Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1482378 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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#795337 Nov 5, 2012
Nightchalker wrote:
<quoted text>No need to be specific, the average American city block contains more firepower than most people can comprehend. For such a large country, being an ARMED society is what keeps us so free of warfare for such long periods of time!
Now that's really stupid.

We have the highest murder rate in the free world.

More Americans commit suicide with guns than anywhere else.

We get involved in wars more frequently than any nation on earth.

When'a the last time China invaded a soverign country, nitwit??

Our love of guns is what keeps us in the dark ages. The civilized world laughs at America and it's gun culture.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#795338 Nov 5, 2012
When voting please remember that while Barack means "blessing" Willard means "rat" and Mitt means "money launderer."

Just saying

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#795339 Nov 5, 2012
nanoanomaly wrote:
<quoted text>I've got my garden hose ready for the arsonist arses.
Hoses can put out fires but bullets can stop them from starting.

United States

#795340 Nov 5, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
Me too. However, if Obama does win, I don't know if I'll have the strength to do this another four years....
Hopefully, that won't happen.
Obama's going to win Carol, get used to it.

Oviedo, FL

#795341 Nov 5, 2012
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Put down the bong Carol__60 years in Christ's day was two lifetimes and then there were, at least, three distinctly different languages involved in the earliest translations of the old testament. Your beloved "true word of God" KJV didn't come along for another century and a half and the ,cough, scholars are still trying to figure out what the scribes were smoking.
Thought you would find this both interesting and enlightening:

Translations such as the King James Version (translated by Englan's King James) are derived from existing copies of ancient manuscripts such as the Hebrew Masoretic Text (Old Testament) and the Greek Textus Receptus (New Testament) and are not translations of texts translated from other interpretations. The primary differences between today's Bible translations are merely related to how translators interpret a word or sentence from the original language of the text source (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek).

There is widespread evidence from which today's Bibles are translated remarkably for absolute reliability. There are more than 14,000 existing Old Testament manuscripts and fragments copied throughout the Middle East, Mediterranean and European regions that agree dramatically with each other. In addition, these texts agree with the Septuagint version of the Old Testament which was translated from Hebrew to Greek some time during the 3rd century BC. The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in Israel in the 1940's and 50's, also provide phenomenal evidence for the reliability of the ancient transmission of the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) before the arrival of Jesus Christ. The Hebrew scribes who copied the Jewish Scriptures dedicated their lives to preserving the accuracy of the holy books. These scribes went to phenomenal lengths to insure manuscript reliability. They were highly trained and meticulously observed, counting every letter, word and paragraph against master scrolls. A single error would require the immediate destruction of the entire text.

The manuscript evidence for the New Testament is also dramatic with over 5,300 known copies and fragments in the original Greek, nearly 800 of which were copied before 1000 AD. Some manuscript texts date to the early second and third centuries, with the time between the original autographs and our earliest existing copies being a remarkably short 60 years. Interestingly, this manuscript evidence far surpasses the manuscript reliability of other ancient writings that we trust as authentic every day.

Homer's "Iliad", for example, the most renowned book of ancient Greece, has 643 copies of manuscript support. In those copies, there are 764 disputed lines of text as compared to 40 lines in all the New Testament manuscripts.

Just FYI. I learned something new by reading this too.

“My Life Is A Shell Game”

Since: May 07

Lapeer, MI

#795343 Nov 5, 2012
My president is black wrote:
Can't wait to see ronmeys face when he loses
Can't wait to see yours when he wins.

Since: Sep 10

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#795344 Nov 5, 2012
Jack Daniels wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, you just keep believing that lie, and try something stupid, and I assure you that if it's not me that gets ya, it'll be one of our many other heroes covering this Country against you bastards, so if you have any wild hair at all about trying something stupid then by all means, DO IT TOMORROW! I don't dare ya to, I EMPLORE you to try that. Nothing would make me hapier. You see? We KNOW that you bastards are to fucking stupid to save even your own ass, and even 100 of you gutless wonders could not even muster enough force to equal one of our farts. It would be cake to serve you up to the city sewer rats...absolute cake!

More tough talk from the resident coward. The uneducated one who can't even use the English language properly.

Where you from, boy?? You another commie translplant from behind the Iron Curtain, like Razor's Edge??

You sure sound like a commie.

Stupid old white boy. You'd go down like the rest of the old white racists.

Heroes?? That'd be the people who laugh in your dumbassed face at your dumbassed toothless tough talk!!

Folks like me!!

Oviedo, FL

#795345 Nov 5, 2012
Realtime wrote:
When voting please remember that while Barack means "blessing" Willard means "rat" and Mitt means "money launderer."
Just saying
The meaning of the name Willard is 'hardy, brave, strong'.

Nice try.

Rochester, KY

#795346 Nov 5, 2012
bigbamboom wrote:
<quoted text>
A vote for Ostupida is a vote for creeping socialism and failure
A vote for Romney is a vote for a bright future and capitalism.
Capitalism is what collapsed the American economy. First the capitalist CEOs sent all the factories to China. Then the capitalist bankers knowingly made bad loans. Then the capitalist Wall St. billionaires sold those bad loans to the world. We can't stand no more capitalism.

Indianapolis, IN

#795347 Nov 5, 2012
Fox Throws Kitchen Sink Full Of Falsehoods At Obama On Day Before Election

“Bill Clinton could have ”

Since: May 10

Prevented this

#795348 Nov 5, 2012
keyedup wrote:
this place is infested with idiot teabag trash
There is nothing worse than liberal trash: WARNING! Liberals Now Predicting Election May Not Happen
OR Rather--they are trying to disrupt the Election. You libs are un-American. Remmeber we fight wars for individual liberty.
Liberal democrats fight for communism.

Obama now knows he cannot win on a legit vote, so he must employ a series of dirty tricks to make sure he retains his stranglehold on the Oval Office. His greatest defenders – the liberal news media – are now beginning to forecast myriad grave and perhaps fatal problems with this election.

Be prepared for anything tomorrow…

Since: Sep 08

Joliet, Illinois

#795349 Nov 5, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
The nitwit with the 1911 handgun, who didn't even know why it's called a 1911, is back with more of his inbred ignorance.
You're a real gunner, eh boy??
Anyone who agrees with Dweeb is obviously brain damaged.
You truly are an idiot.

I do not own A 1911 handgun.

I do own a Heckler and Koch .45 caliber handgun. Heckler and Koch is the very same company that manufactures the MP5 automatic weapon and many other famous and deadly firearms. My .45 caliber handgun has an anti recoil feature built into it so I may rapid fire it quite accurately. In my humble opinion my handgun outperforms any 1911 I have ever fired.

This election is all about communism versus America. Obama does not represent America if you haven't figured that out yet.

I am neither inbred nor ignorant.

I am not a real gunner. I am a gun owner. There is a subtle difference.

I am uncertain whoyou are referring to as a dweeb, but the shoe seems to fit you so you might as well wear it.

Oviedo, FL

#795350 Nov 5, 2012
GOPidiots wrote:
<quoted text>
Obama's going to win Carol, get used to it.
Must be nice to be that confident.

I'm hoping with all my might you are wrong but I dare not think Romney's win is a given.
x factor

Los Angeles, CA

#795351 Nov 5, 2012
sonicfilter wrote:
Tea Party Group Blocks Florida Voters, Stops Water Handouts at Polls
But it didn’t seem to stop the flow of voter traffic. Black voter turnout at predominantly black districts hovered around 45 percent, which Lewis said was “very good” compared to 2008. But it also means that there‘s roughly half of remaining black eligible voters who have one more day to vote, tomorrow, which means lines could be even longer.
The early voting number totals are impressive—166,937 in total throughout Hillsborough County, the anchor of the important Interstate 4 corridor that includes Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach. In 2008, the total early voting numbers in Hillsborough County totalled 146,563—and that was with four more days of early voting than this year.
Ah those damn republicans, staying up all night drinking, carjacking people for use in a late night drive- by.Heck I wouldn't doubt it for one second if they were planning a flash mob right now on all those nice Black Buisness owners.An those vile whore Republican women fornicating right after their 4th abortion.All they do is collect welfare all day not work and complain about the reparation that they deserve for handing over all their hard earned money to the Blackman..Praise the Lord for Pres Obama.

“What goes around, comes around”

Since: Sep 08

Gainesville, FL

#795352 Nov 5, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Chick with a dk. For sure

Since: Sep 10

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#795353 Nov 5, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
Me too. However, if Obama does win, I don't know if I'll have the strength to do this another four years....
Hopefully, that won't happen.
Topix should shut down this thread on Nov. 7.

Why they've allowed the racist hatred and violent threats those on the right have been making for years is beyond me.

did you see the jerkoff from NC, all talking bad about his guns and how he'll shoot at anyone who he thinks steps out of line??

He's your kind of guy, Carol. All about racism and hatred for his fellow citizens.

You nitwits are behaving just like the TP did 2 yrs ago.

All tough gun images from a bunch of scared old white folks like Fretard and this nut from NC. Now shiningnitwit has joined the coward ranks, talking about getting their revenge with guns after Obama is re-elected.

Yet they would never step out, knowing it'd be like signing their death warrant.

this is why your side will lose tomorrow. America gets it. The old white people are the problem in America. Time for them to die and clear the way for the new, diverse America that is waiting..........

Indianapolis, IN

#795354 Nov 5, 2012
Report: Chris Christie Declined Invite To Romney Event Sunday


Obama Connected Bruce Springsteen, Chris Christie During Call From Air Force Onehttp://livewire.talkingpoin ed-bruce-springsteen-chris-chr istie-during-call

Isn't that special.

Indianapolis, IN

#795355 Nov 5, 2012
GOPidiots wrote:
<quoted text>
It's over for Romney/Ryan
Romney and who?

Shut his right wing proclivities down in hurry didn't they?'Trying to win an election here dude, shut the hell up!'

Chicago, IL

#795357 Nov 5, 2012
From the man who seconded Obama's nomination in 2008:

"The Case For Mitt Romney"
Friday • October 26, 2012 • by Artur Davis.

"If it turns out the life of Barack Obama’s presidency is measured in months, left-leaning analysts will agonize over what went so wrong....

But the mourning will not match the genuine misery and perplexity many Americans feel regarding the state of the nation....

To be sure, as his defenders never cease to point out, Obama was greeted with the debris of a national calamity....

But rather than tackle the crisis with single-mindedness, Obama veered off in too many scattered directions: a stimulus whose legacy is a slew of poor returns on investments in alternative energy and uncompleted construction projects, a partisan healthcare law that drained off a year of the administration’s efforts, a massive overhaul of the carbon producing economy that was too unwieldy for even many Democrats to embrace, a financial industry bill that has not stopped excessive leveraging in the capital markets....

So much of the defense of Obama’s results is weighted with excuses. But the record is one that Democrats would be mortified by if it had John McCain’s name on it: unemployment ratcheting up to as much as 10% before it headed back down; the limpest recovery in modern times; staggering levels of poverty among minorities and children; appalling losses of middle income savings and stagnant worker wages. It is an inventory that has caused millions of American to lose faith in both Wall Street and Washington, and that has left America decidedly more stratified between rich and poor (imagine the Democratic angst if a McCain recovery had left massive corporate profits while workers stayed in an uncertain, desperate state, precisely the state of play for the second half of Obama’s terms)

The debates, especially the first one in Denver, signaled how thin the prospective agenda for four more years really is...

It is impossible to assess Obama without addressing the central Democratic thesis about why he has disappointed. From African American talk shows to the editorial pages of the nation’s establishment papers, the argument is advanced that Obama has been undone by a ferocious kind of Republican opposition. The case does not survive scrutiny: Mitch McConnell’s vaunted pledge to impede Obama was made with a weakened hand of forty Republican votes in the Senate, not even enough to sustain the dreaded filibuster. Even the addition in early 2010 of one more GOP seat did not result in actual blockage of one Obama initiative during the first two years of this presidency....

The bracing truth is not that Obama was denied a chance to govern, but that the government he produced has proved so unappealing and been so inadequate to the challenges of the times. The healthcare reform, Obama’s most notable victory, is illustrative....

... as Romney has come into full view, it is evident that his central virtue is experience in effectively managing complex systems, a trait rare in national politicians. As much as the President demonized it,... Romney’s tenure there (Bain)was a consistent narrative of turning companies around and if anything, his campaign should have touted it more. His gubernatorial term in Massachusetts happens to be exactly what a successful presidency would require ... His history is one of grappling with hard political questions while showing a respect for the side of a dispute that does not share his views....

... Herein lies the final Obama tragedy: an inability to refashion his party’s philosophy in a way that strengthened public trust. The case that another term would magically improve things rests too much on blind faith, and Obama has drawn from that well once before. The national interest demands a change in our leadership.

Oviedo, FL

#795360 Nov 5, 2012
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>No way, after 4 years of whining from you rightwingers, Homer will be gloating until it hurts. Of course I didn't gloat when he one the first time. I may rent an apartment with Fred and DBWriter so I can gloat 24/7.
They'd love that. If the tides turn their way, maybe you can still live with them. Just for the fun of it.

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