Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1252368 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Fishers, IN

#801286 Nov 10, 2012
Romney-Ryan 2012 wrote:
<quoted text>Key words: "alledged" and "rumored".
so speaks the expert.
Romney-Ryan 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#801287 Nov 10, 2012
Good byeeeeee wrong- neeeeeyyyyyyy......... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa a. F*** OFF!!!
He will not complete his second term.


#801288 Nov 10, 2012
This is a lovely and heart rending tale about the March family--a family who loses its wealth and gains much more--love and unity. Young girls are only human, and they have a natural yearning for worldly possessions. It is up to them how they cope with it, which brings us back to the March girls. Their desire to help others even when they don't have much themselves is indeed remarkable. This book shows how in all times, love and hope are the most faithful companions, for when all else fails ... we can depend on them. Honest and true intentions are really the most valuable possessions one can have. And this novel shows us the beauty of simplicity and the importance of the small human deeds that count even though they cannot be visibly seen. Some might not like this story but the unique thing about it is that it is based on a completely true story of Louisa M. Alcott's own life. The unlikely twists in this story make it only more human, since we are humans and we cannot evade such scenes in our life.

The March family is having a difficult time while their Dad is at war but even when times are bad Meg,(oldest) Jo,(second oldest) Beth (second youngest)and Amy (youngest) still have heaps of fun, make new friends, in the end fall in love, and find out that not every thing has to be glamorous as long as you have a loving family and friends in your life.

oH YES, HEAps Of fUN!


#801289 Nov 10, 2012
A nAtURaL yEArNiNg fOr wORLdLy PoSSeSsIONs, hUH? hAHAHhAH hAhaH h Ah, yES, tHEY CerTAiNlY Do...
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#801290 Nov 10, 2012
Romney-Ryan 2012 wrote:
<quoted text>He will not complete his second term.
Oh really? Why would that be?


#801291 Nov 10, 2012
Romney-Ryan 2012 wrote:
<quoted text>He will not complete his second term.
wELl, tHiS iS IntEReSTING, tELl Us mORE...


#801292 Nov 10, 2012
oH dO pLEaSe tElL....

Gloucester, VA

#801293 Nov 10, 2012
Romney-Ryan 2012 wrote:
<quoted text>He will not complete his second term.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#801294 Nov 10, 2012
brown eyes wrote:
<quoted text>What do you expect out of a Bush reject. The CIA despised him. Good riddance they say.
They did?
Romney-Ryan 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#801295 Nov 10, 2012
Breaking News from CNN: The CEO of Waffle House, Joe Rogers, a staunch democrat, has been accused by his personal assistant of demanding "personal sexual services" for over nine years. Just another typical sexual-harassing democrat. It has not yet been disclosed whether his personal assistant is male or female.
Romney-Ryan 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#801296 Nov 10, 2012
lily boca raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh really? Why would that be?
He will be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors" regarding the Benghazi fiasco.


#801297 Nov 10, 2012

Since: Nov 09

Beaver Island, MI

#801298 Nov 10, 2012
Romney-Ryan 2012 wrote:
<quoted text>Auto workers, heavy equipment workers, steel workers..all Union workers. That's why so many corporations are sending jobs overseas. Their employees have a much better work ethic and are actually glad to have a job. Corporations are tired of putting up with all the crap from the underworked, overpaid, overcompensated Union thugs.
Interesting that you don't mention the obscene salaries of non-union overpaid CEOs in your rant.
From your posts here its pretty obvious that you are a loser looking for something to blame your failed life on.


#801299 Nov 10, 2012
RUSH10ME wrote:

Fishers, IN

#801300 Nov 10, 2012
Romney-Ryan 2012 wrote:
Breaking News from CNN: The CEO of Waffle House, Joe Rogers, a staunch democrat, has been accused by his personal assistant of demanding "personal sexual services" for over nine years. Just another typical sexual-harassing democrat. It has not yet been disclosed whether his personal assistant is male or female.
Scott DesJarlais, Pro-Life Republican Congressman And Doctor, Pressured Mistress Patient To Get Abortion
FORWARD to Obamageddon

Piscataway, NJ

#801301 Nov 10, 2012
VeganTiger wrote:
<quoted text>
Ahhh, the "rape" argument. Another rare exception the liberals use to blind reality.
Rape is horrible, getting pregnant after a rape is awful. No question...
However, you are missing the point entirely. Both of the above is not good, but compare this with the life of somebody that had nothing to do with neither that is going to die because you liberals need that to decay society even a bit more.
Liberals LOVE showing all rules down other peoples, throats, take their money for "redistribution" and not the least, force any opinion upon people if they want to exist in the public sphere without being harassed.
Nobody is more angry and unhappy than liberals. Even after Obama SMOKED his opponent, they STILL cannot stop spitting venom, even more than before.
Life: How many of the Obama people here would KILL anyone that would be a political threat or challenge to their existence if they could?? Also, nothing exemplifies this notion more than their dismay for unborn (life).
All you need to look at to prove your point, is the radicalism taught by any professor at Any University USA. They lean anti-American and there is no tolerance for opinions that are conservative.

Liberals worry about rape and made it a Republican issue during the election, but don't mind that Obama will allow UN hoodlums to influence our future and China to own it as he weakens us militarily and financially.

And where is he now? In Washington furiously working on the looming end of tax cuts for the middle class, or on a tour of Southeast Asia?
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#801302 Nov 10, 2012
News keeps getting worse for Denise Helms, the 22-year-old California woman whose racist, threatening Facebook status about President Barack Obama went viral this week. Helms has since been fired from her job at a Turlock, Calif., Cold Stone Creamery, and the Secret Service is now looking into her comments.

“Another 4 years of this (N-word),” Helms wrote on her Facebook Tuesday night.“Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

"We found her comments to be very disgusting," Kegle said. "We made the decision [to fire her] because of her comments, but also the community feedback. We are very into working with the community and doing community service. So when your community does not like you because of an employee, that's bad. We have a business to run."

The Washington, D.C., bureau of the Secret Service told Fox 40 that all threats, or perceived threats, are taken seriously and investigated. If the Secret Service were to decide her threat was legitimate, Helms could face a felony under U.S. Code Section 871, which states prohibits willfully and knowingly threatening "to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm " on the president, vice president or other office next in succession to the presidency.

In September, a North Carolina man was arrested for threatening to kill President Barack Obama in a series of Twitter messages, according to The Smoking Gun. Donte Jamar Sims, 21, was charged in a felony criminal complaint in U.S. District Court.


#801303 Nov 10, 2012
Beth was postmistress, for, being most at home, she could attend to it regularly, and dearly liked the daily task of unlocking the little door and distributing the mail. One July day she came in with her hands full, and went about the house leaving letters and parcels like the penny post.
Here's your posy, Mother! Laurie never forgets that, she said, putting the fresh nosegay in the vase that stood in `Marmee's corner', and was kept supplied by the affectionate boy.
Miss Meg March, one letter and a glove, continued Beth, delivering the articles to her sister, who sat near her mother, stitching wristbands.
Why, I left a pair over there, and here is only one, said Meg, looking at the gray cotton glove. Didn't you drop the other in the garden?
No, I'm sure I didn't, for there was only one in the office.
I hate to have odd gloves! Never mind, the other may be found. My letter is only a translation of the German song I wanted. I think Mr. Brooke did it, for this isn't Laurie's writing.
Mrs. March glanced at Meg, who was looking very pretty in her gingham morning gown, with the little curls blowing about her forehead, and very womanly, as she sat sewing at her little work-table, full of tidy white rolls, so unconscious of the thought in her mother's mind as she sewed and sang, while her fingers flew and her thoughts were busied with girlish fancies as innocent and fresh as the pansies in her belt, that Mrs. March smiled and was satisfied.
Two letters for Doctor Jo, a book, and a funny old hat, which covered the whole post office and stuck outside, said Beth, laughing as she went into the study where Jo sat writing.
What a sly fellow Laurie is! I said I wished bigger hats were the fashion, because I burn my face every hot day. He said,`Why mind the fashion? Wear a big hat, and be comfortable!' I said I would if I had one, and he has sent me this to try me. I'll wear it for fun, and show him I don't care for the fashion. And hanging the antique broad brim on a bust of Plato, Jo read her letters.
One from her mother made her cheeks glow and her eyes fill, for it said to her .
My Dear:
I write a little word to tell you with how much satisfaction I watch your efforts to control your temper. You say nothing about your trials, failures, or successes, and think, perhaps, that no one sees them but the Friend whose help you daily ask, if I may trust the well-worn cover of your guidebook. I, too, have seen them all, and heartily believe in the sincerity of your resolution, since it begins to bear fruit. Go on, dear, patiently and bravely, and always believe that no one sympathizes more tenderly with you than your loving ...
That does me good! That's worth millions of money and pecks of praise. Oh, Marmee, I do try! I will keep on trying, and not get tired, since I have you to help me.
Laying her head on her arms, Jo wet her little romance with a few happy tears. for she had thought that no one saw and appreciated her efforts to be good, and this assurance was doubly precious, doubly encouraging, because unexpected and from the person whose commendation she most valued. Feeling stronger than ever to meet and subdue her Apollyon, she pinned the note inside her frock, as a shield and a reminder, lest she be taken unaware, and proceeded to open her other letter, quite ready for either good or bad news. In a big, dashing hand, Laurie wrote ... Dear Jo, What ho!
Some English girls and boys are coming to see me tomorrow and I want to have a jolly time. If it's fine, I'm going to pitch my tent in Longmeadow, and row up the whole crew to lunch and croquet have a fire, make messes, gypsy fashion, and all sorts of larks. They are nice people, and like such things. Brooke will go to keep us boys steady, and Kate Vaughn will play propriety for the girls. I want you all to come, can't let Beth off at any price, and nobody shall worry her. Don't bother about rations, I'll see to that and everything else, only do come, there's a good fellow!


#801304 Nov 10, 2012
In a tearing hurry,

Yours ever, Laurie.

Here's richness! cried Jo, flying in to tell the news to Meg.

Of course we can go, Mother? It will be such a help to Laurie, for I can row, and Meg see to the lunch, and the children be useful in some way.

I hope the Vaughns are not fine grown-up people. Do you know anything about them, Jo? asked Meg.

Only that there are four of them. Kate is older than you, Fred and Frank (twins) about my age, and a little girl (Grace), who is nine or ten. Laurie knew them abroad, and liked the boys. I fancied, from the way he primmed up his mouth in speaking of her, that he didn't admire Kate much.

I'm so glad my French print is clean, it's just the thing and so becoming! observed Meg complacently. Have you anything decent, Jo?

Scarlet and gray boating suit, good enough for me. I shall row and tramp about, so I don't want any starch to think of. You'll come, Betty?

If you won't let any boys talk to me.

Not a boy!

I like to please Laurie, and I'm not afraid of Mr. Brooke, he is so kind. But I don't want to play, or sing, or say anything. I'll work hard and not trouble anyone, and you'll take care of me, Jo, so I'll go.

That's my good girl. You do try to fight off your shyness, and I love you for it. Fighting faults isn't easy, as I know, and a cheery word kind of gives a lift. Thank you, Mother, And Jo gave the thin cheek a grateful kiss, more precious to Mrs. March than if it had given back the rosy roundness of her youth.

I had a box of chocolate drops, and the picture I wanted to copy, said Amy, showing her mail.

And I got a note from Mr. Laurence, asking me to come over and play to him tonight, before the lamps are lighted, and I shall go, added Beth, whose friendship with the old gentleman prospered finely.

Now let's fly round, and do double duty today, so that we can play tomorrow with free minds, said Jo, preparing to replace her pen with a broom.

When the sun peeped into the girls' room early next morning to promise them a fine day, he saw a comical sight. Each had made such preparation for the fete as seemed necessary and proper. Meg had an extra row of little curlpapers across her forehead, Jo had copiously anointed her afflicted face with cold cream, Beth had taken Joanna to bed with her to atone for the approaching separation, and Amy had capped the climax by putting a clothespin on her nose to uplift the offending feature. It was one of the kind artists use to hold the paper on their drawing boards, therefore quite appropriate and effective for the purpose it was now being put. This funny spectacle appeared to amuse the sun, for he burst out with such radiance that Jo woke up and roused her sisters by a hearty laugh at Amy's ornament.


#801305 Nov 10, 2012
Sunshine and laughter were good omens for a pleasure party, and soon a lively bustle began in both houses. Beth, who was ready first, kept reporting what went on next door, and enlivened her sisters' toilets by frequent telegrams from the window.

There goes the man with the tent! I see Mrs. Barker doing up the lunch in a hamper and a great basket. Now Mr. Laurence is looking up at the sky and the weathercock. I wish he would go too. There's Laurie, looking like a sailor, nice boy! Oh, mercy me! Here's a carriage full of people, a tall lady, a little girl, and two dreadful boys. One is lame, poor thing, he's got a crutch. Laurie didn't tell us that. Be quick, girls! It's getting late. Why, there is Ned Moffat, I do declare. Meg, isn't that the man who bowed to you one day when we were shopping?

So it is. How queer that he should come. I thought he was at the mountains. There is Sallie. I'm glad she got back in time. Am I all right, Jo? cried Meg in a flutter.

A regular daisy. Hold up your dress and put your hat on straight, it looks sentimental tipped that way and will fly off at the first puff. Now then, come on!

Oh, Jo, you are not going to wear that awful hat? It's too absurd! You shall not make a guy of yourself, remonstrated Meg, as Jo tied down with a red ribbon the broad-brimmed, old-fashioned leghorn Laurie had sent for a joke.

I just will, though, for it's capital, so shady, light, and big. It will make fun, and I don't mind being a guy if I'm comfortable. With that Jo marched straight away and the rest followed, a bright little band of sisters, all looking their best in summer suits, with happy faces under the jaunty hat brims.

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