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"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story

Effort, PA

#789579 Oct 31, 2012
It is going to be some sight to see if/when Romney loses, we are talking bloodbath when the rightwingers turn on him.
Lincoln Duncan

Griffin, GA

#789580 Oct 31, 2012
carol wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree. People were buying homes they knew they couldn't afford that were grossly overpriced and happily signed on the dotted line when banks offered them a deal they couldn't refuse - until three or four years later when their mortgage payment doubled.
Unbelievably stupid.
Which is why we kept renting after selling our home until sanity returned to the housing market.
Thing is, we started liking not having to worry about repairs and appliances breaking down and yard work. We're still happy renters.
But, like you, I blame people who couldn't even figure out what they could and could not afford.
It certainly wasn't Bush's fault any way you look at it.
So is Christie selling out Romney?

Since: Oct 12

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#789581 Oct 31, 2012
One right winger is supporting Romney because he's a hawk:
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
How about this logic, idiot:
Peace through strength.
Obama's idea of surrendering to a bunch of Arabs that get excited when they watch a video of Arabs cutting off the head of a defenseless American while he's bound like an animal won't have a peaceful ending, idiot.

Another rightwinger is supporting Romney because he's a dove:
Gunner wrote:
<quoted text>
We never should have invaded Iraq OR Afghanistan. Afghanistan being "the RIGHT war" is ridiculous. Obama never should have committed billions of tax dollars and resources to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
I don't rank incidents where American lives are needlessly wasted. Any American life lost in those sand-filled shitholes is one too many.
The current president ordered the assassination of at least two American citizens, for chrissakes. As far as I'm concerned, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Biden and all their lackeys are war criminals for misusing our military.
F**k 'em all.

Sounds like Romney is an imaginary notion that these loony right wingers have created in their empty heads.

Since: Oct 12

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#789582 Oct 31, 2012
Homer wrote:
It is going to be some sight to see if/when Romney loses, we are talking bloodbath when the rightwingers turn on him.
Even worse if Romney wins and he won't be able to take BOTH sides of every promise he made to these loonies.

Effort, PA

#789583 Oct 31, 2012
kuda wrote:
<quoted text>
Kudos to Gov. Chris Christie! He’s an honest old-time Republican who is practical and moderate, not afraid to go off-message in the service of fairness. Unlike Romney, he says what he means and means what he says. That’s refreshing!
Yeah even if I disagree with him on some things, he does mean what he says, speaks from the heart, doesn't flipflop all over the place like Romney, although he may not be physically able to.

Warsaw, VA

#789585 Oct 31, 2012
DBWaiter wrote:
I'm curious, though, if Mitt can remember cleaning up a football field after a big storm when he was in "High School," how come he can't remember holding a kid down and shearing off his hair in "high school" like he was a sheep?
Obammy has not only sheared off the country's hairs , he has divided the country as never before , we will see what shakes out , if the majik negro wins , you will have two reasons to be happy , one being your boy won , second I will convert into the democratic party and never never be responsible for myself again , when you really look at you win either way , are you happy ???


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#789586 Oct 31, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
So, you are telling me that man adds nothing to change our atmosphere.
You really are quite naive.
it is you who is naive and gullible too. I'll bet you are one of them people who believed the Apollo missions were moving the Earth out of orbit.

Since: Oct 08

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#789587 Oct 31, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Sure, after Bush told them when Iraq exploded a nuke, it would be their fault.
Bush controlled the information. He ignored the intel that Iraq had no nuclear program.
Where were those nukes? Where was any nuclear program?
The MSM still pulling the wool over your eyes, ain't they Davey?? The nukes were shipped to Syria, something you would have been privey to, if you read anything but the MSM?

Effort, PA

#789588 Oct 31, 2012
Red State Sucker wrote:
<quoted text>
Even worse if Romney wins and he won't be able to take BOTH sides of every promise he made to these loonies.
Good point, you know he's not repealing Healthcare reform, he'll hope the rightwing furor will die down on it, he won't cut spending and he'll justify it somehow. My best guess is he'll try and keep them pre-occupied by firing up the rhetoric towards Iran. Iran may be the key to keeping the rightwingers off his back and he is probably secretly hoping the Dems hold the Senate so he can turn their angst towards them.

Oakland, CA

#789589 Oct 31, 2012
Nobama wrote:
<quoted text>
Detroit pays autoworkers almost their full salary even when on layoff due to lack of demand....not a viable business practice....
You think that is why GM is now number one in the world and profits are up? You fd-up wingnuz troglodytes are getting stupider by the day ...

Deltona, FL

#789590 Oct 31, 2012
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
And more information for you:
Note that, at any time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could have ordered the deployment to Benghazi of additional security experts from the Department of Security (DoS) Bureau of Diplomatic Security (or Diplomatic Security Service—DSS), but apparently chose not to do so.
Instead, DoS hired a British firm, Blue Mountain, to manage its security in Benghazi, and Blue Mountain subcontracted the job to a local jihadist militia called the February 17 Martyrs Brigade who have known Muslim Brotherhood ties.
Furthermore, Nordstrom testified at the October 11, 2012 Congressional hearings that “in deference to sensitivity to Libyan practice, the guards at Benghazi were unarmed"-- an inexplicable practice for a place as dangerous as Benghazi.
Then, in what may have been the attack “green light,” on September 10, 2012, AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri called on Libyans to avenge the death of his Libyan number two, Abu Yahya al-Libi, who had been killed in a June, 2012 drone strike in Pakistan. The timing suggests that al-Zawahiri may have given the attack go-ahead after receiving word that Stevens had arrived in Benghazi that day—further suggesting that perhaps AQ knew of Stevens’ travel plans.
Once the attack unfolded at the Benghazi base, it quickly became apparent that the minimal number of U.S. and local security staff was completely unequal to the scores of heavily armed jihadist attackers swarming the compound. And yet, despite a live-streaming video from an overhead drone, plus cables and cell phone calls that, altogether, must have been received by hundreds of administration diplomatic, intelligence and military officials (including the U.S. President, Vice President, Secretaries of Defense and State, and Directors of National Intelligence and CIA), military support from regional bases was denied repeatedly to the besieged Benghazi defenders.
Worse yet, former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods, Tyrone Woodswho was providing security for CIA operatives at the Benghazi annex facility, and Glen Dougherty, who had arrived on a rescue flight dispatched by the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli, repeatedly were denied permission by their CIA chain of command on the ground to go to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and the others.
Eventually, they went anyway, and succeeded in saving many lives because of their moral and physical courage. Again, Dougherty and Woods requested military backup, at least to silence the mortar fire that they had been able to identify by laser painting it. They fought on alone for hours, but when no help came, that mortar barrage eventually took both their lives and seriously injured others.
Ty Woods:“Where the fuck is the Spectre?”
Why don't you give us some information and tell us where was the Spectre when Al Qaeda was killing Americans.
Do you actually read this shit before you paste it???

Pay attention now___Glen Doherty "who had arrived on a rescue flight from Tripoli." That means that Doherty was not in Benghazi when the consulate was attacked__doesn't it? Glen Doherty was not part of the team that went to the consulate in attempt to rescue the ambassador and others but only arrived at the CIA annex from the airport just before the annex came under fire.

Where on earth are you getting this bullshyte you're pasting, it's absurd, completely ignoring the timeline.

Why would Woods assume that a C-130 was inbound from Sigonella? Did he call for it? If so when?

You're shamefully ignorant!

Since: Jul 11

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#789591 Oct 31, 2012
The point is, Obama is doing the job the country expects him to do and no matter how you right wing nut jobs try to cut it the proof is there to see. Even Governor Chris Christie is heaping praise on Obama. What a different story than Bush with Katrina.

Mitt wants to privatise FEMA he says the private sector would do a better job, yes I'm sure they would, just looking after the 1%'rs homes. Al Gore says these once in a 100yr storms is further evidence of climate change. Since they are now happening all over the world year after year now, soon enough there will be no insurance available.
Yet Mitt's policies ignore climate change science saying he will sell more coal which is becoming worthless and drill more oil. Further evidence of a man stuck in the 1950's not able to adapt to 21 st century reality.

Americans remember Republicans in power, Bush & Katrina is another day to remember.

Obama looks after all Americans not just the priviliged. OBama 2012

Smithfield, NC

#789592 Oct 31, 2012
Top Ten Felons, Fugitives, and Shady Characters in Obama's Life

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by John Nolte 13 Jul 2012 334 post a comment
Now that the increasingly erratic and desperately sleazy Obama campaign has decided to cavalierly throw around the word "felony" when it comes to pushing a campaign of lies surrounding Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, this seems like a good time to jump in the wayback machine for a look at the actual convicted felons, criminals, and dubious characters who have always been associated with Barack Obama's political life.

What? What's that? You don’t want to talk about this?

Objection overruled, Corrupt Media!

The President opened this door, and now we're going to walk right on through it.

Starting with…

Oakland, CA

#789593 Oct 31, 2012
RUSH10ME wrote:
<quoted text>Obammy has not only sheared off the country's hairs , he has divided the country as never before , we will see what shakes out , if the majik negro wins , you will have two reasons to be happy , one being your boy won , second I will convert into the democratic party and never never be responsible for myself again , when you really look at you win either way , are you happy ???
"never never be responsible for myself again"?? But you are institutionalized ...

Smithfield, NC

#789594 Oct 31, 2012
1. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich: Sentenced to 14 years in prison for political corruption.

NBC Chicago:

President Barack Obama's chief of staff, then a congressman in Illinois, apparently attempted to trade favors with embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich while he was in office, according to newly disclosed e-mails obtained by The Associated Press.

Emanuel agreed to sign a letter to the Chicago Tribune supporting Blagojevich in the face of a scathing editorial by the newspaper that ridiculed the governor for self-promotion. Within hours, Emanuel's own staff asked for a favor of its own: The release of a delayed $2 million grant to a school in his district.

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#789595 Oct 31, 2012
Lincoln Duncan wrote:
<quoted text>
Governor Christie with President Obama. If Governor Romney loses, Christie will be odds on favorite in 2016.
Libya boring
People are without power and looking to the government for help
Maybe we can use some of that "Porkulus" money and do some infrastructure work like bury the power lines so a weak hurricane doesn't knock everyone's power out.
That would be a good idea, not to mention that it's definitely a shovel-ready job.
... jeeezzzzz, did we get fleeced with that one.

Smithfield, NC

#789596 Oct 31, 2012
2. Tony Rezko: Sentenced to 10 and a half years for corruption and kickbacks.


Rezko raised money for Obama when he ran for Illinois senator, but not during his presidential campaign, the AP noted.

Obama also involved Rezko in a house deal after he was elected to the U.S. Senate, a move he later called “a boneheaded mistake,” according to a 2008 report in ABC News.

Obama wanted to purchase a home that the seller had a specific condition on: the adjacent empty lot to the house had to be purchased at the same time, ABC News reported. In the house deal, Rezko’s wife paid the full asking price for that parcel,$625,000.

Obama shelled out $300,000 under the house’s asking price, paying $1.65 million, according to ABC News. Obama then purchased a part of Rezko’s lot for $104,500.

“It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe he had done me a favor,” Obama told the Sun-Times at the time.

Obama said his connection to Rezko was “above board and legal.”

Rezko and others connected to him gave Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign more than $120,000, ABC News reported.

ABC News:

While Rezko's wife paid the full asking price for the land, Obama paid $300,000 under the asking price for the house. The house sold for $1,650,000 and the price Rezko's wife paid for the land was $625,000.

Obama denies there was anything unusual about the price disparity. He says the price on the house was dropped because it had been on the market for some time but that the price for the adjacent land remained high because there was another offer.

Obama then expanded his property by buying a strip of the Rezko land for $104,500, which the senator maintains was a fair market price.

Obama later told the Chicago Sun-Times, "It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe he had done me a favor."

Obama had known Rezko long before the house deal, calling him a "friend."

An ABC News review of campaign records shows Rezko, and people connected to him, contributed more than $120,000 to Obama's 2004 campaign for the U.S. Senate, much of it at a time when Rezko was the target of an FBI investigation.

It's important to keep in mind that this was dutiful reporting from the media. Any attempts to turn this into the Bain-style narrative it deserved and still deserves to be has always been blunted by the media. This is the shadiest land deal involving a politician in my lifetime, and Obama got away with it legally and politically.

Grand Rapids, MI

#789597 Oct 31, 2012
Nobama wrote:
<quoted text>
by creating consumer confidence and a favorable business environment.....and repealing Obamacare.....
unemployment would be lower today if Obama had done nothing whatsoever.....
The bills introduced by the republicans
44 on abortion
99 on religion
71 on family relationships
36 on marriage
67 firearms/ gun control
522 on taxation
455 on gov't investigation
0 on job creation

Smithfield, NC

#789598 Oct 31, 2012
3. Courtney Dupree: Democratic fundraiser convicted of bank fraud.

Daily News:

Dupree, who attended the elite Wharton School of Business, was a rainmaker in Democratic circles.

In 2008, Dupree hosted a $1,000-a-ticket fund-raiser for Barack Obama at his Broad St. apartment that was attended by top aide Valerie Jarrett.


4. Willie Shepherd: Obama bundler plead guilty to assault.

Denver Post:

On Tuesday, Shepherd was sentenced to 12 months of supervised probation, according to state court documents.

Shepherd, the former finance co-chairman of the Democratic National Convention host committee, was originally charged with negligent child abuse and third-degree assault that knowingly caused injury — a class one misdemeanor. Those charges were dismissed and Shepherd pleaded guilty to the class two misdemeanor.

Denver Post:

Shepherd, 44, the former finance co-chairman of the Democratic National Convention host committee and $100,000-plus bundler for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, pleaded not guilty to the charges last month at a Denver court hearing.

Denver police on Sept. 13 were called to Shepherd's house by his wife, Sarah Trainor-Shepherd, who said she had been the victim of domestic violence, according to the arrest affidavit.

The court document says police officers noticed a red mark on her brow and bruises on her face and arm, but Trainor-Shepherd then told police she did not want to press charges.

Smithfield, NC

#789600 Oct 31, 2012
5. John Corzine: Top Obama fundraiser currently under FBI investigation. Obama's "Wall Street guy."


Jon Corzine, now the center of an FBI investigation into the handling of hundreds of millions of dollars invested in his securities firm, was one of the leading Wall Street fundraisers for President Obama’s campaign and suggested to investors that he might take a top administration post if the president were re-elected.

His new legal troubles, sparked by the bankruptcy filing of his investment firm, MF Global, could complicate the president’s efforts to raise money from the financial community given Corzine’s central role in those efforts.

A recent list of top “bundlers” or elite fundraisers released by Obama’s campaign listed Corzine in the highest category -- reporting that he had raised more than $500,000 for the campaign. A substantial chunk of those funds were collected at a $35,800 per ticket fundraiser that Corzine hosted at his wife’s spacious Fifth Avenue apartment last April -- an event that was touted at the time as part of a concerted effort by the president’s campaign team to reach out to well-heeled Wall Street donors who had been alienated by some of his policies and previous public comments.

Star Ledger:

In a sign of his emerging role as a financial guru for Barack Obama, Gov. Jon Corzine Sunday unveiled the latest piece of the presidential candidate's plan to curb soaring oil prices.

The governor touted an Obama proposal that marked the latest clash between the Democrat and Republican opponent John McCain over energy policy, as voters rank the economy as their biggest concern heading into the November election.

In his plan, Obama calls for more regulation in oil markets by promising to close the so-called "Enron loophole" that exempts some energy trading from federal oversight. The rollout also provided a showcase for Corzine, the former Goldman Sachs CEO whom Obama referred to as "our Wall Street guy" at a meeting of Democratic governors in Chicago on Friday.


6. Shervin Neman: Obama bundler currently under investigation for fraud.


The Obama campaign will return the donations of an accused Ponzi schemer who is facing an SEC investigation, a campaign official confirms.

"With 1.8 million donors thus far, we constantly review those contributions for issues. In this particular case, we will be refunding the contributions and have placed the funds in escrow until a trusteeship or other appropriate place to return these funds is established given the interests of the investors," a campaign official told POLITICO.

Shervin Neman, a hedge fund manager in Los Angeles, stands accused by the SEC of defrauding members of his California Persian-Jewish community, the conservative Washington Free Beacon reports.

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