Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1277660 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797156 Nov 6, 2012
dem wrote:
Where's gunner?
sucking himself to sleep...

“Obsidian Princess”

Since: Sep 09


#797157 Nov 6, 2012
Becky wrote:
<quoted text>
You are absolutely right! What is so sad is the remarks being said here by Obama supporters. They are all just a bunch of ignorant and trashy people who don't have a clue that this President is a socialist and a Muslim and isn't even FOR America! When our country is in shambles and China owns our debt, I hope you all cry to us smart ones who DIDN'T VOTE OBAMA!
according to what i just recently heard, china already owns like 90% of our debt.

“There is no such thing”

Since: May 08

as a reasonable person

#797158 Nov 6, 2012
Hooray more war!
Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797159 Nov 6, 2012
obama is about to take the popular vote...oops, he just did
Modern day slave

Dixon, CA

#797160 Nov 6, 2012
I agree the electoral college needs to be abolished its a joke due to the fact that the majority of the population voted for MItt not Barack he's definitely not the president this country wanted which is expressed by the actual individual votes.
Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797161 Nov 6, 2012
No Mo Obamas

Los Angeles, CA

#797162 Nov 6, 2012
Blaq honey wrote:
Oh yeah OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!! All you racist can suck a fat one hahahahaha !!!! You maaaaaaaad!!!!!!
Why don't you stop having kids, go on a diet and wash your mouth out with soap and take a bath while you're at it. YOU STINK and YOU'RE A FILTHY NASTY PIECE OF FILTH!!!

We are sick of illegitimate bastards mostly black and latino!!!!

Use some birth control if you can't support your nasty bastards you filthy vile sluts! All the fathers need to start paying child support for their nasty kids too!
Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797164 Nov 6, 2012
Bentt wrote:
So sad for America
yeah...that it was even this close.

didn't know there were f*cktards in canada too!

Sacramento, CA

#797165 Nov 6, 2012
__jaz__ wrote:
you know what you ppl can shove it!!! Bush fckd this country up and then your stupid asses re-elected him even after he put us in the hole. And what did you ppl do?!?! you make a stupid documentary about his childhood, making excuses for his fck up. It's gonna take more than four years to fix what his WHITE ass fckd up and you don't like obama simply because he's black?!?!?!

If Romnet would've won your children would not be able to go to college and sine majority of welfare recipients are white it would've effected you ppl even more.
obama won because every dumbass black person who never voted before came out simply because Obama is black. John Kerry ran on the same principles as Obama and Bush won by alot..where were all the blacks then?? Now go get your Obama phone!!

Orlando, FL

#797166 Nov 6, 2012
No Mo Obamas wrote:
The media is as corrupt as Barack Obama and his repulsive hideous wife and family! What goes around comes around.
Anderson Cooper lost one of his programs! May there be many others to follow starting with "The View." Barbara Walters imo is a nasty dirty old woman with a panel of Commies who are as degenerate as she is.
Sherri Shepherd should be the first to go. So sick of that ugly fat dumb BAD MOTHER who thinks only of herself. She is not one bit funny and just another loud obnoxious black woman and WE ARE SICK OF THEM! There will be a backlash and these creeps in the media who have unfairly given Barack Obama a free ride will find out they have lost half of whatever support they have.
Nobody in their right mind takes a kid who is retarded and a behavior problem to the polls to vote. Totally inappropriate, unfair to ALL THE VOTERS. No place for a kid and no place for a brat like Jeffrey Shepherd!
You defeat yourself when you talk like the KKKlan, your problem with colored people are not a problem for me. Take your robe off and get some air circulating in that brain of yours you dumb sumbitch. Go fight on the front lines like those boys in the Iraq, then come back and tell me how you feel. Americans come in all shapes and sizes, and my sisters is white and fat, and very loud, so there are plenty of them out there, you just have it out for their skin color. I can't tan, but I think I look pretty good at my age for an older fisherman, but I don't care what I look like, I don't have somebody else that looks different.

My boy fought right long side them colored boys, some African, some Latin, and other races and they were like brothers keeping the heat off each others asses out there. Now i'm telling you, you dumb sumbitch, you need to get out and see the world before you hate Americans because of their race.

Special people have a right to vote too, some are a lot smarter than you. Cry about it at your next Klan rally.

“Hating Gives You Wrinkles”

Since: Mar 12

The Sequel

#797167 Nov 6, 2012
FishingMan wrote:
You all are dumb if you've done no research on either candidate and you voted for them.
You only have yourselves to blame. The people that voted for Bush are now crying like babies because that colored fella ain't cleaning up the mess quick enough. Whippty do, Rome wasn't built in one day, and i'm glad my boy made it back home from the war, but my friends 2 sons did not. There were no WMDs out there in Iraq, but too many lives were lost and Halliburton and other Gov. contractors made a pretty penny off of our taxes. They sapped it, you sumbitches do the research on Halliburton and see how much they made from the bloodshed.
You ask yourself why that war dodging sumbitch sent those boys to fight a war for money and he didn't even fight. Mitt is a war dodging sumbitch too, but he is talking Iran, so that's more money used on ever soil except US soil.
That no good sumbitch shipped them jobs over there to let the China man have a job, and the poor saps breaking their backs day in and day out for them in the US were given the boot. Now that just never sat right with me, I got a friend that lost one of them jobs and it stopped him from retiring when he was should have.
Only the wealthy should be voting for Mitt Romney because he doesn't care about the middle and lowest class people. A lot of people think that the colored fella is digging us deeper, but I tell ya, things get worse before they get better and we have to build up.
I'm a red blooded American, worked all my life, got a pre-existing condition so I can't even get insurance because I get denied, but those sumbitches collected my money on a monthly basis until I lost my job when Bush was President.
There are too many idiots in this country so the fighting will continue to prevent us from growing as fast as we could under the current President Obama.
Also its more of my fellow White people on welfare than colored people, so if you don't know the facts of the matters you just sound stupid. There are colored people that voted for Romney too, and JeeBuss is a dumbass.
If you don't know about the world, you need to learn more, especially about our position and military placement in the world. We are in various locations around the world, and a good portion of our defense budget goes to saving somebody else's ass you dumb sumbitch.
How can any US citizen tell another US citizen to take personal responsibility when we are doing the opposite for the world? Neglect your American brothers and sisters so that you can take care of somebody else not willing to take the fishing rod to do some work themselves?
Too many dumb ass sumbitches in here that lack a good asswhopping and I know some soldiers willing to kick ass so they aren't sent back to fight for somebody elses greed.
We have to start at home, all that money for campaign contributions aren't used to help this country, they are used for agendas that people have.
Paul Ryan supported a bill that sick sumbitch Todd Akin wanted to pass so rapist get off scott free if the girl gets knocked up. He is either sick or stupid or both to support a bill like that. The President is one of the few I've seen invest more time in American than in other part of the world, and all the Mitt fans can go strap up your boots and hardhats and go to war for him because I don't want my son going back.
Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797168 Nov 6, 2012
he'll be over 300 electoral votes in just a few minutes....where's fred tard? he's gonna miss it!

Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797169 Nov 6, 2012
Modern day slave wrote:
I agree the electoral college needs to be abolished its a joke due to the fact that the majority of the population voted for MItt not Barack he's definitely not the president this country wanted which is expressed by the actual individual votes.
tards are always wrong...pound it into your neanderthal head
Slavic Baptist

United States

#797170 Nov 6, 2012
Don't worry guys. Keep fighting. Let Obama totally distroy America, then we will build up on ashes. It's Russia of 1917 all over again. White army lost civil war to communists, we didn't lose yet. God in Bible said, that evil will multiply. Don't be surprised, if everything will get worse. Be alive in Christ, it is most important. We will never overcome evil in this life. God will take care of it in His time. But there should be great tribulation first. Read Bible, pray to God, we are fools for Obamy voters, but don't fall in to sadness.God will take us home, and there will be very bad times. It's like woman's labor: pain gets worse. I'm A Russian-American, people have no clue, that they destroy America,by voting for libs. They reected word of God and true wisdom, faith and capitalism. Things will get worse, we will see recession again. People sold today their freedom for Obama's phone, foodstamps and money for narcotics. We came in to US 15 years ago with nothing.We worked hard to get goodies here. We know how to live under dictatorship, it's pitiful to see people don't learn a lesson here from Russia.

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

Location hidden

#797172 Nov 6, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>don't think so...he would have gotten moderates and independents but the hardcore tards would have written in palin or some other tea tard
Given the number of states which don't allow write-in's highly doubtful that would have made a lick of difference.

If the GOP had wanted to win, they would have - Tagg Romney could have guaranteed it.


“Hating Gives You Wrinkles”

Since: Mar 12

The Sequel

#797174 Nov 6, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>they would all have jobs though...tending to stables, giving footrubs, cleaning mansions, washing bentleys, greenskeeping at fabulous private country clubs
who woul've all had jobs???? Many jobs were shipped over seas thanks to bush, hell my brother's aunt got laid off because her job/company was shipped over to china.

Costa Mesa, CA

#797175 Nov 6, 2012
The occupants of the house of ill repute.I'm out of here.
Balack Jomama

Toronto, Canada

#797176 Nov 6, 2012
Balack Jomama wins, thanks to bus-loads of loyal Mexicans and Somalians!
Lord Fetch

Calumet City, IL

#797177 Nov 6, 2012
obama's about to take va and fl...should put him at about 332....a landslide by any measure

Since: Jun 10

United States

#797178 Nov 6, 2012
Congratulations to President Obama!

You people will now learn about Socialism and Marxism by living it!You will be poor!You Democrats don't care because you are TAKERS that are non-productive!You cannot produce,if you are not productive.

Some Republicans have a "plan B!"

I am very sorry that the 100s+years struggle of Capitalism and the pride of individualism,integrity,and prosperity will be shackled by our Emperor Obama!

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