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#818643 Dec 8, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
It depends on a lot of factors.
Even you should know that.
He asked for the "average ".

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Spokane, WA

#818644 Dec 8, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
Could've sworn you said we went to war with Germany to protect our allies the first time.
Guess you did some googling while you were gone.
Keep it up. One more time you point out "nutsucker" is a lair, he changes his story much more often than he changes his skivies.
I am lovin it.

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#818645 Dec 8, 2012
John Galt wrote:
The reason why smart consumers never buy a UAW product:
Chrysler workers canned for drinking on the job reinstated
Published December 08, 2012
Chrysler workers who were fired or suspended two years ago after an investigation found them drinking and goofing off during lunch break are back on the job.
The footage of the Chrysler workers was first aired in September 2010. Video showed them in a park during the work day, drinking alcohol from bottles covered in brown paper bags and smoking what appeared to be marijuana.
With the auto giant having recently received a federal taxpayer bailout, and President Obama having visited the plant where the employees worked just months earlier, Chrysler appeared to take a zero-tolerance attitude. The company fired 13 workers, and suspended two.
But following a union-backed arbitration process, the employees were reinstated. This week, they came back to work.
Chrysler said in a statement that it does not support the decision to bring back the workers but would like to move on.
“While the company does not agree with the ultimate decision of the arbitrator, we respect the grievance procedure process as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and our relationship with the (United Auto Workers union),” the company said.“Unfortunately, the company was put in a very difficult position because of the way the story was investigated and ultimately revealed to the public. These employees from Jefferson North have been off work for more than two years. The time has come to put this situation behind us and resume our focus on building quality products that will firmly establish Chrysler Group's position in the marketplace."
The employees work at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant, which builds Jeep Cherokees.
Chrysler Auto Workers Caught Drinking & Smoking Pot

Auto Workers Busted - Chrysler executives view footage of workers drinking

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#818646 Dec 8, 2012
shinningelectr0n wrote:
<quoted text>
Anyone who has even just casually followed Detroit Black politics has figuratively thrown up their hands and walked away decades ago. The Public School board is so corrupt that it's been taken over twice(at least) by the State only to slide back into corruption again over and over again.
Brother Kwami, anyone? Brother Coleman and his racist Krugerrand fiasco?
The rest of the State of Michigan taxpayers have been subsidizing Detroit forever from Home & Auto insurance to internet service. You name it and the outlying taxpayers are stuck with Detroit's bills. And yet they still claim racism to this day.
This governor, and many prior governors have bent over backward trying to help Detroit come into this century but to no avail. Corruption continues like some backward tribal banana republic.
It is Leftist Liberal Socialism at its best:}
That sucks...
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#818647 Dec 8, 2012
Another company flips the bird to the Obamatax:

Revenue yield will be much less than expected.

D.R. Horton Accelerates Four Quarterly Dividends Ahead of Cliff

By Jennifer Booton

Published December 07, 2012

D.R. Horton (DHI) declared an accelerated dividend of 15 cents on Friday as the largest U.S. homebuilder becomes the latest attempting to avoid a potential doubling of dividend taxes should the U.S. fail to resolve fiscal issues by the end of the year.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based company said the payout is in lieu of and accelerates the payments of all quarterly dividends in calendar year 2013. It is payable on Dec. 21 to shareholders of record on Dec. 17.

D.R. Horton joins a slew of other companies that have either moved dividend payments to 2012 or declared special payments ahead of the fiscal cliff deadline that could more than double dividend taxes to 39.6% from 15% currently.

Other companies that have maneuvered their dividend strategies this month include Oracle (ORCL), Wal-Mart (WMT), Best Buy (BBY) and Carnival (CCL), among several others.

While D.R. Horton did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Wal-Mart, American Eagle (AEO) and Best Buy have specifically pointed to the cliff.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#818648 Dec 8, 2012
Anonymous of Indy wrote:
<quoted text>Chrysler Auto Workers Caught Drinking & Smoking Pot =hzyRjX_pX5cXX
Auto Workers Busted - Chrysler executives view footage of workers drinking
Unions talk BS about worker job safety, and then promote drinking on the job.

Unions like the UAW are a cancer on the American workplace, defending negligence, incompetence, and defiance of safe work practices.

Not to mention that the buyer of a UAW product gets an expensive car built by a bunch of drunks.

Mililani, HI

#818649 Dec 8, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
No, Bush was not forced. Democrats gave him their full permission.
Of course, when the political winds changed, they became weasels leaving Bush to hang out to dry.
Thats what weasels do.
The Urban Dictationary defines these kinds of people this way:
Weasel - Shifty, schemeing person who will do whatever they need to to escape whatever they fear in the moment.
Not getting reelected is what they feared the most.
lol! Bravo! Yes, bushie was not FORCED to do anything. He made his OWN decision to invade iraq! The authority was given and it was at his discretion to use it!

Bravo! Bravo!

You finally get it!
Lily Boca Raton Fl

Boca Raton, FL

#818650 Dec 8, 2012
Lincoln Duncan wrote:
<quoted text>
Libraries are open and have books ....
Then she'd have to leave the house, Art Basel was super!
Lily Boca Raton Fl

Boca Raton, FL

#818651 Dec 8, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
He also hold the record of the most funds raised by the 1%.
Ironic, huh?
Yes, and you thought only the black people voted for him! The 47%, the welfare food stamp group.
Lily Boca Raton Fl

Boca Raton, FL

#818652 Dec 8, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
It just means you and Obama are hypocrites. Nothing more.
Why? It only proves that many more believed in and contributed to re elect the President.

Mililani, HI

#818653 Dec 8, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
At least Bush asked Congress for permission.
Obama asks the UN.
Actually son, bushie did ask the UN for permission using Colin Powell and was denied.

Which is why he made the decision to go in on his own.

Are you sure you're a school teacher and up to snuff on current events?

Mililani, HI

#818654 Dec 8, 2012
Chicagoan by Birth wrote:
<quoted text>Lol Poor Yeahoo, Throws all kinds of stuff against the wall, hoping nobody calls him on it? Facts, you wouldn't know facts, if someone put them in your pablem..
lol! poor chica. he lies and lies. no wonder he can't find the dow he claims exists somewhere in his head!

Mililani, HI

#818655 Dec 8, 2012
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Common knowledge__Cindy McCain is one of the wealthiest women in the US, let google be your friend, start with Hensley and Company.
Why wouldn't she be a moderate (R) or even a (D) without John boy__he was never a conservative until he had to be to get reelected.
Teresa Hienz went from wife of one of the most conservative US Senators to the wife of thee most liberal__catch a fkn clue pal.
lol! Shhhhh! chica grades your knowledge based on his politics.

Facts have nothing to do with it!

Mililani, HI

#818656 Dec 8, 2012
Lincoln Duncan wrote:
<quoted text>
Youtube is for people who can't read books
Youtube is for people who don't believe in facts.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#818657 Dec 8, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
The only tunnels are the ones meth cut into your brain, you loser!!
George W Bush had 'sickening feeling' over WMD lack
The revelation comes in his memoir, "Decision Points", set to be published next week.
He also reveals that he temporarily considered replacing Vice President Dick Cheney, calling him the "Darth Vader of the administration".
But he has no comment on his successor in the White House, Barack Obama.
The 64-year-old former president defends his decision to invade Iraq in his autobiography, which was obtained in advance by the New York Times.
He argues that Iraqi citizens are better off without the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, whom he calls a "homicidal dictator", adding the US is also better off without Mr Hussein pursuing biological or chemical weapons.
But Mr Bush admits that he was shocked when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.
"No one was more shocked and angry than I was when we didn't find the weapons," he writes.
"I had a sickening feeling every time I thought about it. I still do."
Even after Bush an dCheney admit there were no WMD's in Iraq, nitwits like you and Carol continue to repeat the lie.
Makes you a liar. But we already knew that.
You and Carol have no brains, only ignorance and repetitive lies.
You LOST after your first line--might wanna lay off that JUNK!!
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#818658 Dec 8, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
This is just too precious~!!
Now Carol will take the word of one of Saddam's Officers over the words of both George W. Bush and Dickless Cheney.
You go to amazing lengths to lend credence to your lies.
But an Iraqi Air Force Officer who worked for Saddam?? And who you claim 'supported his removal from power'. At what point did he support it?? He'd have been dead if he supported it before the invasion. After the invasion, what else could he say?? Are you so stupid you believe a story like that??
Gotta give it to ya, Lorac. Accepting the word of one of Saddam's murdering Officers over George Bush is one thing I never expected of you.
But it is funny!!!
Here ya go--poor little clueless IGNOtard.

The ISG report discusses several underground bunkers, all of which are dozens of miles from Baghdad. Only one, Al Muthanna, was found to have ever contained WMD, and those chemical weapons had been "partially declared" to UN inspectors in 1991. During Operation Desert Storm, U.S. bombing heavily damaged the German-built facility, and Iraq razed most of the Al Muthanna complex by early 2000, according to the ISG report.

To be sure, Iraq is rife with underground structures. After the fall of Baghdad in 2003, coalition soldiers reportedly searched "more than two dozen underground bunkers and tunnels" hoping to find Saddam and his sons.

and just because no WMD's were found at THAT time--that does NOT mean there weren't any, because as history has shown--they WERE previously used (on at LEAST 5k Kurds)...and DID exist.

Caught any of the news on Syria lately? SAME stuff (safron etc)

How coincidental.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#818659 Dec 8, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
The Tea Party is like you - dead from the neck up.
Dick Armey took $8 million and ran, knowing th eTP is finished after this election.
Or didn't you notice how badly TP candidates fared??
Quit smokin' that meth, you'd be more aware of the world around you, not the tunnels in your brain!! LOL
You might want to see one of them thar shrinks yerself delusisonal wackjob FREAK--cause there aint nothing but good old marlboro smoke stinkin up MY world.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#818660 Dec 8, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
We don't believe you about anything, Lorac.
You have a track record of lying and repeating nonsense you hear on FAUX. Too bad you don't understand any of it.
The US Government, under George W. Bush, admitted there were no WMD's in Iraq. Case closed.
Colin Powell quit his job working for Bush because he'd been lied to and used.
Get over it. Stop the stupidity. You're too dumb to quit when you're behind.
And Carol is not your personal PROJECTION of self-- target either--nutcase.

But we understand, it's almost impossible for sociopaths to admit their OWN WRONGness.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#818661 Dec 8, 2012
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>I belong to three civic orgs__they are all front loaded with conservatives, some hard right and even racist. I don't see any hatred when we gather, a lot of tongue biting and snickering but no hatred.
Obviously you aren't intelligent or mature enough to involve yourself in politics beyond this racist anonymous thread.
Thjankgoodness the NON-virtual REAL world is NOT like this thread-because there is a lot of IGNORANCE, race/bigot-baiting and hate on here!

But Carol isn't one of "those" nasty type ignotoads!
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#818662 Dec 8, 2012
Lincoln Duncan wrote:
<quoted text>
Libraries are open and have books ....
Auditory ones these days too :-)

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