why would they name him ShinningNeutron?

lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#824472 Dec 18, 2012
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>You would NOT believe how many barren women I have heard this from. And they mean every word of it.
Carol said as much yesterday. However, there are 500,000 American children in fostercare.
Do people prefer to adopt from other countries because of our open adoption laws? If I adopted a child, I wouldn't want to have to deal with the birth parents; it's a strange law; to me anyway.
Cardinal of the Kremlin

Bronx, NY

#824473 Dec 18, 2012
WHO CRIES FOR THESE CHILDREN The Woes of an American Drone Operator
A soldier sets out to graduate at the top of his class. He succeeds, and he becomes a drone pilot working with a special unit of the United States Air Force in New Mexico. He kills dozens of people. But then, one day, he realizes that he can’t do it anymore.

For more than five years, Brandon Bryant worked in an oblong, windowless container about the size of a trailer, where the air-conditioning was kept at 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit) and, for security reasons, the door couldn’t be opened. Bryant and his coworkers sat in front of 14 computer monitors and four keyboards. When Bryant pressed a button in New Mexico, someone died on the other side of the world.These moments are like in slow motion,” he says today. Images taken with an infrared camera attached to the drone appeared on his monitor, transmitted by satellite, with a two-to-five-second time delay.

With seven seconds left to go, there was no one to be seen on the ground. Bryant could still have diverted the missile at that point. Then it was down to three seconds. Bryant felt as if he had to count each individual pixel on the monitor. Suddenly a child walked around the corner, he says.

Second zero was the moment in which Bryant’s digital world collided with the real one in a village between Baghlan and Mazar-e-Sharif.

Bryant saw a flash on the screen: the explosion. Parts of the building collapsed. The child had disappeared. Bryant had a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Did we just kill a kid?” he asked the man sitting next to him.

“Yeah, I guess that was a kid,” the pilot replied.

“Was that a kid?” they wrote into a chat window on the monitor.

Then, someone they didn’t know answered, someone sitting in a military command center somewhere in the world who had observed theirattack.“No. That was a dog,” the person wrote.

They reviewed the scene on video. A dog on two legs?

Invisible Warfare
Fenris the Big Asslicker

Centrs, Latvia

#824474 Dec 18, 2012
The South:

We will never give up our slaves!

We will never give up our flag!

We will never give up our Mexicans!

We will never give up our guns!

We will never give up our pride...

Only... you'll give up all of these, you already have. For on your foreheads is written in indelible ink: "DOOM"
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#824475 Dec 18, 2012
Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh hush ya danged baby factory and get back in the kitchen and make me a pot pie ...
Should people be allowed to sell their own children? organs?
Fenris the Big Asslicker

Centrs, Latvia

#824477 Dec 18, 2012
Fenris the Big Bad Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
You leftist phaggots are happy children are being killed.
You leftist phaggots are happy children are being killed.
Cardinal of the Kremlin

Bronx, NY

#824478 Dec 18, 2012
Fenris the Big Asslicker wrote:
<quoted text>
Nah, the real threat was clearly outlined by Charles Dickens in the seasonally charming, "A Christmas Carol," in which the unlikely hero is reborn into a socialist from his greedy capitalist roots:
"Scrooge started back, appalled. Having them shown to him
in this way, he tried to say they were fine children, but
the words choked themselves, rather than be parties to a lie
of such enormous magnitude.
'Spirit. are they yours.' Scrooge could say no more.
'They are Man's,' said the Spirit, looking down upon
them.'And they cling to me, appealing from their fathers.
This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both,
and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy,
for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the
writing be erased. Deny it.' cried the Spirit, stretching out
its hand towards the city.'Slander those who tell it ye.
Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse.
And abide the end.'"
Ah, yes! And abide the end. Alllll the great ideas since this country was founded have come out of the south. The are the producers of some of the finest minds the world has ever seen... slavery, fried food, segregation, states rights, a literal interpretation of purely philosophical texts, homophobia, segregations, more brown food, the recreation of a slave class by the wholesale importation of illegal immigrants... it's almost hard to see anything they've ever done right? The claim to be a supremely moral group of people and yet nearly every stand they take is obviously immoral?
"The worst of these is IGNORANCE," the ghost said, for I believe I can see DOOM written on your foreheads...
GOOD YOU READ EVERYTHING AND NOT just DEMOCRAT talking points,THe only way to get rid of ignorance is to study and then study some more

Newington, CT

#824480 Dec 18, 2012
leosnana wrote:
<quoted text>Stabbing 22 doesn't result in killing 22...Wonder how many bullets were expended in killing 28 people with an assault rifle.(Of course, "where there's a will, there's a way" [wonderful originality, BTW], but I would prefer the person willing to do me in was limited in his choice of weapons to sticks and stones.)
Lest the ignorant like you forget Oklahoma City. What will you say when people just say, let's use bombs and go for entire buildings? Assault this, libtard!
Cardinal of the Kremlin

Bronx, NY

#824481 Dec 18, 2012
Fenris the Big Bad Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
You leftist phaggots are happy children are being killed.
Their PRISON STATE AGENDA gets the spotlight

Ottawa, Canada

#824482 Dec 18, 2012
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
NY Times - Fifth Deadly Attack on a School Haunts China: http://www.ny times .com/2010/05/13/wo rld/asia/13china.h tml?pagewanted=all &_r=0 ~~~~~~~~~~ ABC News - China: Seven Kids Killed in Latest School Attack: /cemv7fu " Today's killings marked the sixth assault on a school this year and the fifth in less than two months, fueling fears of further copycat killings. In late April, three schools were targeted in the space of three days, leaving dozens of children injured. And in March, Zheng Minsheng, a 42-year-old doctor, stabbed eight young children to death in Fujian Province." ~~~~~~~~~~ New American - China School Knife Attack, Portland Mall Attack Receive Little Coverage: /c8tmtvw "The same day as the tragic Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting, a Chinese man stabbed 22 children in China's central province of Henan. The attack yielded almost no news coverage in the United States." ~~~~~~~~~~ Wiki - School attacks in China (2010–2011): http://en.wi kipedi attacks_in_China_% 282010%E2%80%93201 1%29 "A series of uncoordinated mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks in the People's Republic of China began in March 2010. The spate of attacks left at least 21 dead and some 90 injured. Analysts have blamed mental health problems caused by rapid social change for the rise in these kind of mass murder and murder-suicide incidents" ~~~~~~~~~~ Note in the above: "...mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks..." It bears repeating: ""...mas s stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks..." Not ONE gun. Evil - where there is a will, there is a way.(1 hr ago | post #824159)
Timothy McVeigh? Andrew P. Kehoe, anyone?
Wiki - Bath School Disaster:
The problem lies within the human mind and not in the hands of screwball coward Liberals who always find a way to avoid solving a problem..
There is no reason for any abiding citizens to have weapons of mass destruction. The Chinese children were injured with the knives, but they were not all dead. There is a difference. Weapon of mass destruction shelling of 30 rounds with one shot, verses a knife that injures possibly giving time for some sort of intervention.

I'm sorry to say this, but a lot of white people are good at pretending that they are normal and civilized in public, until you can't pretend anymore and have a mental breakdown and start murdering random children and people and then committing suicide. Due to the mental instability of this so call law abiding society, there should be a strict band on all automatic weapons, because people are not responsible and most of the time are suffering silently with mental illness.
Fenris the Big Asslicker

Centrs, Latvia

#824483 Dec 18, 2012
Funny? I sort of remember Fenris as someone younger and much smarter than you.. and... more vital? I guess it could be my perception of him... tell you what, send me another picture so I know it's you. You've got the address. Do it.

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#824485 Dec 18, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
That's an extremely stupid statement.
Likely because you're an extremely stupid person.
Guns in schools with small childern is such a dumb idea, it bears no discussion.
Do you ever consider the message it would send to our children??
Like there is no safe place in the world?? Guns at home, guns at school, guns everywhere.
Welcome to Syria, USA. Where our kids get all the benefits of PTSD at an early age, watching armed guards patrol their classrooms and wondering why all the adults are terrorized. That would make them feel real safe, right dipshit??
What in the natural f**k are you smoking, to think the world was ever a 'safe place'? Americans have been complacent sheep, trusting "somebody else" to provide "protection" from the violence "out there" for a couple of centuries.

Face it, doofus, there are no 'safe places' in THIS sick, sad society, never mind Syria.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#824486 Dec 18, 2012
Tennessee pastor: Mass shootings because schools teach evolution and ‘how to be a homo’

(this guy has such a way with words, so inspiring)

We get all up in arms about 20 children being shot in a day care but we don’t give one good-glory rip about the 4,000 that were removed violently from the wombs of their mothers [in abortion procedures] the same day,” he explained.“I believe they use children and Christmas and all that to pull on our heart strings about gun control. That’s what it’s all about.”

Morris insisted that “humanism” in schools taught Lanza that he was God and “he can just go blow away anybody he wants.”

“When I got in high school, man, I started learning all this kingdom, phylum stuff, all this junk about evolution,” he recalled.“And I want to tell you what evolution teaches — here’s the bottom line — that you’re an animal. That’s what it teaches. So, you’re an animal, you can act like an animal. Amen.”

“So, here you are, you’re an animal and you’re a god! So, what are we going to teach you about in school? Well, we can teach you about sex, we can teach you how to rebel to you parents, we can teach you how to be a homo! But we’re definitely not going to teach you about the word of God! Amen.”

Raw Story ( )

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#824487 Dec 18, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
You're a lyin' sack of feces.
The NRA went into possum mode. Closed down.
I called the NRA, got a message. "Not the appropriate time for 2nd Amendment discussions" was the message i got.
The NRA is scared shitless. All their efforts to arm America like it's a nation at war with itself is blowing up in their faces.
This time it's different, you can feel it.
Even Republiclown Senators are saying 'Enough'.
But you're too stupid to understand.
Expect to see a chapter of "Mothers against Guns" (MAG) opening near you soon.
We will make the gun lobby as toxic as drunk drivers.
NRA Goes Silent After Connecticut School Shooting
""Where is the NRA?
The nation's largest gun-rights organization — typically outspoken about its positions even after shooting deaths — has gone all but silent since last week's rampage at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 26 people dead, including 20 children.
Its Facebook page has disappeared. It has posted no tweets. It makes no mention of the shooting on its website. None of its leaders hit the media circuit Sunday to promote its support of the Second Amendment right to bear arms as the nation mourns the latest shooting victims and opens a new debate over gun restrictions. On Monday, the NRA offered no rebuttal as 300 anti-gun protesters marched to its Capitol Hill office.
After previous mass shootings — such as in Oregon and Wisconsin — the group was quick to both send its condolences and defend gun owners' constitutional rights, popular among millions of Americans. There's no indication that the National Rifle Association's silence this time is a signal that a change in its ardent opposition to gun restrictions is imminent. Nor has there been any explanation for its absence from the debate thus far.
The NRA, which claims 4.3 million members and is based in Northern Virginia, did not return telephone messages Monday seeking comment.""
Caught you in a lie, you worthless tudball.
No links, no source, no sense.

Try again, Jerk:>
Cardinal of the Kremlin

Bronx, NY

#824488 Dec 18, 2012
I Saw Men, Women and Children Die’

A yellow house stands on the outskirts of the small city of Missoula, Montana, against a background of mountains, forests and patches of fog. The ground is coated with the first snow of the season. Bryant, now 27, is sitting on the couch in his mother’s living room. He has since left the military and is now living back at home. He keeps his head shaved and has a three-day beard.“I haven’t been dreaming in infrared for four months,” he says with a smile, as if this were a minor victory for him.

Bryant completed 6,000 flight hours during his six years in the Air Force.“I saw men, women and children die during that time,” says Bryant.“I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn’t kill anyone at all.”
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#824489 Dec 18, 2012
Fenris the Big Bad Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
If those children had ccw classes they could have killed that kid.
Sure, they could kill their teachers themselves, and each other. What an idiot.

Deltona, FL

#824490 Dec 18, 2012
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
I see you ladling 'responsibility for actions' all over men, without even mentioning the role women play in pregnancy - men don't make babies all by themselves, doodette. If women kept their legs closed more often, they couldn't blame men for their problems. No egg - no baby. Keep that thing out of your pants.
Basically, everyone does everything in order to get laid.

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#824491 Dec 18, 2012
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Emam said he was controlled by the threat of abortion and did what he had to do to see that his son was born.
Wonder what that was? Take her to court and force her to have the baby?
He probably had to agree to something totally outrageous: paying for her prenatal appointments, and providing healthy preservative-free food. Oh the horror.
Cardinal of the Kremlin

Bronx, NY

#824492 Dec 18, 2012
‘I Felt Disconnected from Humanity’

His shifts lasted up to 12 hours. The Air Force still had a shortage of personnel for its remote-controlled war over Iraq and Afghanistan. Drone pilots were seen as cowardly button-pushers. It was such an unpopular job that the military had to bring in retired personnel.

Bryant remembers the first time he fired a missile, killing two men instantly. As Bryant looked on, he could see a third man in mortal agony. The man’s leg was missing and he was holding his hands over the stump as his warm blood flowed onto the ground — for two long minutes. He cried on his way home, says Bryant, and he called his mother.

“I felt disconnected from humanity for almost a week,” he says, sitting in his favorite coffee shop in Missoula, where the smell of cinnamon and butter wafts in the air. He spends a lot of time there, watching people and reading books by Nietzsche and Mark Twain, sometimes getting up to change seats. He can’t sit in one place for very long anymore, he says. It makes him nervous.

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