Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1232661 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Nashville, NC

#792278 Nov 3, 2012
How's That Hope and Change Working Out for Obama Supporters?
American Thinker ^| June 14, 2011 | Chad Stafko
Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 10:05:17 PM by rhema
Barack Obama benefited from strong support among a number of demographic groups during his 2008 presidential campaign. In an economic sense, after two-and-a-half years of his presidency, those same groups which showed him the greatest support have suffered disproportionately more than others in the United States.
It begs the question as to whether these groups will be political lemmings for Obama both in their support of his campaign and when they pull the lever in the 2012 presidential election. If their votes are based upon how their financial lives have changed since Obama took office, then they cannot reelect Obama into the White House. In other words, logic should tell them to vote against Obama next year. Consider these groups.
Barack Obama captured a staggering 96% of the African-American vote in the 2008 election, an increase even above their traditional backing of the Democrats' candidate. In addition, there was a slight uptick in voter turnout for Obama, as blacks had a 2% increase in turnout versus the 2004 presidential election. It is hard to fathom that a presidential candidate could possibly garner greater support from a demographic group than did Obama from African-Americans.
However, that support at the polling place has far from translated into a better way of life for the group as a whole.
When Obama took office in January 2009, the nation's unemployment rate stood at 7.6%. For African-Americans, as a group, the unemployment rate was 12.6%.
Fast forward two-and-a-half years and, according to the latest data released for May 2011, the nation's unemployment rate is 9.1%. The present rate of unemployment rate for blacks is 16.2%. So, while the overall unemployment rate has risen by 1.5% since Obama took office, the rate of unemployment for blacks is 3.6% higher. Seen another way, the gap between the African-American unemployment rate versus that of the entire population has widened from 5.0% when Obama took office to 7.1% as of May 2011. That is a rather huge move in a relatively short period of time.
What we've seen then is that African-Americans have had their economic state of life drop at a far greater rate versus other Americans during Obama's time in the White House, despite their overwhelming support of him in the 2008 elections. The numbers show that President Barack Obama has done nothing for the economic well-being of the African-American demographic group.
For him to capture a similar level of this group's votes in 2012 would be indicative of the group simply ignoring how their financial status has declined disproportionately more than the overall population under Obama's fiscal policies.
College/Young Professionals
This group was another strong supporter of Barack Obama to become President back in 2008. His message of hope and change resonated with the college crowd and among those just starting their careers. In fact, turnout among those 18-24 years of age rose slightly to 49% in the 2008 elections versus 47% in 2004. Exit poll data from 2008 show Obama enjoyed a 66% approval rating for the 18-29 year-old demographic group.
Unfortunately for this group, economic opportunities have become more and more scarce during Obama's presidency. According to a recent report from the Economic Policy Institute, for calendar year 2010, the unemployment rate for workers 16-24 years of age averaged 18.4% verses a rate of 9.6% for the overall population.
The same report states, "...the class of 2011 will likely face the highest unemployment rate for young college graduates since the Great Recession began."

Milford, CT

#792279 Nov 3, 2012
keyedup wrote:
<quoted text>
America catches up to fred and demands the Kenyan's college transcripts

Big Government &#8207;@biggovt

Ohioans Greet Obama:'What Are You Hiding?': According to the White House press pool, President Obama arrived in...

Nashville, NC

#792280 Nov 3, 2012
Unfortunately for this group, economic opportunities have become more and more scarce during Obama's presidency. According to a recent report from the Economic Policy Institute, for calendar year 2010, the unemployment rate for workers 16-24 years of age averaged 18.4% verses a rate of 9.6% for the overall population.

The same report states, "...the class of 2011 will likely face the highest unemployment rate for young college graduates since the Great Recession began."

The policies of the very man this demographic group supported has caused many of them to be either underemployed or unemployed, while also now burdened with thousands and thousands of dollars in college loans, in many cases.

Low Income Families

Lower income Americans offered strong support for Barack Obama. More than 70% of voters who earned less than $15,000 per year punched their card for Obama, while those whose earnings were $15,000-$30,000 voted for Obama at a clip better than 60%. Better than 50% of those earning $30,000-$50,000 also supported Obama for the Oval Office.

Yet, these same individuals have found life under Obama to be rather difficult. When Barack Obama assumed the position of President of the United States, the average price of gasoline was $1.81/gallon. Going into the past weekend, the average price nationwide was $3.72/gallon. That's a mere 106% price increase under Obama.

Energy prices, as a proportion of income, naturally impact lower income families more than middle class or upper class families. We've also seen a substantial increase in food prices, including corn and wheat, which again impact the lower income group more than the overall population.

In fact, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke recently indicated that lower income Americans were being hit harder by the economy as he showed that lower income Americans continue to suffer disproportionately higher unemployment than middle and upper class Americans.

Three Groups: African-Americans, College/Young Professionals, and Low Income Families. All have seen disproportionately more economic challenges than the general population during Obama's term in office. If the economy is their top issue, then they cannot support the man who has made their lives worse since he took office.http://www.freerepublic .com/focus/f-news/2734844/post s

Milford, CT

#792282 Nov 3, 2012
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure Paulie " merda per cervelli” Izzo, that's why we've had about two years of private sector job growth and the Dow has gone from about 6500 to over 13,000.
The real estate boom didn't happen in the communities that the CRA covered moron, it happened in areas like Miami, Boca Raton and Las Vegas. The one's responsible for the subprime loans were unregulated mortgage brokers like Countrywide and Indy Mac who made these loans on purpose so that they could sell them off before they went bad.
But go ahead keep being a sacco di menzogne razzista di merda.
That's all you're good for.
There has been no job growth under the Kenyan's communist coup. Labor participation rate is down by 8 million. duh

23,000,000 unemployed say shove your fake Kenyan commie occupier scum stats.



President Faces Voters With Highest Unemployment Of Any Incumbent Since FDR...

ROMNEY:'Sad reminder economy at virtual standstill'...

Chicopee, MA

#792283 Nov 3, 2012
fred wrote:
<quoted text>
W did a good job. W kept America safe. homer was led astray.
Sure Paulie " intelligente come un sacchetto di martelli” Izzo, except for 9/11/01 despite the fact that he had months ofwarning that the attack would happen.
You're an idiot Paulie!

Nashville, NC

#792284 Nov 3, 2012
Hope and Change
This Man Has No Concept Of Where His Food Comes From

To those who voted for Barack Obama:

In this day and age, you have no excuse. All anyone had to do was look up this man’s resume and explore his experience. He has never worked a real job in his entire life. Don’t believe me? The Internet is at your fingertips. Go look! Research his resume and work experience. Use the search engines!

Now you know what he can do. Our economy is in shambles because businesses across the nation are too scared to take the risk of hiring individuals. They don’t know what will be required of them. And this state of mind will continue until Barack Obama is gone!
You didn’t build that!

Barack Obama, in his July 13th speech, told business owners that they are not the people responsible for building their businesses. Eight out of ten businesses in the United States are small businesses. And they have succeeded in spite of government, NOT as a result of government.

Our under educated president needs to understand a very important point. Government is here as a result of the people. Government is here as a result of businesses. Neither are here as a result of government.

Barack Obama has never built anything. He is a destroyer of hopes and dreams.
“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!”

The American public has started shouting from their windows,“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!”(The movie “Nework”– 1976). And the loudest call yet has come from Wisconsin. In that state Scott Walker became the first to governor in US history to survive a recall election. The conservative won by a greater margin then he enjoyed in the initial election in 2010. By then, Americans were aware that they had made a big mistake by embracing “hope and change” policies. With support of the press and weeks of massive protests at the Statehouse, the liberals still suffered an historic defeat.

Mitt Romney was quoted as saying “Governor Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington”. The key question here is: Will Romney remember this after he is elected?

The conservatives have spoken and shown their strength in Wisconsin. They have spoken out against unions. They have spoken out against excess government spending. They have spoken out for conservative fiscal policies. They have spoken out for America!

Next stop…. Obama!

State of the Union 2012
The Lies Told

This administration is telling us lies. Just look at the job numbers. Every week they forge the numbers a little bit to make things look better then they truly are.

The Labor Department has now revised upward its first estimate of seasonally adjusted claims in 56 of the past 57 weeks, a Dow Jones analysis of claims reports found. Revisions to government data occur on a regular basis but it is uncommon for numbers to nearly always be restated in the same direction.

- Wall Street Journal – 16 April 2012

When the “revisions” are made, it doesn’t make the press. So the public does not know the whole story.
Fewer Jobs

“The economy has 5.2 million fewer jobs now than it did four years ago, even as the population has grown.”– Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2012

Nashville, NC

#792285 Nov 3, 2012
The Most Unqualified President in US History
Barack Obama’s real world work experience: Associate Professor, Associate Attorney
Experience in personnel management: None
Experience in financial management: None
Experience in military leadership: None
He has never met a payroll.
And the lack of experience doesn’t stop there.

Click here to see Obama’s Resume

Hope and ChangeOverwhelmed!

That is the most appropriate word to describe the socialist leader of our free world economy. The facts are there. Obama’s history, in spite of the Associated Press sleeping on the job, is starting to become better known. Muslim ancestry, the authoring of racially focused books, the organization of rebel groups in his congressional district, corrupt connections to Illinois crime figures and his redirection of US foreign policy toward the Muslim world make this man stand out.
Hope and Change

We see the change. Where’s the hope? The American people are finally coming to realize that they made a very bad decision in the 2008 Presidential election. Hope and change can only come when Obama leaves office.
One Obama month vs. one Bush year. Look at the facts:
Obama One Month Deficit – February 2009 –$221 Billion (LA Times 3-10-2011)
Bush One Full Year Deficit – Fiscal Year 2007 –$163 Billion (Reuters)

Make sure you read that correctly. The month of February 2009 was greater the the entire year of 2007.
Black clouds lead to dark days.

Unemployment, deficits, Obama care, higher taxes and increased regulations on the economy are just some of the reasons our hopes are diminishing. It is now time to make a change. We can make things better by removing Obama from the office of the President.
Did You Know:

BP gave $3.5 million to federal candidates with “the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.”(click here)
The 44th President of the United States of America bowed deeply, reverentially, before King Abdullah bin Abdul Azziz, Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, the absolute monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…(click here)
…In his first days in office, the new president expelled from the White House a bronze bust of Winston Churchill, lent to the United States by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair…Curtly, Obama staffers told them there was no room in the White House’s 55,000 square feet for it…(click here)

You Asked For It, You Got It….Obama

“We are getting what we voted for”.– Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, on “Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Capitalism”– CNBC 5-25-2009

Those words ring truer today than they did in May of 2009.
Is this man capable of leading the free world? Tell us what you think.
A message to the President
Participate on our blog

Click here and participate on our blog. Offer your ideas and opinions. We need to ask ourselves,“Where are we now and where do we go from here?”

What do you propose?

Thanks for visiting our site!

Nashville, NC

#792286 Nov 3, 2012
Update: Facebook Reverses, Allows SEALs' Post Critical of Obama

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by AWR Hawkins 30 Oct 2012 1663 post a comment

UPDATE: Facebook Manager Andrew Noyes emailed the following to Breitbart News this morning: We wanted to follow up on the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) article published on last night. I assure you that removing the image was not an act of censorship on our part. This was an error and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi.

The message was contained in a meme which demonstrated how Obama had relied on the SEALS when he was ready to let them get Osama bin Laden, and how he had turned around and denied them when they called for backup on Sept 11.

I spoke with Larry Ward, president of Political Media, Inc -- the media company that handles SOS postings and media production. Ward was the one who personally put the Navy SEAL meme up, and the one who received the warning from Facebook and an eventual 24 hour suspension from Facebook because Ward put the meme back up after Facebook told him to take it down.

Here's what Ward told me:

We created and posted this meme on Saturday after news broke that Obama had known and denied SEALS the backup they requested.

Once the meme was up it garnered 30,000 shares, approx. 24,000 likes, and was read by hundreds of thousands of people -- all within 24 hrs. On Sunday, I went into the SOS Facebook page to post something else and found a warning from Facebook that we had violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities with our meme. So I copied the warning, put it on the meme as as caption, and re-posted the meme to the Facebook page.

Along with the re-posted meme, Ward put a link to the Facebook "feedback comment" inbox so visitors to the SOS page could send a message to Facebook if they were as outraged over the meme being jerked down as he was.

Allentown, PA

#792287 Nov 3, 2012
keyedup wrote:
<quoted text>All the fox sheep have there marching orders, attack Obama on storm relief...They all believe America is stupid and will believe the lies...
Thats why they lose....4 more days of teabags...
Barack Obama, our next President
what storm relief?......

Obama is toast.....

Indianapolis, IN

#792288 Nov 3, 2012
THROUGH ALL THE flip-flops, there has been one consistency in the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: a contempt for the electorate.

How else to explain his refusal to disclose essential information? Defying recent bipartisan tradition, he failed to release the names of his bundlers — the high rollers who collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. He never provided sufficient tax returns to show voters how he became rich...

Within limits, all candidates say and do what they have to say and do to win. Mr. Obama also has dodged serious interviews and news conferences. He has offered few specifics for a second-term agenda. He, too, aired commercials that distorted his opponent’s statements.

But Mr. Obama has a record; voters know his priorities. His budget plan is inadequate, but it wouldn’t make things worse.

Mr. Romney, by contrast, seems to be betting that voters have no memories, poor arithmetic skills and a general inability to look behind the curtain. We hope the results Tuesday prove him wrong.

Indianapolis, IN

#792289 Nov 3, 2012
Truth and lies. Evidence continues to emerge that Romney is one of the most dishonest, duplicitous candidates to ever seek the presidency.


Since: Oct 11

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#792290 Nov 3, 2012



Barack Obama, our next President


Since: Oct 11

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#792291 Nov 3, 2012
Nobama wrote:
<quoted text>
what storm relief?......
Obama is toast.....
THANKS FOX FOOL Proving my point...

Allentown, PA

#792292 Nov 3, 2012
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
Okay dimwit here's a report from the New Jersey Star Ledger;
In the four days since Sandy made landfall, some 2,300 FEMA agents have been involved in the response and recovery effort. The agency has released more than $18 million in rental and other forms of financial assistance, including more than $10.6 million to New Jersey residents, administrator Craig Fugate said.
Friday, FEMA opened disaster recovery centers in Brick and Cape May Courthouse — the first of at least 10 offices to be set up — and the agency added Somerset and Bergen counties to the federally-designated disaster area, which already included Atlantic, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Union counties.
Gov. Chris Christie attended the opening of the Brick recovery center, located on the grounds of the Drum Point Road Elementary School. An office will open in Little Ferry today, and offices in Middlesex and Monmouth counties will be open by Monday, he said.
"These centers are boots-on-the-ground assistance from the federal government to help answer questions, provide guidance and get you the kind of help you need," Christie said.
Rowan University Professor Robert Fleming, a national expert on emergency preparation and response, gave the agency high marks for its efforts. Weather-related disasters are especially hard to manage, he said.
"If you look at the magnitude of the storm, and the challenges it presented, it was a really coordinated plan," Fleming said. "Clearly they did things in the way of pre-positioning of assets, and even in advance of the storm hitting, getting the appropriate declarations. A whole lot was done to mobilize resources."
By the way stupid, the marathon's been cancelled.
You're an idiot!
all bureaucratic crappola....

FEMA has not done any of the following:

restored power to one single home....

restored heat to one single home....

filled one single gasoline tank.....

provided food and clothing to anybody whose home was destroyed....

Indianapolis, IN

#792293 Nov 3, 2012
Obama should have been destroyed by now. That was the plan.
He was going to be “Swift Boated” in this election, just like John Kerry was in 2004...

But Benghazi has proven to be not dynamite, but a firecracker. The October surprise has not turned into a bombshell. Instead, it has bombed.

O'Reilly Denies Fox's History Of Slandering Obama On Benghazi


Since: Oct 11

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#792294 Nov 3, 2012
sonicfilter wrote:
Truth and lies. Evidence continues to emerge that Romney is one of the most dishonest, duplicitous candidates to ever seek the presidency.
since Reagan,Nixon and Bush

Milford, CT

#792295 Nov 3, 2012
PDUPONT wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure Paulie " intelligente come un sacchetto di martelli” Izzo, except for 9/11/01 despite the fact that he had months ofwarning that the attack would happen.
You're an idiot Paulie!
Sex addict Bill Clinton was so negligent on his watch that he might as well flown one of the planes into the WTC.

fred was retweeted!

Your Tweet was retweeted!

#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama Obama has not worn out the rug in the Oval Office unlike Air Force One

Allentown, PA

#792296 Nov 3, 2012
keyedup wrote:
This Thread ends in 5 days
Barack Obama, our next President
The new Thread will be!!
HILLARY CLINTON our next President
after Obama loses, Hillary Clinton will come clean on Benghazi to save her own butt....

and the boy will have no media friends left to protect him....

Allentown, PA

#792297 Nov 3, 2012
fred wrote:
<quoted text>
The Kenyan is AWOL on Sandy.
Gas lines and Americans dying..3 days before election...
Hussein got one day of good storm coverage appearing with the turncoat Christie....followed by five days of negative coverage as the disaster left behind grows.....

Indianapolis, IN

#792298 Nov 3, 2012
keyedup wrote:
<quoted text>since Reagan,Nixon and Bush
But about nothing as important as a personal moment in the WH.

If only Bill had lied about WMDs.[?]

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