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“It's always darkest 'fore dawn”

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When's dawn?

#790520 Nov 1, 2012
Sondra wrote:
On Friday, Obama appeared on MTV for “ASK OBAMA LIVE: An MTV Interview with the President” for one last push to win over the hearts of the generation that secured his victory in 2008.
The president had no fresh material, but it was clear he knows his campaign is hemorrhaging support from the more than 20 million 18- to 29-year-olds who’ll vote this year — votes he can’t afford to lose.
The president will milk every ounce of celebrity status he can, because he sure can’t run on his economic youth record or his broken promises.
America has shed 397,000 net youth jobs since Obama took office. The 4.7 million Americans under 30 now looking for work represent 40 percent of the unemployed population.
This president has the worst youth-unemployment record in postwar history. Youth unemployment has averaged 17.5 percent the last four years; no other presidency has come close to matching it.
On his watch, youth incomes have fallen 6 percent while costs for young people have skyrocketed.
In 2008, Obama said,“When I’m president, I will make college affordable for every American.” Instead, college tuition has risen 25 percent in the last four years and continues to climb.
Students have been forced to take out massive loans to pay for tuition increases. Under Obama, national student-loan debt has grown to more than $1 trillion; according to Young America’s Foundation’s Youth Misery Index, the average student graduates with $4,000 more in student loans than did those graduating when the president took office.
Other bills are up, too: Gasoline prices have more than doubled in the last four years, and food prices continue to rise.
The lack of job prospects and the rise in the cost of living have left young Americans economically miserable and wondering what happened to those 2008 promises of “hope” and “change.”
President Obama’s lofty rhetoric four years ago gave young Americans a renewed faith in government. We were told we’d be able to “tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless ... and our planet began to heal.”
Obama also said he’d “cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term” with “the most transparent administration ever.”
Four years later, health care is even more unaffordable, millions have dropped out of the workforce, the deficits have doubled and the president has hidden scandals while claiming “executive privilege.”
In one term, Obama has morphed from the “purple president” into a candidate whose ads have been 73 percent negative, compared to 36 percent for Romney. The optimism from 2008 has vanished.
Young Americans couldn’t be more disappointed, which is exactly why youth voter enthusiasm — young people who say they will “definitely vote”— has fallen 30 points since 2008, from 78 percent to 48 percent.
He promised to unify the country and give everyone a fair shot. Four years later, the president has failed to keep his promises, and young Americans have lost faith in the political system.
No matter how many times Katy Perry or Bruce Springsteen beg them, young Americans won’t (to steal a phrase from Obama) get “Obamnesia” and forget the last four miserable years. We haven’t gone “forward,” we haven’t seen positive “change” and we’ve lost “hope.” Slogans and celebrities won’t fool young voters again.
What's a matter, Sondra Jane, you shouldn't paste all that crap from the New York Post without any's intellectual theft and a really big tell. lol

Edison, NJ

#790521 Nov 1, 2012
worker wrote:
Did you see the photo op Romeny was having when he was taking donations for Sandy. And did you hear how sincere he was about helping the needy. Come on folks, this guy is just about the rich. 95% of the tax break goes to the rich. His own taxes will go down from 14% to 1%. It doesn't matter about the 47% of Americans. In fact it won't matter if any of his crap will work. He will be doing really good off the backs of the American people.
Vote Obama/Biden 2012 middle class
What has Obama/Biden done for the middle class in the last four years? Romney is successful and not from being senator for 143 days and writing two supposed autobiographies that distort the truth to fit his agenda.

I don't care about Romney's money. I care about my money and what Obama has done with it so far:

Electric Cars
Obama handed over billions of dollars in loan guarantees and stimulus awards pursuant to his goal of putting one-million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. Much of that money ended up leaving our shores. A $2.4 billion stimulus program to support battery production sent nearly half of its money to foreign firms, including two South Korean companies that used their awards to hire foreign nationals in Michigan to do work that Americans easily could have done. In the end, despite all the money Obama handed out, electric vehicle sales have lagged and The Washington Post deemed his goal of one million electric cars "overly optimistic."

Manufacturing TaxCredits
As Obama was doling out over $2.3 billion in clean energy manufacturing tax credits that were supposed to create jobs in America,$880 million went to foreign firms. Worse still, some of those same recipients are now closing up shop and shipping jobs overseas.

Wind Farms
Obama's stimulus included over $8.5 billion in grants for wind farms that flowed overseas, despite Congressional criticism from both sides of the aisle. In total, over half of the money went to either foreign developers or foreign wind turbine manufacturers, creating thousands of jobs overseas with money that was supposed to create jobs within the United States. Even worse, hundreds of millions of dollars went to wind farms that began construction before the stimulus was passed. The end result of all this spending: the wind energy industry lost 10,000 jobs last year.

Loan Guarantees
Remember Solyndra? The problems with Obama's loan guarantee program don't end there. The largest recipient of Obama's program to jumpstart green energy projects was the Spanish Company Abengoa, which took in $2.7 billion in loan guarantees for three of its projects. Other projects importing foreign-made solar panels are, much in the same way as Fisker Automotive, choosing to make their products overseas.

Swiss-Based Landis+Gyr Received Over $50 Million In Stimulus Contracts For Their Smart Grid Meters. Cathy Zoi, A Former Obama Energy Department Official, Held Over $250,000 Worth Of Stock In The Company As They Profited From Her Department's Policies. Zoi Had Previously Served As An Executive Director At Landis+Gyr Before Joining The Obama Administration.

Obama's record: Zero of the promised transparency with legislation. Zero accountability but plenty of blame, demonizing and fingerpointing at those who dare to disagree with him.

Send him back to teaching college, you can take a class and admire Obama while Romney, a successful businessman, gets the country back on track with real leadership, not from behind and without apologies.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#790522 Nov 1, 2012
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
You hit the nail on the head. "real dumbs" post are sure to cause a chuckle of disbelief.
Thanks Easy. Making a pot of deer chilli for the WVU game this weekend.
TheIndependentMa jority

Nancy, KY

#790523 Nov 1, 2012
Nobama wrote:
<quoted text>
Christie may have ended his political future....
he should have been demanding of Obama, instead of fawning....
Folks will be po'd in Joisey if Romney tries to steal Christie away when ROMNEY/RYAN wins....

Obammer 2012-FWEEDUHM checks fer everone! HAW-YEE!

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012-REAL Qualified Economic Experience for ALL America again-NOT just some!! YEE-HAW!

El Paso, TX

#790526 Nov 1, 2012
Who’s going to break the News on November 6, to Obama that he’s now a former President will WH call Carter to console Obama in his time of Need?

“I'm here with bells on.”

Since: Jul 12

Location hidden

#790528 Nov 1, 2012
dim wrote:
<quoted text>
I feel sorry for the clild. We know you well enough. For his or her sake, I hope they are not with you any longer.
He returned 2 and 1/2 months ago from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I'm a very proud mom.

What's is a 'clild'?
new yawk

Tonawanda, NY

#790530 Nov 1, 2012
The only enthusiastic kisser of white-boy ass for 51 years is Obama. And Russian ass. And Arab ass. And Islam ass.

And that's not all he's been slurping on.

With you sleazing off of the sloppy seconds.

Now, did you have anything of intelligence you wanted to say to me?
Sister Kathryn Lust wrote:
<quoted text>an enthusiastic kisser of white-boy ass for 40 years.

Edison, NJ

#790532 Nov 1, 2012
I see more than one Obama signs in the Demonbrats yards. AGAIN, no Repubican went into their yard to tare up their signs, but AGAIN, some Demonbrats think it is their stupid lame ass right to go on someone's lawn, take and trash Republican signs, and throw them out in the road.
Romney signs in NY were a little safer the past few days. The Demonbrats were busy shopping:
Are You Kidding

Loxahatchee, FL

#790534 Nov 1, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Romney down five in Ohio.
Romney down four in Wisconsin
Romney down one in Florida.
Romney down eight in penn
Romney down two in Virginia.
Thanks for playing you fkn tea bag stooge.
Looks like all your guy has to do is swing five states he can't win in under a week.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 49% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%. One percent (1%) prefers some other candidate, and three percent (3%) remain undecided.

Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%
Wisconsin: Obama 49%, Romney 49%

Intensity of support or opposition can have an impact on campaigns. Currently, 30% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove, giving him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11

CBS is out with a new poll of the critical swing states Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. In each, Romney posts significant leads among Independent voters. In Virginia, Romney leads Obama by a massive 21 points among Independents. In OH and FL, he leads by 5-6 points. If this lead holds through election day, he will not lose these states, based on past elections.

Romney also has big leads among those most likely to vote. He wins seniors, the most dependable voting demographic, by 13 points in VA, 11 points in FL and 9 points in OH. Again, if these trends hold, Romney will sweep all three states, according to CBS.

Of course, since this poll was commissioned by CBS, they are downplaying these results. Instead, Quinnipiac University, who conducted the poll, oversampled Democrats by a ridiculous amount to show Obama with a 5 point lead in OH and tied in VA and FL. To get this result, Quinnipiac had to juice the poll to show Democrats with a bigger turnout advantage than they enjoyed in 2008.

Lillington, NC

#790536 Nov 1, 2012
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
What excuse will Obama use to miss Romney's inauguration? You know getting slaughtered just like what happened in the mid-term elections will be too much for his overblown ego to handle.
There aren't any hostages to be released like Jimmah Cahtah had.
What excuse do you think Obama will use to skip Romney's inauguration?
Is the rotary club gonna "inaugurate" a special seat for Romney the stooge?


they love what he's done with the place.

ACA ---- COVERS 100% BY LAW ----

THAT'S OUR OBAMA! getting things done: for the people!

Romney stooge?

Ohhhhhhhhhh he leaves 72 million uninsured!
20 million are children.

What a dck!

Romney and his little dog Eddie Munster are toast!

Got butter?

Edison, NJ

#790537 Nov 1, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Go live in a shelter you fkn azzhole.
After they steal your shoes and jacket they'll slice your throat.
Now, what percentage of "they" are rightwing or Republicans?


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#790538 Nov 1, 2012
Realtime wrote:
<quoted text>Maybe in a drift.
About two feet total in the region__heavy snow causes a lot of problems when it falls and then again when it starts to melt. Thirty seven degrees at present__a lot of power outages.
It takes a long time for those folks to get "the power back up."
That's Beckley. I'm a lot higher than them. Power is coming back on. Dad had power back yesterday. Don't know about the farm. We turn the main power of in the winter. Reports from friends all over the state say most will have power by the weekend.

“It's always darkest 'fore dawn”

Since: Jul 08

When's dawn?

#790539 Nov 1, 2012
finding wrote:
<quoted text>I doubt your vote will amount to much. We don't need four more yrs of the same ole same ole thing. I want to feel safe in my country, Benghazi for example, they turned their back on those four men, the muslims has bommies blessings, another four more yrs and we will be led by muslims.
Gosh, Madi, you might actually be dumber than Carol. You believe in Romney's television station? BTW, since you were trying to get a poser troll on one of the gun nut threads to kill your abusive contractor husband, I doubt if feeling safe in your home, let alone your country, is much of an option...

Edison, NJ

#790540 Nov 1, 2012
dem wrote:
Looks like Dbwriters mail order bride is currently fkn her real husband in pumpkin heads bed.
They sent him to the basement to play with himself.
Someone is jealous! Your dates require electric and Mom forgot to pay the bill again this month.

Deltona, FL

#790542 Nov 1, 2012
We're damn sure a resilient nation eh?

Staten Island has just upped it's death toll to 19 (7 more than the entire state of NJ) and the place really looks like sht with power lines down, standing water full of only God knows what and homes shifted off their foundations.

Yet tomorrow the New York City Marathon is scheduled to take place on time. I wonder how many runners will show up?

With the exception of the Hoboken footage, most of the New Jersey news coverage is centered on areas of second homes, summer rentals etc.

Edison, NJ

#790546 Nov 1, 2012
<quoted text>
Is the rotary club gonna "inaugurate" a special seat for Romney the stooge?
they love what he's done with the place.
ACA ---- COVERS 100% BY LAW ----
THAT'S OUR OBAMA! getting things done: for the people!
Romney stooge?
Ohhhhhhhhhh he leaves 72 million uninsured!
20 million are children.
What a dck!
Romney and his little dog Eddie Munster are toast!
Got butter?
LOL. Exactly what has he "done with the place?" And that ACA---COVERS 100% BY LAW ----- Won't do much good when there are fewer physicians with long waits for lower quality care. As far as 20 million children uninsured, a large percentage of uninsured either elect to be uninsured or don't take advantage of existing programs like CHIP, which Bush expanded. There is no excuse for not enrolling your child in CHIP if you qualify. And in the Obama economy, many Americans lost their insurance BECAUSE THERE ARE NO JOBS.

But you go ahead and harp on looks, I won't even go there about Obama's, but there's plenty to comment about if I did. Keep talking your impression of style over substance. Obama got elected because he's half black, period.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#790547 Nov 1, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
You still watching them losers?
Was born a proud Mountaineer will die a proud Mountaineer! Some things are bigger than sports.
Mitt Romney

Chicago, IL

#790548 Nov 1, 2012
<quoted text>
Romney and his little dog Eddie Munster are toast!

Got butter?
I like toast, it's just the right height.

I also like the butter, I used to smash my sons faces in butter when they were kids. I was a real humdinger of a prank hahahaha.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#790552 Nov 1, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
You still watching them losers?
Outside the front door of the house flies first the American flag. Next comes the flag of West Virginia. Last the flag of WVU.

El Paso, TX

#790555 Nov 1, 2012
It’s amusing that Obama wants to bypass/waive Government Bureaucracy/ Regulation to speed up the Recovery Efforts, sounds like what Republicans/Conservatives have been saying Government is the Problem not the Solution sounds if Obama Agrees!!

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