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#820898 Dec 13, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Name it. Name something major Obama did that he did not say he would do.
Unions support Democrats because Democrats support the working people & Middle Class.
Thanks for admitting the Republicans move was all political & proving my point that Republicans can't win on hasving better ideas.
They can only win by cheating. Weakening unions to weaken election support, gerrymandering the states to ensure more Republican representatives, passing voter ID laws, Shortening early voting, Creating long lines at the polls.
And you f*cking right whiners claim to love the Constitution. What a f*cking joke you are that you would trash our most precious right - the right to vote.
How pathetic you are.
That's just who they are--Trash is their middle name...first name White last name Loser, I believe.

Bethlehem, PA

#820899 Dec 13, 2012
Homer not buying into the fiscal cliff hype.
ObamaRezcoDoddRe al Estate

United States

#820900 Dec 13, 2012
Obama 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>This entire story is either a blatant lie or the cardholder is blatantly stupid. EBT cards cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM or any other purpose except to purchase USDA approved foods and only then by the owner of the card with a photo I.D. Horror stories about EBT card abuse are right-wing racist myths.
Myth...NO,they approach people in the grocery store parking lots and offer you a wheeling deal of a trade for $50 dollars cash,for $100 worth of food on their card!They can now use the cash you gave them for whatever they want!

Obama 2016

Virginia Beach, VA

#820901 Dec 13, 2012
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you an opinion?
A NON neaderthall-NON yewneeyon herd pack MENTALity thug type persona would've said "No, no comment", and walked away.
Throw the book at the one unable to control it's HATEFULNESS--and it's hands.
Like there wasn't law enforcement everywhere already--attending to the herd pack mob situation.
Get flippin' real for a real change.
Ignorant idiot.
Even Crowder himself said there were no police because they weren't necessary at first. It was an extremely peaceful demonstration until he started running his big mouth and insulting the union members. Even his cameraman was telling him to shut up. He was just trying to stir the demonstrators up so Fox would let him appear on TV. If he hadn't stirred things up the whole event would have been a non-story.

Bethlehem, PA

#820902 Dec 13, 2012
'If the current laws slated for 2013 go into effect, the impact on the economy could be dramatic. While the combination of higher taxes and spending cuts would reduce the deficit by an estimated $560 billion'

That's a nice chunk of change, Homer would like to see 560 billion trimmed from the deficit.
Obama 2016

Virginia Beach, VA

#820903 Dec 13, 2012
RUSH10ME wrote:
<quoted text>Are you like Darius trying to be white ? Watch out its a dangerous game you are playing , the whites don't want you ,the blacks call you a sell out uncle Tom , Michael Jackson spent his entire adult life trying to be white and he had millions upon millions to spend on it and the closest he ever got was to die looking like Nancy Pelosi , good luck in your endevor , just don't expect me to pay for it !!!
They are totally different people. Darius Rucker was born and raised in Charleston, S.C. I can assure you he's experienced racism first hand. Charleston is right down there with Selma, Al. when it comes to racism. Michael Jackson was a mentally disturbed child molester who had absolutely no comprehension of the real world.

Indianapolis, IN

#820904 Dec 13, 2012
The Real Long-Term Budget Challenge

Bruce Bartlett

On Dec. 3, the Government Accountability Office released new estimates of the federal government’s long-term budget outlook. They show that our real long-term problem is quite different from the one constantly portrayed by congressional Republicans.

As the table shows, spending is not out of control. Entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are rising gently as the baby-boom generation retires. All other spending, including that for the military and domestic discretionary programs, falls – with the notable exception of interest on the debt. Interest rises sharply as the deficit rises, principally because the G.A.O. assumes that revenue will not be permitted to rise above its historical average – as Republicans continually insist.

Republicans demand that Social Security and Medicare be cut immediately to deal with the so-called fiscal cliff. Popular suggestions for doing so include raising the age of eligibility for Medicare and changing the indexing formula that adjusts Social Security benefits for inflation.

To be sure, some restraint is needed in federal entitlement programs. But the idea that we are facing a crisis is complete nonsense. Spending for Social Security, in particular, is very stable. Relatively modest changes, such as raising the taxable earnings base slightly, would be sufficient to put the program on a sound footing virtually forever.

As a Nov. 28 Congressional Research Service report explains, historically 90 percent of covered earnings was subject to the Social Security tax. In recent years, this percentage has fallen to 84 percent, as the bulk of wage gains has gone to those making more than the maximum taxable income, currently $110,100. Raising the share of covered earnings back to 90 percent would be sufficient to eliminate almost half of Social Security’s long-run actuarial deficit, according to the Social Security actuaries.

Frequently, Republicans assert that domestic discretionary spending is the major source of bloated government. These are basically all programs other than entitlements and interest on the debt outside the Department of Defense, which always needs more money in the Republican world view. These include agriculture, education, energy, science, law enforcement and many other programs that people take for granted and oppose reducing. Moreover, such programs have already been cut sharply by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

That leaves interest on the debt as the principal driver of long-term spending and deficits. As the G.A.O. projections show, net interest rises from 1.4 percent of gross domestic product this year to 3 percent in 2020, 4.9 percent in 2030 and continues rising astronomically thereafter as interest accrues on the bonds previously sold to pay interest on the debt.

Interest rises from 6.1 percent of the federal budget in 2012 to 12.9 percent in 2020, 21 percent in 2030 and eventually reaches 59 percent if current projections are maintained through 2082, the last year in the G.A.O. analysis. As a share of the deficit, interest would rise from 19.2 percent this year to 62 percent in 2020. In the long run, virtually all of the deficit is accounted for by interest on the debt.

Indianapolis, IN

#820905 Dec 13, 2012
These facts explain why the tax pledge that virtually all Republicans blindly support is ultimately self-defeating. Refusing to raise revenue automatically leads to higher spending for interest on the debt. However, Republicans routinely deny this, asserting that capping revenue at some arbitrary percentage of G.D.P. will somehow or other force huge cuts in spending that will prevent deficits from rising to inconceivable levels. Implicitly, they believe in a nonsensical theory called starve-the-beast that is totally refuted by the budgetary experience of the last 20 years.

The frightening thing is that the projections for interest on the debt assume that interest rates don’t rise in the near term and don’t rise at all even as the federal debt rises to 200 percent of G.D.P. in 2037 and to 885 percent of G.D.P. in 2082. The G.A.O. assumes that short-term rates on Treasury securities average 1.3 percent through 2017 and 3.7 percent in the long run, and rates on 10-year Treasuries will average 3.4 percent in the short-run and 5 percent in the long run.

These assumptions cannot be taken at face value. Federal borrowing of the magnitude projected would undoubtedly raise inflation and real interest rates, both of which would raise market interest rates far above those projected, sharply raising federal spending for interest. Rising inflation would also force the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy, which would also raise real rates.

In short, the G.A.O. projections are a best-case situation insofar as interest on the debt is concerned. It could get a lot worse very quickly, and at that point it is almost a certainty that taxes will rise far more than would be necessary to stabilize the debt-to-G.D.P. ratio and hence interest on the debt. Therefore, the absolutist position against raising revenue is essentially penny-wise and pound-foolish.

It’s too bad that misplaced fears about the fiscal cliff have taken off the table the option of simply letting all the automatic tax increases and spending cuts go into effect. While this would indeed reduce short-run growth, the Congressional Budget Office says the reduction in projected deficits would actually raise growth in the medium- and long-term (see pages 24-25 of the report).

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#820906 Dec 13, 2012
THE DEBIL wrote:
<quoted text>
What I want to ask that fat old slob, he wouldn't answer for you.


Chase City, VA

#820907 Dec 13, 2012
Obama 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>Unlike the past, Christmas is no longer a celebration of the birth of Christ. It's nothing more than a boom time for retailers and credit card companies. It should no longer be a paid Federal holiday. They should change the Federal holiday from December 25 to August 4 to celebrate the birth of President Obama.
Just to be fair to other past presidents we will wait till he dies first .

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#820908 Dec 13, 2012
THE DEBIL wrote:
<quoted text>


(I do find you funnier all the time.)
Nj raider 1

United States

#820909 Dec 13, 2012
Obama 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>Your ADHD is really starting to show. Who said anything about food stamps? We were talking about EBT cards. Retailers may not enforce it but the law states that you do have to show photo I.D. And you cannot withdraw cash from any ATM machine using one. The only way somebody could use an EBT card to buy drugs would be to buy some food and sell it or trade it. I doubt if you could get very much crack for a loaf of bread.
There is a such thing as EBT cash & EBT food stamps so I don't believe there's a law that states that. They both come on the same card.
Obama 2016

Virginia Beach, VA

#820910 Dec 13, 2012
ObamaRezcoDoddReal Estate wrote:
<quoted text>
Myth...NO,they approach people in the grocery store parking lots and offer you a wheeling deal of a trade for $50 dollars cash,for $100 worth of food on their card!They can now use the cash you gave them for whatever they want!
I see you're experienced at the process.

Indianapolis, IN

#820911 Dec 13, 2012
Hannity Guest Confronts Steven Crowder:‘You Deserve What You Got’

Crowder described the scene yesterday as a “melee” and said even if he had lacked restraint, it would not have justified his getting assaulted.

'he lacked restraint'

that should settle the issue. if not, let's talk about edited video.

Bethlehem, PA

#820912 Dec 13, 2012
Homer says cut spending and raise taxes, if you disagree with me then stfu about the deficit and the growing debt.

Indianapolis, IN

#820913 Dec 13, 2012
Steven, stop whining, take your licks, and accept that getting hit in the face is a hazard of inserting yourself in the middle of an argument between billionaire-funded know-nothing ideologues and people whose livelihoods and stability are being threatened by the insatiable greed of the super-rich and the blind extremism of their wooden-headed political allies. In exchange, liberals will buy you a band-aid for the cut on your forehead and re-iterate that Punching Is Bad. Sound good?
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#820914 Dec 13, 2012
Obama 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>In response to your first point, republicans should get over Benghazi too. It's old news. Get over that already.
On your second point, I agree. Native Americans were slaughtered by white people by the millions. Now they're enslaved in remote concentration camps white people like to call "reservations". White people sure do like to slaughter and enslave people don't they. It's in their nature.
No , no one should get over what happened in Benghazi, it was and still is a SAD sitution, especially for the LOVED ones of those whose lives were taken out of NOTHING but barbaric, stone age brutality. And you're a LOSER for even making such in INHUMANE comment.

Secondly, many of us ALREADY KNOW the historical plight of the Native Americans, we do NOT need any "skewling from that of the twisted and distorted"...and your posts ARE rather TWISTED and Distorted, because there are PLENTY of the same, that refused to use the lame whine crutch of "we duh victims" and CHOSE instead to make something of their lives-THEMSELVES, by WORKING and EARNING their places thourhg out their lives THEMSELVES, rather than being dependently stunted relying on duh givverment, snatching from the pockets of OTHER peoples HARD EARNED doings.

Your posts come across as nothing but a whine and blame idiot.
I will have to basically ignore responding directly to them after this one, because I have a low tolerance for willfull, abject ignorance--and find such diseasedly, plague like , SICKening.

But in prelude to such-Merry CHRISTmas, since it IS the season that expects MORE from those with a little MORE sense, decency and actual humaness in humanity, than the "whine and blame crutch gimme gimme" lesser evolved lemming type herd pack mobs.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#820915 Dec 13, 2012
Obama 2016 wrote:
<quoted text>How do you expect a single mother to care for 15 children on her own? This is why America has "safety nets". Her children deserve to be fed, housed, clothed, educated and medical care, regardless of the cost. Don't be so selfish. Life is not all about you.
have you ever heard of self responsibility you only produce what you can afford and can take care of. Can you imagine if everyone in US Society did that US Society would be done for because there would be no one that could take care of themselves.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#820916 Dec 13, 2012
Homer wrote:
Homer says cut spending and raise taxes, if you disagree with me then stfu about the deficit and the growing debt.
Still think it should be a Federal flat SALES tax--get 'em ALL HOmer---NO excuses, NO exceptions!!!

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

Location hidden

#820917 Dec 13, 2012
Homer wrote:
Among the laws set to change at midnight on December 31, 2012, are the end of last year’s temporary payroll tax cuts (resulting in a 2% tax increase for workers), the end of certain tax breaks for businesses, shifts in the alternative minimum tax that would take a larger bite, the end of the tax cuts from 2001-2003, and the beginning of taxes related to President Obama’s health care law. At the same time, the spending cuts agreed upon as part of the debt ceiling deal of 2011 will begin to go into effect. According to Barron's, over 1,000 government programs - including the defense budget and Medicare are in line for "deep, automatic cuts."
Let it happen, cut spending and let the temporary tax cuts expire, do it now!
We're broke.
Homer would be willing to compromise on this -
'temporary payroll tax cuts'
Finally - we hear from another true conservative.

Brava Bravura Brava, Homer!!

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