Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1263263 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Newington, CT

#777737 Oct 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
This one is better: =5Mv8mD0zUrsXX
Did you give Whoopie that stupid question where she made a fool of herself? Whoopie said she read Mormans can't serve in the military because it is against there religion.

Another liberal like you makes a fool of herself...

Since: Oct 12

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#777738 Oct 19, 2012
kuda wrote:
Countdown to the third Presidential candidate debate...
Only three more days!

What will Romney say would be his foreign policy?

Will Obama continue to confront RomneyÂ’s pandering strategies?
I predict Romney's foreign policy will be different than anything he has ever mentioned before! It'll be a big surprise for all Americans, including the ever supportive, equally confused Republican Party.

Deltona, FL

#777739 Oct 19, 2012
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>Flack working 85 hours a week at some sh!t job isn't going to get you ahead, if you can even do that anymore. If they are not moving their jobs overseas companies are stripping away benefits and cutting hours. Look I understand what you are saying but that isn't as viable an option as it was years ago.
Flack takes afternoon naps. Realtime is 65 years old and hasn't taken naps since childhood.

Allentown, PA

#777740 Oct 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>
McDonalds will have to provide healthcare plans with ACA. That't the whole point, that everyone is insured.
If you’re doing God’s work and God is perfect, how come you’re always wrong?” he said.“Is it that you can’t follow instructions or is Jesus just dicking you around?”
“The reason I ask,” Maher continued,“is because in 2008, Focus on the Family tried to frighten their vast mailing list of snake-handlers and early-onset dementia patients by sending out a letter with a set of predictions of what our nation would look like if we elected that Evil Count Chocula as our president.”
Raw Story ( )
it is financially impossible to provide full-coverage medical insurance to minimum wage employees, unless they are a relatively small proportion of total employment....and Obamacare prohibits more limited coverage...

McDonald's, like other fast food operations, will provide medical insurance for full-time management employees....and restrict others to part-time employment....

so Obamacare screws a lot of people.....

Cromwell, CT

#777741 Oct 19, 2012
Peppy wrote:
Anyone see the Alfred Smith fundraiser? Pretty funny stuff. Both Obama and Romney performed well. Great change of pace from the campaign rhetoric and talking points.
Come November, Bid Bird is going down.
These affairs are very difficult for liberals, though. They LOATHE having to act restrained while being insulted by conservatives.

Since: Oct 12

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#777742 Oct 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>The difference being that the Democrats like to do the peoples work, compromise and get things done.
Continue working together for the betterment of all people.
Jonathan Hemlock

Bronx, NY

#777743 Oct 19, 2012
Much is said about class warfare in contemporary America, and there’s justifiable anger at the impoverishment of much of the middle and working classes. The Pew Research Center recently dubbed the 2000s a “lost decade” for middle-income earners — some 85% of Americans in that category feel it’s now more difficult to maintain their standard of living than at the beginning of the millennium, according to a Pew survey.

Blaming a disliked minority — rich business folks — has morphed into a predictable strategy for President Obama’s Democrats, stripped of incumbent success. But all the talk of “one percent” versus “the ninety nine percent” misses new splits developing within both the upper and middle classes.

There is no true solidarity among the rich since no one is yet threatening their status. The “one percent” are splitting their bets. In 2008 President Obama received more Wall Street money than any candidate in history, and he still relies on Wall Street bundlers for his sustenance. For all his class rhetoric, miscreant Wall Streeters, particularly big ones, have evaded big sanctions and the ignominy of jail time.

Obama enjoys great support from the financial interests that benefit from government debt and expansive public largesse. Well-connected people like Obama’s financial tsar on the GM bailout, Steven Rattner, who is also known as a vigorous defender of “too big to fail.”

The “patrician left”— a term that might have amused Marx — extends as well to Silicon Valley, where venture capitalists and techies have opened their wallets wider than ever before for the president. Microsoft and Google are two of Obama’s top three organizational sources of campaign contributions. Valley financiers are not always as selfless as they or their admirers imagine: Many have sought to feed at the Energy Department’s bounteous “green” energy trough and all face regulatory reviews by federal agencies.

Cromwell, CT

#777744 Oct 19, 2012
Obamasharpton wrote:
<quoted text> Giggles Biden and Drunk lily...a pair made for each no one else. Have another drink.
How f**king scary is the thought of Crazy Uncle Joe becoming president?

Today's Gallup post debate poll - Romney 51-45.

Allentown, PA

#777745 Oct 19, 2012
fred wrote:
<quoted text>
Wake up Homer...
Jobs are shipped overseas because the product would be too expensive to manufacture in America. Taxes, union extortion, EPA, OSHA regulation, high energy prices all created by big government. Apple IPADs would cost $2,000 if built in America. duh
OBAMA’S PROBLEM: Obama lacks an agenda to compensate for his lousy record. Yep. He made things worse, and he doesn’t have a plausible plan to make things better. So it’s binders and Big Bird and “war on women.”
IPhones and IPads were never made in the US, hence the jobs were never shipped overseas....manufacturing these products in the US was never feasible....

“We doing better...”

Since: Jul 08

we've got to do more

#777746 Oct 19, 2012
flack wrote:
<quoted text> Yep sure do. anybody who thinks they can only work 40 hours a week and improve their life (I mean climb into the upper middle class) is kidding themselves. I ,at times, worked over 85 hours a week for years. That was when I was young. People were like you need to enjoy your self more. They worked their 40 and went home. Guess what! They are still working that 40 hour week and will until they just can't anymore. Then they will rely on whatever is left of the government assistance till they die. Me? Well you know that story.
And most of us have heard the wind blow before. When's that White Family Reunion coming back to WVA?
Jonathan Hemlock

Bronx, NY

#777747 Oct 19, 2012
The Republicans have turned increasingly to those patricians who depend on the more tangible economy. If you make your living from digging coal or exploring for oil wells, even if you don’t like him, Romney is you man. This saddles the GOP with the burden of being linked to one of America’s most hated interests: oil and gas companies. Almost as detested is the biggest source of Romney cash, large Wall Street banks.(In contrast, Democratic-leaning industries, such as Internet-related companies, enjoy relatively high public support.)

With the patriarchate divided, the real action in the emerging class war is taking place further down the economic food chain. This inconvenient reality is largely ignored by the left, which finds the idea of anyone this side of Bain Capital supporting Romney as little more than “false consciousness.”

Obama’s core middle-class support, and that of his party, comes from what might be best described as “the clerisy,” a 21st century version of France’s pre-revolution First Estate. This includes an ever-expanding class of minders — lawyers, teachers, university professors, the media and, most particularly, the relatively well paid legions of public sector workers — who inhabit Washington, academia, large non-profits and government centers across the country.

This largely well-heeled “middle class” still adores the president, and party theoreticians see it as the Democratic Party’s new base. Gallup surveys reveal Obama does best among “professionals” such as teachers, lawyers and educators. After retirees, educators and lawyers are the two biggest sources of campaign contributions for Obama by occupation. Obama’s largest source of funds among individual organizations is the University of California, Harvard is fifth and its wannabe cousin Stanford ranks ninth.
Jonathan Hemlock

Bronx, NY

#777748 Oct 19, 2012
Like teachers, much of academia and the legal bar like expanding government since the tax spigot flows in the right direction: that is, into their mouths. Like the old clerical classes, who relied on tithes and the collection bowl, many in today’s clerisy lives somewhat high on the hog; nearly one in five federal workers earn over $100,000.

Essentially, the clerisy has become a new, mass privileged class who live a safer, more secure life compared to those trapped in the harsher, less cosseted private economy. As California Polytechnic economist Michael Marlow points out, public sector workers enjoy greater job stability, and salary and benefits as much as 21% higher than of private sector employees doing similar work.

On this year’s Labor Day, this is the new face of unionism. The percentage of private-sector workers in unions has dropped from 24% in 1973 to barely 7% today and in 2010, for the first time, the public sector accounted for an absolute majority of union members.“Labor” increasingly means not guys with overalls and lunch pails, but people whose paychecks are signed by taxpayers.

The GOP, for its part, now relies on another part of the middle class, what I would call the yeomanry. In many ways they represent the contemporary version of Jeffersonian farmers or the beneficiaries of President Lincoln’s Homestead Act. They are primarily small property owners who lack the girth and connections of the clerisy but resist joining the government-dependent poor. Particularly critical are small business owners, who Gallup identifies as “the least approving” of Obama among all the major occupation groups. Barely one in three likes the present administration.

The yeomanry diverge from the clerisy in other ways. They tend to live in the suburbs, a geography much detested by many leaders of the clerisy and, likely, the president himself. Yeomen families tend to be concentrated in those parts of the country that have more children and are more apt to seek solutions to social problems through private efforts. Philanthropy, church work and voluntarism — what you might call, appropriately enough, the Utah approach, after the state that leads in philanthropy.

Allentown, PA

#777750 Oct 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>
Yer such an know nothing idiot
Boca Raton is not America....your type loves Cadillacs....the rest of the country, not so much...

go to Southern California and all the upscale cars are European or Japanese.....

Cromwell, CT

#777751 Oct 19, 2012
Nobama wrote:
<quoted text>
as noted, elderly Jews like you favor Cadillacs....
middle class folks have always steered away from Cadillacs as ostentatious displays of vulgar wealth.....
The only Caddies I see young people driving are Escalades.

Most folks around here driving high end vehicles seem to be in either an Audi or BMW.
Jonathan Hemlock

Bronx, NY

#777752 Oct 19, 2012
The nature of their work also differentiates the clerisy from the yeomanry. The clerisy labors largely in offices and has no contact with actual production. Many yeomen, particularly in business services, depend on industry for their livelihoods either directly or indirectly. The clerisy’s stultifying, and often job-toxic regulations and “green” agenda may be one reason why people engaged in farming, fishing, forestry, transportation, manufacturing and construction overwhelmingly disapprove of the president’s policies, according to Gallup.

Obama supporters sometimes trace the loss of largely white working-class support — even to the somewhat less than simpatico patrician Romney — to “false consciousness.” A recent Daily Kos article, charmingly entitled “The Masses are Asses,” chose to wave the old bloody shirt of racism, arguing that whites “are the single largest, and most protected racial group in this country’s history.”

Ultimately this division — clerisy and their clients versus yeomanry — will decide the election. The patricians and the unions will finance this battle on both sides, spreading a predictable thread of half-truths and outright lies. The Democrats enjoy a tactical advantage. All President Obama needs is to gain a rough split among the vast group making around or above the national median income. He can count on overwhelming backing by the largely government dependent poor as well as most ethnic minorities, even the most entrepreneurial and successful.

London, KY

#777753 Oct 19, 2012
What's up, tomato peon poll lickers?

Answer: ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

Jane Says

New York, NY

#777754 Oct 19, 2012
flack wrote:
<quoted text> It will be ten dollars for a Big Mac. At a nice place you will see $50 for a $25 meal now. You libtards just don't get it.
with a 1 1/2 year wait list for an abortion. Leosnotta will have two more kids within that time, but it won't be a problem for Looney Lily since she gestates like an elephant.

Bethlehem, PA

#777755 Oct 19, 2012
Gunner wrote:
<quoted text>
The also don't realize you can hire three kids at the current minimum wage, or one kid at the wage they want as the minimum.
After Bush and companies like Bain and companies shipping jobs overseas, these aint just kids applying for these jobs anymore.
mr owl III

Oklahoma City, OK

#777756 Oct 19, 2012
Pres Obama, supporters, and flip-flop...

"Romney Receives Endorsement of Orlando Sentinel"
Jane Says

New York, NY

#777757 Oct 19, 2012
Obamasharpton wrote:
<quoted text> Giggles Biden and Drunk lily...a pair made for each no one else. Have another drink.
nah...Looney is always discussing her hatred for pasty old white men. no escalade, no gold tooth, no bling, no Lily.

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