Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1549445 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Fenris the Big Asslicker


#824575 Dec 18, 2012
C'mon, kids. You can do better than this? I need a constant stream of material if I'm going to have any fun and y'all move too slowly....

Hamden, CT

#824576 Dec 18, 2012
TSM wrote:
I see the number one promoter of Gun Violence “Hollywood” is out doing a PR stunt trying to minimize their roll in this CT tragedy!! This is the same industry that got on the Anti-Smoking bandwagon but there still…. Lighting Up!! What’s the Liberal Motto “Do as I Say Not as I Do?”
That is what defines the left! After all, Al Gore lives in a mansion with a carbon footprint of several homes. It's so hypocritical. Democrats are so conflicted.

Since: Dec 10

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#824577 Dec 18, 2012
lily boca raton fl wrote:
Tennessee pastor: Mass shootings because schools teach evolution and ‘how to be a homo’
(this guy has such a way with words, so inspiring)
We get all up in arms about 20 children being shot in a day care but we don’t give one good-glory rip about the 4,000 that were removed violently from the wombs of their mothers [in abortion procedures] the same day,” he explained.“I believe they use children and Christmas and all that to pull on our heart strings about gun control. That’s what it’s all about.”
Morris insisted that “humanism” in schools taught Lanza that he was God and “he can just go blow away anybody he wants.”
“When I got in high school, man, I started learning all this kingdom, phylum stuff, all this junk about evolution,” he recalled.“And I want to tell you what evolution teaches — here’s the bottom line — that you’re an animal. That’s what it teaches. So, you’re an animal, you can act like an animal. Amen.”
“So, here you are, you’re an animal and you’re a god! So, what are we going to teach you about in school? Well, we can teach you about sex, we can teach you how to rebel to you parents, we can teach you how to be a homo! But we’re definitely not going to teach you about the word of God! Amen.”
Raw Story ( )
Mike Huckabee: "We have systematically removed God from our schools."

The former governor of Arkansas, Republican hopeful for president, and Fox News host says we've got no reason to be surprised when adult gunmen shoot up educational establishments.

"We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools," Huckabee said on Fox News, discussing the murder spree that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT that morning. "Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?"

I don't doubt the governor's sincerity, but among other things, he might want to think about the declining rate of school violence. According to data compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics, schools have been getting safer and less violent at least over the past couple of decades - despite what Huckabee would doubtless consider a period of rising godlessness. During the school year of 1992-93, for instance, the number of on-location murders of students and staff at K-12 public schools was 47 (out of population of millions). In 2009-2010 (the latest year for which data is listed), the number was 25. Over the same period, the rate on victimizations per 1,000 students for theft dropped from 101 to 18. For violent crimes, the rate dropped from 53 to 14. And for "serious violent" crimes, the rate dropped from 8 to 4.

See that Carol, God in the classroom was the problem all the time!
Cardinal of the Kremlin

New York, NY

#824578 Dec 18, 2012
Fenris the Big Bad Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
I hate blacks too.
And like you I only talk about it in Internet forums where they can't find me.
FUAHOLE 1q 2q 3q 4q
Fenris the Big Asslicker


#824579 Dec 18, 2012
Well, guess I'll just have to play with myself....

Bethlehem, PA

#824580 Dec 18, 2012
I do find it ironic that hallelujah means basically a joyful expression of praise and thanksgiving to God, so not sure why people are singing it regarding the shooting in CT.

Bethlehem, PA

#824581 Dec 18, 2012
I don't want to argue, just making an observation.

Bethlehem, PA

#824582 Dec 18, 2012
Quick lunch then back to the grindstone.

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#824583 Dec 18, 2012
Fenris the Big Asslicker wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm just curious as to whether you were considering the direct deposit method or something more... discreet? "Hi, Bill. I'm glad you came. Bob's out working on the new barbeque pit, perhaps you'd like to join me in the shower and we can get to know each other better? What? Oh, yes, Sally and I discussed this extensively but she wanted to leave it up to you and me that's probably why she didn't talk to you about it... well, that's not a problem, Bill, menopause is different in all women. I come from fertile people..."
Sperm bank.

Nuff said.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#824584 Dec 18, 2012
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>What in the natural f**k are you smoking, to think the world was ever a 'safe place'? Americans have been complacent sheep, trusting "somebody else" to provide "protection" from the violence "out there" for a couple of centuries. =8hGvQtumNAYXX
Face it, doofus, there are no 'safe places' in THIS sick, sad society, never mind Syria.
The fact is that Americans are safer now than ever, but, as you say, there is no such thing as complete safety.

If the schools armed some of their personnel, the children would never see the guns and would never know.

In fact, the point is that nobody would know who was armed or not, just as in the air marshal program. Not the other teachers, not even the principal.
Cardinal of the Kremlin

New York, NY

#824585 Dec 18, 2012
THE FREEDOM OF DEMOCRATS There are occasions when statements appearing in newspapers are so significant that one can justifiably predict they will be cited for years to come.

Such is the case with the November 29 editorial published by the New York Times entitled “Rules for Targeted Killing.” It marks another critical milestone in the repudiation of core democratic rights and constitutional principles by the US ruling establishment.

The editorial notes approvingly that the Obama administration is “developing rules for when to kill terrorists around the world.”

The drafting of these “rules” has been attributed to concerns within the administration in advance of the elections that “standards and procedures” be put in place in case Obama lost. Undoubtedly a more compelling motivation is the fear that one day they could all be indicted for war crimes. The new rules, and the Times editorial itself, are a tacit admission of criminality.

Nonetheless, the Times hails this “first step toward acknowledging that when the government kills people away from the battlefield, it must stay within formal guidelines based on the rule of law—especially when the life of an American citizen is at stake.”

To call such language Orwellian barely begins to do it justice.

“Targeted killings” or “when the government kills people away from the battlefield” are transparent euphemisms for state assassinations and extrajudicial murders, which are explicitly banned by international law and proscribed by the US Constitution. Over the last four years, the Obama administration has been carrying out such crimes on an industrial scale by means of drone missile attacks.
Fenris the Big Asslicker


#824586 Dec 18, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
You big macho puscee, you would tremble in your boots if you saw an actual black.
Can I sck your ck?
You can't actually say it can you, honey? The words, "Suck your Cock" just kind of stick in your throat. Hahahahahahahahaha... yeah, you a real outlaw alright, a man's man. So you reduced to hintin' at what you mean cause you too much of a coward to say it. Plus you talkin' to youself which is a whole 'nuther issue... Hahahahahahahahahaha, Fenris be rollin' over in his grave he see what you've made him...
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#824587 Dec 18, 2012
Cardinal of the Kremlin wrote:
I Saw Men, Women and Children Die’
A yellow house stands on the outskirts of the small city of Missoula, Montana, against a background of mountains, forests and patches of fog. The ground is coated with the first snow of the season. Bryant, now 27, is sitting on the couch in his mother’s living room. He has since left the military and is now living back at home. He keeps his head shaved and has a three-day beard.“I haven’t been dreaming in infrared for four months,” he says with a smile, as if this were a minor victory for him.
Bryant completed 6,000 flight hours during his six years in the Air Force.“I saw men, women and children die during that time,” says Bryant.“I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn’t kill anyone at all.”
Somebody watch this guy, closely.

“Often imitated”

Since: Jul 07

never duplicated

#824588 Dec 18, 2012
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>Fathers? Sperm donors are not fathers. Rapists are not fathers. 14 yr. old boys are not fathers. Men who refuse to pay child support are not fathers.
Men have several rights concerning pregnancy:
1) The right to abstain from sex
2) The right to wear a condom, or be voluntarily sterilized
3) The right to be honest with the woman with whom he plans to have intercourse, and with that, the responsibility to be sure she is willing to become pregnant with his child, BEFORE he engages in the potentially procreative act.
4) The right to a paternity test.
If men had say over whether or not a pregnancy continues, there would be double the number of abortions.
Maybe if you'd quit getting knocked up by 14 year olds you have more compassion for men who think a child is a gift.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#824589 Dec 18, 2012
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Basically, everyone does everything in order to get laid.
Maybe you do, but that's why you're such an idiot.

Oviedo, FL

#824591 Dec 18, 2012
Cardinal of the Kremlin wrote:
WHO CRIES FOR THESE CHILDREN The Woes of an American Drone Operator
A soldier sets out to graduate at the top of his class. He succeeds, and he becomes a drone pilot working with a special unit of the United States Air Force in New Mexico. He kills dozens of people. But then, one day, he realizes that he can’t do it anymore.
For more than five years, Brandon Bryant worked in an oblong, windowless container about the size of a trailer, where the air-conditioning was kept at 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit) and, for security reasons, the door couldn’t be opened. Bryant and his coworkers sat in front of 14 computer monitors and four keyboards. When Bryant pressed a button in New Mexico, someone died on the other side of the world.These moments are like in slow motion,” he says today. Images taken with an infrared camera attached to the drone appeared on his monitor, transmitted by satellite, with a two-to-five-second time delay.
With seven seconds left to go, there was no one to be seen on the ground. Bryant could still have diverted the missile at that point. Then it was down to three seconds. Bryant felt as if he had to count each individual pixel on the monitor. Suddenly a child walked around the corner, he says.
Second zero was the moment in which Bryant’s digital world collided with the real one in a village between Baghlan and Mazar-e-Sharif.
Bryant saw a flash on the screen: the explosion. Parts of the building collapsed. The child had disappeared. Bryant had a sick feeling in his stomach.
“Did we just kill a kid?” he asked the man sitting next to him.
“Yeah, I guess that was a kid,” the pilot replied.
“Was that a kid?” they wrote into a chat window on the monitor.
Then, someone they didn’t know answered, someone sitting in a military command center somewhere in the world who had observed theirattack.“No. That was a dog,” the person wrote.
They reviewed the scene on video. A dog on two legs?
Invisible Warfare
A horrible thing to comprehend or even imagine. However, would it be more horrible if radical islamists raped, tortured and killed them and their families instead?

It's a serious question.

Beslan, Russia, in 2004. Armed Islamic militants took 1100 people hostage in a school, 777 were children with 335 dead, 186 children. Some were still missing.

The events that took place are too horrible to describe. You'll have to look it up yourself.

In Syria, security forces have killed, arrested, and tortured children in their homes, their schools, or on the streets. In many cases, security forces have targeted children just as they have targeted adults.

Again, it's a serious question.
Cardinal of the Kremlin

New York, NY

#824592 Dec 18, 2012
SIGNED BY DEMOCRAT OBAMA The Codification of Tyranny: US Government Can Still “Black Bag” Any American The Senate passed the much ballyhooed Feinstein-Lee amendment last night, which supposedly partially nullifies the provision in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowing for Americans to be kidnapped by the government and disappeared without any charge or due process. Senator Rand Paul put out a press release declaring victory. But as Congressman Justin Amash points out, the wording of the amendment effectively codifies tyranny:

The heart of the Feinstein amendment:

“An authorization to use military force, a declaration of war, or any similar authority shall not authorize the detention without charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States apprehended in the United States, UNLESS AN ACT OF CONGRESS EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZES SUCH DETENTION.”

Well, that Act of Congress is the 2012 NDAA, which renders the rest of the Feinstein amendment meaningless.

“Often imitated”

Since: Jul 07

never duplicated

#824593 Dec 18, 2012
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
With recreational sex, neither party is concerned with any rights.
Until the bills start piling up or if the man is a wealthy celebrity.
Sexist Man-Hater remarks like "If men had say over whether or not a pregnancy continues, there would be double the number of abortions." is about as useless a statement as "If pigs could fly ________!!"
Have a nice flight:>
She seems a bit angry. Women who make poor choices in the guys that impregnated them use words like "sperm donor".

Indianapolis, IN

#824596 Dec 18, 2012
The approval rating of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) is in the gutter, according to a poll released Tuesday, the strongest evidence yet of the political perils associated with the right-to-work legislation he signed into law last week.

According to the latest automated survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, only 38 percent of Michigan voters approve of the job Snyder is doing, compared with 56 percent who disapprove. In PPP's previous survey of Michigan in November, Snyder's approval rating was 10 points above water: 47 percent of voters approved of his performance as governor, while 37 percent disapproved.

The right-to-work bill, signed by Snyder amid mass protests, appears to have changed the political climate in the Great Lake State. Fifty-one percent of Michigan voters oppose the bill, which made Michigan the country's 24th right-to-work state, while 41 percent support the legislation. Moreover, Snyder trails every Democrat in hypothetical matchups of the 2014 gubernatorial election.

the right wing are fighting a losing battle.
Fenris the Big Asslicker


#824597 Dec 18, 2012
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>Sperm bank.
Nuff said.
Crude way of putting it, but I respect your right to use such language.

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