Barack Obama, our next President

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story
Lincoln Duncan

United States

#800191 Nov 9, 2012
Jean wrote:
The entire rightwing hate filled 'agenda' went down in smoke on tuesday. You miserable neanderthals will be in a constant state of apoplexy as immigration reform is addreesed and passed, taxes are raised on Richie Rich, Rush makes nice with Sandra Fluke, The Affordable Care Act gets implemented etc.
Progressives, women hispanics, gays , math, science, reality, history all WON and cleaned your ignorant, lying, hysterical, racist trailer trash clocks. party.
Most of the tea party racists left topix as wellQ

Indianapolis, IN

#800192 Nov 9, 2012
How the GOP Got Stuck in the Past

The finger-pointing misses a bigger truth: Republicans have become estranged from modern America. Why fixating on the old glory days is bogging down the partyís future.

The MSM theme of the day it seems.

Newburgh, NY

#800193 Nov 9, 2012
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Why has this nations debt tripled over the pst four years?
Hell NO we don't want tax increases to pay for other peoples STUPID.
This has been the WORST shape I ever recall this nation being in, not only fiscally wise, but ethics and morality wise.
It's gotten patheTic.
The answer is way over your little hint..the Iraq and afghanistan wars..prescription drug benefit , ten years of tax cuts to richie rich all with BORROWED dollars AND all the interest on them are republican stupid. Fork it over.

Newburgh, NY

#800194 Nov 9, 2012
Lincoln Duncan wrote:
<quoted text>
Most of the tea party racists left topix as wellQ
I got rid of not one but TWO Tea Party reps.. Allen WEst in Florida and Nan Hayworth in New York! And Hayworth was defeated by an openly gay Sean Maloney who was a total unknown until a month before the election!

“It's always darkest 'fore dawn”

Since: Jul 08

When's dawn?

#800195 Nov 9, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
The black population in the south had moved north and to the west - it was called The Great Migration - 6 million African Americans moved out of the rural South to the Northeast, Midwest and West by the late 1960s.
Look it up if you don't believe me.
The Republicans had nothing to do with the southern Democrats in the south before the 1960s.
The southern bloc of Democrats, however, filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
You're such a fool, dumb carol, probably always have been and, most definitely, always will be. I am not. "

The civil rights movement, once a controversial left-wing fringe, has grown deeply embedded into the fabric of our national story. This is a salutary development, but a problematic one for conservatives, who are the direct political descendants of (and, in the case of some of the older members of the movement, the exact same people as) the strident opponents of the civil rights movement. It has thus become necessary for conservatives to craft an alternative story, one that absolves their own ideology of any guilt. The right has dutifully set itself to its task, circulating its convoluted version of history, honing it to the point where it can be repeated by any defensive College Republican in his dorm room. Kevin Williamsonís cover story in National Review is the latest version of what is rapidly congealing into conservatismís revisionist dogma.

The mainstream, and correct, history of the politics of civil rights is as follows. Southern white supremacy operated out of the Democratic Party beginning in the nineteenth century, but the party began attracting northern liberals, including African-Americans, into an ideologically cumbersome coalition. Over time the liberals prevailed, forcing the Democratic Party to support civil rights, and driving conservative (and especially southern) whites out, where they realigned with the Republican Party." Blow it out you're tired, lyin' ass as long as you choose, but I ain't buyin'.
Romney-Ryan 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#800196 Nov 9, 2012
Lincoln Duncan wrote:
<quoted text>
Most of the tea party racists left topix as wellQ
I'm still here.
Q: Why wouldn't the ghetto-rat let her kids play in the sandbox?
A: The cats kept covering them up.

Indianapolis, IN

#800197 Nov 9, 2012
Obama is a joke wrote:
<quoted text>
Why can't women control their private parets before they get pregnant?
The War on Women Backfires

Republicans thought they could get away with endless attacks on the fairer sex. They couldnít have been more wrong.
Obama is a joke

Emmaus, PA

#800198 Nov 9, 2012
Stoned Cold wrote:
<quoted text>What is he supposed to do,get out there with a mop and bucket and start cleaning up? He's the commander and chief. He gives the orders and makes the directives then it's up to those with the orders to carry them out.Thats how it works as the president. I'm sorry if not seeing him waist deep in flood waters rescuing five year olds was what you expected sheesh.
Maybe he should start by seeing to it that the people who need food, water, gas, and shelter are actually geting it-the airports have been open for some time, why aren't supplies being flown to where they are needed? Then sfter that he be investigating why FEMA offices were "closed due to weather". He also could have raised money during one of his rallies.
Obama is a joke

Emmaus, PA

#800199 Nov 9, 2012
No Mo Obamas wrote:
<quoted text>
He's probably molesting those daughters....way too much sex talk about "tucking" from Moochelle Obama and way too much time spent by Malia in daddy's bedroom and bathroom. This is not normal behavior for a 13 year old. She is very seductive around "daddy" and trying to win him over from Michelle. Notice the evil jealous look in Michelle's eyes! Look how it is usually Michelle who makes the phony overtures for pda's and Boy Barry looks like she'd go away! She is a two bagger for sure just like Mooching Marion!
Google the pictures of Sasha and Malia sitting by Daddy dressed like ghetto ho's and looking like they're 30 and 40 years old with the clothes, hair and jewelry. That's the way they roll where they come from!
Are you really this stupid, or do you just play stupid on Topix?
Obama is a joke

Emmaus, PA

#800200 Nov 9, 2012
What about documents on Benghazi, since this is the most transparent administration in U.S. history ????? Any time soon????? 4 yrs from now, maybe ?????
It will get swept under the rug.
Romney-Ryan 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#800201 Nov 9, 2012
Q: Two ghetto rats are in a car. Who's driving?
A: Usually a police officer.

Bethlehem, PA

#800202 Nov 9, 2012
Bottom line there are some decent Republicans, Peppy not withstanding. You've got Colin Powell and Olympia Snowe and of course Realtime. So they can't be all bad.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#800203 Nov 9, 2012
Jean wrote:
<quoted text>
I got rid of not one but TWO Tea Party reps.. Allen WEst in Florida and Nan Hayworth in New York! And Hayworth was defeated by an openly gay Sean Maloney who was a total unknown until a month before the election!
So you are saying you committed voter fraud by voting in two different states? Typical libtard. Wonder how many more did?
Romney-Ryan 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#800204 Nov 9, 2012
Q: Why are so many ghetto-rats moving to Detroit?
A: They heard there were no jobs there.

Indianapolis, IN

#800205 Nov 9, 2012
The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.

Odds are Republicans won't get back from crazytown for a while. Will Dems take advantage?

The tea party has done its job, and for all practical purposes its hard-nosed, no-compromise ideology now controls the Republican Party in a way that neither the Birchers nor the Clinton conspiracy theorists ever did. It's no longer a wing of the Republican Party, it is the Republican Party.

So what's next? Having now lost two presidential elections in a row, conventional wisdom says Republicans have two choices. The first is to admit that tea partyism has failed. 2012 was its best chance for victory, and evolving demographics will only make hardcore conservatism less and less popular. As South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has put it, "We're not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term." So the party will need to moderate or die.
Obama is a joke

Emmaus, PA

#800206 Nov 9, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow,yet another dumbass right whiner. Under Obamacare,you buy insurance from private insurance companies to pay for healthcare at private hospitals & private doctors.
What part is the government running?
You people get dumber every day.
Why does "my body, my choice" only work when it's about abortion?

Bethlehem, PA

#800207 Nov 9, 2012
Jean wrote:
<quoted text>
I got rid of not one but TWO Tea Party reps.. Allen WEst in Florida and Nan Hayworth in New York! And Hayworth was defeated by an openly gay Sean Maloney who was a total unknown until a month before the election!
It was a good day. The days of the middle-aged, angry, pasty, white men being in charge are coming to an end.

For the record Homer is a middle-aged, angry, albeit slightly tanned, white man.

Newburgh, NY

#800208 Nov 9, 2012
Slavic Baptist wrote:
Don't worry guys. Keep fighting. Let Obama totally distroy America, then we will build up on ashes. It's Russia of 1917 all over again. White army lost civil war to communists, we didn't lose yet. God in Bible said, that evil will multiply. Don't be surprised, if everything will get worse. Be alive in Christ, it is most important. We will never overcome evil in this life. God will take care of it in His time. But there should be great tribulation first. Read Bible, pray to God, we are fools for Obamy voters, but don't fall in to sadness.God will take us home, and there will be very bad times. It's like woman's labor: pain gets worse. I'm A Russian-American, people have no clue, that they destroy America,by voting for libs. They reected word of God and true wisdom, faith and capitalism. Things will get worse, we will see recession again. People sold today their freedom for Obama's phone, foodstamps and money for narcotics. We came in to US 15 years ago with nothing.We worked hard to get goodies here. We know how to live under dictatorship, it's pitiful to see people don't learn a lesson here from Russia.
You left your paranoia meds and dictionary in Russia obviously. Would you like the definition of dictatorship? Oh need the meds first.

Orlando, FL

#800209 Nov 9, 2012
Amii Logan wrote:
Most of the US voted him back in though, right? He got my vote!
According to this- he's been proven ever popular almost all around the world (owing for China!).
They were US Expats - Americans living abroad - that were polled.

"US expats overwhelmingly favoured Obama. 96% of expats in France, 82% in Germany and 66% in the UK supported Obama. In fact, expats in only one country supported Mitt Romney; China."

Three out of the four countries included have social democracies - no surprise Americans living there would support Obama.

Interestingly, Americans living in China supported Romney. You should probably be asking yourself why.

Newburgh, NY

#800210 Nov 9, 2012
flack wrote:
<quoted text> So you are saying you committed voter fraud by voting in two different states? Typical libtard. Wonder how many more did?
No .
You stupid moron. I own two homes. I only vote in one place you dope. Way over your head. unfriggin beleivable how stupid the old party base is. Still astounds me even after all these years.

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