Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1508079 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Nostrils Henry Waxman

Windsor, CT

#822712 Dec 15, 2012
Redguy wrote:
<quoted text>
"Infested with Democrats?"
So you think that street thugs, drug dealers and Grand Theft Auto playing losers are posses of Democrat activists? What planet are you from? 90% of the country's citizens can't even tell you who their senators are.
Did you notice that many of the 10 states where gun deaths outnumber vehicular deaths are primarily low population white states? Does your "argument" hold for Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington? So which is it, are white guys better drivers or better shots?
My statement is that guns are machines, and anybody who has any inkling of design understand the most basic tenet - form follows function. When you LOOOVE your machines, you have crossed over to the Twilight Zone, my friend.
Your argument that a ban on extraordinary and military firearms is the gateway to outlawing all guns is the fear mongering nonsense straight from the NRA playbook. That's like saying everybody who has gotten drunk or high is going to end up shooting meth.
You forgot to tell us the cow jumped over the moon, libtard.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#822713 Dec 15, 2012
Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
Whether or not we "lost our way" your whole cabal does nothing but increase the level of lying and divisiveness in this country.
I can't believe you can post the crap you post with a straight face!
That's why I posted last week that I have thought she must be laughing her head off while posting that crap.

Fishers, IN

#822714 Dec 15, 2012
Every Day is the Day to Talk About Gun Control

A permissive gun regime is not the only reason that the United States suffers so many atrocities like the one in Connecticut. An inadequate mental health system is surely at least as important a part of the answer, as are half a dozen other factors arising from some of the deepest wellsprings of American culture.

Nor can anybody promise that more rational gun laws would prevent each and every mass murder in this country. Gun killings do occur even in countries that restrict guns with maximum severity.

But we can say that if the United States worked harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be many, many fewer atrocities like the one in Connecticut.

And I'll say: I'll accept no lectures about "sensitivity" on days of tragedy like today from people who work the other 364 days of the year against any attempt to prevent such tragedies.

It's bad enough to have a gun lobby. It's the last straw when that lobby also sets up itself as the civility police. It may not be politically possible to do anything about the prevalence of weapons of mass murder. But it damn well ought to be possible to complain about them - and about the people who condone them.

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#822715 Dec 15, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
Is Obama pro-choice for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy? Did he vote "present" against partial birth abortions in the Illinois State Senate?
A present vote doesn't count one way or the other. That's not taking a stand.
It is not a lie.
Ok once more for the insanely stupid:

The proposed law was identical to existing law except for a minor provision that opened the door to banning abortion entirely.

This has been explained to you repeatedly so you're either a liar or suffering dementia.

BTW, I'm sure you meant "pro-life" which in itself is as retarded as "pro-abortion", and you whine about "lying and divisiveness".

Here's a thought: you stated earlier that Obama didn't have respect for life in the womb, another divisive lie y'all like to flog. The issue isn't that anybody is "pro-abortion", they are pro-choice and their entire argument is framed this way. Y'all lie and twist it to suit your own authoritarian purposes, you want the government to impose your "morals". Saying a pro-choicer doesn't respect life in the womb is identical to saying pro-gun folks have no respect for any human life because people die sometimes as the result of the availability of guns.

Get it?

Newport News, VA

#822716 Dec 15, 2012
Obama 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>Because everyone Swiss is required to serve in the militia for 10 years and can take the military-issued guns home. They have a well trained well regulated militia. America has alcoholic tobacco chewing gun nuts.
I didn't know that the inner city brothers chewed .

Fishers, IN

#822717 Dec 15, 2012
NRA Under Twitter, Facebook Attack After Newtown Shootings

At the time of writing, the NRA's Facebook page appears to be down. As for its Twitter account, which usually updates three to four times a day, it's been silent since 9:39 a.m., about the time the shootings began.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#822718 Dec 15, 2012
Nostrils Henry Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
You are touching on an excellent point. Our kids are exposed to violence at a very young age from watching TV and playing games.
The "Savior" Democrats however would "NEVER" go after their cash cow and buddies in Hollywood. The Democrats act as if violence in movies and on TV does not exist.
The Democrat is incapable of logic and seeing past the end of his nose. The Democrat is also lacking in principle and ethics. He ignores negative factors and implications if it suits his NAZI agenda. He even propagandizes news like the NAZI and fascist governments do.
Benghazi was a text book example.
Sue. And all the nitwits who talked of '2nd amendment solutions' in 2010 are just peace loving Republiclowns, right??

They taught our children thaa it's ok to threaten politicians they disagree with by speaking of shooting them.

Fact is, it's the right that has turned America inoa gun culture.

Or are you suggesting that the NRA s a liberal institution??

Never saw a liberal ask for more lax gun laws. But th NRA does it daily.

After all, it's the NRA that insists we all need guns, whle you stupidly blame anti-gun types.

Waxballs is the most ignorant, dumb POS on this thread. With his stupid stories about make believe children and success he's never had in life, he's a troll o the worst sort.

Since: Sep 10

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#822719 Dec 15, 2012
Nostrils Henry Waxman wrote:
<quoted text>
His parents were big Union Democrats too.
Must be Bush's fault.
More lies from Mr. Tudball!!

Do you have even a distant relationship with the truth??

I didn't think so.

Since: Dec 10

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#822720 Dec 15, 2012
Navy Corpseman wrote:
<quoted text>
We are fighting people that hate Americans!Your Hero Obama is a Muslim follower!
He gives the "Muslim Brotherhood,"$billions of YOUR MONEY!
Obama appeases to our enemies!
You're making some unfounded assumptions there while embracing a complete lie so your post is essentially meaningless except in that it offers empirical evidence that you are stone stupid.


Fishers, IN

#822721 Dec 15, 2012
Does the NRA Represent Gun Manufacturers or Gun Owners?

Over the last four years, Congress and the Obama administration have only enacted laws that have deregulated gun use in America. It’s no secret why. As pundits love to note, the gun lobby is incredibly influential. But as we consider the potential for reform in the wake of the tragedy today, one of the first questions we should ask this time is: who does the gun lobby really represent?

The National Rifle Association portrays itself as an organization that represents “4 million members” who simply love the Second Amendment. The truth is much more murky.

In reality, the NRA is composed of half a dozen legal entities; some designed to run undisclosed attack ads in political campaigns, others to lobby and collect tens of millions in undisclosed, tax-deductible sums. This power has only been enhanced in the era of Citizens United, with large GOP donors in the last election reportedly funneling money to the NRA simply to use the group as a brand to pummel Democrats with nasty ads.(As The Huffington Post’s Peter Stone reported, even the Koch network now provides an undisclosed amount to the NRA.)

Despite the grassroots façade, there is much evidence to suggest that corporations that profit from unregulated gun use are propping up the NRA’s activities, much like how the tobacco lobby secretly funded “Smokers Rights’” fronts and libertarian anti-tax groups, or how polluters currently finance much of the climate change skepticism movement.

In a “special thanks” to their donors, the National Rifle Association Foundation lists Bushmaster Firearms Inc., the company that makes the assault rifle allegedly used by the shooter responsible for the mass murder today in Newtown, Connecticut. How much Bushmaster Firearms Inc. contributes is left unsaid.

The Violence Policy Center has estimated that since 2005, gun manufacturers have contributed up to $38.9 million to the NRA. Those numbers, however, are based on publicly listed “sponsorship” levels on NRA fundraising pamphlets. The real figures could be much bigger. Like Crossroads GPS or Americans for Prosperity, or the Sierra Club for that matter, the NRA does not disclose any donor information even though it spends millions on federal elections.

And like other industry fronts, the NRA is quick to conceal its pro–gun industry policy positions as ideological commitments.

Take, for example,“The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund.” It’s a pro–gun rights legal fund “involved in court cases establishing legal precedents in favor of gun owners.”

And who helps pick which impact-litigation cases the NRA will become involved with? Folks like James W. Porter II, a board member of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, who doubles as an attorney whose private firm specializes in “areas of products liability defense of firearms manufacturers.” His last client, according to a search of the federal court docket, was Smith & Wesson Corporation.

Is the NRA working for casual gun-owners, many of whom, according to polling, support tougher restrictions on gun ownership— or is the NRA serving the gunmaker lobby— which is purely interested in policies that will promote greater gun sales and more profits? Any gun control policy debate should begin with this question. #
Nostrils Henry Waxman

Windsor, CT

#822722 Dec 15, 2012
Redguy/Commieguy -

In the UK, they started off restricting firearms in 1968 and successively added tighter restriction to the point they now even go after Air Guns.

Don't give us your total jive & bunk. How's the weather on the Moon, lefty?

And don't twist my words, lying Democrat.

Fishers, IN

#822723 Dec 15, 2012
Charges upgraded to first degree murder in shooting of Florida teen

A grand jury indicted a Florida man for first degree murder on Thursday in the shooting death of an unarmed, black high school student last month after an argument over loud rap music.

Software developer Michael Dunn, 46, shot high school junior Jordan Davis, 17, through the window of a sport utility vehicle at a Jacksonville convenience store gas station on November 23, before driving away, authorities say.

Dunn, who is white, faces charges of attempted first degree murder for firing at the car which contained three other passengers, all friends of Davis.

Dunn was arrested the day after the shooting for second degree murder and pleaded not guilty. He was being held in Duval County without bond awaiting arraignment.

The state attorney's office later decided to upgrade the charge to first degree murder, which in Florida requires a grand jury decision.

Dunn's arraignment on the new charges is scheduled for December 17.

Davis's father, Ron Davis, has pledged to turn his son's shooting death into a crusade against guns and Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law which allows people to defend themselves if they "reasonably believe" someone will hurt them.

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#822724 Dec 15, 2012
GOPidiots wrote:
<quoted text>
I was living in CA during the 80's when Ronnie cut funds for mental health facilities. Nutballs pushing shopping carts started popping up everywhere. I think that trend continued through Dem and GOP administrations.
There were two major waves of de-institutionalism: once in the 50's then again in the 70's. Charles Whitman's UT tower shooting is the first such incidence I can think of and that was in the mid-60's.
Nostrils Henry Waxman

Windsor, CT

#822725 Dec 15, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Sue. And all the nitwits who talked of '2nd amendment solutions' in 2010 are just peace loving Republiclowns, right??
They taught our children thaa it's ok to threaten politicians they disagree with by speaking of shooting them.
Fact is, it's the right that has turned America inoa gun culture.
Or are you suggesting that the NRA s a liberal institution??
Never saw a liberal ask for more lax gun laws. But th NRA does it daily.
After all, it's the NRA that insists we all need guns, whle you stupidly blame anti-gun types.
Waxballs is the most ignorant, dumb POS on this thread. With his stupid stories about make believe children and success he's never had in life, he's a troll o the worst sort.
"Fact is, it's the right that has turned America inoa gun culture."

"Fact is, it's the right that has turned America inoa gun culture."

"Fact is, it's the right that has turned America inoa gun culture."


Better go tell your buddy/Democrat Old Raider. He's the only GUN NUT and killer on the thread.

Keep lying arswhole.

I'll stick to facts, thank you.

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#822726 Dec 15, 2012
Redguy wrote:
<quoted text>
How much are we spending putting people away for non violent offenses? Is it at all logical to convict and lock up people who are delinquent in their child support payments? We ended debtor prisons decades ago. What kind of sense does it make to prosecute someone who shoplifts a candy bar on the 3 strikes rule? The system is screwed up 6 ways to Sunday and needs a complete review and revamp.
Agree and add prohibitions against drugs, prostitution, and gambling. Both sides want the government to be Mommy and Daddy.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#822727 Dec 15, 2012
Chicagoan by Birth wrote:
<quoted text>Good, they caught 2% which means a myriad stayed off while being tested....
Bullshyte, Florida's welfare testing program has already been declared unconstitutional and shut down with all money's refunded. It was a stupid political stunt that had recently jobless and hurting folks standing in lines to pee in a cup while the long term welfare folks were exempt.

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#822728 Dec 15, 2012
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
It's hard to compare a mostly lawful obedient society such as Switzerland to the U.S.; also I think that there are provisions that they have to be unloaded and locked up. Nevertheless, mass shootings have happened and mental illness has no borders.
Mass shooting reveals dark side of Swiss society
By Peter Schwarz
9 October 2001
Just after 10am on September 28, Friedrich Leibacher made his way into the parliament building of the Swiss canton of Zug and unleashed a bloodbath. In total, 14 people were shot dead. Three of the seven members of the local Zug government were killed, and another was seriously wounded. Eleven of the 80 members of the canton council were shot dead and numerous others wounded. Two journalists were also badly injured.
The 57-year-old Leibacher entered the lakeside government building dressed in an army jacket bearing a “Police” insignia. Apart from a combat rifle, he was also armed with an SIG-Sauer pistol, as well as Remington and Smith & Wesson revolvers. He ran up the stairs to the council chamber and cried,“Attention! This is a police operation”. He then shot three people standing in front of the room before bursting into the chamber, where he opened fire for about four minutes, shooting deputies, government members and journalists, cursing them the whole time. He fired over 90 shots in all.
Was not aware of this however, remember the guy in Japan that went into the school and killed a bunch of people with a knife? Happened in the 90's if you want to look for it.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#822729 Dec 15, 2012
dr dem wrote:
<quoted text>
You know why it would be more severe?
Because if you were killing people in a car you'd be drug and alcohol tested.
And if we tested hunters for alcohol, every fkn one of them would lose their hunting license.
At least they aren't tooling aorund the roads that everyone travels on in that kind of shape.


Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#822730 Dec 15, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Horse doovers!!
The problem is violence in our society. Look at some of the comments here. You've got people calling for more guns to fend off other guns.
Next they'll call for arming children for them to self protect!!
Guns don't kill people.
People with guns kill people.
So long as we have people who believe you need a gun to protect yourself, we'll have mass killings. How better to protect yourself than going on offense and killing those you feel wronged you??
After all, these guns were registered to his mother. How good did they protect her??
That's what these nitwits don't understand. They have no idea how easy it is for someone to get ahold of their guns.
Example: they think they are always in control of their weapons. That's only true for the wheelchair bound shut-ins like Nobraina.
Those who work, or leave the house to go for dinnr, shopping, etc., leave their guns at home, ready to be taken. They may carry one with them, but I doubt any of these types own only one gun.
This insane belief that the ony way to avoid gun violence is to arm the population is the cause for this.
It is the stupidest form of illogical thought I've seen.
It's like the Zimmermn story. A coward who made himself feel brave by becoming an unauthorized block watch idiot. Then he followed Trayvon and got into a fight, he wasn't man enough to take a beating, he had to pull a gun.
That's the natue of these nitwits. Just look at the comments from Fenris the Coward or Romey-Ryan2012 to see how sick the right wingnuts are.
That's not a common belief in Norway but they had Anders Breivik. Its also only the belief of a fringe minority in this country.
Nostrils Henry Waxman

Windsor, CT

#822731 Dec 15, 2012
I hate to put a rain on your devious politicization of the killing of children liberal DEMOCRATS, but...

The problem is we have people who are mentally ill. Maybe that should be addressed and raise red flags. I think we may find, as with the batman shooter, there were signs this kid was deranged.

I know you just use terrible events to further your politics, but maybe we should actually try to do something helpful.

It seems more and more young adults are committing these crimes.

All you "government solve all" Democrats do is blame others. It's no wonder our government is broken.

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