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#807799 Nov 18, 2012
Nightchalker wrote:
<quoted text>Can't believe dems.
Still twisting their ankles doing happy-dances after thinking they won something nov 6.
yes, dems won and won big thanks to IDIOTS like you who couldn't even lie and convince people to vote for WRONG-NEY, he is a loser like the rest of your fella reps.
Nj raider 1

United States

#807800 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
The hypocritical Obamabots also are against Israel although they support Obama, who made a statement(Although it isn't true), that Obama is supporting Israel.
Everybody thinks that we're israels father or something. They are their own sovereign nation. We don't call israel to send support when we have homeland problems. Same thing with iran, they want us to do what they are'nt willing to do. If they're having homeland problems, they have to do what they deem necessary to protect their country. At the end of the day it's not america being bombed. We are allies, so if they commit to full sledge war we will support israel & if israel sets it off on iran in attempts at ending their nuclear weapons program, america will lend support, but if either 1 thinks we're going to fight their wars for them, they got another thing coming. I commend Obama for allowing those nations to govern themselves. We can't father every nation on the planet & surely not on the bases of the bible said so!

Since: Sep 10

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#807801 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
Romney isn't the one to blame for the 8% unemployment you idiot.
Neither is Obama, you idiot!!

The American people have spoken.

Time for phony nitwits like you to STFU and go away!!

You'll get a chance again in 4 years. But you will lose.

Since: Sep 10

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#807802 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
We have the responsibility to allow Israel the right to freedom.
But we have no responsibility to allow the Palestinians a homeland??

While Israel continues to build settlements on Palestinian land, in violation of US advice and UN sanctions??

You're really a dumbfck.
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#807803 Nov 18, 2012
sage won wrote:
<quoted text>
It was crazy, folks waiting in line 2 hours at the factory store here. They'll be back, IMO.
I worked in a bakery once for 2 days, 8 hours of putting hot dog bun trays on a conveyor belt, 120 degrees, when they tried to hire me permanently I said I'll pass.
Loved the smell tho.
Two years here-any bun/bread/roll/pie you could think of. Proofed em-hauled 'em to the commercial oven (about 8 large rotating shelves worth) baked 'em....cooled 'em...wrapped them, priced them and stocked the shelves. All while waiting on customers at the same time.
The ONE and only "mandatory yewniun dues" job I ever had the DISpleasure of having to work at. The LEAST favored job ever-- of the many I've done over years.:-)
Lunch money stealers, for ??. Good thing there were crumbs of crusts of baked products in front of me some days!!

Since: Sep 10

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#807804 Nov 18, 2012
Old White People wrote:
Yep. America is America because of the protestant work ethic. But you all voted for a cross between Mexico, Zimbabwe and Greece. We'll be dead and gone but before the big entitlement collapsse we now plan to take, take, take. And all the illegals ande darkies will get stuck with the bill. We'll call this Reverse Redistributionism.
Never mind Romney fixing things. We hope he buys an island and lives out his days in luxury
Meanwhiles, we be learnun Spanglish Ebonics.
I'm delighted to see how frightening change is to Grumpy Old White folks.


“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#807805 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
We can allow them, since Israel has every right to inspect the factories, the Iranians have no right at all to refuse. If the Iranians want peace, they should have their factories inspected.
Now hear this: We are not in any position to "allow" or "disallow" Israel's factory inspections policy. WE are not in charge of Israel. Israel is.

Are you on that plane yet, wanks?
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#807806 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
The hypocritical Obamabots also are against Israel although they support Obama, who made a statement(Although it isn't true), that Obama is supporting Israel.
Opinion: While I am glad our Potus has decided to take a stance for what is RIGHT for a CHANGE--It really doesn't matter what any POTUS here thinks anyway.

It's NOT American towns getting bombs lobbed at them daily by radical, extremist, dark age, ignorant, uncapable of compromise or even logic type THUGS.


Tacoma, WA

#807807 Nov 18, 2012
sage won wrote:
<quoted text>
Here's one of my favorites:
An American's Dilemma:
You have a gun with only two bullets in it and standing before you is Osama bin Laden,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and a liberal. Who do you shoot?
Answer: the liberal. Twice
That figures, you unAmerican knobgobbler. Shoot the liberal and leave America to the terrorists.

Lillington, NC

#807808 Nov 18, 2012
sage won wrote:
Obama begged for the job of fixing the mess he was instrumental in causing.
I heard Disney needs a new dumbo.

You should print out a few of your posts and head on over!

Obama "caused" 8 million job losses BEFOTE he was elected?

Obama tanked the stock market and economy BEFORE he was elected?

Or did he borrow $5 trillion for tax cuts for the richest? Again dumbo: BEFORE he was elected?

Republicans: so dumb that over 47,000,000 of them voted for Romney Ryan McCain and Palin!!



morons for sure....

Indianapolis, IN

#807809 Nov 18, 2012
Top Republicans Excoriate Romney On Sunday Talk Shows

If Mitt Romney has any friends left in the Republican Party, they’re in hiding.

On the Sunday talk shows, senior Republicans, former Romney surrogates and prominent conservatives piled on their defeated presidential nominee for telling donors that he lost because President Obama bought off minorities and young voters with “gifts.”

“It’s nuts,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on ABC’s “This Week.”“I mean, first of all, it’s insulting.… The job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. If we can’t offer a better future that is believable to more people, we’re not going to win.”

Rumored 2016 presidential hopefuls in the party saw an opportunity to distance themselves from Romney.

“I absolutely reject what he said,” said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on “Fox News Sunday.”“We as a Republican Party have to campaign for every single vote. If we want people us we have to like them first. And you don’t start to like people by saying their votes were bought.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), an on-again, off-again advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, said Romney’s comments were especially damaging among Hispanics. He said Romney fueled the fire of their disenchantment with the GOP that grew when the ex-governor pushed a policy of “self-deportation” for illegal immigrants and their children.

“We’re in a big hole, we’re not getting out of it by comments like that. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. He keeps digging,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”“We’re in a death spiral with Hispanic voters because of our rhetoric on immigration, and our candidate Romney and the primaries dug the hole deeper.”

Carlos Gutierrez, a top Hispanic surrogate and adviser to the Romney campaign, said he was “shocked” by the comments.“I don’t know if he understood that he was saying something that was insulting,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Romney was never beloved by the GOP establishment. But the Sunday show pile-on indicates that any good will he had among the party faithful is rapidly vanishing, and that he’s well on his way to pariah status with the party that so recently anointed him to lead them and the country.

“It’s been well said that you have a political problem when the voters don’t like you, but you’ve got a real problem when the voters think you don’t like them,” said conservative columnist George Will on ABC’s “This Week.”“Quit despising the American people.”

FOX/Rush will need to go out of business.

Indianapolis, IN

#807810 Nov 18, 2012
GOP Strategist Mike Murphy: Republicans Need View Of America That's Not From "Rush Limbaugh's Dream Journal"

Since: Sep 10

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#807811 Nov 18, 2012
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
Boy you are a phoney. It was alright to steal in 1700s and 1800s but it is not alright to steal others lands today? Check out the history of mankind, people have been taking/occupying the lands of others for ever. A trend that will continue.
Do you ever think before you post the idiocy you post so often?
I never said it was alright, doofus. I merely stated the history of the US stealing land.

Difgference is, the UN was supposed to end that sort of crap after the nations of the world nearly destroyed themselves in WWII//

You're a sad excuse for a human, Ed. What with the lies about dead family members and all..........

You've got nothing useful to say, all you do is make dumb comments on what others say.

Sign of a melted mind.

GFY, Sleazy Ed.

You still can't read, Ed. Must be the dementia, old bean!!
TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#807812 Nov 18, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
But we have no responsibility to allow the Palestinians a homeland??
While Israel continues to build settlements on Palestinian land, in violation of US advice and UN sanctions??
You're really a dumbfck.

They have Gaza and they can't even get their THUG mid-evile terrorist selves enlightened enough to comprehend and peacefully join DEMOCRACY-which does NOT mean just ONE people-it means ALL PEOPLE.

Tacoma, WA

#807813 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree, feminists think men don't matter, even young boys as well.
Feminists think MEN are wonderful, and we love our sons more than life itself. We just have little sympathy or respect for men who spend their days online boo-hooing because they can't get a DingDong anymore. I thought you goobers were for toughing it out? You can't even get along without a steady supply of Twinkies!

Since: Sep 10

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#807814 Nov 18, 2012
Orangelion wrote:
<quoted text>
Imbicile. The point I was making was that parents can(Which is really fully legal you twat) leave their kids to their TV's, but they can't, because it isn't suitable. But what about kids trapped with shitty parents, At least we can save them and make sure they don't turn into a mess by their parents, imbicile.
the only point you make is the one on top of your head!!

Sister has whupped your dumb azz, and you're too retarded to see it.

Carry on, sockpuppet pretending to be from the UK!!

TheIndependentMa jority

Somerset, KY

#807815 Nov 18, 2012
Obama Won Woo Hoo wrote:
<quoted text>Lie-a-thon.
Is that the new word for BenghaziGate?
"Disinformation" is an appropriate term for that foreign policy FAILURE.

&#8194; &#8194;[dis-in-fer-mey-shu hn, dis-in-] Show IPA
false information, as about a country's military strength or plans, publicly announced or planted in the news media, especially of other countries.

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

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#807816 Nov 18, 2012
yepperz wrote:
What Romney Didn't Say
Peggy Noonan: Have we noticed a certain lack of modesty in our political figures? Thank goodness... for Mitt Romney, who in a conference call with donors said he got beat and beat bad, that his campaign was lacking, that his gut on the big issues was probably off, that he shouldn't have allowed his campaign to become (in the grandiose, faux-macho lingo of campaign...) an air war and not a ground war, and that they were smoked in get-out-the-vote. He added, with an eye to concerns larger than his own, that he wanted to help the party analyze and define what didn't work in 2012 so it would be stronger in 2016.
Sorry. Kidding! He didn't say that. He said the administration gave "gifts" to interest groups, and the groups appreciated the gifts, and, people being the little automatons they are, said yes, sire, and voted for him.
In a way it was as bad as the old "47%" tape.
What he DID say, over and over and over during his campaign, was that he planned to give lots of 'gifts' to those who share his tax bracket - such as a 20% tax cut, allowing (and possibly increasing) loopholes and deductions only they ever use, and packing the Supreme Court with corporatists.

Funny how no Republican Super Pac donor is happy with their purchased candidate...

Indianapolis, IN

#807817 Nov 18, 2012
The Astonishing Cravenness of the RSC

On Friday this blog broke the news of a paper being circulated by the Republican Study Committee, the House’s conservative caucus. Authored by staffer Derek Khanna, it laid out the case for copyright reform in stark terms that seemed to mark an honest effort on the part of the party to at least consider the failings of the current system.

Within a day the paper was pulled from the Internet by the RSC and an apology was issued, claiming it was “published without adequate review.” But the notion that the paper just showed up on the website of the Republican Study Committee without approval is absurd. Far more likely, as Mike Masnick points out, is that the RIAA and MPAA had a morning full of very stern phone calls to staffers and legislators, and the RSC folded.

Keep in mind that this is just a working document that didn’t indicate any kind of formal change in policy from the GOP. Taking it down is tantamount to saying these ideas don’t even deserve discussion.

Mr. Khanna has probably been instructed by his superiors to keep quiet about the incident. But he responded on a Reddit thread about the paper prior to it being taken down, providing some vital context:

I wrote this memo intending to start a much broader conversation, so I am the first to admit that it is a work in progress. It will take work to come to a sensible copyright system in this country, and I hope that putting this idea on the board will start a much longer conversation by recognizing that copyright is a goldilocks-like balance. And in answer to one persons post, patent reform is also absolutely vital — real patent reform.

No one requested it. I just thought it was a good idea. I freely acknowledge that the “solutions” are imperfect. In fact they weren’t in an earlier version at all, but I thought it better to put some tangible ideas on the board as to what I actually meant. It’s one thing to talk about problems and another to start to identify solutions. And then even another battle to get it into legislative text.

The RSC’s attempt to shut this all down appears to have failed; copies of the paper are now widely available. In several comment sections in stories about it, commenters wrote that such a policy shift would be reason enough to vote for the GOP, and that if the paper had signaled a change in policy the party would be on the right track to deserve to govern again. Even if that’s an exaggeration, this is an issue that young voters find increasingly important, and the RSC’s unwillingness to even entertain discussion won’t look good to them.

On a broader level, a GOP that’s serious about Tim Carney-esque free-market populism would have to address IP reform, which nearly always works to the benefit of entrenched market interests to the detriment of new entrants. Jerry Brito has even gone so far as to make the comparison between copyright and Solyndra.

Since: Sep 10

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#807818 Nov 18, 2012
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>Whatever.
I couldn't possibly care less what shenanigans Israelis and Palestinians get up to over there, unless one of them decided to fire a nuclear weapon at us - in that case, we'd be perfectly justified in settling the 'Israel/Palestine' question definitively, and in kind. Otherwise, we should stay the hell up out of it.
Amen and amen, sister!!

It's the evangelicals like Carol looking to the Revelations for the end times, which their silly book says will happen in Israel.

Evangelicals have a death wish. That's fine, but they're not taking the rest of us with them.

They will be killed off quickly, once their true agenda is realized by most Americans.

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